Telosian Way of Being ~ The Importance of this Program ~ Part 3

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telosian_way_of_being_intro-fbWe are now going to dim the lights in the room.  You’re only going to feel the candle light; you’re going to see the essence of the illumination of the light in the room.  At the top of the room is a reflection and it shows the water that is running through the entire retreat house.  This water will reflect the periods of movement.  Allow yourself to just feel the essence of the water as you feel the energy surfacing from the top of the room.  It is now going to spin downwards into the base of the room.  Allow yourself to accept whatever colors or frequencies that are coming through your Being.  This room not only represents the 22 rays of God but it represents all Rays of God which goes way beyond what your physical mind can extend.  So the many colors of many colors are blending within each another.  Use your intuition and breathe in these frequencies as we are now going to work with opening of your heart.  Receive the best optimal experience for this initiation.

Breathing deeply ~ feel the essence of the colors blending within you from the top of your Crown all the way to the bottom of your feet into your Root, into your Sacral, into your Solar Plexus, allowing it to blend in your Heart, in your Throat, in your thymus, in your Third eye, and into your Crown.  Feel the essences of all the Great Masters with us, all the Angelic Beings, all the Inner Earth Beings, all the Inner Galactics, and all the frequencies of Light, as we bring forth this frequency.

The middle of the room represents the 144 Dimensional levels.  If you were to look at it, it is a hologram which is a frequency of essences of colors & bubbles of light, coming down from the top swirling.  And if you’re looking through your Third Eye, it would be like a projection screen as you feel this calm of light coming down in the middle of us here where each of us are sitting.  Now it is going to filter where each of you are sitting.

Allow yourself to receive what colors, and what frequencies are important to you.  You may see a specific Master that is assisting you to open up your Heart more fully.  With this we’re going to go back into our Lemurian heart.  Each of you has experienced Lemurian energies even if you came here only for a short time.  This is the pure expression.  If you could take all your essences of 144 dimensions and from feeling your Formlessness of Angelic Being you are, into the Galactic forms, and the Human Forms, feel it spinning and just put it in a ball of light.  Feel that Ball Of Light coming to you from the Hologram as you feel it in the palm of your hands.  You cup your hands together and allow that ball to be within you.  You’re going to take a deep breath.  Now feel that ball of Light coming into your Heart.  The colors upon colors are going to be spinning with you as you breathe in these frequencies and allow them to blend within you.  As you open up your Heart, allow it to expand within pockets of your Cellular Structure and in your Physical body which is how thought forms and essences of this life time are held within you.  Then let’s go beyond this process as we want the Divine Heart to be opened for all lifetimes, for all essences.  Allowing the Divine essence that you are as the Male and the Female to accept these elements blending within you.  Colors upon colors bring forth the frequency of light.


Now feel the energies circling around the room.  You are part of the room.  You are part of these frequencies.  The hologram now changes to include each of you.  It moves out the circumference of the hologram, from the top of the ceiling all the way down to the walls and to each of you because you’re adding your Heart’s Essence.  You’re being initiated into the Oneness that we bring forth in this Retreat House.  Once you come in, each time you will feel your essence as it comes to you and allows you to remember who You Are.  Now allow this frequency of light to be fully within you.


Now the hologram changes.  It’s going to be a reflection of illumination of colors upon colors.  As you look into this hologram, I want you to fully see the reflection that is within you.

What words do you feel~ Do you feel joy? Do you feel ecstasy? Do you feel serenity? Peacefulness?

What are the components that are deeply within your Heart, because this makes the basis of your Light.  This makes the frequency of the ability of bringing in your Soul’s Essence from the highest 144th dimension into this body now.  This is going to assist you when you are having periods of going through transitions, you tap into this level and it is going to assist you and make the change necessary.  Feel that essence now unfolding within you.  As it becomes You, you are not only feeling your Heart but you’re feeling all parts of your body.  We’re now going to ask the Cellular Structure of the body receive this frequency.

As the room is vibrating in a very high energy, you allow this vibration to just run through you. This is imperative for you to move your vibration into a higher ray and allow these frequencies, swirling colors of light within the room.  Now they are all switching as you see others around you with their essences.  You may want to dance within their Essences.  Let’s all get up and dance within the frequencies of everyone that is here.  There are Telosians, there are other Inner Earth Beings, there are the Inner Galactics, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the essence of All That Is in this moment.  Feel that.  Feel that Divinity that we are together.  And allow whatever someone else has, bring that to you now.  Breathe it in and allow that essence to be within you because this is a part of you that you need for the Heart and the balance.  This is your initiation in the physical body to remember your Lemurian essence but also to remember your Beginning essence.  What it was like for you in those frequencies of light as now they spin within you representing the Sparkles of Light and that is you.

Let us just take a moment and breath as you feel these essences blending within you.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar which is available to purchase for download either weekly or for the entire series.

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