Everyone ordering Tickets also receives the Audio MP3 Digital Recording of the LIVE event* which enables everyone to participate in this special ceremony afterwards from other time zones.

LIVE ONLINE GLOBAL AUDIO CEREMONY: Begins May 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT. (Important: To attend the LIVE event, please order your tickets by 7:30 AM PDT May 18 in order to insure you receive the instructions. After that time we will be away from our email to prepare properly for the sacred ceremony.)

ABOUT THIS HIGH SPIRITUAL EVENT: Once a year all Spiritual Initiates, Seekers, Devotees of the TEACHINGS/PRACTICES OF THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY gather to celebrate the LOVE/LIGHT of the GOD FORCE SUPPORTING & BLESSING Humanity and Earth. The Ceremony is called Wesak and each year the energies are different. It includes Prayers & Decrees for the coming spiritual year. While it is a holiday among many religious groups, within Ascension Mastery Studies it takes on very special significance as it honors to the Office of the Christ with Lord Buddha occupying the role of the Planetary Logos in charge of Earth’s spiritual development as he is assisted by both Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi. In the Global Wesak Festival held by Walking Terra Christa, these Ascended Masters step forward and provide their own wisdom teachings and guidance through our ability to transmit Fully Integrated Spiritual Communication* from these Great Masters to all the participants in the event. Within our Ceremony, they also bring forth Blessings for the coming year that are significantly important for each spiritual initiate, as well as Divine Language Network Encoding* which are very powerful frequency vibration chants that help each listener become more attuned to the higher levels or energies being transmitted. As far as we are aware, no other Wesak event does this. It is important to note that while every human is technically an initiate of the God Force, only those who consciously act within that role and capacity towards their own advancement gain the ability to advance more quickly in their spiritual growth. This is the main reason why the Wesak Ascension Festival Gathering Ceremony is so vital to attend.  

Expected duration is 3 hours with a short break in between.

WESAK EVENT PROGRAM: Be sure to download and print out the event program prior to joining by computer online (audio) or by phone or VOIP.

WESAK BLESSINGS ALTAR: Everyone who orders a ticket for this online global audio gathering of this sacred annual event is also be invited to add the names of loved ones and family members to the Wesak Blessings Altar. We use our statue of Lord Buddha. This is located in our own lands of the sacred energies upon the Mount Shasta geological area. This is a divine dispensation to extend the Wesak Spiritual Energies to those individuals whom you know are not participating but you desire for them to receive the blessings for the year.

EVENT DAY SUGGESTION: If you have a local group of like minded individuals, we encourage you to gather together in a single location and participate in group connection. Suggestions on how to make it a more sacred energetic atmosphere are provided under the ASCEND EARTH PROJECT: With these free Instructions you are able to create Ascension Column Pillars of Light in your own living area. This is of great benefit to enhance and attune the Higher Frequencies for you and your home or property especially for these kinds of spiritual events.

*Live Event Audio Recording will be posted to the private link (provided as part of the instructions when ordering) after the event concludes. If editing is required, please allow extra time.
*Fully Integrated Spiritual Communicationsm and Divine Language Network Encodingsm are unique to Walking Terra Christa.


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