White Raven Atomics Healing Crystals

The Heart of a Crystal is Pure

Crystals are from the Mineral Kingdom of earth and have been protected within the upper mantle of the planet for millions of years. They have been able to preserve their natural higher resonance characteristics as created from Source. Unique among minerals they have the ability to be directly programmed with certain additional frequencies. They have been used for centuries as Spiritually active transmitters of energies not easily (or at all) measured by human technologies.

By actively tapping into the higher dimensional qualities of Spiritual energies, one can directly connect to the Power of Love manifested within a crystal. The Power of Love is universally healing and naturally removes denser forms of energy.

White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals
are specially charged crystals
for the use in aiding of
restoration of the four-body system
to come back into balance.

Properly programmed crystals are excellent aids in restoring balance to the energetic systems of the living organism that is the human body. (If you did not yet read our blog article, “Earth Healing Love from the Crystal Heart“, please click here.)

Our crystals assist with restoring equilibrium of imbalances in the four-body structure of the mental energy field, emotional energy field, physical/etheric energy field and the spiritual energy field. Such imbalances can manifest as any number of uncomfortable states of being one is experiencing.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is a highly adept intuitive integrated energy healer having performed 1000’s of energy transmissions bringing forth the higher vibrational frequencies to aid in the overall process of restoring balance to the human full-body structure. Due to her lifetime of extensive training through the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Masters in continually developing her own Ascended Master abilities to better assist all souls, she and her Divine Partner Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden have researched and applied a technique of accelerating the crystals with what could esoterically be termed “atomic metaphysical energies”.

We are now offering special energetically programmed crystals as our White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals. They are spiritual blessed as an aid to assist in the energetic healing process that many Ascension Mastery Initiates and awakened souls on earth are experiencing at this time in what many are terming “ascension symptoms“.

Sample view of a White Raven Atomics (sm) Crystal by Walking Terra Christa. Image copyrighted.

These spiritually vibrationally active crystals may be used to assist with restoring calmness and ease in the mind, body and spirit. Placing one of these crystals in the palm of your left hand can aid in meditations as you intentionally connect with the crystal for that purpose. As one connects with any of the 22 Rays of God energies within the Unified Whole, these crystals enhance that connection. Placing the crystal on the head or third eye may also assist.

As the chakra and meridian systems are considered energy gateways, placing these White Raven Atomicssm crystals in those areas may also be a good use of these aids whenever an issue requires restoration back to balance.

Sample view of a White Raven Atomics (sm) Crystal by Walking Terra Christa. Image copyrighted.

To both care for and enhance the Sacred Space in your environment, we also recommend using these crystals along with one of our Healing Sprays and/or Sacred Salt items. 

Since these are Spiritual Metaphysical based energies, the conscious intention of the individual using the crystal as an aid is of paramount importance. We feel these aids can assist anyone with the spiritual metaphysical energies. For the most efficient use of the energy qualities in these items, we also suggest they be handled within the context of the 22 Rays of God energies within the Unified Whole even if just one Ray is being consciously applied. This is simply due to the spiritual techniques they have been aligned within already.

These crystal aids may be useful for any areas of restorative need in the energies of the living system, including the head, ear, eye, throat, sinus, tooth or gum, muscle, arms, legs, or back. These aids may assist with boosting the restorative functions of the body in the case of any disruptive action, activity or fatigue. They may also be used for internal issues with the glandular system, lymphatic system, nervous system or any of the dynamic movement energy functions and in the major and minor organs as well as digestive and circulatory systems.

As with all matters involving metaphysics, which literally means “beyond the physical”, there is no way to validate the energy assistance qualities that may occur with White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals other than personal individual experience.

Please note that while we support each person’s personal healing choices, WalkingTerraChrista.com and its associated websites (including those depicting Spectrum Light Ray Creationssm and White Raven Atomicssm) are not ourselves, nor are we affiliated with any licensed physicians organization or health care provider entity.

Sample view of a White Raven Atomics (sm) Crystal by Walking Terra Christa. Image copyrighted.

This website material and these crystal aids are entirely spiritually based metaphysical teachings and are not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease. Always consult a qualified professional healthcare provider for treatment or diagnosis of any physical or mental health related issue. (Read our website TERMS and FULL DISCLAIMER here).


I know well the benefits of bringing in the higher energies, and I am deeply grateful for all that has assisted me so far. I don’t think I would be where I am without them! It resonates the most with me and seems to be the one that I have already been walking in my years with you. I am grateful for the teaching of the 144D and the Unified Whole, and all your hard work on our behalf.
-Cleo M. Northern New Jersey USA 

Our session was overwhelmingly good. I felt like a huge boulder was lift off my shoulders and my body felt and feels lighter. I also noticed that my body posture reflects the shift I made on our session. I stand much more confident, shoulders back and not limping forward like little poor me. 🙂 These are some of the physical changes that I have noticed.

Now there are other changes I feel and I felt immediately as we were doing the clearing. I felt a huge relief and so much at peace. I felt loved and cared for. I feel now super motivated to fulfill my mission and I have a sense of responsibility that I did not have before.
I was very surprised to find out about my essence and the importance of my mission. Since child I knew there was something more for me, a sense that I have a different purpose beyond the common human daily life, but for example, I never imagine that I am related to the Seraphins and that I am pivotal to help the animals in this process of creating Nova Earth. It humbled me and at same time, it taught me that I should really never belittle me and I should love myself.
In sum, not only I learned about myself and my mission and purpose, but I became more enlightened, closer to the Ascended Masters and Angelical realms, closer to Source and closer to that new life that we are all creating for us in the 5th dimension. Our session was a wild ride in which I could meet and blend with my soul and my soul friends and it’s an experience that was not only life changing, but also vital. We really need to take care of us first, if we want to seriously commit in helping humanity and the Kingdoms.
I am looking forward to keep working with you and I thank you again for everything you did for me. You guys are the best! Much love and a big hug,
– Patricia T, South Africa 

I just wanted to thank you so much for the session yesterday! I think its always difficult to express yourself when something has such a powerful impact, and this session definitely did for me. I was amazed at some of the things I felt, and the snippets of information that came through about my timelines both resonated and were exactly what I needed to hear at this time. I am so grateful to you both for the amazing work that you do and it was SUCH a pleasure! Thank you again and much love!
– Nive M. United Kingdom 

The session with Master Thoth was a whirlwind of remembrances which brought me closer to an understanding of my cosmic destiny than I have felt in any other moment during my present life. Unlike a traditional past life regression, what was brought forth was an integrative experience threading through the soul’s journey through many essences: the physical, etheric (angelic), into the highest formlessness and ultimate unity. Among these moments we see our own Being as the golden thread, the unity of it all brings profound peace and Love to the heart. Christine was an amazing facilitator and the pace of the sessions was perfectly calibrated to my understanding. There was also a moment for feedback and questions at the end, although the pure torrent of cosmic information made it a bit hard to think with the lower mind in that moment. Overall, I strongly recommend the Timelines session to anyone who is curious about their Soul’s role in the cosmos. The information conveyed is not just academic: it will open a portal for profound future healing. Blessed be!
-Christopher B. Paris France 

A few years ago I realized that the healing modalities I was practicing such as Reiki were good but not giving me the assistance I needed to make steadfast inner progress, I was struggling within myself and had very low self-esteem. Once I discovered Walking Terra Christa I finally felt like I had some real guidance and support. The Divine Light encoding was by far the highest vibration I have ever encountered, at first it was quite shocking and hard to grasp that it was possible, but In the calls, I could feel lower energies being removed, and my consciousness always became much higher. Over time and with my commitment to surrendering to the Divine Energies, I have transformed on a very deep level. This healing has changed my life completely, and I have truly blossomed and gained so much more self-confidence.  I am more mature and growing into my Higher Self with more grace as I have learned to open my heart and utilize the tools given. I believe Christine and Mike do bring forth the Highest Vibrational Energies and teachings which has been proven from my personal transformation and my experiences at their retreats. They are not teachers that sugar coat the truth, they share what is real because this is vital information that all Lightworkers need to know to be able to create the Peace this Earth needs and this is their love for Humanity. Walking Terra Christa teachings have helped me understand the energies the Earth is experiencing and helped move through my personal challenges/life lessons with more support, tools, and courage. I love the weekly calls as they always help me find understanding to my personal truth they are my weekly must have!!
– Rochelle Aluria M. New Zealand 

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