Integrating the Essence of Freedom Within

buddha2_800_533A Special Decree for Wesak 2015

The Wesak Moon is now upon the Earth,
Within the Year of 2015;
It is a time for the renewal of my Spiritual Essence Blending within My Physical Self,
I have traveled on many roads,
To come to this juncture of time.

I am excited to experience,
The Power of Lord Buddha’s ascension,
As I stand as an Initiate of Mastery.

I reflect on the changes that have occurred for me,
How I handled the challenges,
And Accepted the Achievements of My Life;
I realize that there are no failures in Mastery,
Just understanding my growth,
And how I have changed along the way.

I now feel the essences of this powerful event of Wesak,
I stand with others as I ignite the Presence of God’s Light within me,
I understand that the Will of God,
Represents my own Will within my life;
I feel the purification of the Blue Flame,
To blend within me,
As I acknowledge the Wisdom I have acquired,
Through my Journey.

It gives me great Peace to know,
I am following my Heart’s desire,
To Acquire the Will of God Within.

I, then, feel the essence of the Golden Yellow Flame,
It represents Love and Wisdom,
I feel the illumination of my Mental Mind,
As My Higher Mind is now fully accessed within me;
I have learned through my meditations,
To full access my Divine Self,
As I learn that Love is my Guide to the Source of my Being.

These beautiful flames have taught me how to step into My One Source of Light,
I feel the essence of the Will of God allowing my Higher Mind to Be Activated,
Through the Blue Flame;
As the essence of the Heart of God represents the Love I now embody within me,
As the Pink Flame flows within,
In this moment,
My Masculine and Feminine Divine are fully activated,
And feeling Free Within Me.

I now inhabit the Flame of the Golden Yellow,
I have learned that accessing my Higher Mind,
Allows me to fully embrace my Inner Power of Light.

The Three-Fold Flame is now activated within me,
As I stand as an Initiate of Mastery,
In the presence of Lord Buddha,
And all the Christed Beings of Light.

I now incorporate the Peace I have desired,
As the Love Flows Within me,
I Accept my Power,
As My Wisdom is my Guide.

I feel the manifestation of my Higher Essence,
Guiding me through this moment of re-creation,
I now have Strength to walk through the next doorway of Light,

I have acquired Personal Freedom,
As I realize the lessons of my past,
Are now molding my future,
Allowing me to acknowledge,
That I am ready for the next level of acceleration,
Within my full body system.

I AM One with all that I have ever been,
As I walk with the Masters in Shamballa,
I feel the Freedom flowing within me,
Of All That I have Learned and Embraced.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Join Walking Terra Christa on May 3rd, 2015 for a special Wesak Ceremony event via teleconference at 10:00 AM Pacific.  Details available via Wesak 2015-Freedom Within.

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Accepting the Force of Acceleration

 fast trainA Dissertation from Rev. Meleriessee with Master Djwhal Khul

We are within a powerful week of “resurrection” which represents many elements within our existence upon Gaia. We are coming upon the “Festival of the Christ”; the first of the three Festivals of Light for our ascension. This event always occurs on the full moon in Aries, but this year we have a Lunar Eclipse at the same moment compounding the energies.

Having all of these accelerations come together at the same time is like a train coming towards us.

Are we going to get on the train and allow the energies to push us into the next destination?

Or are we going to see the train go by and miss all opportunities for the next stage of our acceleration?

The funny part of this analogy is that we cannot just sit by and allow the train to go by. We will be hit with tremendous force if we are not prepared within our four body system to accept the next stage. What does not move forward, must be removed.

This includes everything on and upon the earth is being rattled by the Force of Acceleration.

What this means is that every human upon this planet is being affected by these energies no matter where they may be in their awareness, within the soul’s psychological and physical self, or biological functions within the body.

When we recall how intense the energies were from the Trinity of Light (New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox) just two weeks ago, they only prepared us for the upcoming energies we are experiencing.

The important element is how did you prepare yourself and are you ready for the next step in your acceleration?

This full moon is reflected by the Sun Sign of Aires with the Moon of Libra. Aires represents the Self, is very courageous, stepping forward while being a leader. Libra represents “Others” with the act of compromising and negotiating efforts to create a harmonious balance in life.

If we can think of this in terms of the Self representing the physical body and Others reflected by the Higher Self, we can learn how this full moon is assisting our ascension process. We are in a state of de-accelerating our highest self into our lower self. The Higher Self will not integrate within the physical vehicle until the emotional and mental bodies are in alignment (Feminine and Masculine Divine). This means they need to be interactive with one another to help the balance of the Inner Power and Divine Love to be fully initiated. In addition the soul psychology work must be done by reflecting upon the mental thoughts and emotions that are ignited within the physical self through interactions with others. This includes judgments of the self representing judgment toward others.

What we do to ourselves, we do to others.

What occurs during the moon transitions is that the energy pushes us to go further into our subconscious thoughts so that the Super Conscious (Higher Self) can integrate within the three minds. None of this occurs just be accepting the Light and working with high attunements. It must be acquired through the mental work of affirmations, journaling, and processing the old elements to be removed.  Then, and only then, can the attunements do their magic.

What happens if the work is not done first is that the physical body receives it, and discards what it does not want.  It makes a person feel in the higher elements or the astral plane very easily but it is a mixture of both good and bad energies.  The attunement or download does not change the bodily composition until the subconscious mind is cleared and rectified.  This is why is may take quite some time to feel the affects of these higher frequencies of light.

Otherwise, what does happen is that the Lower Ego becomes very active within the four body system and the accessibility of one’s Higher Essence cannot be acknowledged within full consciousness. It becomes fake, unreal, and makes the person feel as if they are better than they truly are. As they go through the accelerations, great changes can occur within the body that are very uncomfortable due to the lack of work that has not been done.

So this moon takes us into a deeper part of our subconscious that needs to be cleared and rectified. But it does take diligence to get there through accepting the role as an initiate to learn and accept that maybe you don’t have the answer to the question because your lower self gives you the same reply time and time again. It is going to push you to go deeper into the lower self with the higher self so that the transition can be a positive quality to experience.

In addition we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse during the other phases of resurrection with the full moon energies. This eclipse is represented by the Raven who is magical and fearful, but it comes with great challenges because it represents deep purging, releasing to illuminate any issues that need to be revealed. The essence of the magic comes after one goes deeper into their darkness as the light can then be shown.

This process is very intense – it is a re-birthing experience but it does have ramifications.

Again, if an initiate has not prepared themselves through their lessons, by going into their subconscious thoughts and feelings, it can feel like an eruption, almost having the sensation of a volcano bursting out of your field.

On the other hand, for those initiates that have been working their pathway each day and each moment will feel that the rebirthing experience is walking into a beautiful garden with all of their favorite thoughts and feelings appearing within their pathway. The Raven then turns to pure white light expressing the beautiful magic that is within each soul.

Both of these accelerations are assisting with the FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST as it represents “Resurrection” and “Restoration”. It helps individuals to understand their limitations so that they can be changed and rebirthed to prepare for the next phase of their ascension process.

This Festival of Light is guided by the Will and Power of God (the 1st Flame of the Blue) which brings forth the power to fully bring in God’s Will to make the necessary changes of Inner Power, Strength, Courage, and the Will To Do. It is complemented by the essence of the Creative Actualization (the 3rd Flame of the Deep Pink) to restore all that was not in balance to come into harmony of Love, Gratitude, Charity, and Reverence of the Self of what it has endured to arrive into this juncture of time.

There is no doubt that this festival is considered one of the most difficult to endure. It is the first of the three festivals but it brings forth an alliance of the Higher Essence unto the Physical Self. It allows the physical self to accept the limitations that have kept them in bondage for a long time while there is a time for renewal and growth.

In addition to these elements 2015 is proving to each of us that we are being assisted and challenged at the same time. We have to remember that we never receive anything we cannot handle. Each of our I AM Presence’s is guiding us in each moment to be the beautiful Being of Light that we are in the highest dimension to be accepted by the physical body that we have inhabited.

What happens during this phase?

We are being hit with timelines upon timelines to be purged and accepted. We cannot accept our multi-dimensional selves without the elements that have stopped us previously from this alignment to occur. All parts of our existence are being challenged especially the physical body that needs to change into the crystalline structure when it truly is not used to these energies.

It is at this stage that we now have Contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy through the Unified Whole Energies. All must come from the Source of Light of the 144th dimension and when we acquire this element in our lives, then we see the change that is occurring within us. We are healing in many different ways.

Please know that what has appeared within your subconscious, within your four-body system is for a reason: to go through the steps of Resurrection, Restoration, and Contact in a more physical and linear way than you did before. It takes you deeper into levels that have not been acknowledged for centuries.

Working with the Spiritual Hierarchy especially  Master Djwhal Khul, and Lord Sananda will assist all initiates through this transitionary phase as we are preparing for the Wesak energies. Lord Kuthumi and Lord Maitreya, representing the Office of the Christ, helps each initiate to be able to reach this level of the Christ Consciousness within themselves.  2015 represents the year to embrace Harmony and Balance to extend Love to others.

As initiates of the Mastery Pathway, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves so that Gaia and all her inhabitants will be able to do the same.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee
~ With Master Djwhal Khul

We have written a special decree “Accepting the Steps of Resurrection, Restoration, and Contact To Be My Guide” which is available via the link.

Walking Terra Christa is holding an Open Tele-Call for the Festival of the Christ, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, April 4th, 2015 at 10 AM Pacific. Please click the link for call information.

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Accessing the Blue Flame through Lord Sanatka, Holy Kumara

blue_venusian_ray-fb-1Our featured guests for the Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together call for the next seven weeks will be the Holy Kumaras as the Seven Flame Holders of the Venusian Rays.  We started our first connection with Lord Sanatka who is the Flame Holder of the Will of God within the Blue Flame.


It is my pleasure as Lord Sanatka to be here with you, oh!  We are all so excited to be included in this prosperity circle that you are participating in each week.

Thank you very much for including the Holy Kumaras as I speak for every one.

As we bring forth the Will of God today, allow the energies of the Blue Flame to be fully within you.   Some of the aspects that we are going to be addressing is to understand that we have the Will within us which is not the physical self, not the mental self, not the emotional self but the true essence of our Higher Self and I AM Presence within that frequency of Light.  You cannot do anything else without having the Will of God within you; you may try on a physical level but that is when you usually when you falter, when you will forget to do things, and when you get frustrated that things are not happening for you.

We start with the Will of God to make the changes necessary for this creates the structure of our world.  We, in Venus, bring forth the energies of the flame holders and they must be a step-by-step process because unlike your planetary Rays you are already incorporating those Rays of God in your physical structure, within your chakras.

Let us take a deep breath and connect with that chakra system that you are incorporating no matter how may Rays or how many extra chakras you are fully incorporating within you.  Let’s just intend for them to be fully active now and take a deep breath in to that moment.  So your chakra system is completely balanced to receive the higher realm of the Venusian Ray of the Will of God for this is an all encompassing ray which is very similar to your Will of God on the planetary level.  So it is quite different because we don’t separate the ray through the chakras; we don’t look at the different divisions of the ray; we look at the complete total-ness or Oneness of each flame.  So if you think about how we are coming in from a tenth dimensional level, allowing those energies to fully be within us, then there is nothing that can falter because everything is in place.

As we sit here in this beautiful garden and feel this flame flowing through the entire garden and let it go through your chakra system and breathe through it.  Think of your chakra system that you are as one body of Light with your Physical body, your Emotional, Mental body, your Etheric body all one body of light so then you bring in these flame of the Blue.  What this will do is it will help you to see if there are changes that need to be made in that structure.  Feel that essence now fully being within you because we can be the ones that push forward but we can also have the compassion of Love.  This is what working with the Venusian Rays represents of allowing these energies to be in complete wholeness of all that is.

I stand here with each of you as the flame holder, but I am not any different then each of you.  We have traveled far and wide on different paths, and I stand here with you to assist you with this.  We are greatly excited to be able to share our essence because it is going to be part of the New Earth energies.  So why not allow this frequency of Light to fully come within you to intend to become that tenth dimensional person.

In this moment we call upon the energies of RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta who represent the Solar Logos of the tenth dimensional frequency to come into each of your bodies.  Then feel the Blue Flame.  Feel the deep Blue as it swirls within you and around you because first before we do any commands or wishes for desires, we must be strong within ourselves to hold that desire.  This is where this Ray comes in first and foremost.  It is our Will to bring in these essences to create a beautiful life for ourselves in compassion, in love, in acceptance, in joy but also with the Power of God’s Will to move forward and surge ahead allowing these essences to fully be within us in this moment.

I, as Lord Sanatka, bring forth these energies of the Blue Flame to fully come within each of you.  I stand here with my Blue Flame over top of you individually to allow it to swirl around you and within you as you become the Blue Flame.  As you become the Blue Flame, you feel your Will; feel your Divine Essence to fully be accepted in your four body system even though it is not a separate function, it is one.  As the feelings (Emotional body) work with the thoughts (Mental body) they become one.  Just think right now what it is that is out of balance for you in your structure.  What is that is stronger than the other and allow the Blue Flame to bring it into balance; think of these thoughts now.

I am a Divine Being of Light. 

I have the Will of God within me as I fully intuit the Blue Flame of the Venusian Rays.

I allow the Will of God to be my guide as I connect fully with the Divine Mother Father God that have created me.  That essence has now opened up fully within my Solar Plexus, within my Heart, within all aspects of my being as I become it as I truly have always been.

I call upon the Blue Flame to make the changes that are necessary so that I may manifest my desires in my world.

Now see the Blue Flame swirling within you almost like a small tornado; it will move and flow within you to create those essences that align with this frequency of Light.



I Am the Blue Flame.

I Am the Will.

I now know my Will, and I fully allow it to create the structure of my world.

Feel it moving into your Earth Star; feel it being part of your entire structure.  Now see in front of you your desire in this moment.

What is your desire? Allow it to come into the Blue Flame so it is part of that desire.

As you bring forth the Will of God within you, it is always within balance of service to God’s Will so anything that is out of alignment with that energy will not blend within you.  So we ask now to correlate all the frequencies of Light that you are to come into the wholeness that you are.  Now you are able to move through structures, through obstacles, and through changes; you would say that you are able to move mountains to find the pathway that you desire within yourself.

I am now a creator of the Blue Flame.

I allow the essence of Lord Sanatka to be fully within my Being as he guides me in each moment and is guided from the Venusian Rays of God of Peace, Love, Joy Acceptance, Compassion and Love.

I Am all of these and more.

Now see your vision and fill it with the Blue Flame of the Will of God; let us take a moment to do that.



Now feel the peacefulness of the acceptance.  Allow it to fully enfold within you and be your guide in all aspects of your Being.

I am Lord Sanatka at your service.  Blessings and Love from the Holy Kumaras as we work together more closely with you.  


The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together is a free weekly connection.  If you would like to join us, please register via /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

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