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We had a discussion portion in the beginning of the call and Mike Hayden shares some thoughts to consider while going through this process with Lord Adama:

So basically, we are looking at what we know, what we don’t know, that actually refers to what we can know as our Higher Self’s and what we know in our lower mental mind. Most of this course actually involves Soul Psychology as well, so we’re going to be looking at questions tonight:

Who do you think you are? We all think we’re a certain person.

Is this coming from your Higher Self or your Lower Self?

Looking at that person that we think we are, what kind of reactions do we receive from other people, for that person & that personality?

In this current past lifetime that we are living, how have you changed, what you thought was your personality and who you are. Would you have done it any different?

How about your Past Lives? Did you learn from them or are you still struggling with them?

Have you ever felt your ability to access the Divine Knowledge?

If you have, was it a fleeting moment, or did it stay for a day or a week, a month or longer? If you did feel your Divine Knowledge, did you know how you did it. Where were you, what were you doing? What were the circumstances?

So these are the questions, meditate on those.

We are going to Telos. We’ll meet everyone in the Lemurian Retreat House. So, here is Lady Melereissee.

Thanks so much. If anyone wants to make any notes about this information, I think it would be helpful. We feel that this is probably going to be an interactive type of working group. The attunements will probably come at the end. So you may be in a more aware state than you think you are. Lord Adama has asked that we bring him in first. He’s going to discuss with us what exactly we can expect and what is going to be happening this evening; he’s going to guide us into the Lemurian Retreat House and we are going to work with a couple of different Masters. Then we’ll be receiving an attunement to assist in this process. So it is important to tap into your Higher Self through this process. Also, if you can feel the difference between your Lower Self and your Higher Self that will affect the change that you need to make. This is what we truly want to acknowledge in these moments to allow the Higher Self to be the guiding role but also to learn from our Lower Self from our previous timelines and what has happened to us.

Let’s all take a deep breath. Feel that Merkabah vehicle spinning, bringing in that frequency of light. Just allow yourself to sit back. You may want to take notes at this moment of anything that he’s saying or anything that registers for you. This is a working group and something that everyone should be working within the following week, until we have the next class.
We open up the energies with the angelic essences.


Breathe deeply and allow your light to be your guide.


This is Lord Adama here with the Telosian Council of Light. I was going to say Telosian Crew because there is definitely more than the Telosian Council and each of us. I want to say “Thank you” to each of you for allowing yourselves to fully be in this space to go through this process. This process may be different for each of you. But within this series that we’re putting forth, we do believe that with the different guest speakers that we are going to be bringing in, the energies are going to be something quite different. In fact there are many Telosians that are very excited in participating within this series for themselves, because each of us always can go on deeper levels.

What exactly is this seminar going to help you with? The Telosian Way of Being is a standard of Living, that each of you need to expand within yourselves as it’s going to be an essential component. Those of you that decide to move forward with this entire series will see that you’re creating the basis for many to follow. We also know that this work can be very detrimental to the physical body. Each of you are receiving more crystalline energies everyday in the frequency and those of you were here in Mount Shasta, some are truly being challenged because of the frequencies that opened up for you and will continue to open up for you. It is a process of continuation and we want to assist you through this process not only for yourselves. I know each of you here are doing work to assist you in this process, but it is also going to help others. The fact that each of you here on the call are part of this membership program, we do believe that most of the individuals that come forward will probably be downloading the files more than being on the live call except possibly towards the end. So what does it say for yourself?

Well, it says for yourself that you have created this ability within your Higher Self to fully allow the deepness of your healing to continue because as we know it’s not just being about a light worker; it’s not just about being someone that wants to heal oneself and have a better life, it is about wanting to internalize it within all aspects. We are looking at the ability within New Earth energies to continue our lives in a much longer time frame than anyone on the Upper Earth could really fathom within themselves. And that will be a choice of your own individually, because this is not a prerequisite that you have to stay on the New Earth for a long period of time. I know Mel and Mike have already decided that they will do so and all of us in Telos are already in that pathway as it does not mean that you’re going to be a leader of masses of people but it does mean that this work is going to internalise within your being so deeply that you’re going to be able to accelerate your soul’s capability to travel between worlds. if you choose that this is your last life time, this work is going to assist you on a deeper level.

The ascension work as taught by Dr. Joshua David Stone and some others, which represent what Mel and Mike are bringing forth is one step in that process. This will take you a deeper step, because we’re helping to release timelines that you create new avenues for your gifts and acknowledge of yourself to fully come within your physical existence, in your consciousness. We’re known as an unconscious being and within that unconsciousness, we do not realize all the other timelines that we have been through which is part of the process of coming within the bodily structure. It is not necessary to always have to remember the other timelines, because parts of that would be too traumatic for the mental mind and the heart; but yet now we’re in the process of being able to release those elements as we have done in Telos.

Of course, we have not gone through the timelines that each of you has to an extent and we want to thank you for that also, you are assisting greatly. So this workshop series is about going to be a part of an acceleration phase to allow individuals to fully realise their potentiality as a Lemurian, as an Atlantean, and to bring everything into focus and to have a fulfilling life to be able to access all avenues and to remove those parts of themselves that truly do not fit this consciousness. Each of you is striving to do these things already, but assisting you with the continuation and understanding what happens as you walk into a Lemurian frequency is going to allow you to see the change in your present circumstances. So why not have the ability to change it now instead of waiting that you arrive into that frequency and then all of a sudden it is compounded upon you like a thunderstorm, with pallets of rain and dirt on top of you and then you get buried underneath.

So we truly want to assist because the energies at the end of the year will change everyone. Individuals do not realise that. So each of you are going to be way ahead than everyone else because you’re going to assist this process. Also what is occurring with this workshop series is that each one of you has an open gateway to be in Telos in the Lemurian Retreat House. You can intend to be there. We will be working on you on the inner plane levels after the class. So please know that the workshop energies will continue after we are finished with each of the sessions. I wanted to share this information and each week I’ll do it this way. We’ll share a little bit about what is going on.

Last week you were initiated into your Heart Essence in the frequency to receive the ability to return into Telos much easier than you have previously. And what is the goal? The goal for many individuals would be that the doors of Telos are going to open and everyone from the Upper earth is going to flood to Telos because that’s the place to be. Unfortunately, it is not going to appear as that but this will assist you in getting closer in being able to communicate with us deeper on a physical level and interactions of a physical existence will occur. This is what we are truly striving towards.

The other element I want to share with is that many souls have been coming to Telos in their sleep time to work with us and we are very disillusioned. We’re seeing individuals that are truly not even part of the way that each of you is. So I want to thank you. It’s a pleasure to work with each of you in this way, and I look forward to working with many more as this information is put out through the waves of communication that we have to assist others in being part of this process also. I’ll also say, anyone new that does come to any of these recordings, telling someone about this doesn’t mean that they are going to get the same benefits. The work needs to be done through this process of Mel and Mike, mainly, because of the frequencies that Mel brings through and the work that both of them are doing here in Mount Shasta has allowed these energies to come to you.

I previously wanted to do a series like this with Aurelia Louise Jones that we were planning to do so but it really never got to the fruition level. With the work both Mel & Mike have done, while living in Mount Shasta has accelerated them both. I know that they both are challenged for their physical bodies presently but that is in order to hold these frequencies for each of you, so I want to thank each of them for being challenged as they have been really pushing themselves beyond the limit of what we really thought that they’ll have to do. But they are showing themselves that they are willing to do whatsoever is necessary in their pathway to assist others and you’ll be finding that you’ll be going through similar experiences. They are just opening up the doorways for you to receive these energies, and in turn, you’re going to assist others to receive the same.

Through this process of the workshop series you may find that there are new thought processes that are coming to you in your intuition that what you need to be doing in your own work. This is true even if you’re not working fully with others, there are going to be doorways opening for you to do so, not necessarily in consulting but just communicating. Some of you will be, but others may not be. They think that they are not doing the work but in truth you truly are, by just being and expressing yourself. So this is going to assist everyone.
I really do believe that this is going to be a very amazing series that we are putting forth. So let’s get started tonight. We have a couple of very special guests that I will not announce at this point. Melereissee and Mike both know who they are and I think they are going to assist you greatly in these processes. So I want you to think about the questions that Mike shared because this is going to assist you in getting deeper into your essences,

“Who do you think you are right now in this moment, in this creation of what you have experienced, what you have gone through this year up to this point? How often this comes from your Higher Self and how often from your Lower self or have you integrated your Lower self enough that you are fully dealing with your Higher Self continually”.

So you look at all these elements and how would you do them any differently. What did you do in your past that you could have changed and now you’re to look at it to change. And are the reactions that you are feeling from your past life; possibly you have remembered or have you fully released them? Are they still in your cellular memory? Are they still in the part of your body that you haven’t acknowledged because remember that the four body system has to be one body of light. So the next thing we ask of you is what about the Divine Knowledge?

Our next excerpt will include the journey to Telos.

The Telosian Way of Being is an excerpt of the entire 10 week course. We are providing you a brief overview of the classes without the attunements. You may purchase the MP3 download on our website, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


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