The Summer Solstice and Ascension

On Walking Terra Christa Radio Friday June 22, 2012!2012 summer solstice and ascension

The late Dr. Joshua David Stone is probably one of the preeminent authorities on the higher science and esoteric knowledge of the spirituality of Ascension.  His teachings significantly expanded on Alice Baily who incorporated the writings by Madame Blavatsky and other early theosophist.  The mainstream of society still is very much unaware of the significance of this body of knowledge in accelerating one’s degree of spiritual maturity.  Walking the spiritual path today, if done outside the confines of formal religious doctrine, places one in the position of seeking knowledge from many various sources, and heavily relying upon intuition as the main point of your compass.  This is why the work of Dr. Stone is so significant, because intuition alone can be very haphazard. In this episode we will discuss how the 2012 Summer Solstice is progressing our spiritual growth more than any other, and how it is impacting each of our levels of initiation as indicated by the science of Ascension.

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John & Ingerid: Freedom in the Heart

This week on WTC Radio on If there is one emotion that great operatic melodies can evoke so euphorically, it is the transcendent state of connecting directly with the frequency that is the soul truth of the heart.  Our guests in this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio carry the essence of the heart wherever they go and within whatever they create.  And they create a great amount as you will learn.  John & Ingerid of Global Peace Web and EZHNO Group

Ingerid Chanel Ezhno and John McIntosh of Norway have several significant projects to enhance the message of Peace on this planet.  The Global Peace Web website was our introduction to them but there is so much more:  as a couple they also carry the frequencies of the Feminine Divine balanced with the Masculine Divine.  They strive to convey these elements of the New Earth within creative feasts for the heart through Art, Opera, Video, Books and by forming networked communities across the globe.  Join us as we learn how to “Be as the still mountain; Move like the great river,” as once said by Master Lao-Tzu.

Ingerid is the Founder, CEO, President, Art Director of the EZHNO GROUP INC., EZHNO GALLERIA D`AMORE E DI PACE, and OPERA for SHe SYMPHONIA – A COLORFUL RHAPSODY IN GOLD.  John supports Ingerid and with her he has created the Global Peace Web, a planetary networking community of like minded souls that, like Mel and Mike’s dear soul friend, John Lennon, envision Peace in Our Time.

Feel free to look over Ingerid and Johns work at these links: (Mel and Mike love this!)!revealing-the-light—audiobook-one

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The Soul of the Keys: Rashid Lanie on WTC Radio!

Ignite the Heart on Friday May 11th, 2012 at 2 P.M. Pacific (5 P.M. Eastern / 2100hrs UTC/GMT) you can get a rare glimpse at the legend that is musician, composer, producer Rashid Lanie.

Rashid Lanie
Rashid Lanie (

Tune into our Walking Terra Christa Radio Show on 7th Wave Channel and you can listen to some transformational music inspired and translated from Spirit by Rashid. (Click here for a preview of his wonderful sound).

It is not that our guest this week was Musical Director to the launch of the Lion King album, has performed with the likes of John Legend, Alicia Keyes, Black-eyed Peas, Paul Simon, Jackson Brown, Will.I.AM, Agape International Choir and more, that makes him so special, it is that his heart and soul are inspirationally compelling beyond the sounds of his music and his talents.  Join us in this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio as we experience the music, and the joyousness, that is Rashid Lanie of  We will talk and hear the music and how it shapes his life, so that he can effect and shape yours.  Music for Rashid is not just about composition, orchestration and production, it is about directly entering the sanctity of humanities heartbeat, bypassing all translations and the obstacles of language, so that the listener is transformed, if only for a moment.  It is a moment that defines the light of humanity so that it can shine so much the brighter.

To Listen:

Lord Adama of Telos to speak live on Walking Terra Christa Radio

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda Green
Depiction of Lord Adama (High Priest of Telos) by artist Glenda Green and the author Aurelia Louise Jones

This week (Friday April 27, 2012) on Walking Terra Christa Radio a very special guest.  Meleriessee will channel live Lord Adama High Priest of Telos the capital city of the inner earth Lemurian community.  There is information that must be shared at this time for all of those living on planet earth.  So many who are aware of the inner earth realms do not fully understand the true essence of what Lemuria is really about.

The Lemurian Essence: Return to Oneness

Mt. Shasta the home of the Inner Earth Lemurian Capital City Telos
Sacred Mt. Shasta, CA. Inner Earth Realm of Lemuria's capital city, Telos.

For most of the past decade Meleriessee has traveled to Mt. Shasta to assist in opening the energies of the New Earth and healing the lands through her shamanic and spiritual abilities.  In the year 2001 she was chosen to be the sole recipient of a carefully orchestrated meeting.

While at the WESAK festival, an exceptionally tall handsome gentleman, dressed in elaborate finery, including an off white mandarin jacket, approached her to say hello.  This meeting proved to be a turning point.

She had met Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos in person.  Less than a year later Mike, having no knowledge of that momentous meeting, found a website by Aurelia Louis Jones where he signed up to take etheric classes with Lord Adama while he slept.  Tune in this week to learn more about what the true essence of Lemuria is all about and hear from Lord Adama himself on live radio.

Join us Friday at 2 p.m. pacific / 5 p.m. eastern for an episode not to be missed.