Super Moon of August 29th, 2015 Ceremony

i_am_presence_479x600Giving Love of Service to Humanity

This article contains channeled excerpts of our Ceremony on August 29, 2015 with Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders, and Native American Elder, Lady Master No Eyes.

[This ceremony including high vibrational energies.  If you would like to download or listen to the recording, the link is listed at the bottom of this page.]

We call upon the Rays of God to be with us; spinning chakras and chakras within your joints which spin towards the Heart bringing in colors upon colors. We put our intentions to move through the Merkabah Vehicle of Light; visualize yourself moving from the space you are located to the northwest United States in California to the Summit of Mount Shasta. As we arrive in this space, Master Djwhal has shared that this is the location where many of the Masters do their ceremonies continuously on the mountain including the Telosians, Inner Earth Beings, Inter-Galactic, and ask they join us within Oneness.

We find ourselves walking into a beautiful Amphitheatre that represents all the 330 Rays of God. This connection also goes to the Etheric Golden City of Havalanchee which represents the 22nd Ray of Platinum and the God Source. We bring those energies into this space.

As we enter into the amphitheatre, into the Eastern direction just like walking into a Medicine Wheel. We walk in a clockwise direction to each of the directions, the South, the West, and the North and state our intentions for each elements of Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spritiual bodies.

We now connect to the Crystalline Structure in the middle of the circle represents the Great Spirit, the Creative Source of Oneness of the energy we are all a part of with our I AM Presences’ and the Divine Being that we are.

We now bring forth Master Djwhal Khul:

It is my divine pleasure to be with each of you at this time. I Am Master Djwhal Khul. Many blessings for coming forward in this Circle of Unity in these moments.

Allow your breath to take you to the highest part of your existence to bring that essence into your physical creation. This is the essential quality that needs to occur for this moon, all full moons, and all cycles of life but especially at this time in the sign of Virgo with Pisces.

This moon represents Giving Service Of Love To Humanity.

Some may say that represents a physical service, which it can, but the first element that must be brought forth is the Service to Yourself. That represents the element of allowing the highest level of your existence, which represents your I Am Presence with your Higher Self, to come fully into your body, to assist you through this process. This is truly giving service to Humanity and to Gaia by bringing forth these elements within yourself.

You have no idea the capacity you have to help heal this Earth and all that exists upon it within Gaia’s Heart. That is why each of you steps forward as Initiates, as Students of Mastery to fully embody these essences within yourself for your own healing. I also know that each of you desires to assist the Earth, but first I want each of you to allow these energies to come fully within your Being through your breath for the existence that you are of the Lightness, of the Sincerity, and of the Imaginative Elements that flow into from your Higher Mind. Allow your breath to take you there, as this is your role in this moment as we gather together.

I have chosen Mount Shasta to be our place of origin today, because it is of a high frequency of light. I hope to travel to other areas around the world in our future months. This assists in bringing forth the energetic exchange through each of you into the planet. Mount Shasta is not only a high frequency especially the place that we are presently sitting upon, but it is also known as the Root Chakra of the Earth. This means that there are many elements within the lands of Mount Shasta that do not accept this higher frequency of light that we are bringing forth in these moments.

We are truly giving Service, each of us as Beloved Brothers and Sisters together accepting the role that we have desired to take on from the beginning of our existence. I ask each of you now to allow these energies to flow into through your breath. Look at the crystalline structure as it represents all 330 Rays of God; it represents all the initiations; it represents the God Force and it represents the Creative Source of Oneness. It represents all of our angelic presences and all of our existences of creating this planet along with other planets within the many universes. Allow the totality that you are to come forward within you.

Bring forth these elements into your existence. This is my role today to bring forth the higher energies. Our dearest Native Elders will assist in allowing the other disruptive elements to be purged.

But first, we must fully incorporate the higher essence within ourselves. As of you know, many of the Rays of God assist to purge and regenerate; I bring to you in these moments through all my colleagues of the Spiritual Hierarchy, all my colleagues of the Christed Intergalactics, and all my colleagues of the Agarthian Network, to be with each of us today in Unity of Love as this is truly what we represent together.

It is my pleasure to be able to bring forth this essence unto each of you.

This moon is powerful if you have not already felt it previously. I don’t mean by just looking at it but internalizing within yourself what this moon represents for you. As the Piscean energy brings forth the totality of your Spiritual Self to come within your physical existence, that physical body is going to be need adjustment. This process is a continual motion that never ceases to stop and will assist you to go into a deeper part of yourself through your breath, and through your understanding.

Allow the Illumination of your Higher Mind to take you into the depths of your lower mind. Do not allow any fears or lower energies to stop you from this process, because this is a powerful moment in time with this moon to assist within the process.

The movement of these moons through the next few months is going to catapult the energies through each of you and within the earth to assist in the process of moving towards the 11:11 phases in November. You will go through the process; you will allow yourself to be gifted in so many ways if you surrender to the moment of whom you truly are on the Higher Essence of your Beingness and allow that to flow within you in these moments.

The Crystalline Structure is now being raised above hundreds and hundreds of levels of creation beyond where we are sitting to go up into the heavens above, to connect to the Golden City of Havalanchee which will truly be the New Earth.

Feel the magnificence of the God Force that you are a part of, of your own God Essence, allowing the Masculine and Feminine to fully come within you in the purity and the Light. As we connect to Grandmother Moon of the Piscean energies coming forth, she brings to you and each of us that are experiencing this moment, great sensitivity, great love, great flowingness, and being able to move through the creative process that you have been desiring to have in your life.

Feel that coming deeply into your Heart and your Solar Plexus. Allow it to blend fully into your entire Beingness, into the base structure that you are, allow it to come into your Cellular Structure, allowing it to be physical, allow it to be emotional, allow it to be mental, allow it to be spiritual, allow your four-body system to expand in ways that you never have experienced previously. As the crystalline essence starts to vibrate within its many different points of rainbows representing a beautiful cluster of light, you feel this essence coming into you Now as it is part of the Earth just as you are.

Breathe deeply and allow these essences to fully come within you.

[Divine Language Light Encoding]

Allow it to settle deeply in your Solar Plexus. Feel your Love. Feel the Divine Power and the Divine Love that you are. Allow the creative process to be fully within you. Allow your body to accept.

It is my pleasure as Master Djwhal Khul to bring forth these essences unto you with this moon. We thank Grandmother Moon for bringing forth her existence unto our hearts today as I extend the rest of the service to the Native Elders and the Divine Lady Master known as No Eyes.

Namaste, my Dearest Beloveds, Namaste

We now introduce the Group Consciousness of the Native Elders:

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters,

We come forward as the many Native Elders, indigenous peoples of all realms, of all existences, especially those planetary existences that we have worked, lived, and communed as one family keeping close to our hearts the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Many times we have spoken about what it is to be a human upon this planet of Mother Earth. We have always spoken of how frequently one can become lost in the many different forms and elements that are within your world such as you forget that to be human is to be a spiritual person.

The way of the native was that spirituality was part of your daily life as you went about all the tasks, and all the accomplishments that one needed to do in any given day. But, it was also in the experiencing the simple pleasures of seeing the wind upon the grass, within the trees, across the plains, and enjoying the waters as they flowed, feeling the sun upon your face, the warmth of the day and coolness of the night as the seasons changed.

In the modern world these are just elements that you notice but they are not elements you embrace.

This is the frequency of light that we want to remind you of, once again.

You cannot be a spiritual being upon Mother Earth without fully incorporating all her elements within you. The spiritual realm is not something outside of us; it is not separate that we can travel to and sit enjoy it and then return to our normal lives. It is one that must be within us so that we resonate directly and connect fully with each of those elements so that when we are in the waters, we are part of the waters. When we feel the breeze, it is part of whom we are. Many do not understand what this means.

This ceremony today working with the spiritual energies to become more physical within your body is exactly what we mean. If you can remind yourself to bring forth this remembrance within every waking moment and call upon this connection before you go to sleep, this is what we need. This is what we need.

This is what we call upon from all of our brothers and sisters, for we are one family.

We love you so deeply and we honor those of you that understand that they need to be in a place like this as many others are doing earthly things but non-spiritual things. There is a subtle difference; but it is that subtle difference that makes all the difference in the changes and the elevation which you can bring to your world.

We, as the Native energies including all the ancestors that have walked upon Mother Earth but so many more are here to assist you. The Star Brothers and Sisters that have brought us to this planet who are truly the mother and father ancestors are walking with us everyday as we are in the Spiritual Realm. Tap into our essences, call upon us, within the Unified Whole we are here to assist you, to remind you to help you to feel these energies throughout your day, throughout your life, so that connection you have with each other becomes more glorious, more luminous, more expansive. It is not a limiting moon that we experience now; it truly is a grand occurrence.

We thank you for walking this walk, for sitting in this circle. We are One. Ah Ho

We introduce the essence of Lady Master NO EYES:

Ah Ho, Ah Ho, It is I, NO EYES.

Let us all rise within this circle and feel the vibration that Master Djwhal Khul has so beautifully brought forth. We thank the consciousness of all the Elders for bringing forth their energies at this time, as it is so essential for each of us and each of you.

What is it now that you feel within yourself?

Allow the vibration of the crystalline formation and all its main points, come to you now to assist you in what needs to be removed.

This moon is so very powerful and is only the first of three to be in this highest frequency. It is actually a gift unto each of you upon this Earth to receive these energies at this time with all of the other amazing activations that have occurred within your life through this year. The power of these energies can only be as powerful as you allow them to be within yourself.

So go deeper, my dearest ones. Go deeper into your core. Allow your empowerment that you have from your highest sense to assist the lowest sense in removing elements within yourself that no longer fit your present consciousness.

In this moment, your consciousness is shifting ~ it is changing into that higher element that you are.

Are you going to allow it to be? Are you going to allow it to occur? Do not continue your journey in the way you have done previous to this ceremony. One small increment must be changed within you, and that is why I am here to assist.

White Buffalo Calf Woman joins me as she comes to everyone in this circle and points her pipe towards you to allow your prayers to go into the heavens and be answered within yourself. Allow yourself to take the pipe and smoke the sacred tobacco. As you blow out the smoke, allow that smoke to move up above into the Creative Source through this crystalline formation. Allow the power of that energy to be ignited out of you and then go deep into your core now. Allow yourself to bring up any angers, hurts, frustrations, or uncertainties within your world. As you are shifting and changing in this process of your walk, you will feel the energies differently.

I ask each of you to walk around the wheel presently. Feel the power of this land of the summit of Mount Shasta. Allow dearest blessings of Lady Shasta to come into your feet. Allow it to be ignited up through your full body system; allow yourself to breath it and as you walk, you walk with strength and courage. This is the power you want to bring to yourself, not the other insecurities that have shown their light to you in different times of your life.

So what is in these moments you are experiencing.

It is coming from your Mental Body, is it coming from your emotional, your physical or your spiritual? Walk the wheel and allow yourself to be balanced in these energies. Allow the power of your walk, the strength of your walk as everyone walks together to bring forth the balance into each and every one of you upon this earth because you are those beacons of light. Allow us to drum while you are walking ~ if you have a drum, use it; clap, or stomp your feet. It will help to ignite the energies within you.


Now, now feel the regeneration. Step up to the crystal formation; walk around it, feel its beautiful essences. What are you experiencing? Allow what Master Djwhal has brought forth to you let it become you into the souls of your feet. Allow your body to become completely changed; allow yourself to become transformed in this moment.

It is my pleasure as Lady No Eyes to bring forth these essences to you, and to remind you, continually remind you this is what you must do. You are upon this earth and the changes that are coming are going to be great within the next few months. Be present with what you are experiencing. Allow yourself to journal the part of you that needs removal, so you can reflect back on the changes that you have made.

Because if you don’t see it, your will repeat it again, again, and again. You must command within yourself that this essence you are experiencing in this moment is you. It is the power.

As now we call upon the beautiful essences of Lady Shasta and all the indigenous peoples that have been upon this mountain for eons of time to bless each and every one of you for what you have experienced and what you are embodying. We take this energy into the core of the crystalline formation into GAIA.

As the crystal formation now swirls in a clockwise manner that bores a hole deeply, deeply through the mountain. It goes beyond the Telosian City and it goes into the oceans and into the waters, and into the crystalline formations into the Heart of Gaia as she now receives the light energy from her beloved above to her core existence below.

This brings forth the Unity of Light that we all are together. As Above, As Below ~ as all of these energies combined with the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee into the beautiful crystalline City of Telos and way below that area. It expands outwards around the globe. Take a moment to reflect in your part in this experience because you truly have stepped forward on this day.

I thank you deeply from my heart as Lady No Eyes to bring forth these essences just to remind you “You Know”. It is just a reminder.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, Namaste, So Mote it Be, in all languages
We are One

Let us now take a moment as we stand together, hand in hand, with all these beautiful beings of light, the Masters, the Intergalactic Christed Beings, the Telosians and all of the Agarthians. The crystal formation that was rising above has now moved below but it is not gone. There is a beautiful vibratory energy in the middle where it was being held. We thank master Djwhal and our Lady Master No Eyes, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, with all the Elders, all the Masters, and all of you for participating in this circle of light with the Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon to celebrate this magnificent energetic exchange.

Let us take a moment to feel these energies within each other and bring forth the sound of OHM three times.

The MP3 recording is available for download, New Earth Sacred Ceremonies, which includes the attunements and drumming which add to the high frequency of light that the ceremony brings forth. (please scroll down to middle of page entitled, “2015”).

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