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Telosian Way of Being
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The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week course that is available for MP3 download.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shared some very powerful tools with the Spiritual Hierarchy assisting during this seminar.  The parts of the classes that include attunements can only be accessed via the MP3 files which can be purchased via, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light in the Command Center here in Telos, right below Mount Shasta.  Let’s just take a moment and allow the frequencies that Meleriessee has brought this evening to go fully through all parts of your self that may not be feeling quite as good as the other parts.  As we’re learning what feels good to us and what doesn’t in the awareness exercises, it’s important to realize these particular aspects that are within us are helping with the frequency of the light, so that we can fully be in knowledge of all phases of that light. 

So we are stepping into a new focus this evening of our Telosian Way; I like to call it a campaign because it is an ongoing process.  We’re doing this very quickly in a 10-week time period so I do believe that each of you are probably being challenged in many different ways that possibly you were not previously.  We’re taking this a little step further, going a little bit deeper and we know this is not for everyone because you’re stepping forward to stand with each of us incorporating these energies.  So it’s a very powerful course that we’re sharing, but it is something that will be ongoing as these processes happen.  So I ask you to continue even after we are finished this year and go back to each of the sessions as it is good to reflect where you were before and where you are in the present circumstances.  This is because it is a continual process, like a wheel always turns and there can be more elements that appear that you did not realize previously as you weren’t ready to allow them to come up.  So let us open up the energies with each other in this moment.  I’m going to chant a little bit.


Everyone should be relaxed and ready in this moment.  Today we’re going to be learning about responsibility~ we’re responsible for our own actions, we’re responsible for our own thoughts and our own feelings and when we do not become responsible for those, we cannot fully allow the Divine Essence that we are to be fully incorporated within the physical.  It is there and you tap into it by the meditative process, but in essence you can’t allow these essences to be fully incorporated within your physical body.  We know this process is not that easy; we’re sharing these words with you to help you to understand that in order to walk upon the 5th dimensional frequency upon the New Earth, everyone has to be very aware of who they are.  

We talked previously about moving the mass, the blind spots, about the parts of ourselves that can stop us from really having that full potential in which we truly do not want to be.  We want everyone to understand what occurs on an individual basis to allow these essences to blend within the physical creation and we do know each of you.  This is quite different and many of you have never traveled to Mount Shasta to feel the frequencies; but those of you who have, who have walked the earth here and have felt the energies that are emanating from some of the vortices or in your sleep state that occurs here in Mount Shasta~ there is a complete overhaul that occurs for every individual that travels here, even if they are not aware of it.  So if you come with that intention to fully be more than you were before, you truly will be, and you’ll acquire great achievements in your process. 

So in part of what Michael shared, we need to treat you as a newborn and what does that mean?  While we’re stripping away all that you have known previously, that has held you in a 3D reality, that 3D reality is something that you do not want to bring forth into your physical existence.  We want to strip away those parts that don’t fit your divinity because your I Am Presence, the access of who you are needs to be fully accepted within all parts of yourself.  This  means that the emotional body, and the mental body fully need to be attuned within each other.  They may not like it at times, but that is the process.  When we work with the children, this is what we teach them; so this is what we’re teaching you.  You have  better accessibility because you know yourself more deeply than you ever have before, as we are allowing those essences to change and move through the processes of accepting. 

This is what we’re going to be learning tonight ~ Responsibility & Acceptance and how to walk with that within you.  It is important that when you awake in the morning, you ask yourself “what do you feel like?”  Everyone should feel more ligh-hearted, should be happy, and I know many of you do not.  Our sleep state has to do a lot with those feelings of inadequacy.  I just want to add an extra addendum, what you do the last 15 minutes before you go to bed is very important, if you’re watching the media/ the news/ the 3D drama shows, anything that is going to trigger something within you, it will be triggered. 

So it’s very important for you to accept what is occurring for you in this process because you’re changing greatly.  We truly want each of you to understand this process, and we want you to fully allow yourself to come into a new state of beingness so that the acceleration that is happening within each of us during the sleep process is very powerful.  Each of you are doing a lot of great work in coming together and working individually with some of the teachers that we have presented.  So I thank you deeply for stepping forward and allowing yourself to be in the space that you are. 

I also want you to know that things will arise as you are going through these processes.  You may wake up with a dream, you may wake up feeling insecure, or you may awaken with excitability.  Whatever is coming into your consciousness is for a reason~ so even though you may have been quite sound asleep, it’s important for you to getup, go into your bathroom, maybe even drink some water to get yourself more settled within your physical existence and if you’re having problems with lower energies, then utilize any tools that you know of to clear your lower energies.  This is a very important process.  The other element that is crucial is when you’re awake in the morning carrying all kinds of cobwebs within you is, it’s important to do a clearing meditation or to get into a shower using any sprays or saging yourself to clear the frequencies of your electrons and the energies within you.  You may also want to cut off any energies that you may feel are attached to you.  We also do this.  We go through our cleansing process every morning.  Some of us like to take a little swim in the ocean, or stand under the waterfall or use our personal showers or personal baths to assist in that process.  You will find that when you are cleansing in this way; your life becomes more balanced. 

I know each of you are striving for balance within your lives although it can be a difficult thing with your mental levels.  Once the mental mind surrenders into the process, you’ll see that it will be easier for your to take care of yourself, even though you may feel that there is more you should be doing; believe me, you always shall have something that you need to do.  So allow those energies to flow with you, to flow in and out of you.  It will get done, continue stating that, “Everything is in Divine Order” and allow those essences to be within you. 

Remember you’re losing your 3rd dimensional physicality and that is not easy, my Dearest Ones.  It’s not easy to let go of that 3D reality, because I know you’re being challenged with everything around you by your friends, by your families, by everything that you know; if you become different, step out of the norm.  You’re not going to be looked at very easily but believe me, in time, they’ll be following you.  The energies that are coming forth in the next couple of months are going to help you accelerate with this, although at times you may feel that it’s accelerating too much.  In essence if you’re allowing yourself to grow deeply, you’ll be feeling challenges within your life.  So it’s important to step up to the plate and take responsibility and say, “OK, What do I need to do about this?  How can I make it better for myself?”

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