Integrating the Essence of Freedom Within

buddha2_800_533A Special Decree for Wesak 2015

The Wesak Moon is now upon the Earth,
Within the Year of 2015;
It is a time for the renewal of my Spiritual Essence Blending within My Physical Self,
I have traveled on many roads,
To come to this juncture of time.

I am excited to experience,
The Power of Lord Buddha’s ascension,
As I stand as an Initiate of Mastery.

I reflect on the changes that have occurred for me,
How I handled the challenges,
And Accepted the Achievements of My Life;
I realize that there are no failures in Mastery,
Just understanding my growth,
And how I have changed along the way.

I now feel the essences of this powerful event of Wesak,
I stand with others as I ignite the Presence of God’s Light within me,
I understand that the Will of God,
Represents my own Will within my life;
I feel the purification of the Blue Flame,
To blend within me,
As I acknowledge the Wisdom I have acquired,
Through my Journey.

It gives me great Peace to know,
I am following my Heart’s desire,
To Acquire the Will of God Within.

I, then, feel the essence of the Golden Yellow Flame,
It represents Love and Wisdom,
I feel the illumination of my Mental Mind,
As My Higher Mind is now fully accessed within me;
I have learned through my meditations,
To full access my Divine Self,
As I learn that Love is my Guide to the Source of my Being.

These beautiful flames have taught me how to step into My One Source of Light,
I feel the essence of the Will of God allowing my Higher Mind to Be Activated,
Through the Blue Flame;
As the essence of the Heart of God represents the Love I now embody within me,
As the Pink Flame flows within,
In this moment,
My Masculine and Feminine Divine are fully activated,
And feeling Free Within Me.

I now inhabit the Flame of the Golden Yellow,
I have learned that accessing my Higher Mind,
Allows me to fully embrace my Inner Power of Light.

The Three-Fold Flame is now activated within me,
As I stand as an Initiate of Mastery,
In the presence of Lord Buddha,
And all the Christed Beings of Light.

I now incorporate the Peace I have desired,
As the Love Flows Within me,
I Accept my Power,
As My Wisdom is my Guide.

I feel the manifestation of my Higher Essence,
Guiding me through this moment of re-creation,
I now have Strength to walk through the next doorway of Light,

I have acquired Personal Freedom,
As I realize the lessons of my past,
Are now molding my future,
Allowing me to acknowledge,
That I am ready for the next level of acceleration,
Within my full body system.

I AM One with all that I have ever been,
As I walk with the Masters in Shamballa,
I feel the Freedom flowing within me,
Of All That I have Learned and Embraced.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Join Walking Terra Christa on May 3rd, 2015 for a special Wesak Ceremony event via teleconference at 10:00 AM Pacific.  Details available via Wesak 2015-Freedom Within.

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