Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB ReflectionThis is the second segment of our class with Lord Adama on the Telosian Way of Being of REFLECTION.  Master Babaji shares a very important message of love through the eyes of the Child.

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Master Babaji in this beautiful Retreat House with such beautiful souls.  What a blessing for each of you to feel these essences in your physical consciousness.  I ask of you, in this moment, let us just take a breath and bring in the Om Namah Shivaya which also will help to rip away some of the frequencies.


I ask of you to think of yourself in this moment as a child that has just been born into this world and has no awareness of anything else except the purity of their light, the will of their light, the love of their light, the essence of their knowledge, the power within them.  There are no outer forms in this moment.  All that exists is the purity of your essence.  Breathing deeply, allowing this energy that you are to blend within you.  It comes down within you, into the source, into the aspect that you are.  Think not of your physical existence in this moment.  Think of each of us in this room, in this beautiful Retreat House, of the blazing energies all around us, of the Rays of God- many Rays of God and allow those frequencies to blend within each other.  There are many numbers of the Rays, some say there are 320, some say there are 330, but in essence there are thousands and thousands of Rays infiltrating your essence right now.  Allow it to go to those aspects of yourself that feel uncomfortable.  Allow it to move into your Physical existence, into your Mental existence, into your Emotional existence.  Allow it to blend fully with the Etheric body, because as a soul comes into a new existence, it brings all these essences of purity but then the mind is created and it forgets.  The Etheric body has its Higher Mind and its Higher Ego, let us embellish this energy in this moment.  Breathing deeply, feeling the frequency that you are.  There is only love and the pure joy of having God within yourself, feel this essence running through your entire existence, allow it to run in all parts, allow it to go into the feelings, into the thoughts.  There is nothing but pureness right now.  You are in the royal state of condition in this moment ~ the blessing of the role of vulnerability.  Thus you are vulnerable.  The vulnerability is love.  This is the purest form that you can bring through.  Do you feel tears, allow them to arise.  Do you feel joy, allow it to come forward.  Do you feel pain, allow it to be healed.  By the purity that you are, allow this essence to fully be your guide.  Bring forth the completeness that you are.  Let us take a moment in silence and feel this frequency.


What is it that you are feeling in this moment?  What are the thoughts that come to you?  What is the expression of your light?  Allow that to permeate within you.  Allow the silence of your love to run through your physical veins.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure the emotional and mental as this is the true you, this is the vulnerable state, you must feel the vulnerable state ~ embrace these feelings of light as you are a new wave and a new energy.  The light is so bright, it feels so intense to you, fully allow the expression to run through your veins and feel the essence.  Allow your Higher Mind to fully reactivate it in this sense.  Allow yourself to express it in all ways of being.  There is nothing more important for you in this moment but to express unto yourself what it is that you feel within your heart.  Allow it to come out of you, to permeate with you.  It will erase all fear, all pain, and all those elements that stop you from the full completion that you are.  You must fully allow it to permeate every part of you because there are parts within yourself that want to fight it ~ do not allow yourself to fight.  Stay in this frequency everyday just for five minutes and you shall find that your essence, your expression, your love and your frequency of light shall change.  It shall help to heal the four body system, the mental body, the emotional body; it will help heal and bring aspects of yourself into the one being that you were in the beginning.

You have come into this physical body with certain pathways but yet they have been interrupted because of your inability to heal these pathways because of outside circumstances.  Remember the veil of forgetfulness is now gone, you have the veil of remembrance.  Feel this veil coming down upon you now as you express within yourself.  Feel the ability to fully feel these frequencies.  It is your divine right.  It is your desire.  It is the expression within all that you are.  Walking upon the pathway of an aspirant, an initiate, to be on the path of mastery is one of great rewards, but it is one that must have trial and error.  Each of you had these elements of trial and error previously that is why you’re awakening at this time to assist the masses, to assist the many.  Allowing yourself to be in this state of being on a daily basis is going to assist tremendously.  You may listen to music, only silent music, instrumental music, you may listen to chanting and Om Namah Shivaya would be the perfect one because it is an element that brings in the essence of God.  It tears and strips away anything that does not serve that purpose and brings out the rawness of being the new being that you are.  Let us take a deep breath.

As I look around this room, I now see the child that you are.  I see the embryo of the light that you are and have been for eons of time.  Express this within your own essences in this moment and allow this frequency of light to fully be within the composition of who you are.  I walk with each of you.

I am Master Babaji.


The Telosian Way of Being was a 10-week series with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  It is available for MP3 download.  The attunements will not be shared in written format and only provided through the recording.

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One thought on “Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being”

  1. thank you, Thank you. these teachings have assisted me in understand the Ascension process in a deeper in-depth understand of the mechanics, the steps, the challenges and processes that I am going through and to accept and realize the Divinity that I AM, and to bring it forth into my reality. I suggest to give one or more classes a try it is a breakthrough for fear and fulfilling for peace. I am continuously amazed everyday and see the growth and the changes that I am making. much Love to you all!!!!

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