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Now let us look at the male side, the analytical side.  The first aspect that we would like to look at with the thought processes is within the male energy:

  • Are you able to have your own power?
  • Can you speak up for yourself?
  • Do you allow yourself to do this in your physical world?
  • Or are you afraid to speak and show who you are?

Many individuals that are highly emotionally balanced have a tendency to only speak up until the time is very crucial and then what comes out, is only emotion.  So that can cause a problem.

  • How are you analytically?
  • Do you think about things too much?
  • Do you worry consistently?
  • Do you worry about everyone else?
  • Do you think that no one likes you?
  • Do you think, think, think too much.

There needs to be a balance within these aspects.  The male side has this tendency because he is the one that has ideas but what happens is that these ideas have a tendency to stay within that male energy.  The other thing is that you over analyze everything that you do.  It is important to think about and go back and say, “I did this at this time, I did this at that time, did I put it in perfect order.” This creates a pattern of going back criticizing themselves.  Criticism is a very strong facet for the male energy.

So as we move from the physical self we want to move into more of a personality.  What is your personality in your mental?  You can have a good mental level and be strong in your work.  Say that you’re an accountant by profession or you’re good at tasking.  A lot of administrative people are good in their mental level, because they can organize and put things in perfect order but does this go the other way.  Are you too overly fastidious about putting everything in order, not allowing things to flow because within this we want a fluidness to occur too.  So what happens within this is, as we get into the spiritual aspect of the mental level, of the Masculine Divine, those energies and those thought processes come in but then they are handed to the Feminine side to create it.  What happens most of the time is that side of the body does not receive those messages because the male part wants control.

Another aspect is, a person that is overly critical and overly in control of themselves will be very critical to others.  So what you’re feeling inside of yourselves is going to react outside of yourself.  These are the aspects we want to bring.  We totally want to bring forth, the parts of ourselves of the male and the female to be in balance, because we cannot bring them together without knowing the aspects that need to be realigned.  So let’s look at some other parts that can occur.

Let’s say that you’re in a work situation and you’ve tried to do your best but things do not go as well as you would have liked to, your mind was on something else, and you just couldn’t concentrate, maybe you were too tired, maybe you were too stressed out and your boss or your co-worker criticizes you.  What happens in that criticism for you personally is that an individual that is an emotionally-based person would totally take it all on and would say it was completely his fault.  The mentally-based person would be over analytical and go back and look at all little details that occurred to see what the problem is, would still blame himself.  We want is to have a balance within those elements by reflection on them, and say, “Well this is what occurred, I was going through stressful times, I was not balanced within myself” and instead of becoming angry you give it to the feminine side, the emotional side of the body and allow a release to occur.

So the best way for the release to occur is to not hold on to this element that happened in your life and not worry about that consistently.  You do something for yourself that will release it.  An emotional person would cry about it.  Another problem would be addiction, you would drink, you would use some drugs, would go shopping, or you would eat food; whatever that addiction is in your personality, which would represent acting out an overly critical personality trait.  A balanced personality would do something nurturing for themselves.  Maybe it’s just to relax, have a glass of wine, some candles, have a bath, maybe talk it out with a friend or take a walk or go running as long as it is not something in excess.  Do some exercise which will help you to start to feel the balance.  This is what we want each of you to understand.

I’m going to use Christine as an example again because I’m right in her head so these thoughts are coming up.  Her last position as an Administrative Coordinator, she was working on a proposal and she was the proposal coordinator putting the proposals together and there were two proposals being done in 24 hours, a massive job for all the people that were involved but very, very critical for her because she was the end result of those proposals getting in the right format.  There were a couple of mistakes that were made.  She was criticized very deeply for that and in the process what occurred is that she had a car accident the month before and was totally not in the state she had been previously as she went through a transformation in that car accident.  Her spiritual body was becoming more active in her physical body, so it created these elements to happen eventually for her to no longer to be at that job but in the process of this, she was no longer considered the perfect employee that she was previously.  Her mental levels were not fully focused; so what did she do for herself? ~ This helped to create the balance within her life.  Previously in many years before if this might have happened to her, she probably might have cried, probably would have been upset, probably would have wanted to have a confrontation with the higher-ups and talk about how sorry she was but no discussion was ever made.  They just criticized her and talked about her behind her back which she knew, so what did she do?  She let it go and said, “I’m transforming.  I can’t do anything about it.  And it’s going to open up other doorways for me to no longer be at this shop because this is truly what I wanted to be.” This is a balanced self.  What she did was she slept, she took a bath, and she relaxed and when she went back to work, she only stayed for a couple of hours and when she had interaction with her supervisor, it was not of a detriment.  She allowed herself to be Ok.  When communication needed to be done, she spoke about what had happened to her and they didn’t receive it very well.  She was fine with the way that it happened.  This shows a balanced personality of the Masculine and the Feminine.  Previously she would not have had that reaction, so this shows the transformation she had gone through.

I’ve just used this as an example, and I am sure each of you have your own examples where in previous circumstances, you would have reacted completely different than you’re reacting now.  This is the process we want.  The main thing about this course is Awareness.  We fully want each of you to be aware of how you are acting in certain situations and that you’re not taking on something that is not yours.  This is what happens a lot of times also that we take on too much energy.  The individuals are all part of something that occurs between them.  On the Upper Earth this is very difficult because your inner workings and your living in your community is so much different than what we experience.  This would never have happened on our level because there is open communication continually; we look at each other as Divine Beings and we don’t criticize others.  We all fully understand each other.  Each of you have a more difficult task because where there is an interaction, there is a great misunderstanding because individuals are at so many different levels in consciousness and awareness.

Each of you on this series and on this pathway is stepping ahead, and we are giving you tools to assist others.  They are going to come behind you and you’re going to need to work with them.  Many of you are working with the inner earth cities, so this is going to be very important because you are the first people that these individuals are going to see.  We have to live by example; if we can’t live by example, then we can’t live together at all, because individuals may come and see that you are not living by their rules and standards.  How can they understand to do it for themselves?  They will try to weave in and out through deceit, dishonesty, not being trustworthy, and this creates the dysfunction that you’re all dealing with now.  So we’re trying to right many eons and eons when these traits have occurred.

So let’s move on with the program.  This gives you the basics of what you need to look at and how each of your aspects of the Masculine and the Feminine can blame each other.  They may not come out and say, “I blame you”, inside of yourself or probably you may have said,” I am too emotional or I am too analytical”.  So that is the blaming that occurs.  You are taking on that criticism.  It’s an inner criticism that is occurring within you, which causes the other side to feel deflated.  If you can think of your male and female actually being separate personalities within yourself, they can create this.  Many of you have conversations between both and you have gone back and forth and battered between them.  This is also a sign of imbalance because what we want to do is we want to stop that process.  We want to stop those lower energies, that criticism, that doubt, and the insecurities; because what happens is that the emotional body takes on the other one.  So if your emotional body isn’t in the spiritual level, what happens is that it will be infiltrated within the physical part of your body.  It’s going to be internalized.  If you cannot access it through the emotional body then that part of yourself, the feminine aspect shuts down and says, “Well, I don’t want to listen.”

The same thing can happen with the masculine energy when the mental body doesn’t want to listen.  When the mental level wants all that chatter and does not want to stop, continually, continually, continually, continually, continually, then there’s a shutting down that occurs.  This is when it goes in the cellular structure and different parts of your body.

So I also want you to think about where you may have physical pain and how it manifests within you.  I also want you to be very aware when these elements occur for you, if you receive physical pain immediately because that is representative of the thought process, the action that happened or the reaction or the interaction with someone else and then you immediately internalize it within yourself.  We totally want to have a full body system that is very healed and we fully need to understand these thought processes and these emotional feelings that occur and not allow them to be like falling into quicksand.  Think of your body as quicksand and these elements occurring as they just seep right into the physical structure.  It seems like it takes a very long time for them to become unstuck which is true.  This is the process that each of you is going through.  So this now concludes our discussion part.  We will now assist you with this process with the attunements.

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