pathway of lightThe Priesthood of Melchizedek is the overseeing function of all Light Workers to assist each Light Worker to stand in the truth of their Divinity with Lord Melchizedek as a guide and mentor for the New Earth.

This is one who works with the Higher Forces of Light to fully acknowledge the remembrance of the True Self to become manifest within the physical creation.  To be able to hold that Light first within the physical creation, and change all aspects of the personality of the Self is to become integrated with the I AM Presence, the ultimate form of Light in the Creation of Oneness under the complete direction and guidance of the Unified Whole Command within the 144th dimension of reality.

This Light will infuse within the physical vehicle to assist in clearing the debris of the past.  The Etheric Body can be healed once and for all to access the Higher Mind into the Lower Mind; to remove the Lower Ego and access the Higher Ego for the good of humanity and the Creation of Light within the planetary forces guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light under the auspices of Lord Sanat Kumara, Father of the Brotherhood of Light and Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos.

Lord Melchizedek holds the Priesthood of Light for all Initiates on the Pathway of Mastery.

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