Initiating the Peace of God – Mahatma Gandhi

pyramidAnalogy of a Pyramid

Allow yourself to intend to travel to the highest point of your personal pyramid to receive the essence of peace so that you can bring that frequency of light within your pyramid of existence. Those that are allowing themselves to receive the highest frequency, then must take that peace that they are and send it to the structure of the Earth.


Sometimes individuals take too much of their energies and puts it out into too many places which causes the imbalance to occur in the physical structure. If you take the essence of peacefulness from God’s Heart into the Will of your creation, you will allow your body to come into balance.

What brings you peace within your Heart?

What brings you the availability to take the parts of yourself that are in conflict and allow them to be in the state of serenity?

Some times that is a tall order so if you think of your body, your Soul Star at the top of the pyramid and your Earth Star s the bottom of the pyramid, then you can take that frequency of Light that you feel, while bringing that all the way into the structure of the base.

You see the structure of the base of your existence is your Earth Star; that is what grounds you to this Earth. It is associated with your feet, it is associated then with your limbs and then moving up the body into your organs and the heart center representing the core essence of your beingness.

The rest will fall into place if you take these moments of allowing serenity and stillness to be fully within the acceptance of your structure.  It will flow through each of your limbs, into your organs, into all muscles and tendons, and the cellular structure, but you must allow yourself to just sit and breathe the Peace of God.

Take the next moment, and breathe the Peacefulness you received into your Earth Star unto the core of GAIA.  She will receive this essence and expand it into her fields of creation.

Mahatma Gandhi

Clarion Temple of Oneness, January 2013

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