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We continue with our series of classes to assist in learning how to individually incorporate and ground the current Cosmic Energies that are hitting planet Earth so that we learn to prepare and receive more higher octave light from the 11:11 Event this year.

Mahavatar “great avatar”Babaji “revered father” is an Ascended Master who instructs on how to attain the deepest states of Higher Consciousness. In this class we will use this energy to work on CREATIVE VISUALIZATION within the THIRD EYE so that we can use this frequency to better connect to our Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE Consciousness. (Please see the class description below.)

Participant Comments from this Series:
“…At the end of the class I was in a new state of mind and I felt very clam and relaxed. It was like seeing the world through new eyes and I felt more emotionally balanced. It took 20 minutes to ground before I started to feel like I was actually back on Earth. It was a very powerful class!”
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“…Felt lightness again and a sense of higher part of my essence within, not struggling on the physical level so much any longer. Just did the 2nd time, and it was very powerful…Excellent. After the class, feel like cleansed with ocean wave, clarity, calmness and hope about my future, a sense of totality. Still fighting a little with the deep breathing, but as I try to focus as much, I think it really assisted through the process as well.”
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“I enjoyed how everything was broken down and made really simple for us to understand, the creating a sacred space, journaling, crystals, breathing techniques, and spiraling energies. I also loved connecting with the higher spiritual energies although I need to work on that more. I would change nothing …By the end of the experience I felt light radiating from my arms and I was overcome with a cool crisp temperature…could feel the energies…”
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“I very much felt the energies. I knew that all of our bodies are all interconnected; but now I understand so much more about ascension symptoms and that they are not just within the physical body as I previously believed. I enjoyed this class immensely.”
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“Very good. I was able to relate to some of the things that were brought up. The class helped me to see new perspectives. It has also helped me to be more patient and accepting with the healing process.”
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“Excellent…provided more clarity. It helps to understand what the energy does to our bodily system, and why we experience certain symptoms, and how to deal with it better”
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“Fascinating… Much of the lecture was very helpful to me. The explanation about why we feel ascension symptoms I found very helpful. I used to think that when I had strange feelings in my legs or my lower part of my brain and teeth tingling or whatever, every week something new, that I was being downloaded but that is not true. It is my body assimilating and integrating my new crystalline body meridians and energetic light pathways. A great deal of value…I would recommend it.”


Mahavatar Babaji – a drawing from Autobiography of a Yogi, commissioned by Yogananda
and based on his own meeting with Babaji. (source:

Series Background – The Whoomph Factor.

Every Spiritually Significant date (and every Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse, Solar Flare, Planetary Alignment) is full of Cosmic Energy being directly guided from the God Force to assist the evolution of Earth. Even what some are calling ‘WaveX” comes jam packed with tremendous power to affect Humanity. It is a BIG electromagnetic whoomph.

As we prepare for the 11:11 of 2015, we need to know what these energies mean for us individually and collectively. If you are keeping pace with the “not very mainstream” news sources, you will already know many are talking about the months of September, October and November of 2015 and the shift of energy that will happen to humanity. It is said to be a glorious and magical event.

That does not mean an ‘easy’ or ‘smooth’ event, but it does mean every single soul upon the earth will get an opportunity to embrace the Cosmic Energies, or by contrast, perhaps choose to consciously ignore or even fight against them.

Free Will is always the key. So what you should also know, as with all shifts in Energy Transference that hit our planet, the outcome to bring forth the most magic and acceleration of consciousness, is not always a certainty. It is not a given that we will fully ground the energies within each soul.

Why is this important?

Yes, earth is a place of mass consciousness where the group as a whole tends to dictate the level of consciousness (or behavior) attained by the many, but the tipping point, (as author Malcolm Gladwell had so pointedly demonstrated in his book by the same name), is created by the few. It does not take a majority to create a shift.

When we speak about Energy Transference, it does take conscious focused action to take the Cosmic Energies that are hitting the planet in these events and kick them into high gear within our own electromagnetic field, that is, into our full body system of the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and physical (and by extension our etheric) body. This is a quantum level experience when it is fully activated consciously because it is the Crystalline Body and DNA structures that are enhanced.

And since grounding Higher Octave Energy is not something Humanity has done very well before, to make it occur now we need specialized guidance and teaching from beings who understand Higher Octaves of Dimensional Reality.

The Ascended Masters.

This is why at Walking Terra Christa we work extensively with fringe esoteric concepts and teachings. As Albert Einstein’s wisdom held, our current problems cannot be solved by the minds that created them. We therefore need access to the “Higher Mind“. And that can only be done by harnessing the power of the Higher Cosmic Frequencies. Fortunately, this is exactly the opportunity that is being given to us right now as we experience the Equinox and Full Moon this week.

In our opinion, the best available wisdom we can access is to directly tap into the wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascended Masters. It is, quite plainly, a perspective not available from more traditional sources.

We are kicking off a new teaching series on How to Transcend Energy. Specifically we delve into understanding why the Wayshowers, Torchbearers and Lightworker Pioneers, (that is ‘the few’ amongst humanity at large) are experiencing the Shift and how they can learn to “Transcend” those energy conditions.

With the level of applied wisdom from Spiritual Masters, combined with the level of consciousness that a few souls can make, this clinic will increase the amount of Higher Light Frequency that is brought into the Crystalline Body of each participant, and therefore, the amount that goes into the Earth.


We learn how to prepare the bodily systems to access the full power of the Sixth Chakra by understanding why it is first necessary to utilize the higher octave state of consciousness in order to affect changes in our lives. We will discuss the Five Steps of Creative Visualization which include Relaxation, Imagination, Feeling, Believing, and then Detaching from the creative process. The seven steps to full creativity come through Power, Love, Wisdom, Intuition, Illumination, Inspiration, and then Perfection. Master Babaji will guide us through each of these phases to help us understand why we create elements in our life that can be challenging or life changing, and when we create moments of synchronicity that it is a direct result of our connection to our Divine Self.


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What’s Happening at Walking Terra Christa

Teaching Events for this Week

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Monday @ 4:30 pm pacific- CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – Order the MP3 AUDIO of this powerful Healing for All Souls in Body and Beyond. With your order, add the names of any individuals you request healing for (living or transitioned) in the notes to seller section. This can include individuals from public events and situations around the globe. We are working with the Ray of Inner Devotion with Divine Mother Father God and the Temple Teacher.

Wednesday @ 4:30 pm pacific – DIVINE UNION OF THE SOUL – Live participation available or order the MP3 AUDIO of this class and learn the true understanding for creating a Divine Partner relationship. Lady Master Mary Magdalene and Lady Isis are the main teachers. Full five-part series also available at a discount.

Thursday @ 4:30 pm pacific- LORD ADAMA DISCOURSES – Live participation publicly available to everyone. We are working on the topic of the ART OF FORGIVENESS this week. (Due to the personal interaction during the class, an audio mp3 is only available to live participants.)

Saturday @ 10 am pacific – ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT PROSPERITY CIRCLE – In this free open public event, the ELOHIM MASTERS continue to assist us with their unique teachings on manifestation.




Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB ReflectionThis is the second segment of our class with Lord Adama on the Telosian Way of Being of REFLECTION.  Master Babaji shares a very important message of love through the eyes of the Child.

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Master Babaji in this beautiful Retreat House with such beautiful souls.  What a blessing for each of you to feel these essences in your physical consciousness.  I ask of you, in this moment, let us just take a breath and bring in the Om Namah Shivaya which also will help to rip away some of the frequencies.


I ask of you to think of yourself in this moment as a child that has just been born into this world and has no awareness of anything else except the purity of their light, the will of their light, the love of their light, the essence of their knowledge, the power within them.  There are no outer forms in this moment.  All that exists is the purity of your essence.  Breathing deeply, allowing this energy that you are to blend within you.  It comes down within you, into the source, into the aspect that you are.  Think not of your physical existence in this moment.  Think of each of us in this room, in this beautiful Retreat House, of the blazing energies all around us, of the Rays of God- many Rays of God and allow those frequencies to blend within each other.  There are many numbers of the Rays, some say there are 320, some say there are 330, but in essence there are thousands and thousands of Rays infiltrating your essence right now.  Allow it to go to those aspects of yourself that feel uncomfortable.  Allow it to move into your Physical existence, into your Mental existence, into your Emotional existence.  Allow it to blend fully with the Etheric body, because as a soul comes into a new existence, it brings all these essences of purity but then the mind is created and it forgets.  The Etheric body has its Higher Mind and its Higher Ego, let us embellish this energy in this moment.  Breathing deeply, feeling the frequency that you are.  There is only love and the pure joy of having God within yourself, feel this essence running through your entire existence, allow it to run in all parts, allow it to go into the feelings, into the thoughts.  There is nothing but pureness right now.  You are in the royal state of condition in this moment ~ the blessing of the role of vulnerability.  Thus you are vulnerable.  The vulnerability is love.  This is the purest form that you can bring through.  Do you feel tears, allow them to arise.  Do you feel joy, allow it to come forward.  Do you feel pain, allow it to be healed.  By the purity that you are, allow this essence to fully be your guide.  Bring forth the completeness that you are.  Let us take a moment in silence and feel this frequency.


What is it that you are feeling in this moment?  What are the thoughts that come to you?  What is the expression of your light?  Allow that to permeate within you.  Allow the silence of your love to run through your physical veins.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure the emotional and mental as this is the true you, this is the vulnerable state, you must feel the vulnerable state ~ embrace these feelings of light as you are a new wave and a new energy.  The light is so bright, it feels so intense to you, fully allow the expression to run through your veins and feel the essence.  Allow your Higher Mind to fully reactivate it in this sense.  Allow yourself to express it in all ways of being.  There is nothing more important for you in this moment but to express unto yourself what it is that you feel within your heart.  Allow it to come out of you, to permeate with you.  It will erase all fear, all pain, and all those elements that stop you from the full completion that you are.  You must fully allow it to permeate every part of you because there are parts within yourself that want to fight it ~ do not allow yourself to fight.  Stay in this frequency everyday just for five minutes and you shall find that your essence, your expression, your love and your frequency of light shall change.  It shall help to heal the four body system, the mental body, the emotional body; it will help heal and bring aspects of yourself into the one being that you were in the beginning.

You have come into this physical body with certain pathways but yet they have been interrupted because of your inability to heal these pathways because of outside circumstances.  Remember the veil of forgetfulness is now gone, you have the veil of remembrance.  Feel this veil coming down upon you now as you express within yourself.  Feel the ability to fully feel these frequencies.  It is your divine right.  It is your desire.  It is the expression within all that you are.  Walking upon the pathway of an aspirant, an initiate, to be on the path of mastery is one of great rewards, but it is one that must have trial and error.  Each of you had these elements of trial and error previously that is why you’re awakening at this time to assist the masses, to assist the many.  Allowing yourself to be in this state of being on a daily basis is going to assist tremendously.  You may listen to music, only silent music, instrumental music, you may listen to chanting and Om Namah Shivaya would be the perfect one because it is an element that brings in the essence of God.  It tears and strips away anything that does not serve that purpose and brings out the rawness of being the new being that you are.  Let us take a deep breath.

As I look around this room, I now see the child that you are.  I see the embryo of the light that you are and have been for eons of time.  Express this within your own essences in this moment and allow this frequency of light to fully be within the composition of who you are.  I walk with each of you.

I am Master Babaji.


The Telosian Way of Being was a 10-week series with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  It is available for MP3 download.  The attunements will not be shared in written format and only provided through the recording.

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