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white lightUnderstanding How to Initiate the Crystalline Ray of Harmony, Beauty, and Balance

The Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance is now being infused within GAIA’s core essence.  Each of us are being challenged by the intensity of this ray coming into our physical bodies.

This ray settles into our Root Chakra to become the cosmic frequency so that we can achieve ascension within our 3rd dimensional body.  It blends within the Base area to help attune this chakra to be our grounding point within our physical existence.

This ray of Crystalline is a Cosmic Frequency; previously on a planetary level it was within the color of Green which can be an easier ray to visualize and come within us.

Some individuals have a difficult time of visualizing the crystalline light.  It represents the many facets of a beautiful crystal.  It assists in bringing balance within our system, but can also causes the phase of “resurrection” to be very intense with the elements we need to purge from our Etheric Bodies so that we can become One Body of Light.  It allows for the change to occur but then the action of acceptance to be within us.

In order to receive the cosmic frequency it is important to initiate this ray within the Crystalline essence, but an individual can also call upon the Green Flame to intertwine within it.  This is because the Root area can house so much debris and lower frequencies being ignited not only of this lifetime but through the Etheric Body opening up memories of past lives.  This is an important element that needs to be acknowledged in order to receive the Multi-Dimensional Self.

If you want to access this ray with the “speckles of the Green Flame intertwined within the Crystalline” it will assist in bringing the balance into any issue that you are experiencing.  At the same time, it allows for the phase of resurrecting the old energy to be in a softer manner.  Eventually, the green essence will turn into the crystalline with each phase of your healing.  You will find that eventually you will be able to infuse the crystalline on a much smoother level.

So if you sit and breathe deeply, call upon the Ray Chohan, Serapis Bey, to ignite the flame within you.  Even if you have a difficult time with visualization, just imagine you are walking barefoot on a beautiful green lawn with the sun shining upon you.  Feel the sun igniting the crystalline essence while the green is infused within the soles of your feet.  Allow them to meet within your Root Chakra.  Sit with this essence within your root by spinning it clockwise.

Additionally, the other Beings that overlight this ray are:

Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace:  Lord Esteela & Lady Esstelo

Elohim Masters:  Purity & Astrea

Archangels:  Gabriel & Hope

Toning Sound to Ignite within the Root Chakra:  “LAM” “OH”

You may call upon any of these magnificent Beings of light to assist in changing the following elements:

  • Allow God’s Purity of Light to be fully within One’s thoughts and emotions;
  • Having a balanced four-body system;
  • Giving the essence of Hope not matter what the circumstances may be
  • Creates the ability to experience serenity, mentally and morally balanced which aids each initiate to gain self confidence and control.

Aspects/Characteristics to Be Aware of that need to be addressed with this Ray:

Feelings of Worry, Lack of Moral Courage, Being Self-Centered, Any Elements that tend to create disharmony and discord, any issues of lower frequencies (fear, anger, control of self or others, isolation, hurts, trauma, etc).

As each of us learns to activate the essence of this ray within us, it will be sent to all of humanity to create balance and harmony within our world.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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