With the 12:12 Gate Portal of Light entering Earth’s field, we join with the Intergalactic Federation of Light in a special meditation journey with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda to etherically board one of the fleets large communication lightships to feel the energies of this portal directly. A very magical experience to embrace the Divine Will and the Divine Love of the 12:12 energies. (Divine Light Languagesm encoding and Ascension Mastery Wisdomsm messages transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriesee Hayden.)


These messages are designed to assist the listener and GAIA deeply. If you are interested in more audio attunement meditation journeys please see our LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE page where you can also find information on joining the live gatherings for free.

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Lord Ashtar-Ashtar Command

Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.


~ Please Share These Free Teachings in Service to All ~ __________________________

October 10, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – BE THE STAR ~ The Galactic Federation of Light with Lords Ashtar and Sananda bring forth an energy frequency to assist with creating a higher vibration in the Root chakra of Mother Earth (GAIA) to cleanse the debris and raise the frequency. As humans, we are the first root race of the planetary consciousness, so we first must anchor these frequencies using our awakened consciousness in our own physical vehicles so that they can be effective in anchoring within GAIA. The Divine Light Language Transmission from Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar (via Rev. Christine Meleriesse and grounded by Rev. Ara) activates the higher octave within us. The energy is then targeted to be geographically at Mount Shasta in the northwest of the United States. The Whales and Dolphins also assist in the transference of energies.

If you are interested in downloading this or prior messages, please see our Ashtar Messages page linked here.


About these messages: 

On December 31st, 2014 the Spiritual Hierarchy gifted Mother Earth’s atmosphere with the 4th Ray of God in the elements of Harmony and Balance through the Crystalline Ray’s Frequency. We gather together to blend in the Crystalline Ray with Lord Ashtar, the WHALES and the DOLPHINS to assist anchoring the new energies within GAIA as these frequencies of the Cosmic level are now being gifted to be grounded into GAIA. This brings the trinity of grounding upon the lands through us, in the waters through our marine mammal brothers and sisters, and in the sky’s using the Galactic Federation of Light. The Whales and Dolphins are on earth as representatives of the Christed Intergalactic frequencies. Please assist by your active participation in these energies. (for more detail on the new earth grounding see /full-moon-2/full-moon-jan-2015/ )

2014 was the year of Grounding Unity where all soul’s desiring the creation of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth work diligently to bring the Higher Christed Energies down into the body through the Rays of God within the chakra system and consciously grounded into the planet. 2015 now brings the opportunity to EXPAND what has been grounded. Our first step is to use the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance to insure we our expanding the highest elements of our higher octave frequency grounding.

It is also at this time that those who oppose the grounding of the Higher Frequencies of Light are working extra hard to make sure they keep the global energy at a lower vibration. Weather modification (HARRP) technology is one of the more advanced methods being used to cause fear and disharmony.

To Assist the Earth Energies in the most powerful way possible, we will be experiencing Divine Light Language Coding teachings from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda as they join with us to effect vibrational changes. These group light gatherings will once occur every month on the second Saturday of the month to clear the planet of lower frequencies and raise the collective vibration.

To join us live during these important events:

WHEN: Second Saturday of the Month 10:00 AM Pacific time / 1:00 PM Eastern
WHERE: From Your Location anywhere on Earth via SKYPE or phone

Responsibility of Self Mastery ~ Lord Adama

garden-webBlessings Dearest Ones,

I speak to you from the Telosian Command Center with the Telosian Council of Light. I am Lord Adama with a special message of love to each of you.

At this time within the upper Earth, there are great changes happening with each individual person. Individuals are being challenged by the simplest tasks within their world and truly do not know how to change them. Their concrete minds (of the physical self) are trying to control the process of their lives.

I share this information which I know is not new to you because each of you as awakened beings of Light have a role within yourself to help humanity. It is truly within your own process of understanding. The more that you are able to envision within yourself of what you desire, the more that others will also do the same.

You see, you have a very important role upon this planet. It is one that is teaching you that you have a commitment not only to yourself but to others to be strong, loving, compassionate, and desiring to hold that essence within you. it is about Responsibility of the Self.

As you move through your day, you intend to allow elements to be put into place that will assist you to experience the beautiful moments you desire to be expressed in your life. So is everyone else.

But I tell you this, the month of October has taken every individual person on a journey of the self; some are very concerned with what they are experiencing as it is not of the old way of being. You and I know that this is so very true. Nothing stays the same especially within these times of acceleration.

The difference between you and them is that you know this. You have lived it and work through it every day in your thoughts and emotions. You are learning how to process elements differently in your world.

If you are not doing so, then there is no time like the NOW for self reflection. This then turns into Self Responsibility.

Think about it ~ if we don’t take care of ourselves, then what is going to happen within this Earth? We won’t achieve the New Earth even in consciousness. It will be a dream that is not fully realized.

The potential that you have within you each moment is beyond the capacity of your physical self. Each of you all know that you are more than the physical body; you work hard within your meditations to change the thoughts and emotions that plague you every day. As you make the necessary changes within yourself, you are helping GAIA to receive them. This then in turn is gifted to all human beings upon the planet.

The work that you are doing is not going un-noticed. Others are being affected each moment with a positive and loving thought. It filters through the air waves and allows someone else to receive your Divine Moment of Beauty, Joy, Expansion within your heart, and the full existence that you are embracing. It is such a beautiful element when each person upon the planet allows their Divine Essence to enfold within them. It helps to change the thoughts, the emotions, and all the unsettling moments that occur within the Earth.

Many love to connect with the Angels. What happens when you feel their essence coming down into your heart? It helps to expand your heart and heal the wounds within.

This is so very true of each of you. You are the Human Angels and it is your responsibility to take what love you are embodying within you and share it outwards into the essence of the world. You don’t have to talk about it, all you have to do is let it expand out of you with your breath. Send it into the core of GAIA or to a particular place or person so that they can receive the purity of light that you are allowing to be within you.

Don’t hold your expressive essence within you. It is part of your pathway within Mastery to share it with others. Some individuals are not there yet; they can not express this joy or love within them due to their timelines, or their pain as that is all they can focus upon.

It is time within yourself to take the breath of light that you are and then just allow it to spin outside of your field into the world around you. Believe me, it will be received. Maybe not within the physical consciousness, but truly in the Higher Consciousness which will help that person to eventually receive it.

We, in Telos, work with each of you for the same reasons. We cannot let you ponder what you should be doing as mistakes can be made. We want to show you how we have done it. We truly are not any different than any of you.

It is our Responsibility as Divine Beings to show others how we have achieved our enrichment of life. Take a moment and share your essence of love and light unto the world you live in. It is part of your mastery pathway to do so.

This is one way in which we are going to bring the New Earth into full consciousness and planetary reality. Small steps to create our Divine Wisdom to be fully manifest.

In Light and Love, I expand my essence unto each of you in this moment.
I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee
October 31, 2014

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Art of Self Responsibility ~ Lord Adama’s Discourse

heartrainbowGreetings it is my pleasure to be here with you again.  I am Lord Adama with the Telosian Council.

Hello, Hello; Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

I want to start this evening with a little prayer.  I ask everyone to take a deep breath as each of the Telosian’s are also connecting at this time.  As we become one, we connect our energies; were just going to turn up the switch a little bit on the OM Wave Crystal.  As it comes up through Meleriessee and Mike’s sacred space, we are going to send it out to each of you through Meleriessee and Mike’s energies and also Rochelle that is sitting here.  Just very softly you may feel a little bit of a hum going through you; just tune into that feeling it in all parts of yourself to tune your energies to a little bit higher octave presently.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

We come together to meet as One with the Telosian Community with the Upper Earth through Walking Terra Christa, Mel and Mike with Rochelle as their guest.  As each of us expands our energies unto each of you, we breathe deeply for you to feel our love, our joy, our community of Spirit of Oneness as we connect deeply with one another through our heart essences.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

There that feels as if there is more connectiveness.  So this evening I want to share about several elements representing the energies of 2014 as we are now through three quarters of January.

I think each of you have gotten an idea of what is happening for you personally in your own pathway. I ask everyone in this moment just to take a deep breath and put forward any intentions so that I can receive them.  This is our circle together; it is just not me speaking and for each of you listening.  I want it to be more than that as if we are all gathered together in Telos which we will do so in a little while.

I know each of you love Telos and love me but what I want to feel is what you are going through presently which is the good and the bad of it all.  The first element I want to talk about is vulnerability.  If we understand that the process of Mastery represents the ability to be vulnerable in all moments and allow for that free flowing form of energy that is part of your spirit, that is part of your soul, to fully be blended within you, it is when we fall back into the old constructs that don’t allow us to accept the higher essence to fully be part of us.

So vulnerability is an important stage.  It is also probably the most difficult to acquire because it can create a lot of fear.  In the understanding of what 2014 is going to represent, I am going to jump around the circle here and bring forth some different aspects because they are all going to represent the ability to be Responsible for Ourselves.

When I say those words, it is not about your physical existence or your finances.  It is about taking care of yourself on the earthly plane.  It represents your spiritually of allowing your higher essence to be fully within you and to accept what changes are going to occur for you in that pathway. We all know it is not easy but it is an essential component in order to raise our frequency that we desire.  This is very, very important and I know each of you are working diligently within your own understanding of what that may mean for you.

So I am going to ask you to take a moment with a breath and allow yourself to just experience the vibrations that are coming through in this session and not think about anything at all, not worrying, not concerned, and not concentrating on what you have done today, what you are not doing, or what you are going through.

Think of yourself as a complete open vessel and allowing the higher energies to come into your vessel as you need to propel it forward into the pathway.  Because what happens to each of us is that we forget sometimes as we get so caught up in tasks that need to be done, in issues that need to be addressed, in trying to eat properly and be part of a community with others.  It is a lot to really concentrate on so in these moments of our gathering, I want each of you to just be free of anything constraints that you are.  The only element that is important in this moment is the ability to assist you and catapult you into a new level of your existence.

It is very important that we do this because within the construct that is happening on the Upper Earth, we have a tendency to be bombarded with thoughts, information from many different levels, and it is important to take a moment to reflect within yourself on what it is you are experiencing.

In this moment what do you feel?

Are you allowing the energetic exchange to come to you?

Do you feel the essence of the OM wave?

Do you feel the stillness of your Heart beating and your breath in and out allowing the flow of energy to be you in this moment?

This is the first step of Self Responsibility.

2014 is going to take us into another level of experience as each of you probably already realizing in your own personal experiences.  How do we continue on this pathway when there are so many challenges that occur so that the Divinity of your Light cannot be assessed?  This is because of so many variables being shot at each of you through your mental thoughts, through your emotions, through your timelines, and through everything that you are experiencing?

As you are becoming multi-dimensional, all those variables come into play; but it is important for you to really allow the energies to flow within you.  We know that the energies represent grounding for this year as Unity.  It doesn’t mean that you have to grasp the Ball of Oneness all at once. Because you desire it so deeply that you want it so much, you want to feel your connection.  What happens in that process of reaching out too much and not allowing yourself to regenerate within your own essences is the flow gets lost?

The synchronization will not occur because there will be too many obstacles in the way; the energetic exchanges will allow you to flow so then what happens.  It is like a snowball and that snowball just builds up and builds up with everything that you are doing and then all of sudden it burst opens and the energetic exchanges of the phases of the moon, the sun, the fires, and the eclipses that will be coming up create the changes that will put this planet into more of an accelerated phase are going to catapult you into a new existence.  You may not be ready to experience more of the intensified energies that will be coming forward.

I take this day to really stress to each of you what is it that you need to express within yourself.  Taking a few moments of No-Time when you are not going anywhere as we are all connecting with each other, you are feeling the vibrational energies and hearing the words.  I want you to just allow them to flow within you. It is when you allow that flow to happen that you are fully integrated, that you are allowing your higher essences to be within you, you are allowing your physical and mental bodies to relax and you have nothing to worry about except to feel this beautiful essence that you are.

This is essential.  Having a daily meditation is important, but having moments of this is very more important to stop and reflect and to be one with the Frequency of Light that is occurring presently.  It is when we stop and allow our Self to feel everything else that is going around us that we become one with it that we start to realize all the variables that are coming at us from many thought forms and energy exchanges that are happening in every part of the globe and within the Earth in which each of us resonates with vibrationally. Sometimes those vibrations can be very uneasy, because they will not align fully with whom you are.  So I go back to the statement of vulnerability.  This is the space where you allow yourself to be totality to whatever is coming to you in the universe and whatever you are sending out.

Allowing yourself to feel the in-and-the-out breath, to be in that space of continuum of Light in this moment. This is an important phase because without allowing ourselves to fully be vulnerable of all the energies that are around us, then we cannot understand what we are truly going through. It is everything else that puts these obstacles in front of us, because you are your best teacher whether you know it or not, you and your Higher Self and I AM Presence. When you stop and allow the pulsation of Light to come fully within you and be you, it becomes you; you are that essence that is pure vulnerability.  That’s the ability to become completely open to whatever energies, whatever circumstances are happening to you in that moment. And the reason that you can allow this to happen is the fact that you put yourself in a sacred space as we are doing now.  Allow whatever frequencies or energies that are coming to you allow yourself to feel the flow.  There is no mind control, there is no obsession to anything outside of yourself there is just allowing that flow to be within because in order for us to become the integrated being that you are trying to be of the higher essences trying to be more of your physical essence you have to allow moments like this to occur because everything else will get in the way.

It will totally stop you from having that purity and simple-ness that is part of your essences; it is not something from the Earth plane, it is not a timeline, it is not a previous lifetime, it is not karma, it is not any of those.  It is allowing those moments of stillness that you are a part of everything else in the multi-universes to feel that connection allows us to fully be at One. This is the raw beginning when you start to understand that this is the process that you need to be in to accept more to come to you.  Then you will be able to go about what is necessary.

I suggest that you take time like this on a weekly basis whether it is with others and you connect just as we are connecting whether you do it by yourself and allow that flow of energy to be within you. Because what happens is we become One within ourselves and One outside of our Self.

It allows the higher mind to really flow within you, and the higher heart to be part of you. There are no circumstances that stop the process; there no any other forms of thoughts and why’s and wherefores of how it is going to be done. It is just that moment that we all deserve to express.  We are all within this physical existence together even though I am within the Inner Earth, I am alive.  I feel all that you feel and you feel the same from others.  What happens in this process is that all the other elements that build upon whom you become get in the way. So we have to get out of the way, we have to fully step out of ourselves to allow it to flow within.  Otherwise, we are just looking at the outside circumstances or the inner circumstances and we don’t allow the flow of Oneness to be within our conditioning process.

This is the first step of having responsibility for ourselves.  Isn’t this what we all desire? Every one of you.  Isn’t that what you want? To feel better about yourself, to accept more elements within yourself, and to feel that Oneness. We have to start individually because it is not going to happen upon the Earth.  This year is going to prove to each of us that we have the power to do more with whom we are by allowing the accessibility of the higher frequency of Light to be fully grounded within us.  But we can’t ground those energies just by saying “Oh, I am going to ground these energies and they’re going to be fully within me”. That is the lower mind or “I feel very emotional today and I need to help heal the Earth”. That is using your lower heart; allow the flow to be within you.

It is a very important process that we are stepping into because of each of the cycles that will be occurring this year will take us deeper into our multi-dimensional selves.  This means those aspects that we desire to receive are going to come within us, but you can’t go to planet Arcturus and go find it, it has to come to you when you are ready depending on where your timelines were that are being ignited through the process.

Most of you are purging old elements; your body is trying to accept these energies that are Crystalline. They are Crystalline because we are moving into that higher frequency on the planet and within that it causes a lot of pain and frustration.  So the essence of your energy is going to try to push it in a completely different direction. You don’t intend for that to happen but with the process of your mind and trying to understand and figure out elements that are occurring within in your life, challenges you greatly.. You are pushing that synchronicity from coming into you, because you are coming from the programming of your physical self.

Believe me, each of you have been programmed quite deeply upon the Upper Earth.  It is why you are here now to stop that programming, to make the necessary changes, and open up new doorways for you to walk through.

I embrace each of you deeply because you have the courage to do so. You may not feel like you have great courage and strength, but believe me to step into this process, to step into this awareness, this pathway of mastery, it allows you to go deeper within yourself. So you are finding many trials, many tests that you are coming encountering, but they are only being given to you to become better.  So if you take moments like this and allow the energy to flow within you, those tests and trials will seem like nothing.  You won’t have a opinion about it, you won’t push it away because you are afraid or you are not sure, you will have the courage to step into it with the flow of Light that you are.

This is what is occurring presently of allowing yourself to be completely open, and allowing your whole body to receive what it needs.  It is not by questing what it needs, just allowing the flow of the universe to come to you.  So I want each of you to experience.

We are going to take a little journey and go into Telos so you can really feel the beautiful essence that you are and expand that deeply as those energies start to flow within you. I want you to feel the pleasure of your Light.  I want you to expand within that, because that is just going to assist you on a much deeper level than if I sit here and tell you exactly what needs to be changed. I could do this, but tonight I want you to really reflect within yourself what needs to be changed.  I want you to feel it not by saying, “I can’t contact my Higher Self, I can’t do that, I’m not there yet.”

I want you to feel the flow of energy so that you can experience so that it is more evolving for you.  This will help you fully step into the next part of your power because this is where Self Responsibility lies.  It is the foundation of allowing the higher essences to fully come within you without assessing these moments of “no time” you cannot do it, because the accelerated phase of the frequency of Light that is happening within the planet is beyond the concept of your physical mind.

You cannot figure it out because it whizzes by you so quickly that you missed it, it is like if you are an unawakened person and you had no clue that there is more to life than what you are experiencing as you are missing so much.  So we take you into these aspects of learning what is your responsibility.  It is not responsibility to others at this point, it is the responsibility to your own self-awareness, your own self-healing, your own self-growing, because this is truly what is happening to you.  You are expanding out of the physical existence into the higher existence that you are and those aspects are just waiting to be with you.

Blessings in Love and Joy,

I AM Lord Adama,

Your Brother in Telos

Lord Adama’s Discourse is a monthly meeting; the recording of this class includes a visualization in Telos which is available for purchase on our site, /classes/lord-adama/.

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9/11 and You – Remembering the Frequency

9-11 frequency

9/11 as a World Event

While the events of 9/11 (the September 11, 2001 tragedy in New York City) happened within the United States, the reverberations of it extended far beyond there into every corner of the globe.

It was a singular moment in history that affected every soul. As Princeton’s  Global Consciousness Project strongly demonstrated, the events of 9/11 awoke a consensus of the heart to such a degree that it’s computer network systems monitoring global coherence spiked in marked manner as the events of that day unfolded.

Many of us watch movies and attended group events that arise great emotion within us, yet we also have a mental tendency to refuse to believe we are directly connected to the energies and feelings of other soul’s around us unless we are in a personal physical relationship. And yet, we continue to experience events such as 9/11 on a very deep personal level.

I believe it is time that we awaken to the truth that we are entering an epoch of creation where we accept that we are one. One race of humanity that shares its very heart and soul essence with each other.

The Responsibility of the One

Acknowledging that we are so deeply connected would mean to acknowledge that we are also deeply responsible, not only for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, but that we are, through each element of our own consciousness, also significantly impacting the rest of the collective soul’s around us. Not just those near in proximity but those everywhere. This is a heavy responsibility and one that we don’t readily desire to take on. It seems so much easier to pretend we are separate.

But is does not have to be so heavy a challenge. After all, we encounter many examples in our lives of aspects of nature that are very easily existing within that oneness. We have learned, as Tom Shadyac so brilliantly noted in his documentary I AM, that we have been falsely lead down the wrong path by believing natures ‘true nature’ is that of competition. The truth is that it is very much rooted in cooperation, sharing and an intrinsic knowing that all life  is interdependently connected.

The Twelfth Year

When we look back to the events of 9/11, events that happened 12 years ago, we also have to look at our responsibility in how and why we remember that day.

Healing, in any modality of practice be it physical, psychological or spiritual, requires that the element or aspect requiring the healing be transformed from the initial shock and disruption of the traumas harm into a state or condition of not only acceptance, but the deeper level of balance and full restoration of health.

This takes time and effort and careful monitoring during the healing phase as disruption of the wound, either by more physical trauma to a physical wound, or by re-exposing a psychological wound to the elements of distress that caused the original imbalance.

For an event such as 9/11 we have to ask ourselves what is healed and what are we doing now to contribute to that healed state of being.

The significance of the number 12 esoterically signifies the element and condition of completeness. It is the twelve signs of the zodiac, the 12 months, the 12 hours of the clock for AM and PM. It is the year of coming of age in many indigenous cultures. It is the number of years of basic formal schooling. In short, completion of the 12 year cycle means you have reached the completion of the event.

Moving Forward

If your goal is to move forward to graduation, would you want to repeat a grade in school? Go back and redo a month in a year? Even if you could, in most cases of growth and moving forward you would not. And yet, in remembering events of tragedy and turmoil, we often place our consciousness right back within the energies of the event.

And this is exactly what we should not be doing if we want to move ahead.

Global Peace. Global Cohesiveness. Global Togetherness. Global Love. True Unity.

These are the goals of a healed planet.

Remembering those individuals who have fallen in times past must be done with the highest degree of integrity to their memory and also to those who are doing the remembering. Otherwise we simply reopen the wounds of the past.

Everything is Frequency

It is no longer enough to say that everything is energy. For there are many layers of subtleties to energy and our task as evolving humans is to understand that we must be more sensitive and discriminating than ever before in our history.

We have learned from quantum physicist that the subtler the energy, the more powerful it is. Beware the subtleties of the well intentioned but unaware consciousness that will manipulate your remembrances into recreating the actual feelings, emotions and thoughts of grief, sorrow, horror, separation. Beware the subtle energy of hate and division that maybe laying beneath the facade of your remembrance.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness

Though many have not been aware of it in their human consciousness, we have been very fortunate to have a place for all souls to heal, those souls no longer in the physical as well as all soul’s still inhabiting a body. This place was started because of the events of 9/11 and it was specifically created to be a place where healing would take place within the Frequency of Oneness. Which means there are no mixed messages or pathways or well-intentioned but misguided thoughts, feelings, emotions of actions that can end up doing more harm than good.

Inside the Temple, it is impossible to be anything other than fully participating in the purity of the Oneness of Creation as it is over-lighted by the Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother and Father God.

In terms of purity and wholeness, this is the proper venue to remember how to remember. Being invited to be part of the energies of the Temple is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon any soul requiring healing.

On this, the 12th anniversary of the events of 9/11, we ask you to request and invite for yourself and all other souls. Ask this event to finally and fully be placed into Oneness.

For those interested in an active participation in these frequencies we at Walking Terra Christa hold a special group tele-call on Wednesday 9/11, 2013 to commemorate the creation of the Clarion Temple (originally called the Clarion Temple of 9/11) and the healing of all souls.

To listen to the MP3 audio recording simply join our newsletter list, confirm your subscription and then receive the file via email. We’d love to have you be part of this work directly with us.

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Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as A Divine Being ~ Part 3 ~ Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Telosian Way of Being

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week course that is available for MP3 download.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shared some very powerful tools with the Spiritual Hierarchy assisting during this seminar.  The parts of the classes that include attunements can only be accessed via the MP3 files which can be purchased via, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


Allow the essences we’re bringing forth right now just to flow within you.  Part of these essences is to take what you need and leave what you do not because in this present moment you may not need all that is coming in this room.  That is why we are trying to bring into you waves and waves of light so that when the waves pass through you, you embrace what you need but the intensity of it you may not be ready to accept.  It’s important as we look around the room we see these waves of light flowing within each other allowing the essences.  Now each of our own essences make this happen as we are within this group consciousness right now we bring forth whatever is needed within each of us including myself and Lady Galacticia, all the Ray Chohans and all the energies that are within this room.  Feel this essence just flowing within you.  We’re now going to bring the flame down in the middle of the presentation area, or staging area, so it’s now going to go down.  The mandalas are just going to move very slowly just to keep the energy moving.  We now want you to feel, “what does it feel like now that the flame has been brought down?” Are you feeling energies within your physical body?  Do you feel the intensity or are you little bit light-headed.  Take a moment and open your eyes and feel what it’s like to be in your present awareness and then close your eyes back again and feel the difference.  Feel the difference of your acceptance.  This is what we want you to fully comprehend within your consciousness so that you can change as your full Divinity is allowing it to be part of the physical creation that you are.  Take a deep breath and allow these essences to be fully within and ground them through your hips and your lower limbs.  Allow that energy; push your energy all the way down.  Feel yourself sinking into the cushions of where you’re sitting, allowing that essence as we now ground the frequency.  We ground it deeply.

I, as Lord Adama, am now going to step aside as we bring forth our guest speaker this evening.


I am Saint Germain.  I thank you.  I’m going to be short tonight because there is someone else we would like to speak to you.

I want each of you now to feel these essences that you’re incorporating.  I speak as the Mahachohan tonight, not just as the Chohan of the Violet Ray of the Transmutation.  I want you to acknowledge yourself in all the different elements that are occurring within you.

As you allow your divinity to be your guide, what does that mean in your mental consciousness of your physical reality?  Sometimes that’s kind of hard.  It’s an aspect that’s like, “Well, He’s a priest and He’s standing at the top of the pulpit and I can see how His Divinity is coming through Him but how do I bring it forth in my physical body; what does Divinity mean to me?  So let me help you with that a little bit.  I want to explain as you allow these processes to occur within you.  This is accepting your Divinity because with each wavelength of energy that you’re bringing forth in your physical creation, you’re opening up the windows of your soul.  The windows of your soul – meaning the aspects of your I Am Presence, the aspects of the 144th Dimension which represents the beginning-ness.

You’re allowing sparks of light from your beginning energies to flow within you.  This is not an easy process because if you’re closed, you keep that window closed and you’re not going to feel those aspects of Divinity.  This is where the Science of Soul Psychology separates the science of pure psychology because of pure psychology dealing only with the physical mind and those parts of our self.  In the Soul Psychology, we’re working with the aspects of the soul that have gone through the creative processes of many timelines and that soul can hold onto these emotional and mental blockages because of the interactions on a planetary level.  Now that could have happened on an inner planetary level, a galactic level, in other life forms also so they are manifested within our soul.  So this is a very interesting concept because once we allow our soul to open up those windows, to allow the light to come in, then it’s like flooding of the gates, the waters are flowing.  The energies come in and sometimes it does not feel very good.

So are you accessing your divinity at that point?  No, you’re not.  That is not your divinity.  That is going through the timelines of trying to remember it so that you can release it.  But you’re no longer in that process.  Luckily due to the changes upon the earth, the frequencies of light are going to be changing, so I want each of you to take a deep breath.  Let’s say to your soul, “You no longer have to remember everything that occurred with you.  It’s not a necessary part.”  The more that you try to remember, the more the flowing energy will cease from coming within you.  This is a very important aspect because it’s like putting up a dam, the beaver has made a dam and those energies cannot come fully within you.  So this is a very important element for you to remember.  Flow with what you are going through.  This is your divinity.  Fluidity is allowing the divinity of the aspects of your I Am Presence, which is God’s essence that we all are part of, to come fully within you.  It is your divine right to do so.  So that is your divinity, allowing that fluidness to come fully within.

So we bring to you the first Seven Rays. The Ray Chohan will assist you with this in different facets.  This is a very important aspect to remember because as a master you must be able to command each of the Seven Rays of God and now they must go further as we move into the higher realms.  We are now working through the 22 Rays of God which become the 22 chakras.

So this is your divinity.  You are already accessing your divinity.  What we want you to realize is as you accept that part of you, it does take responsibility within yourself; because if you keep blaming others for what elements are happening to you, you fully cannot actualize the process of continuance that is going on~ I know we have gone over this many times, over and over, and not just by myself but many teachers and beings that, “We create our own destiny.  We are the makers, we are the movers,” so we must take responsibility.  Tonight that responsibility is not about those aspects; tonight that responsibility is about accessing your I Am Presence, of going beyond your Higher Self.

Let’s have a scenario.  Your Higher Self is already activated within you.  You have reached that initiation level where he or she is fully activated and now you’re working through the processes of allowing the I Am Presence to fully come within you.  Are you ready for this?  Yes.  Is each of you acquiring it?  No, but you are going through the process to do so.  And that is the most beautiful acceptance of your responsibility.  You’re becoming a responsible human and not only a responsible human but you’re a very responsible initiate.  You’re becoming the ascended master to allow those frequencies of light to come forth within you, so then you can share it with others but first you must take care of yourself.  This is a very important aspect that we must remember.

So let us just take deep breath.  So each of you have now reached the stage of an acceptance.  You have an I AM Presence, you probably have called upon him or her, you have also accessed that energy for yourself and how often does that energy occur for you?  This is a very important aspect to remember.  We must acknowledge the I AM Presence continually, because this is the over lighting essence of your divinity.  Your Divine Essence comes from that source and it is an energy field.  It is not like your soul, your Higher Self that has gone through processes, has a way of coming into you and allowing those frequencies to change.  Your I AM Presence is an energy form.  It comes from the aspect of the Divine Mother & the Divine Father God that comes from the aspect of the Creative Source of Oneness.  So we’re tapping into those lines of frequency from where you are now all the way up to that 144th level if you want to think of it in numbers.  It brings forth these essences on to you for you to accept parts of yourself that fit and that do not fit.  So you’ll see this occurring as you take responsibility of allowing your I Am Presence to be your guide and this is truly what this is about.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel that divinity that is yours to be fully within you.

This is the final part of this segment, Responsibility.

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