KNOWING – Telosian Way of Being ~ Part 2

TWB Knowing

Let’s take a deep breath.  And as we take that deep breath, I want you to just breathe and feel your Merkabah vehicle spinning in a clockwise manner and feel yourself moving through all the essences, feeling through the frequencies of light as we are going to move out of the Earthplane into the Etheric Earth.  We are going to feel ourselves coming together like a magnet as we are going to see ourselves in Mount Shasta at the top of the summit.

Right now we’re going to practice a little of teleportation with just the frequency.  Take a deep breath and count 1,2,3 as we are all together now as we are going to find ourselves walking through the pathway in the forest towards the Lemurian Retreat House.  Feel that essence as we now are walking all together to see the Retreat House in front of us.  We walk down the stone steps.  As we walk into the open doorways, everyone is awaiting our arrival.  Let’s just take a moment and feel these frequencies.  We have just arrived.  Allow yourself to feel the essence of all Beings of light right here as we now walk down the spiral staircase very slowly.  They are descending down to the bottom floor.  See the waterfall in the middle.  It’ a beautiful atrium with plants and flowers.  This is a very special place.  And as we are on the ground floor, we see the open doorways into the room which is our setting for our retreat.  There are couches and chairs and all kinds of cushions, pillows, and beautiful tapestry.  Just find yourself a seat.  I’m going to step downwards into the lower floor.  It’s like three-to-four steps down.  Now just take a moment and feel the essence of this room.

As the essence within the room expands we are going to see all the Rays Of God in the frequencies of Crystalline Light, Deep Purple, Ruby Red, Deep Pink, Deep Blue, Green and Gold With White, Golden Yellow. All the lights are going up in the room, outside of the room.  The room is very large.  Sea-Foam Green, Blue-Green Pearlescent, Pink-Orange, Gold, Violet-Pink, Deep Blue- Violet, Light Golden-White, Light Violet-White, Multi-White Light, Pink-Gold, Magenta, Violet-Gold, Blue- Gold, Platinum and then more colors and more colors.  We’re just going to allow the frequencies of the 330 Rays of God to be within here.  So all the colors are going to blend together and sometimes you’ll see Crystalline colors, sometimes you’ll see Amethyst, some will see just pure White Light.  These are all going to blend together as the room is just vibrating in a soft luminescent light.  Just feel that frequency right now.

We are going to bring an essence here in the Lemurian Retreat House.  Here we always like to remember our Lemurian times.  This is for all in Telos.  We fully want to bring these frequencies of Lemuria.  Even if you felt that you were not part of Lemuria, you were in some part.  You may have been a visitor, you may have been an angel, you may have been from Atlantis coming in and visiting or you may have been from any of the other planets at the time before things started to come apart.  It’s Ok.  We all are in different places.  So I want you to just take a deep breath and feel that essence at that timeline because now we are going to shift the energy in the room.  As we shift the energy in the room, you’re going to see four columns of light here on this stage.  These four columns of light are a high frequency that are going to tune into that past lifetime of Lemuria, the whole continent of Mu, the Lemurian continent.  It doesn’t matter what it was, all we are going to do is just allow that essence to be remembered of the frequency that we are.

So you are changing and you are shifting right now as these colors within colors are floating within you.  You might actually want to look at your hands or your feet to see if you are a man or a woman at that time or maybe you were an inter-galactic or an angel.  Just feel your essence within this right now.  We want to feel this remembrance because it is very pertinent to what you are experiencing in this lifetime and why you are on this pathway of awakening to be ahead of many others.  So as we breathe deeply into that essence, we start to feel a breeze as if we are outside.  You may be walking the land, you may be assisting crops, you may be a fisherman, you may be a Goddess, you may be working with Sanat Kumara, with the teachings of Sanat Kumara, you may be a warrior, you may be a Queen or a King, or a Priestess or a Priest.

We bring forth Lord Melchizedek at this time, because he was very part of all this although he was not Lord at many of those times, later times he was.  In the beginning he was not.  He was just a High priest like myself.  Allow this essence to run through you and allow you to fully expand within your frequency.  Allow your Higher Self to be your Guardian Essence at this time.  In fact we have a very special gift this evening.  We want to bring all your Higher Selves here in the room.  We have been working with your Higher Selves, even the ones that are not on the program yet.  So within the stage you’re going to see your Higher Selves fully emerge from these columns of light.


As your Higher Self steps out of this frequency of light, you arise to meet your Higher Self and your Higher Self is giving you the representation of what you looked like during that lifetime.  Lemuria was a very long time ago, so it does not matter what time and year it was, your remembrance of that frequency within you now allows your Higher Self to fully blend within you to feel that essence deeply.  As you breathe deeply into essence, I would like you to concentrate on the energy of not who you are now but concentrate on that energy that You Are.  What does it feel like for you? What does it feel like, what are you thinking about? What are you feeling in this moment? We are going to want to take a moment and allow that to come through.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))

Allow those essences to come up for you.  Now allow this Being that is you to stand in front of you.  There are two parts of you and allow the illumination to come to you.  Were you more in your Higher Self then or are you more in your Higher Self now? We want to take the parts that are good and the parts that aren’t good to be fully released.  So we want you to look at your Higher Self of that form that they are showing you.  Is it uncomfortable, first we’ll look at the uncomfortable-ness.  Does it feel painful because I guarantee you that any of these emotions you’re bringing forth in your present state of circumstances because all lifetimes are coming together in this lifetime.  Look at the heart of your Higher Self.  Does it feel beautiful or does it feel painful?  Is it fearful because no matter how long you lived in Lemuria, these are the essences that are coming to you now.

So as we do that we are going to remove the essences that are uncomfortable because this room has a special frequency to do so.  This represents the Rays of God all the way around the room.  I want each of you to see yourself coming up onto the stage and you’re going to stand in the middle of the stage and feel the frequency of the light from all the 320 rays of God that are within this room.  Circling & spiralling, colors & colors, lights & lights of violets & blues, green & yellow and orange, white light, streaks of Gold, Streaks of Platinum, Streaks of silver, everything blending altogether.  Allow it to come into your being now to feel that illumination.  Fully feel the illuminated parts of yourself.  I ask of you to have a remembrance, open up the remembrance, the veil for forgetfulness is now removed, you now remember what it felt like to be in this body.

I guarantee you not all experiences from Lemuria were beautiful but there were wonderful moments of Lemuria.  So you are going to embrace them now.  So you and your Higher Self are going to go to the column in front of you.  This column represents your fear, your anger, all the parts of yourself that you don’t want, the lower ego; you walk into the column together.  Allow the energies now to be infused within you, of releasing these aspects of the lower energies, lower thought forms.  This is not who you are.  It is not who you are whether it’s this lifetime or that lifetime, all the other lifetimes in between blends with your Higher self now and feel the essences removed as it goes through you, spinning and spinning and spinning inside the column of light.  There are many colors upon colors, violets & lavenders & blues & bright yellows & essences beyond the comprehension of your minds.  It blends within you and it flows through you.  You now step out of the column.  You now feel the void and within the void you feel the essence where you do not know who you are because you have released the lower aspects of yourself.

You now walk into the next column of light with your Higher Self.  With this you are going to infuse the best qualities of Lemuria, the best qualities of Atlantis, the best qualities of all your timelines to come fully within you.  Feel these essences now spinning in bright lights, in beauty, in joy and compassion and humility and all the beautiful essences you want to embody within you.


Stepping out of the column of light, let’s take a moment and we’re going to just feel the frequency of who you are now, of the difference to the lower energies to the higher energies.  We are now going to go back to our seats.  We’ll continue with the other two columns in another few moments.  Just take rest and breathe and allow these frequencies to come fully within you.

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