it is so much more multidimensional than any work I have done in the past and I really feel things shift and heal and then be over…

I have been able to see aspects within myself and work on these aspects in ways and to an extent I could not have done on my own…

…I feel tangibly the blessings and teachings in the live classes and know that I need this to assist me in an even greater depth with each Teaching…

…There is no other place I can feel so close with the ascended masters and my own higher self’s guidance! It’s a brand new experience so it’s extremely challenging, but it’s also why how healing it is when I allow myself to surrender and receive…

…I feel that I was one of those light workers that thought everything spiritual was to be perfect and jolly all the time when the reality is that’s just not how the journey works…I have had many breakthroughs. I feel more guided and assisted than ever before and I cannot begin to put into words what the high vibrational frequencies and attunements feel like for me. Really it feels like unconditional love. I feel I am better able to face the dark aspects of myself with acceptance but this time I have help!

“The idea of a “true self” and a “false” or “shadow” self has long preoccupied psychologists. For example, Carl Jung introduced the notion of the shadow side of our personality. He viewed “the shadow” as our unknown, dark side—made up of the primitive, negative, socially depreciated human emotions such as sexuality, striving for power, selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy, and anger. But although the shadow personifies everything that we fear, and therefore refuse to acknowledge, it remains a part of us. Jung believed that unless we come to terms with our shadow side, we are condemned to become its unwitting victim.

Similarly, Erik Erikson, another famous psychologist, introduced the idea of the identity crisis. Erikson, like Jung, suggests that identity formation has its dark and negative side. There are parts of us that are attractive but disturbing and therefore tend to be submerged. In the process of becoming an adult, we not only internalize what’s viewed as acceptable, we also internalize (be it only subliminally) parental and societal attitudes about undesirable qualities and characteristics. For many of us, these “undesirables” turn into “forbidden fruits”–things we are attracted to. To feel more authentic, we may have to integrate these forbidden fruits into our sense of identity.”**

There is no question that correct application of psychological insight can help sort out the confusion that humans face in our modern world. However in many cases, it is just not that simple.

Experts often come from a mindset of direct cause and effect relationship. What if the cause is not so direct? What if we need to address issues that stem from our past lives and our karmic etheric energetic body?

Do you find that you keep falling into the same disappointments? Or that you keep getting blindsided when you are only trying to do the right thing?

Recurring patterns of mental thinking and emotional responses often extend beyond the ties we can trace to our current life circumstances and situational experiences.

This is where the practice of Soul Psychology can make a difference. Dr. Joshua David Stone authored over 20 in-depth scholarly books on the subject so it is clear that it can be a complex area of study. But it is essential to undertake if we desire to co-create and Ascended Earth.

To make it easier, in our teachings and transmissions we bring forth the higher spiritual energetic frequency attunements to help break up the lower ego energies so that the higher ego (that of the higher self) can begin to be recognized. Humanity by large is not connected to the Higher Self as that connection would result in a state of consciousness that is not influenced by the “submerged” or “negative” ego aspects of who we have become as reincarnated souls.

As a soul who has lived many lifetimes, your soul’s psychology is extremely convoluted and complex. Within the practice of Ascension Mastery, we acknowledge that we are not capable of rectifying all those complexities within our subconscious realm on our own. Even with the help of the best earthly educated experts it can seem very elusive to get past the deeper issues that we bring to this lifetime from our other timelines (moments in time) that have significantly impacted our soul personality.

Dr. Stone himself was a trained therapist prior to his evolution as a soul, and as that therapist he came to accept that the key to unraveling the deceptions that our negative ego can hold us trapped within must come from the higher realms of light, otherwise we can improve but only up to the edges of our third dimensional consciousness.

This is exactly where the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings who understand just what it is like to be in a lower dimensional form of existence assist. They know how to find the proper way to raise ones consciousness above our current conditions because they have already walked that pathway themselves.

The class that we are providing this weekend teaches individuals how to better overcome their Negative Ego traps and pitfalls. We encourage you to join us if you can set aside time to invest in your spiritual growth more deeply. (The class is also being offered as an audio recording for those who are unable to attend live. All those who attend also receive the audio.)


It happens all too often and it is the single most detrimental pitfall facing the Lightworkers of today. The sheer magnitude of how overwhelmingly pervasive our negative ego can be within our thinking and feeling bodies is preventing millions of souls from embracing the energies of Ascension.

The human psyche requires a healthy ego but living in the 21st century brings with it such pervasive access to expectations of grandiosity and excess positivity that creating a healthy ego becomes a precariously balanced act. The lower ego elements are given so many boosts through social media and our modern entertainment industry that most individuals today have at least a moderate to severe amount of magical thinking that occurs in their perceptions of life and how it should/could be.

Failing to live up to those expectations directly leads to loosing the will to even try to keep attaining them, or even loosing the will to live in the extreme.

This is one of the EIGHT QUOTIENTS that is required to be brought into balance if one desires to become Integrated in their pathway of Ascension Mastery. This quotient represents the ability to step out of the Negative Ego by being aware of how it can affect your life. It represents the under the surface feelings of selfishness, isolation, fear, and fragmentation which is often the place in the soul’s psychological self where the dysfunctional Inner Child hides.


As quoted by Dr. Joshua David Stone: “The negative ego is so sly, seductive, tricky, conniving and subtly manipulative that it is unbelievable. It will tell you that it is doing things in the name of the Masters or God when this is complete illusion. It will make up and formulate all kinds of spiritual fantasies or past lives, superior missions, grandiose spiritual leadership or specialness that is complete illusion and the negative ego will tell you that it is channeled information.”

In other words this is where the term “Magical Thinking” occurs. In this attunement / teaching / channeling with the Spiritual and Ascended Masters we bring in the vibration and deeper understandings of self truth and self awareness of what it means to see past our delusional expectations and see our reality for what it is. This creates the foundation to be able to build upon what it truthfully can become.

Join us and learn from the wisdom of these Ascended Spiritual and Ascended Teachers assisting us and bringing forth their attunement energies to personally help each participant:
Lord Melchizedek and Lord Saint Germain; A Discussion with Elohim Council on the Steps to Precipitation; Guest lecturer Master Joshua Stone; Q&A with Lord Saint Germain visiting the Ashram of  Master Vywamus

*Audio recording is typically available after the class but may take up to two business days if editing is required.

**(Excerpted from GetPocket.com. Read the full article here.)

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The Telosian Way of Being – The Importance of this Program ~ Part 1 & 2


We will be sharing some of the transcripts of the amazing series, the Telosian Way of Being, which we held in 2012 with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  This seminar series can be purchased for MP3 download by clicking the above link.

 Part 1

Let’s take a deep breath. We are going to center ourselves so that we all meet in the Mount Shasta with our intent. Just allow your intentions to be your deciding element even if you may not know where it is geographically from your location. Just imagine yourself going to the majestic mountain. We meet at the top of the summit, at the very top of Mount Shasta. We gather together. We are just going to intend that we’re going to move down through the mountain, into the core of the earth and we are going to meet in the garden which is the lowest level of Telos.

Let us just walk around the garden and feel the essences of the flowers and the beauty that is here. Birds singing. You can hear water running, the waterfalls are in the distance.


I am Lord Adama here with the Telosian Council of Light.

Thank you everyone for being here with us in Telos.
I believe that it is going to be a very important program. I have with me here all the Ray Chohans as we gather around you: El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Lord Sananda, Saint Germain, along with all the Lady masters, Mother Mary, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Lady Isis, and Lady Quan Yin as they all join us in this beautiful circle of light. We will show you what the Lemurian Retreat is like. It’s also part of Lemurian Healing House. This is a place where we have teachings where each one of you comes in your sleep state. Right now, let’s center within each other as we all sit with you.

Let’s just take a breath and feel the essence of each of us coming together. As you represent the Team of Light of the Upper Earth, we represent the Telosians here in the Inner Earth and the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have on the outside of us, the Inner-Galactics, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, all the Great Beings of all time and Divine Structures. We are also met by the Angelic Essences.
We have been in council for several days trying to decide what is our best way to fully assist each of the Lightworkers to move more deeper into the processes of their own creation of their Divine Essence..

12:21:2012 is going to be a huge shift and within the shift, it’s going to be very important that every individual understands what they are going through beforehand. So we want to be of greater assistance than we already are. We know that visiting the New Earth Cities is assisting everyone deeply and we’ll continue this after the New Year, in 2013. We may also revisit some of the cities once again but we’ll finish with them first.

This program that we want to bring share with you will assist each of you in finding some unanswered questions on this pathway with us as these changes occur. The Telosian Way of Being and living is allowing these changes to unfold. Then, when something comes to you that needs to be created and you already have made plans, how do you handle yourself, this is our first lesson today.

So if each of you are here, being part of these lessons, and you bring these frequencies unto yourself, just think how powerful it’s going to be for others. If you share what you’re experiencing with another, of how you have made these changes, you will see a direct result occurring. We want each of you to realize that you are not walking into this program, without knowing what you are doing, because each of you have been with us and have accepted this. We would not make the changes unless each of your Higher Self’s has said it was OK. And since you’re already coming with this on the cities, you’re going to be getting an added frequency to assist you in accepting the down-to-earth energies of the 5th Dimensional level.

Some may think that the 5th Dimensional level is so far away that they do not have to worry about that but this is not so. The changes that are going to occur geographically around the world are going to be affecting everyone, and it is important for individuals to realize that you’re making a contribution to assisting the planet in these energies. So I ask of you, if you can share with another or post it on your networks and say how much you have accelerated through this program, you’re going to do a great justice to many lives, many souls because this frequency will blend within each of us and beyond.

So that is the importance of this program. The depth of this program is going to help initiate you on a deeper level that your Higher Self has already deemed it is appropriate. So, I want you to relax. I want you to enjoy yourselves here on these teachings. It is going to be like if you walk through the doorway and came in to the tunnels from Mount Shasta into Telos. We will guide you into these teachings. I am unable to come to you physically but this is the next best thing that each of us want to do for each of you.

Part 2

So let us arise, and hold hands for a moment. As each of us hold hands within each other, within masters within initiates, within students within teachers, within teachers within students as each of you is teaching each of us at the same time. Let us make a pact within each other that in these moments we shall never loose our sight of our Oneness and what we are trying to achieve in these moments.

I ask of you to blend in within your Hearts and allow this light ~ this frequency to come to you in this moment. As you’re being blessed, by being here with us in Telos as many other Telosians are now joining us. You’re known very well among the community even though you may not realize this. Each of us loves you deeply just as much as you love us and would like to be with us. This is because of what we are doing presently ~ we’re joining hands-within-hands to allow this to occur. So our hearts are open unto each other. Let’s take a moment and feel this energy with each other. As we bring in many different levels of society, many different levels of frequency of inner-Planetary, of the Solar, the Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, the Inner Earth as we come together as One Being of light.


Please follow me. We’re now going to leave the garden, walk down the garden pathway. You’re seeing vines along your right-side, as we walk into a grove of palm trees they represent the essence of tropical energy. Then we’re going to walk through this beautiful garden and see many more flowers; you will see streams running down each side as we walk down this windy pathway ~ just for a few steps. Then we walk down a set of stone steps into the Lemurian Retreat House. To the right side of the Retreat House stands the Lemurian Healing House. Some of you may have visited here to travel in your sleep state to receive healing.

This is our meeting place, gathering place, and retreat place. We also have cabins where people do come and they stay here. They leave their residences here in Telos or other cities to experience the essence. Now you’re going to feel as the air opens up, it’s going to be changing from a more tropical energy which is intertwined, to more of the Mount Shasta energies, of the frequency of the pine trees and lots of groves of bushes and it is beautiful. The sky is high and you’ll see Hawks and Eagles flying above along with many Ravens and Crows. There are many types of birds that are flying around as we now walk into the entranceway.

The Retreat house is an octagonal type of building, there are steps all the way down from the land which means individuals from the Retreat House can go up the steps and sit and you’ll see there are benches and there are areas to sit while enjoying the flowers and the land. We have many beautiful relics that represent the spiritual hierarchy of Lord Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin and angels. It absolutely represents all creation right here. We have created this here because we wanted to remember the Earth energies and the Spiritual Hierarchy, because we are all part of that essence.

As we walk down the steps into the doorways of the retreat (the doorways are like French doorways that go all the way around), we now are going to step into the retreat house. When we first walk in, you’ll see that you’re at a higher level, like a balcony and you look down, there is a railing which is where our conference room is where we will meet for each class. You can return here at anytime to work on any part of yourself. Please ask us to assist you. We can take you to the Lemurian Healing House and we can also take you to the cabin area for you to rest for a while and to rejuvenate yourselves.

As we come down, you will see there is a winding staircase which is going to take us to the left in a spiraling motion all the way down to the bottom. There are three levels. There is a second level where we meet for ceremonies when individuals are going through healing processes, we may go in there sometimes on some of the weeks. Then we go all the way down to the bottom to the first level where there is a lobby entrance.

Within this entrance there is greenery with water that runs in the middle representing an atrium that goes from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor. You’ll see that there are doorways that are going to opened up into the hallway area. We are actually underneath the earth right at this point. We are going deeper than we were at the first level of Telos. This helps us just to feel the essence of Gaia, with the frequency as we walk into the room.

It is a very large room. There are many areas of rooms around the main entrance hall in a circular fashion but we walk into this huge room which is about 200-300 feet in width. This huge room has many banners which have many different colors which represent the different rays of God which represent the frequency of the Light. We walk into the area which looks like a living room setup. We don’t believe that everyone should be sitting in a hardback chair. We want everybody to be comfortable. So all around the room are chairs, couches, cushions, or you can sit on the floor if you want. Just feel the essences of these energies.

In the middle of the room is sunken floor which is where our speakers will present their teachings so that everyone is up a level above the presentation area. Here we have our ability to transmit to you frequencies of Light. We are going to be accessing different areas from this room that will take us into Corridors of Light to assist in the process of activating these energies.

We are giving to you, through these classes, an ability to walk into the retreat house and really experience what you would experience if you were coming on a physical journey for a retreat into Telos. We also may be meeting other individuals from other cities that may join us and their energies are going to be combining with each of us.

So, as I step down, each of you should find yourself a seat in our beautiful living room area. You see candles all over the place. We believe in the candles. There are many colors of the frequency of banners. Allow yourself to just sit for a moment and we are going to just receive the healing energy in this room.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))


Welcome, Welcome to the Lemurian Retreat house. This is our initiation to open your energies up for you to feel as if you are in a fully trustworthy place where others are experiencing the same as you. We want to take your soul on a journey which is going to represent the totality that you are and to allow that to unfold within your physical body. Each of you is a part of these vibrations on a weekly basis. Each of you comes to the temple. You receive frequencies of Light from the Divine Mother & Father God. What we want for this program is to put those elements into practice, and not just an attunement that you receive and now are healed. That may be true but sometimes it is not true.

We want each of you to feel the completeness that is you, because this is what we need to assist in this time of great change. The time of great change is going to be bringing essences of elements you’ve been thinking about, that you want to accept in your life style. We know it is a transition that you can come here and you could feel these essences, these beautiful energies and to incorporate within yourself, to fully open up your heart and that’s what we are going to do this evening. We’re going to give you an attunement to help you open up your heart, to fully be able to see within yourself what it is you’ve been missing in the totality of your essence. This is the same initiation that we will give to you if you come into Telos physically. These are the parts of the same initiations that we have given to each of you, as souls, when you travel in your sleep states. Of course, it is not always remembered. And that is because there are elements within you that don’t allow you to remember or you are not ready to fully receive it.

During this next three-month period, we’re going to work with you individually and collectively. Your Soul has opened up a doorway for you to access these energies. Whether you feel that you’re Lemurian, Atlantean or whether you feel that you were here at that time. So each of us has parts of ourselves that need to fully feel the recognition that We Are. This is our goal to allow you to recognize the essence that you are and then to work through it in your physical world. Others need to see how you are; others need to see how you don’t react, or how you stay in the full completeness within your being. So yes, you’ll go through a great transformation through this process, depending on where you are and what you need to work on. But the most explicit part that you will receive, is allowing your Heart to be in a deepness of your Soul within your body as we walk through a stage of completion, allowing your I Am Presence to fully be your guide. We are not saying that you don’t allow this presently, but your mental thoughts and your emotional feelings get in the way of this process. So this will be a connection for each of us.

When we cannot meet due to the other elements happening like a Full Moon Ceremony, in the retreat we will continue the following week. I have asked Melereissee and Mike to share a list of the elements that we are going to be working with and the names of the masters that are going to be coming forth. This will be brought through later this evening and shared with each of you through the internet so that you can get an idea of what you are going to be working with. It will be important to recognize if you have issues in this area to put them down on a paper and get them out of your mind. Be prepared when you walk through, that you’re going to change through these processes. As always, it may not always be a first time event; so it will be important for you to listen to the recording each time thereafter.

We’re very happy that each of you is on this call with each of us, and we are happy to extend this energy through the New Earth Consciousness Circle Of Light because it truly is a Circle of Light.

Channeled by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2013  Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page.

Learn to Command Your Light

Are You a Lightworker? Do You Command Your Light Waves?

The Science of Ascension Teachings are explicit about what each of us must do to best accelerate ourselves on the path of Ascension.  It is not just a question of thinking you are there and being in a state of loved out bliss.  To Master Light you actually need to Work With Light. This is what the Ascended Masters knew. The Rays of God are the SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT that will transform you the most.  It is why you are called “Lightworker”!

We invite you to come learn about each of the 22-Rays of God explicitly – at your leisure and on your own time.  It is now possible through our new email seminar series.  But don’t wait – 12/21/12 is just 90 days away – and our seminar is not just about reading up on the Rays.  We are giving you 22 powerful Audio Attunements and Decrees that will energetically attune you to the color of each Ray.  But we can’t do that to you all at once — we think doing 2 Rays a week will be quite enough!  And that means this email seminar series will take you 12 weeks to complete — just in time for the 12/21/12 shift!

Doing this will prepare you immensely for the gateway of the 12/21/12 so that you can fully take advantage of all the light encodements that humanity will be receiving.  Yes, we are biased but we say: Get Started Today (that is…. by 9/21/12 if you can – but it will still work after that date – because it is all in Divine Timing to give you the full acceleration you need.)

Click to learn more and read a great channeled message from The 24 Elders That Surround The Throne Of Grace – because they are the over-lighting force of the Rays of God for us…

Many Blessings in Oneness,
Mel and Mike

Video: Sanat Kumara Speaks About Our Acceptance of The Venutian Rays of God

More information on what the Holy Kumaras are teaching and a channeled message from Sanat for us:


Note that starting this week we are going to be having SOME SPECIAL MASTERY CLASS SEMINARS:The Kumaric Seven Rays of God with Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras

  • Thursday July 12 at 11:30 AM PDT – A SPECIAL MASTERY CLASS WITH SANAT KUMARA This call will bring an attunement and an introduction to a our very timely 6-month Seminar Series where the Seven Holy Kumaras will guide us through the Venutian School of the First Seven Rays. prior to the 12-12-12.  Not to be missed!
  • Thursday July 26th at 11:30 AM PDT ~ “G.R.A.C.E” – ACCESSING YOUR ANGELIC SELF WITH ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.  This class will attune you to your Angelic Presence in a way that has never before been able to be accessed upon Gaia. Click here to sign up.