Creating the Divine Union within the Self


Lord Adama’s Discourse was given on September 9, 2015 during the New Earth Consciousness – Golden Etheric Cities Class.

Blessings, My dearest beloveds,

It is my pleasure to be with you once again, I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, with the Telosian Council of Light.

Let’s talk about how you have been doing in the past month since we have been on the summer break as we celebrated the wedding of Meleriessee and Mike. We extend the union that they created within themselves on this planet to each of you to bring forth your own Divine Union of yourself, of your Masculine and Feminine essences to come together within your Heart Center.

Now breathe into the energy presently as it is a major component to bring forth for your foundation the Divine Love. Without these elements coming together, you will continually be having issues within your four-body system. That’s what I want to center upon presently.

The changes that have been occurring in the planet have been great, as each of you know. I realize each of you have been challenged individually. The planet, as a whole is being challenged collectively. We are in a great time of transition.

I want everyone to consider what this represents for the transformation of the Earth, of Gaia, and each of you. We, as a species must understand within ourselves that we cannot transform without the transition and this represents the challenges, the fears, the lower emotions, the doorways that we all have to walk through in order to achieve the next highest essence of our Spirits into the physical body.

This is an ongoing experience.

As each of you know, I have been within the Telosian City for many hundreds of years, I will tell you from my own personal experience that the challenges come continually. This is what each of you must realize within your hearts and your souls that what you are going through presently is part of your Divine Plan.

It is a blessing – it may not seem like it when you are going through those moments. The deeper you go within yourself, the more intensity you will feel. This is also a positive element. Without that journey, you cannot transform yourself into the next stage of your rebirth while holding that within your foundation.

So the old elements that are appearing in your life are there for a reason. They are presented in such a way for you to look at them, to address them, and to go through the period of instability along with the periods of moments of reflection that take you into a deeper part of your soul’s essence. Of course, the Universal changes that are occurring within the planet since the beginning of this year are deeply assisting in this process.

As the challenges of the Lunar creation upon Gaia along the seasonal changes, bring forth a new part of reality of influence from the Cosmic Frequencies on a much deeper level than the previous cycle. Within this week, we are moving into a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse on the 12th.

As always I like to remind everyone to reflect on what this past moon, the Super Moon, brought forth for each of you. The true element that is occurring is bringing in the Feminine Divine into the planet and that element represents nurturing, tears, the heart center opening and growing into a way that has never been possible before. But, it is also being grounded within each of you. So what happens within that process, the part of you that has not accepted the Feminine Divine previously in a physical body needs to be nurtured, to be addressed, and to be accepted. So the doorways of change that you are experiencing are all part of this process.

As we move towards the Equinox these changes are going to be more prevalent. The power of the frequency of light that you have been feeling is only going to increase along with the magnitudes. So it is truly essential to take those times of regeneration, of the moments of stability even it is only a moment, part of a day, or a morning. Take advantage of this time that you have reached the top of the mountain and to embrace what you have achieved because there is going to be another mountain that you need to climb. The energetic exchange that is going on within the planet is going to increase as it is pushing us further towards the 11:11.

This year in 2015 is substantially more influenced within this planet of the cosmic frequencies because of everything else that has occurred. It also includes the fact that more individuals have awakened to receive those energies.

I ask each of you to take an inventory of your Masculine and your Feminine traits. To look within yourself of where the weaknesses are and where the power essences are located. Where are your strengths, what needs to be strengthened, and what needs to be addressed through each of your Masculine and Feminine essences through your Emotional and Mental bodies so they can work together, so there can be a cohesive union to occur within each of your hearts.

This is essentially very important which is what the union of Meleriessee and Michael Aranathara represent to bring forth unto the planet as they have done themselves previously to be able to come into this relationship. The foundation that they are holding within themselves is being presented to each of you. They are your mirror which is not physical, but a spiritual mirror as they have brought forth these energies first separately, and then together so that others can do the same.

So I ask you through tonight’s journey with the Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia to see those mirrors within yourself. It will assist you to work with the Elohim to go deeper and understand what you need to impress upon within each of your bodies to assist them to come together in a unified relationship. It is so very important. The more individuals that we have that acquire these energies, the more success there will be within this planet to create the New Earth.

So yes, the challenges are great and will become greater. You will be tested as an individual that has been awakened to their spiritual self to hold that energy, but you are not alone. We are here to assist you and that is why we do this work together. This is an important component to feel the essences of the Spiritual Hierarchy to be one with each of you as the veil between us is very thin. If you allow yourself to go deeper within your breath, and step out of your mind for just a few moments every day, there will no longer be that veil. You will feel the purity and the light that is being shown to you. The synchronicity of your life will change.

I am really happy with what has transpired within this last month. This is because not only with the union of Meleriessee/Christine and Michael but the union of each of you.

This is what gives me great pleasure to be able to commune with each of you through this class and feel what each of you are going through so that I can assist you on a much deeper level. So as we connect with our Heart Centers in this moment, this is truly our blessing.

You are my blessing, you are the Telosian blessing and the Agarthian blessing.

You are a blessing to this earth because you are consistently striving to be more than you were the day before. So do not forget these words as they ring very true in my heart and all of the Telosian community.

We have desired this union many more years than you can imagine. So it is a very exciting time and we walk with you through this process. We know it is very challenging to be on the Upper Earth and to be aware, to bring forth higher frequencies of light within your body. The challenges are great, but our love together can truly bring everything into full creation of the Unity of Light that we are as One.

So I ask each of you through this process to look within yourself and see moments when you have had the unification of your Feminine and your Masculine, when you have had that heart centered moment of peace. It may not stay with you long because of other elements that are occurring, but the process of creating these energies within yourself is the pathway of creating the New Earth. I am deeply gratified to walk with you every moment through this process.

I Am Lord Adama,
Your Brother in Telos

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, is our spokes-person for the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light classes held on Wednesday evenings.  We continue the teachings with a journey to one of the New Earth Golden Etheric Cities.  Included  are high energy attunements with specific masters each week.  An individual can participate in these classes LIVE or on their own time by joining our Partnership/Membership Program.  We hope you will join us.

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Receiving the Essence of Adoration and Love

pink cityLord Adama’s Discourse – on April 22, 2015 during the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class.  On this evening we traveled to the Golden City of Saceleaus (which lies in the Etheric Earth over Central Ontario, Cananda) which represents the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence.  Lord Adama shares his views on how working within this city and the Pink Flame will assist us to create our manifested desires.

Greetings, My Dearest Ones,

It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light. Hello out there!

I extend my Heart Essence onto each of you. Let us breathe into that for a moment. Give me your wishes of what you desire to talk about today or what you desire to listen to from my essence onto yours. Breathe deeply into that, so it can receive some of the confirmations. I am feeling some really good responses.

I believe it is because the work we are doing within this Ray and also the work that is being done in the Clarion Temple of Oneness that is assisting each of you to understand more about your own feelings. I would like to share some thoughts about that essence and what it represents on a physical level and on a 5th dimensional level.

In truth, your pathway to the 5th dimension of the New Earth cannot be experienced until you get into this space; until you fully allow your mental faculties to take a backseat and relax. You must understand within yourself what you are experiencing occurs on an in-depth level within the existence of your complete consciousness that is your Full Body System.

We find this to be so true. So many awakened people are very highly intellectual and have had timelines from other planets and other star systems. They come into this planet and those elements are very much activated through the generative process of the parents, the environmental conditions, and from the state of affairs within this planet. This planet has existed in this way for centuries. Each of you must realize every day what is happening within your bodily structure, what is happening when you awake each morning, the feelings you have.

Feelings, feelings, feelings. I cannot express it enough.

Within the consciousness of a 5th dimensional construct, there is no lower-self activity. It comes from the Higher Self. It comes from the Higher Mind. We teach our children this from the very beginning, thus it is much easier for them to acknowledge it. I am truly happy to see that there are some changes within each of you. Yet, sharing with others what you are experiencing and the tools you are using to assist you through the process of your healing, is so very important.

I thank the ones who are doing so. That is giving service. It comes from joy.

If you are experiencing certain conflicts within your own life path and you find ways to get through it; as you share that information with other persons, you are giving service. That energy is going out to others, whether they accept it or not. It does not matter. That is part of the responsibility of mastery. You learn within yourself that you have found a way to assist yourself in these present moments. I believe that it is so very representative of the Pink Flame.

The Pink Flame represents Creative Action of the Higher Intelligence.

Yet, it is not intelligence of the physical mind. It is intelligence of the Higher Mind. That is exactly what you are utilizing when you share those thoughts with another, share a project, or a process you are undergoing. Sometimes it is hard to understand what the lower mind and what is the higher mind is. The higher mind can access the lower mind. If that lower mind has criticism, judgments, too much absorption in control and looking for an outcome, then that is the lower self. It is not the Higher Self activating within those realms.

As you utilize this Ray and you tap into your feeling level, it becomes your Higher Ego. It becomes the ability to move forward and manifest within your world. When I say manifestation, I am not specifically looking at financial abundance. When you share a tool you have created from another system and design it to be yours, it is creativity in its truest sense. You are manifesting your own enjoyment, your own healing. You will see results within those aspects. We have to understand more deeply what Creative Actualization is.

We talk about wanting to manifest. Within that manifestation always comes the feeling that we want to create more funds upon this Earth, which is within the lifestyle you lead. In the 5th dimension, you will not have to worry about it. There will be no constraints and there will be no money system. It will become pure bartering. It will be quite a long time before that can be acknowledged. As we incorporate these energies from the Pink Flame deeper into the Heart essence, the parts that do not fit those elements of Adoration and Love of God’s Love within you will be removed.

That is what the beauty of this Ray represents and this city. It truly brings forth the elements of change without really concentrating so much on it. You are concentrating on bringing forth the element of compassion, tolerance, and devoting the energy to yourself. This is all going to take you into that ability to help pure manifestation.

We are at this stage where we are learning to acknowledge these elements within us and to feel it. Feel the purification of Light so strongly within you that it has to break down the mental mind. That is what occurring through this process. Your lower mind is not active. It is your Higher Mind. It is your Higher Heart. It is the ability to allow these elements to come into full existence. When I see progress, as what I am feeling presently, even if it may seem very minimal to you, I see it as a huge step. In this moment, you are starting to feel that you have the power to make the necessary changes in your life. That is the beauty. It will help to create more moments like this.

Yes, you will have your ups and downs. Sometimes you will feel like you are at the top of the ladder or the bottom end of the ladder. Right now, I feel each of you is probably a little bit above the bottom. You are beginning to learn through this process. This will assist you so much for Wesak.

As you embody these qualities, as you think about adoration, what does that mean for you?

What does it mean in your Heart Essence?

It is like when a mother picks up a newborn baby. She has deep adoration for that child and love for that child that is beyond the comprehension of her physical mind.

That is what Archangels Chamuel and Charity are going to be bringing forth this evening. They deeply love every one of us without really knowing us. It is because of their ability as Archangels to embody this flame, to allow it to be fully within each of us, every human upon the planet. If we as individuals, do not allow our hearts to be open to receive because of other factors that may be going on within us, then we will still be feeling the loss of not being adored.

These beautiful Beings of Light give to this planet what it truly needs. I am so happy on this day of Earth Day in 2015 that we are going to be able to embody this energy into the core of Gaia. Each of you will be able to experience it in unbelievable moments, extended out of your present circumstances; so that you can remember how to bring forth the essences of God’s love. Divine Mother and Father God and our love to the other of who we have been will assist us deeply in this process. This is an exciting visit. It is one that I hope you will return to.

At any time in your life, you can travel to the Golden City of Saceleaus with these beautiful beings of the Archangels, experiencing that feeling of adoration. That is their job. It is not our job to hold it. It is our job to receive it.

I believe tonight is going to assist everyone in understanding more about themselves. Wesak represents bursting down those doorways. You embody the qualities of love, power, forgiveness, strength, courage fully within you, so that the lower forms of fear, of unworthiness will no longer be your guide. This is your guide. Let us get ready to travel together. It is my pleasure to be with you.

I Am Lord Adama

Your Brother in Telos

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class meets each Wednesday.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is the host with a beginning lecture on the current energies.  Walking Terra Christa is glad to provide these classes in our Membership Program or purchasing the MP3 files individually.  Details are provided in the “Teachings of the Golden Etheric Cities” and can be accessed by clicking the link.

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Comrades In The Light Forging Towards New Earth

earthhandsThis is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, January 12, 2015.

Greetings, my dearest ones. It is my pleasure to be with you once again. It is I, Yamteleus, your Guide within the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

It seems like such a journey since we have been apart. It is now your year 2015, which seems miraculous to me. You will find that we will be experiencing in the next few weeks is going to be very life changing. All the Beings that will be coming through from the Board of Directors of Walking Terra Christa you all know very well. They will be talking about some other Elements of how we can work through the Energies and assist ourselves in Planetary Transformation whilst accessing the Multidimensional Selves. Tonight we are being honored by Lord Adama, who is the Academy Chancellor. He will also bring forth the Energies of the Telosian Council of Light. For those of you who do not know, Walking Terra Christa is guided by these beautiful Beings, everything that they do and everything they bring forth.

The Energetic Exchange that comes through Meleriessee and Aranathanara to assist each of you, they are experiencing those also in their own Dimensional Frequencies as each of you is doing the same. I believe it will be a very exciting time. This is a beautiful gift to have for our first Ceremony within our Temple for this year, as we have been bringing in many new Souls who have been on the Inner Plane and have just passed away. We are assisting so many individuals on a Soul Level within this beautiful Temple. Please do remember that you can return at any time you choose. If you feel that the teachings are something you would like to continue on your own within your meditations, we assist. I look forward to seeing you here.

Many Blessings My Dearest Ones.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Greetings, My Dearest Beloveds.

It is I, Lord Adama. I have with me the Telosian Council of Light. They are very much part of Walking Terra Christa.

I am not here to talk about Walking Terra Christa. I am here to share about what we are coming into and what we are growing toward together as the Inner Earth Beings, especially the Telosians. The other Inner Earth Beings will converse later in the month. Each of you knows me very well. Not as Lord Adama, but as the Being of Light that I AM and have been and have been in previous incarnations. You and I are one and the same. Only I am in a completely different environment than you are experiencing. I am here to assist you with this process. That is my role with Rev. Ara and Rev. Meleriessee to assist Humanity to understand what we are all experiencing together.

The role of creating the New Earth is not an easy one for anybody. We have been trying to do it for eons of time, as you have been also. Now our timelines are becoming One. That is the Blessing of the meeting this evening.

The Telosian Council of Light is here with us. We have 12 individuals that make up this Telosian Council. I am the spokesperson for the Council. We have had the beautiful pleasure of assisting Christine and Michael for quite some time. It is our pleasure to come together in this way. Not only for the partnership we bring forth for Walking Terra Christa, but each of you and what it means for each of you. It is for you to understand more about yourself than you have previously, to acknowledge the gifts and the beautiful Essence that you have within yourselves, which has been forgotten over many lifetimes.

Those are the challenges you are dealing with at this present time. Finding within yourself that you can trust, finding within yourself that you are secure, finding within yourself that you are important – and each of you are. We are coming together to create the New Earth. I would like to share a little bit about what that means presently and where we are in the Evolution of the Old Earth into the New Earth.

Changes are happening everywhere. People are awakening. People are noticing more about themselves. Individuals are walking into the Mastery Pathway, even though most of them may not know it.

What does this mean for each of you?

What does Mastery represent?

It represents the ability to be the Alchemist, to be all Aspects of each of the first Seven Rays and to command that Energy within your Physical Body.

It also represents the ability to be a Leader and to share the Knowledge, Wisdom and Gifts with others. Through that process, what occurs is Awareness of the Individual Self. This is the most important phase of Mastery. We must understand what the mirrors are and go deeper within our Hearts to become better than we were a moment ago.

I say to you, are you not a better person each time you go deeper within your Meditations, joining us for one of these calls, converse with the Mentors, or share with another about what you have learned?

Change is inevitable. This year is going to be a powerful year of those changes. Those of you that know me dearly and closely know that we are pushing each of you to become better and more than you were before. You see, there is a majority of enlightened Beings such as Light Workers and Starseeds that are so very enmeshed within their Lower Self and Lower Egos that it could cause the Planet to take a disruptive turn.

This year we are on that edge where changes can be made in a beautiful manner because of each of you being here, each of you accepting your role, each of you wanting to be more and holding those Vibrations within yourself to allow it to be expanded into Gaia. We have a lot of work. The Planet, as you know, is taking some down-turns within society, within comrades, within the way others such as politics. for example. Thin what is important at this time is to hold within yourself the Power of your Light. That is how we are here to assist. We are not here just to share with you how beautiful Telos is and how wonderful our life is so that you will want to be with us. The truth of the matter is that we want you to know those things. We share through Channels what those beautiful experiences are about, so that you can manifest them within your World.

It is not for you to just come to us. It is not for you to just remember who you are. It is for you to manifest your Desires in this present time-frame. That is what our role is.

If we manifest those Desires within ourselves, what do we do with them?

If we do not understand about the past, we cannot accept the Future. This is so very true for all of us.

That is why I strive very intensely through Meleriessee to push individuals and to put out information that maybe others are not sharing. The only way I can do that is, because she has done it herself, as each of you is doing. My role is not frivolous. My role is serious, just as yours is. We are Comrades in the Light, achieving a new Planet together to bring the Essences of Telos, of Lemuria as we knew it to be. Believe me, Lemuria was not all which you think it was. Neither was Atlantis. Atlantis was not all bad and Lemuria was not all good.

That is why you are here once again. Each of you as Lemurians and Atlanteans have arrived once again with the Knowledge of the past and the Teachings of all the beautiful Ray Chohans who lived at that time. They created those beautiful Temples in the Etheric Realms to assist the Earth. Now we are coming into that time where it is occurring.

My role tonight is to give you Confidence, to give you Trust and to give you Faith to continue the Pathway you are walking upon, because it will become more diligent. It will become more challenging. The deeper you delve into your Soul’s Essence, the more your Strength is increased, but also the deeper is your Darkness as it has been ignored for such a long time. There are many that get to this point and choose to leave the Planet. They choose to ascend. Meleriessee had this choice. Yet we convinced her that her Essence was needed upon this Earth to assist many others to do the same.

Michael is experiencing the same conditioning. They have arrived in Mount Shasta to assist many. This is the place where they could do it. They could not do it in any other location within the World. Each of you is aspiring to do the same. I see many of you arriving in Mount Shasta in the years to come. Not only for a visit. This is truly what will happen, as Telos becomes more energetically involved with the base of Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra of the Earth. We are allowing that Healing Process to occur. You will find that your Energies will be supported when it is time. It may not be time for a decade or so for many of you or even more. Yet when it is time, you will be able to ground what you are doing presently into your pure existence.

Until that time and continuing further, I hope to be a Mentor for all of you, a Teacher, a Guide, a Friend and a Brother. My role tonight is to substantiate that relationship with each of you. No matter how deep your pain is, your pleasure is deeper.

This is truly what the Crystalline Ray represents within you.

I want to bring Encouragement.

I want to bring Love.

I want to bring Acceptance.

I want to bring Joy.

I want to bring Pleasure.

Yet, I know in order to get to those phases, you will have to go through many doorways which will seem as if you cannot do it. That is what your Old Self will tell you. The Old Aspects will want to reveal to you that you cannot achieve it, because you have tried before and you were not able to sustain it. This is no longer true. This is the year when we are going to work together more closely than we ever have before. This is the year where the Power of these Light Infractions will assist you on a much deeper level within your Physical Body than you can imagine.

I know it must be terribly challenging in the Lower Initiations. You are being combated with having to go through those low sublevels of the Physical, Emotional and Mental just to achieve to connect with your Higher Self more physically, let alone go through the process after that happens. To bring forth those Energies onto yourself but yet being hit with Light Infractions of every month or several days, Energy Exchanges of the Seasons and the changes that are occurring within the Planet.

We have sustained this Frequency from 2012 because you are doing it. You are doing it, and you are fully allowing yourself to accept it.

So do more, my children. Do more. Do as much as you can. Listen to what our dearest Divine Mother and Father God share with us about being gentle with yourself. You do not have to push through those doorways. You do not have to be running a marathon.

That is not the way to do things any longer. It is Gentleness. It is Acceptance. It is allowing yourself to be One with yourself. Do not worry. Your Higher Self is not going anywhere. Do not let the Physical Body collapse.

Even though I know it is challenging. We, in Telos, are also feeling these Energies. That is why I bring the Telosian Council of Light with me tonight. They are part of the Board of Directors within Walking Terra Christa.

What do you think that means?

It means that each of these beautiful Beings in the Council and myself decide what information we are going to bring forth to you. What teachings we are going to present, and how we can assist you deeper. Every one of you who comes to Telos for a Healing, for an issue, walks through that doorway with the Council of Light. It is not only me. It is not only Lady Galactia. It is each of us.
You are constricted in the 3rd Dimensional Realm until we can make sure you can come into the 5th Dimensional Realm. You are working on those issues within the Telosian Energy. We do it with Gentleness. We do it with Love. We do it with pushing. Yes, we push. We know what it is like because we have all been there.

What I want to assist you with tonight is to continue what Divine Mother and Father God have given us and to bring that form of Gentleness. Do not push so hard on yourself. Do not say to yourself “Why? Why can’t I? Why am I so bad? What is wrong with me?” Those Thoughts are the worst Thoughts you can have for yourself and they are your Old Thoughts. They are those Old Aspects that no longer matter.

What matters in this moment is that each of us is coming together in the Creation of the New Earth. We reach out our hands. We reach out our Wisdom. We reach out our Knowledge. We reach out our Gentleness and Love.

I ask you to look within yourself and to see the Beauty that you are. That Beauty is shining through all that you are achieving within your world. I ask of you to be gentle and to be Love and to be in Balance, even if you do not know what that means. Allow the Essence we bring onto you tonight, so that we of the Telosian Energies can come forward on the Upper Earth to create the New Earth. You cannot do it alone. We cannot do it alone. The Hierarchy cannot do it alone.

Be this Essence. Be whom you truly are. Take those moments of Silence and bring forth the Gentleness that you are. Therein lies your true Courage.

It is not the banging on the doors or getting the axe and ripping things away. This is the Power of our moments. This is what is going to assist in creating more to come and more to be. When you have a dream of Telos, bring that forth into your Physical Essence. Feel it into the location where you are. Let it expand into your Physical Body.

Be that Essence. Bring it back onto yourself. I hear people saying so many times “I just didn’t want to come back”.

Well, bring it back with you. You have the Power to do so.

In the Light that we are together, this is truly what we need from each of you to help with what you are experiencing.

Let us breathe deeply.

Each of us here within the Council and myself bring forth this Essence of beautiful flowers, beautiful sunshine, 24 hours a day. Breathe that into your Hearts. Feel the Purification of the Essences that we are from the Telosian Community to come into your Heart for you to remember your humble beginnings in Atlantis or Lemuria. Allow that Beauty to expand within you. Do not worry about who you are, what your gifts are, what you do for a living, or what you do for service.

In this moment, you are that Eternal Being of Light circling within you, being that Essence. We bring forth Galactia with her Energetic Voice.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Beauty that you are and the remembrance of times gone by. Bring that into your Awareness. Bring that into your Heart. Allow it to expand out of you through your Physical Essence. Everything that you experience is Beauty of Energy.

Let us now send this Frequency of Light through the Dimensional Realms onto the Earth Plane and into the Core of Gaia, so that she can remember also. She can remember and it can flourish onto everyone else, circling around the globe.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Beauty within Gaia’s Core, within the Crystalline as it is functioning through all the geographic areas within all the animals, within all the lands, within all the waters, within all the people. This is our future of the New Earth.

Bring that back into your Consciousness now. This is you. This is you because of whom you are, what you are experiencing and allowing yourself to be. Every moment you do not feel this and you are going through a huge doorway, remember what you have experienced this evening of the fluidness, of the feathers, of the snowflakes and feeling yourself flowering in a much deeper state. Remember the true Essence that you are. Know within yourself that it will be once again.

Do not say “I wish”. Say, “I know”. It will be for our future.


It is magical and it is beautiful. I see it coming for all of us. I see it in each of you.

I am deeply honored to not only be a Chancellor for Walking Terra Christa, but to be in this Temple on this night.

Many Blessings and Love.

You may purchase the MP3 download of any of our calls via The Cosmic Great Central Sun (Divine Mother/Father God) speaks each week in the temple before our guest speaker.  The transcript for the Cosmic Oneness is available via  to read. You may also apply to our Student/ Membership Program by paying a monthly fee to join all teachings on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
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The Bounty of Our Gifts ~ Lord Adama

harvest-webBlessings and Love.  It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.

I want to share today on the exchange of energies from each of us unto each of you.  We, in Telos, are very connected to each of you on the Upper Earth and want to extend our sincere thoughts of love and blessings since the Autumn Equinox.

The Harvest is now here and it is our time to celebrate all that we have experienced up to this point.  Is this something that you have thought about within you?

Isn’t it true that each of you desires to have your manifestations to come into your reality?

What is it that you have done up to this point that allows those creations to become you?

These are the questions that I want to pose to you since now is the most fruitful season of the year.  Those of you that live across the hemisphere that are experiencing the essence of Spring truly are going through the same level of creation within your lives as you plant your seeds for your future.

So it is important to fully reflect within yourself how to embrace the walk that you have been taking in the past months.  It will help you come to the fruition of your new essence expanding within you.

You see we don’t just create elements to occur without first having to understand the process that we have gone under to make them appear in our lives.  We must first learn the lessons that our Higher Self is giving to us in order to fully receive the gifts of our labor.

So as we just moved through a New Moon and experienced the most powerful equinox on the planet; it is time for each of you to embrace all that you have achieved.  As the more that you realize within yourself these achievements, the deeper will be your Harvest of the Self.

Take time to truly reflect the bounty of your life within you; then more can appear.  Until you say thank you for the beautiful gifts you are receiving, then you cannot receive more.  It is a proven fact.

The beauty of your life is not measured by your hardships, but how you walk through those challenging doorways to find the blissfulness of your essence to enfold within your Being.

I applaud each of you for what you are experiencing and processing in your lives.  Let the old essence be thrown away that does not serve you.  Put it into wholeness so that you never have to experience it again.  Be the bliss that you desire as it is truly ready to be received.  All you have to do is reach your arms out and feel all those gifts of joy, peace, and be the manifestor of your own destiny.  Don’t hesitate to realize how far you have gone; then you gone continue the journey with less baggage and more excitement of who you have become.  This is fully realizing the Bounty of Your Gifts being sent from your Higher Self unto your Physical Creation.

All my love from my Heart to Yours,

I AM Lord Adama, of the Telosian Council of Light

September 29th, 2014

Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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Allowing Your Physical Self to Accept the Incorporation of Light~ Lord Adama Discourses

Lightworker1Greetings My Fellow Comrades!

I AM Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.  We are happy to be with you once again.

Let us all take some deep breaths together so that our Hearts can merge within each other as we, in Telos, are so very happy to be able to connect with you in this manner.

We are in the midst in this time of the cycles of change representing this Full Moon and the Festival of the Christ which is allowing every individual to go to a deeper part of themselves that they have not experienced previously.  So it is important that each of you understand what it is that you are experiencing.  But believe me, there is so much more involved than you can ever realize.

The fluctuation of the energies that are increasing at this time are affecting each of you in many different ways.  Some of you may be affected physically, emotionally, mentally, are just trying to find the balance in your world.  The reflection that is occurring presently from this group consciousness that I am feeling that everyone is going through something within themselves that increasingly takes them into a new space, a thought process.

If you are feeling elements physically, it means that there is something within your bodily structure that needs to be removed in order for you to have the higher frequency that your Higher Self wants you to attain.  Now this can occur on many different levels.  It does not mean that everyone is on the same level of experiencing these types of symptoms.  Notice where the affliction may be occurring within your body and how you can best get through it.  It may be issues from this lifetime or it may be other issues.  It may be more of a higher level of your Core Essence that you have never tapped into before that you are experiencing.


So it can result in confliction and for each of you that can happen in illnesses or painful parts of yourself that are erupting.  I urge you to continually reflect that these energies are not just a physical symptom; therefore, to look at other ways to get through the process.

You’re on this Mastery Pathway.  You are becoming an enlightened being and the bodily function cannot handle any 3rd dimensional way of healing itself.  So these are elements that you must consider as you are going through these processes.  Otherwise it will keep you stuck into the lower forms of vibration.  What actually is occurring for you is your body is catching up to your consciousness.  For some of you, this may be quite intense because if your consciousness is at quite a higher level.  That means that you really have to work doubly hard within your higher levels of intuition to heal it in that way; without the use of the old way of third-dimensional healing that may not work for you any more.  (NOTE: This is in reference to non-medical condition symptoms, sensations and feelings that will respond to using natural herbs, oil and energy. WTC does not offer medical advice or assistance. Always seek licensed medical care providers for any required medical help.)

Those of you that are feeling things emotionally or mentally are just as challenged; maybe even more so, because the symptoms on those levels may not be as acute for you to handle.  So it’s like this, if you have something painful within your body, you probably already know what you need to do within yourself; that you need to put in some vitamins or maybe increase your ability within your immune system to fight something.  You may already have the ability to tap into healing modalities to assist you whether it be herbal, whether it be homeopathic, or whether it be energetic.  But when you are dealing with things in an emotional or mental level it takes more diligent effort because the pain may not be as acute.   So the reflection that is occurring within you in these moments is to purge it.  That is why it is happening, no matter what level you may be receiving it within yourself.  (Note:  WTC does not offer medical advice or assistance. Always seek licensed medical care providers for any required medical help.)

It is important to understand that when these elements occur within your life to go into a deeper part of yourself.  Take the knowledges that you have acquired what you have learned through your tools and go to a deeper level to assist your physical body to accept the transparence of Light that is occurring for you.  This is really, really important.

The other aspect that is essentially critical is that you realize that you would not be experiencing these symptoms within yourself if you were not ready to move forward into a higher level of existence.  So in a sense, it is a gift.  It may not feel like a gift in these moments, but truly it is as you are going through the purging process in many different levels.  I believe each of you are experiencing something that is causing you some distress or some element, not to think or feel the way that you have previously.  This is all part of the process of you becoming your multi-dimensional self.

So in these moments, it is important for each of us to understand one another.  The only way that we are going to do that is to communicate what you are experiencing to others so that you can receive the support system that you need from the right individuals.  But also, because it is important to reflect where you are coming from and where you are going.

As you know I always like to bring forth these guideposts to assist everyone to understand that the process that they are undergoing presently may not be at the level that they think it is.  So it is all part of the Divinity of Light incorporating within you.  As we stand in the middle of these energies presently, I ask of you to continually raise your vibration into a higher level; to not allow your thought forms or your feelings to get in the way; to continually work with the frequency within yourself and change it so that you can have easier moments of transition.

Please know that these energies are going to be very powerful for quite some time as they take us into Wesak.  This all means what is occurring for you in your personal experience presently, is helping you to accept more for the Wesak energies which are going to be quite powerful.  We know that the power of this Moon is beyond our understanding; but yet, there is a part of us that does understand because we are receiving it and we are feeling it.

The other aspect to remember is not to hold onto it.  This is so very important because when you hold onto elements too much then they become an overwhelming feeling.  Then you can get entrenched in that moment of grief, that moment of pain, that moment of exhilaration.  Everything needs to be put into balance.  Remember you cannot understand what tranquility is until you fully allow your physical body to receive it.  At times, the physical part of you will not be willing to accept it due to the emotions and the thoughts that are occurring within your consciousness.  So everything is evolving just as it should; to allow these energies to come into full creation; to allow this frequency of Light That We Are to become One because without it we cannot do it.  It is imperative to continually understand what these processes mean within our personal existence so that we can understand what it creates in our outside existence.

The transition of our Light together is beyond our capability to understand.  All that we can do within ourselves is to walk each step as clearly as possible.  Feel the energies that take you into that step and allow those frequencies of Light to fully exist in a completely different way than they have previously.  This is an important aspect that we have within your Beingness.  It will help you create the balance that you are searching for.  It will help you to understand what it is that you are fully incorporating within your world.

As you awake every day, your Higher Self has been guiding you through the night to accept more of what you could not do the previous day.  But yet, in those circumstances you may feel agitated; you may feel frustrated; you may feel sad about some parts of yourself that don’t fit within yourself; or that don’t fit within others.  This is all part of the Divine purpose of your Higher Self to be more fully activated within you.  He/She is fully pushing you into a different paradigm of understanding to fully allow your physical body to receive the Essences that the Higher Self desires to incorporate.

The more that you do, the more that you will be able to accept your energies and the frequency of Light in your pathway and within this physical Earth.  The transitions are happening as they are on a slow-by-slow basis because this is what is truly important for you to accept each moment as it comes.  Understand what is yours and what is not yours and to really see the reflection within your Heart Center.

Is it coming from another?

Or are you sending it out?

Is it be reflected back to you?

So these are the most important elements that I want to share on this day of this high accelerated phase we have stepped into together.  Yes, we are here together.  The Telosians and ourselves fully commanding these energies so that each of you can feel it in a completely different manner than you have previously.

It is my divine pleasure to share with you my knowledge, my expertise, but most of all my Love to each of your Hearts.

I AM Lord Adama at your service.

Many Blessings in Love, Light, and Joy.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

This is an excerpt of our weekly class on April 16th, 2014, “New Earth Consciousness – Golden Etheric Cities” in which Lord Adama is our host to guide us into one of the Etheric Golden Cities of the 5th dimension.  Lord Adama always gives a lecture on the present energies.  If you are interested in participating in this LIVE telecall on Wednesday evenings, please see the details, /classes/golden-cities/.

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Preparation for the Spring Equinox ~ Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos

Spring EquinoxThe Spring Equinox will be another three-day gateway into the Christ Consciousness energies which could be very powerful and has the potential to create an imbalanced state of equilibrium for individuals that may not be prepared.  Lord Adama shares a very powerful meditation to work through the 12 Rays of God into each of the 12 Chakras helping to ground the Christ Energies into each of us individually and collectively for GAIA.

We gather in our group Merkabah to the City of Telos underneath Mt. Shasta. We arrive in the Garden of Telos as Lord Adama meets us on the pathway into the forest to the Lemurian Retreat House.


I AM Lord Adama.  Please follow me as we walk together to the retreat house with the Telosian Council of Light and all the beautiful beings of Telos.  Let us walk through the forest as we see the Retreat House walking down the steps into the entry way and down the spiral staircase into our meeting room.  Each of you know where it is; walk into the room that is set up like a living room.  Find yourself a very comfortable seat.  We have the chairs in a semi-circle facing the stage.  I am going to step down onto the podium.

Welcome.  Let us take a breath and feel the energies that are occurring in our retreat house in this moment.  We have asked for the initiation for all 12 Rays of God to be placed completely on the border of the room.

Straight ahead, which is behind me, you are going to see the Blue Ray.  These are columns of light with vibrancy of energy of the Ray.  We will follow the room in a clockwise manner.  The Blue Ray represents the Will and Power; feel that igniting.  The Golden Yellow represents Love and Wisdom; the Deep Pink around the right, is the Creative and Active Intelligence; The Crystalline Light is Ray 4 with experiencing Pure Joy with Harmony and Balance.  Ray 5 is the Green, Gold and White colors all blending together.  There is probably more of frequency of the green than there are of the Gold and White.  This is the Science of God and accessing our Higher Knowledge.  Ruby Red inflected with Gold is our Inner Devotion.  Deep Purple with Violet represents our Divine Structure and Ceremonial Magic.  This is a very important ray.  Ray 8 represents the Sea Foam Green.  We are now all the way around the circle right behind you perpendicular to the stage.  Sea Foam Green is the Higher Cleansing Ray and it helps to resurrect at a higher level.  Ray 9 of the Blue-Green represents attracting the Body of Light.  Ray 10 is Pearlescent and that represents our Integration of the Masculine and Feminine.  Ray 11 is Pink-Orange which represents our Bridge to the New World, walking from the old self to the new self.  Ray 12 is the Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness.

Now what we want to do is feel these column(s) of light igniting their energies.  Feel that essence of the activation of these rays swirling and swirling around the room.

I want to really explain to you some of the aspects before we get into activating the energies of the rays.  Take a moment to feel the swirling of colors within your Chakras from your Crown all the way to the Root centering in your Heart with all these essences.

We have come together this evening because we want to assist each of you as deeply as we can to allow the balance of the higher energies to come fully within your physical existence. Some of you may think that you are doing so but with the energies of the Spring Equinox it is going to become even more challenging.

During this trimester we have been experience a leveling off period, if you can believe that statement.  I know each of you feels the energies of each New Moon, and Full Moon along with the Rainbow of Lights Dispensation that has been occurring is really accelerating you in a deep way.  What happens for each of you is that those timelines or aspects that are in your Etheric Body are being ejected into your consciousness.  Now it can be entered through your physical sense, you may have been going through ailments. It can be ejected through emotional feelings or mental thoughts because the Etheric Body holds all these elements.  It is your Soul’s Essence to travel from timeline-to-timeline.  This is why it is very beneficial to come into an Earth body, because you have the availability to work through these aspects of yourself that you want rid yourself of what some would refer to as karmic debts.  This is exactly what is occurring but now in this timeframe, the karma is rectified almost in a moment-by-moment basis depending on where you are in your spiritual thought process and believe system.  It depends upon each initiate and each person on the planet.

Let us take an example by thinking of someone that is very spiritually unaware, but they go to church.  They believe in someone else telling them in what needs to be done.  They are not stepping unto the path of awakening but they are a God-expressing soul within their physical body.  Their karma is going to move into a level that is much less accelerated than each of you, because you have chosen to go through these acceleration phases by allowing yourself to be awakened.

As you see, there are good and not so good aspects of being an Initiate upon the Pathway of Light.  Your soul has chosen to walk through these processes and to experience them.  It is almost like having a movie screen in front of you and your thoughts and feelings are flashing on the screen as a mirror image.  They truly are not sustained in who you are presently, because you have been working on those elements.  If you have not been processing the issues not as much as you would have liked to, they are still going to come up for you.  The important part is for you to acknowledge what they are and look at them as we have been sharing by being able to ascertain, “Is this something I need to understand more or can I use the Violet Flame; can I utilize the Unified Whole; can I use the White Light; or can I express the Pink Light within me to feel the compassion and balance?”  This can be a very confusing cycle and this is exactly what you have been experiencing in this first trimester.

With the introduction of many of the energies, your Lower Self does not have a choice.  Your Higher Self is the commanding agent for these elements to happen within you so within your Lower Self you are activating your Higher Self as much as possible.  The events that are occurring within your physical body may seem like it is an old ailment but it truly is not.  Your emotions may feel like something you experienced previously.  It is not something that you need to hold onto.  Your mental thoughts are coming up to the surface, but yet, a part of you knows that you should not have those thoughts.  So you are walking a tightrope in which one side represents the dark energies of yourself, the other side represents the light energies of yourself.  As you are walking that tightrope you can fall into the abyss of the dark side on the left but then you find that the rope has a glowing energy so you reach for the rope in which you find yourself aligned once again.  When you fall on the side that is purely light located on the right side, you feel the bliss, ecstatic, or excitement with an essence that you can do anything that you choose.  But yet, you still continue to walk along that tightrope which is what you are going through this trimester.  Whatever your Higher Self needs you to look at, you will be faced with it.  This represents your present awareness of accepting the Light and Dark within you.

We want to assist in bringing forth the highest possible experience for each of the activations that are occurring.  The Spring Equinox is just another phase.  This is the first acceleration of the highest point of energy of the Christ Consciousness for this year.  There will be others.  In truth, if all the elements of the Christ Consciousness were embodied upon this Earthplane from the 49th dimensional frequency, most individuals would not be able to survive.  You have to understand that souls come to Earth to heal as each of you has done.  If you can be compassionate towards others, as they are going through their timelines and not knowing how to get through them, it will assist you greatly.  You have tools to work through and there are more coming every day to assist you.

The more frequency of light that comes into the planet, the more availability of modalities appearing, energy systems, and vibrational frequencies are all part of the open doorway that is now occurring for the Year of Synchronization.  Previously, we have not been able to bring forth these energies onto the planet.  So it is a wondrous thing that is occurring, and I am very happy as, Lord Adama, that I have been given the opportunity to work with each of you through this process.  We, in Telos, have learned so much from each of you.  We have learned what it is like on the 3rd dimensional realm when you were previously in a higher realm from Lemuria and Atlantis.  We have learned the struggles that you go through, the personal experiences, and how much a challenge it is for you to receive this frequency of light in your physical bodies.  We, in Telos, have not always been on a 5th dimension; Lemuria was not on a 5th dimensional level but it was a land of purity and light.  So we still had our issues to deal with which is a lot of your timelines that you are going through presently.

As Gaia ascends into the higher frequency of the 5th, the 4th dimensional represents the duality which is so apparent right in society.  So many changes are happening upon the upper planet that need to made.  They cannot be done all at once as many would like them to be.  So each of you walking this pathway are becoming the leaders for the New Earth, but you are experiencing what it is like to go through these trials and pathways.  What happens when you are walking along a road and all of a sudden a huge tree falls in front of you.  You cannot go left and you cannot go right, so what do you do?  You break up the branches, and this is exactly what you are doing right now.

If any of you have been part of the Methuselah Teachings, this is exactly what we are assisting with.  We are breaking up the old roots that no longer serve an individual’s purpose in order to incorporate the depth of the God-creation within each of you to be activated.  So the roots that you have are not dying away can be nurtured, healed, and rejuvenated with your God Essence.  To explain, as a body ages, this is what happens; because each individual has the death wish coming into a human body which is part of that process.  So each of you are going through that availability not to have the death-wish, but to have the wish of eternal life within yourself which can be created within the physical body.  If you choose not to extend your life, that is your choice.  But those who want to do so, like each of us in Telos have the availability to create those aspects.  But you must allow yourself to let go of the aspects that are happening for you presently.

I will tell you that as you move along your pathway and ascension process, changes result within your life.  What you experienced a couple of months ago, can be completely different than what you are experiencing to your previous timelines.  Until they are activated by thoughts, feelings, other individuals, or remembrances in your dreamstate or day-to-day living, they cannot be removed.  This is due to the fact that they are put in that holding pattern until you are ready to fully look at them, change them, and create new timelines to come in.  We also want to create those timelines that will replace the old ones.  Just like when you release an element, you need to bring something inside your Heart of a compassionate nature so it fills up the space.  Otherwise, there can be a loss.  This is what happens with many individuals when they go through changes and they do not allow themselves to feel the purity of Light and what that transformation does for them.  There is an imbalance for them that cause the timeline to be ignited in the Etheric Body.  What we want to share with you is how to go through the Wheel of Rebirth, and not have to do it the way it has been done for eons of time.  You now have all the availability to be in complete harmony of your Eternal Self within the physical body just as all the masters have done.

The other element that I want to share is to prepare you to balance these energies.  Let’s go back to the old roots.  If you have all those old timelines that are still igniting within you, when the higher frequencies come in whatever your Higher Self feels you need to receive, you will be overloaded.  This is why some of you are having extreme problems in your physical bodies.  Because those parts of yourself, those dark spaces, those times you died in a certain way are now igniting some feelings in your physical body.  You need to be healed not through drugs; you need to be healed through herbs, elements of the Earth.  It may take a little bit longer to get through that process but what the drugs do is masking the problem.  What happens to that?  The energy goes back into the Etheric Body until there is another event for it to reappear.  So if you find yourself going through problems that you had in the past, this is why.  If you don’t work through the Earth oriented tools, then you are not going to be part of the earth.  This is because it is a manufactured product.  The basis of it may be at another time it worked to create the healing, but the chemicals along with the other ingredients that create the toxins within that drug will enter your system.  There is an automatic feedback that happens with this so we want to share this information tonight because many of you may be going through such symptoms.  It is very important that you utilize all your tools of healing to help you through the process ~ Very, very important.

We want to share with each of you the fact that we know you are having challenges.  Where are you having difficulty?  What areas do you see coming up for you still?  We want this experience of the Spring Equinox to be the most optimal available energy for everyone.  But we also have a dual purpose with this.  The more you can balance within yourself, the more you are going to help Gaia wherever you are located.  That frequency of light coming through you is going to blend into Gaia and to others that you are associated with, you have been close with, even others that you may think about but you don’t see any more.  Interactions with people that you see in your daily life whether it is in nature or in a store, office, or walking down the street in a city.  Individuals are affected by other individual’s energy.  This is why children are so receptive to the frequency of light in a highly evolved individual.  It is important for you to continually learn how to ground these energies.

As we move through this year, these increased frequencies are going to affect many individuals in adverse ways.  So if we can reach even just a small majority of people to help them to disperse through their own roots, into the ground.  If you think yourself as a moving tree; your branches represent the frequency of light that is in your auric field ~ the light frequency.  The more we help to activate your chakras with the higher rays of God, the more you are going to be able to expand those energies through your branches and leaves.  This is exactly what we want to assist you with to give you an understanding that the acceptance of Light is very important within you.

The reason we continually give you the 22 Rays of God is because you may not be able to take but a small portion of that ray energy within yourself because of the pockets of dysfunction and memories.  Some you may not even know that they are there.  The one thing that is important is to pay attention to your dream state.  It is very apparent right now upon waking or going sleep that you are going to be in both worlds very easily.  It is important to really pay attention to what needs to be transmuted and put into wholeness.  What needs to be accepted?  Because there can be elements that you need to understand.  Remember your dream state can be convoluted.  It does not mean that what you are dreaming is exactly true.  You need to take particles of those dream states and try to do a self analyzation of what it feels like which can be done through your Higher Self.  Allow your Higher Self to give you light forms, visions, or thoughts.   Working with your Higher Self is the most important communication that you can do through these transitions.  It is more important than trying to channel a master because your he/she is trying to give you ways to communicate with your physical self of how to best clear up the frequencies that are going on within you.

Remember, we are becoming multi-dimensional Beings.  This is an acceleration that has never been done except in small circumstances to other highly evolved masters.  So within this structure you are going to be receiving flashes, thoughts, and memories from all the timelines from good and bad.  You may even think that it is a good timeline when all of a sudden you see that the good is there but then there are particles of it that you need to remove through the process of allowing your Higher Self to work with you.

So I ask you to ask yourself, “How often do you connect with your Higher Self?  Are you working through your Higher Self daily?  Do you wake up in the morning and connect with your protection prayers and your Higher Self?  It is essentially important because your higher self is not going to become used to being in your physical body until you have an internal dialogue.  So that dialogue of your Higher Self becomes the dialogue of your Lower Self.  It has to be an exchange that is flowing.  This is why we are gathering before the Spring Equinox so that we can share with each of you how to activate your God-Self within the physical through the Rays of God.

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda GreenI, as Lord Adama, with Lady Galactcia with the King and Queen of Telos embrace each of you for accepting your divinity further.  It has been my pleasure to be able to share these essences with you, because we believe through the Rays of God is the highest acceleration you can allow to be embodied within you.  You can try all the other processes; you can try to rid yourself of the thoughts and the emotions.  You can make yourself be frustrated by utilizing the 3rd dimensional ways, but we guarantee by working through these frequencies and energies, you will feel the balance, the love, and you will have great reverence of yourself and of God.  You will be able to tap into the higher knowledges, you will be able to have the harmony you deserve, and most of all you will be able to create and manifest your pathway and your life.

I AM Lord Adama your guide for this evening.

Many blessings and love.

This was an excerpt of the MP3 recording.  It is available via Walking Terra Christa, /tele-calls/mp3_listings/.

Join us for a powerful Ceremony of the Spring Equinox, Wednesday, March 20th, 2013.  Details available on WTC, Open Tele-calls.

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