Feeling the Love? (or perhaps not so much…)

by Rev. J. Michael Hayden

Post Valentine’s Day Sale to Assist Creating True Love

The hype and hope that is Valentine’s Day may bring with it the opposite feelings of what the day is supposed to be all about, especially for individuals not in a relationship as a couple.

For those couples already in relationship it can be a day that does not end up meeting the expectations.

In Western cultures becoming a couple through marriage is something that about 90% of individuals do.  The long term success of being in a relationship that stands the test of time is 50% to 60% of those couples. Which is a statistic that is basically just a bit better than flipping a coin.

Key Traits of a Coin Flip Lover

Enmeshed/Boundary Issues – Someone who is not able to have clear and healthy boundaries between their own “stories” and those of another. If could be their birth family of origin, or family through association. Parental figures or siblings could present as needy or controlling, and the person who is enmeshed does not know how to “just say no” in a respectful and loving manner. This “foundation” then is what forms the basis with a lover as it is the only way of being one knows. This trait can also manifest as hiding or running away from the other emotionally or even physically through making sure to be too busy to connect with the other person. The fear of “losing the self” is the driving theme of the relationship. Another way this manifests is to be the controller so that you do not get controlled.

Lack of Sense of Self – Similar to the above but more focused on the internal relationship one has with herself/himself. If an individual is not strong enough to know who they are within their own mental, emotional, and spiritual self, they can not experience where their own health life concerns begin or where they end. Like the above, this can show up as someone who seems easily influenced, over to the other extreme of someone who has the need to be in charge or they fear they will lose everything.

Little Ability to Self Nurture – This trait is that of the person who must have another person in their life to give them what they can’t provide without that person. This trait also shows up as being overly needy as in “If you loved me you would know to do this for me”.  This is also a form of control of the other person done through emotional manipulation.

The reality of most relationships, and why it can end up being a coin toss as to if it will stand the test of time, is that most humans have insufficient awareness of who they are being as a person. More specifically in terms of spirituality, who the are as a Soul within these areas of “beingness”.

One tends to look at their life and especially their childhood upbringing and experiences to see how they were “shaped” by outside forces to become who they are as an adult. Very few understand the Soul dynamic of arriving upon Earth to deal with a Soul issue to which they need to restore balance. In other words, for example, having parents who were divorced may have a lot to do with your own Soul requiring you to learn how to heal through that process and have little to do with your parents own issues.

Bringing Balance 

Our personality is not just the combination of all the factors we experience, it is very much about who we are as a person and how we interpret those experiences. Traditional theologians may claim we are a blank slate at birth endowed with certain universal human abilities. We then may become shaped by our external environment either positively or negatively based on the degree we are able to be reinforced to support those inherent abilities.

But from the point of view of Ascension Mastery, it is much more complex. We are also born “hardwired” with issues or biases that are unique to our own makeup that are not within the original purity of our Soul. They are issue that we have “picked up along the way” of being a Soul that lives many lifetimes.

This is why you will see children say very profound things about specific topics that other children have no interest in at all.

So our task as Ascending Souls, is to discover these biases or traits that we came in with, see how they influenced our life and choose if they are issue we desire to bring into a more balanced state or not.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine

That state of being more balances is when our feminine side brings forth that nurturing in most areas of our life so that we feel safe and taken care of even when alone. This requires a balanced masculine side to bring forth the personal strength of will and power of that self so that one is confident and secure in the way they express themselves and conduct themselves to and with others.

Using the Wisdom of Ascended Master Lady Mary Magdalene and her own spiritual mentor Ascended Master Lady Isis, we created an 8-hour seminar series course so that each individual can begin to understand the dynamics of how they as a Soul can regain the Divinity that is the Masculine and Feminine Divine restored to full Union.

There is no better way to be in a balanced relationship with another person than to create that balance within the self first. This is imperative so that the seeming randomness of the “coin toss 50/50 chance” gets removed from your own relationships.

This spiritually channeled Ascension Mastery seminar course will not instantly make you into a perfect partner for your soul mate or twin flame connection as the concepts and energies given require you to continue to allow the deeper understandings to unfold, But we feel they will greatly assist each participant in having the understandings required to make some progress, and to get the support from the higher vibrational spiritual energies within the process.

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Super Moon Climatic Energies

full moon3Today, being August 10th is the climax of the three Super Moons we have been experiencing this summer of 2014. This means we are at the height of our energies in both the lower and higher essence within our consciousness. It also is a time to dig deeper and find our powerful essence to be emerged within us.

At 18:09 GMT time (10:09 AM Pacific, 1:09 PM Eastern) this moon fully came into our existence. You may have noticed it last evening but the power of this cycle cannot be denied. Exactly what does this mean for us?

Astrologically, it represents the Moon in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo. We are in the battle of the Logical Mental Thoughts or Masculine Self with the Intuitive Emotional Feelings or Feminine Divine. It is a time to balance both of these essences within ourselves. It is important to create the balance of stagnation or going to fast. The Masculine of Leo wants full independence and like to be the leader of the team; the Feminine of Aquarius wants to be part of the team but able to show its independence in the greater whole.

We all know that the Feminine Divine is our initiator of our progress and the Masculine Divine provides the idea. The essential component is to allow the integrations of the Male and Female Essence within us to be our guide in all matters.

Since this is a Super Moon, the closest so far to the Earth, it represents the illuminating light upon each of us. The power of these energies is only a projection unto each of us to go deeper, learn more, and illuminate the essence that we desire to express in each moment of our existence. Understanding that there is true leadership within us to be expressed is an important component. We utilize this energy with the Ray of Will and Power. Learning to be a leader but part of a team is an essential component to accepting our role upon this earth.

If this is a problem for you, then how do you go about recreating the process within you? This is done by understanding within yourself the components that make up both processes. Getting an internal sense of who you are and how you are going to project that quality within you to others is a very integral part of understanding the Self.

We need the masculine and the feminine energies to work together cohesively in any situation, but most individuals do not understand their own composition of the soul’s essence along with how they project it to others.

This moon is helping us to do just that for ourselves. The power of the energies through this week is going to push us in either direction of stagnation or pushing forward quickly. It is important for each of us to realize the potential that we have upon this planet to help GAIA make the necessary changes. Every thought and projection that we have goes out into the world around us and into the earth. So if this moon is pushing us to see within ourselves the imbalance of our masculine and feminine energies, it is because we need that assistance. Some of us don’t always like to look in the mirror of our inner truth so this is the time in which we will be asked to do so.

The Beings of Light have talked about how powerful this summer has been for healing, changes, and inner growth. It is time for each of us to take advantage of what we are experiencing. The first element is to look within instead of looking outside of ourselves. Find what is not working within your mind and your heart to make the necessary changes. Sometimes we cannot see our inner truth, because we are searching for the bigger picture.

On a personal note I had very deep realizations today of energies that I have been feeling for some time and was unsure why they were coming to me. I was shown the reality of what I have always known within myself with certain individuals previously. I sat and reflected on the experience of realizing all this time, “I know that the energies I have been receiving were true.  I am now ready to make the right decision for my highest good in all ways of my existence.” I was not emotionally upset so I did not go into my emotional pain but yet I was given the internal truth of who I am and how I project that to the world. What others think of it is their choice. The true illumination was that I fully respect my decisions and feelings in balance of heart and mind. I am very content within myself of what I have fully realized. Sometimes it takes awhile for it all to filter in all areas of the psyche and full consciousness.  It is a beautiful day of awakening.

Instead of looking at this moon to create more conflict, work within yourself to find the balance of the mind and heart. Breathe deeply within yourself, activate your higher energies by asking for the healing light of your Higher Self to come fully within you. Allow it to settle into your Heart while asking your Masculine (right side) to blend with your Feminine (left side). Utilize the color of Blue for the Male and Pink for the Female. Spin them together in your heart and allow their essences to blend with both sides.

Be the integrative self that this Super Moon is helping us to achieve.

Walking Terra Christa is holding an open Tele-Call on Monday evening, at 4:30 pm. Details are available on /tele-calls/.

Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


Embodying the Pink Rose of Love ~ Lord Sa Na Tana

rose pink-001Lord Sa Na Tana is the Pink Flame Holder of the Venusian Rays representing God’s Love.

Lord Sa Na Tana learned the art of silence through his initiations.  He lived in Lemuria with many of the priest and priestess so most of us probably know him though many life times.  He was instrumental in assisting the Goddesses from Lemuria to go into hiding with their teachings with Sanat Kumara to safeguard them into the full union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine could occur.  That is how he fully embraces the love of God through all aspects to help us understand how we can do the same.

So as we are looking at some of these aspects, we have compassion of ourselves and others, learning to understand and be adaptable to situations, learning tolerance, having great devotion, and mental illumination because as we empower the Feminine that essence of the Masculine will be able to relax into her essence. That is where we receive that illumination, the power of silence, allowing the fluidness of creative ideas to occur, and of course, the power of manifestation occurs in our lives.

Within this ray we are able to put those elements into practice of fully taking our ideas and manifesting them in our world and continually evolving along with having common sense with the ability to synthesize ideas into Oneness.

Lets take a deep breath and feel this essence of the Pink Flame continually within us.  Think about our four-body system as one full light body right now activating all of your Rays of God that you are intuiting.  As you do so, you are allowing them to create that full body system feeling the illumination of the Pink flame within your breath, into your Lotus Heart while expanding your Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Greetings! It is I Lord Sa Na Tana.  it is a blessing to be with each of you in this beautiful garden. Thank you for the introduction.

I ask each of you just to take these moments and to feel the essence of the Pink flame to grow within you. Feel the seed within your Heart center as it grows and blossoms. You are experiencing the blossoming of your own essence as it blooms within you.  It represents the Feminine and Masculine Divine who are actually able to be centered within your physical existence as this occurs.

It expands, it expands into all parts of your body it goes into those portals and light frequencies in your Etheric body that your soul has traveled. It relaxes it and allows it to go into the emotional feelings and the mental thoughts so they all become one essence within you.

Take another breath and feel the essence of God’s love which is you from your I AM Presence to fully be embodied within your physical existence.

Let it spin within you as we sit in this beautiful garden and the colors comes in many shades of Pink; light pink, middle pink, and darker pinks to really allow the essence that you are to be shown into your Mind’s Eye as you grow and grow within this essence.

This is how all the beautiful aspects of this Ray become manifest in your consciousness. The beauty of bringing forth this essence allows your mind to relax.  If we just sit and allow the Pink flame to go into the mental thoughts you then are able to create the silence with the ‘in and out’ breath allowing yourself to just feel the contraction occurring within your physical body, within the breath, and centering upon that essence to assist you in the power of your Light.

Within the human species, we do not allow ourselves to fully get into this space as we are taught from a very young age to constantly process mental thoughts and think about what needs to be done, what you are learning, and to put them into a correlation instead of allowing yourself to breathe deeply into the essence of your Being which allows the Feminine essence to blend within the Masculine.

Let us think about Lord Sanatka with the Blue flame while breathing that essence to be in your Heart in this moment so that we can fully express within the Heart Center the balance that is occurring between the Masculine and the Feminine essence. What actually happens through this is the Masculine is going to be able to relax because he no longer has to initiate it all he has to do but bring it forth to the Feminine so she initiates it.

So in this moment, what is happening for you in your Feminine essence to allow the creative thoughts to be manifest in your world?

If you have compassion with in yourself, it will bring that tolerance that is necessary; then comes the devotion through the essences of the silence.  This allows the flow of creation to become manifest by allowing the balance to occur within your Heart.  Imbalance causes the particles of  these elements to be just that – particles and not whole ideas.  You cannot create just through your mental mind; it must come from the union within the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

What it is that you desire?

Let us breathe deeply and feel the compassion of your own essence, your Higher Self, your Soul’s Essence coming into your physical body with your breath of the Pink flame and feel the most beautiful essence of flower within you.  You are smelling it deeply and allowing yourself to become one with a Pink Rose; feel the pink rose and feel essence of that rose sense and allow it to go into your Heart. This is where you fully relax.  When you relax, all the other elements can come into play as you start to understand what it is you are experiencing in your outside world.

This is the tolerance that occurs.  Breathe that in; feel the depth of being tolerant of what you are experiencing through the Pink flame.  It always look so much different on this level; now you can feel how devoted you are to make yourself go through the process but not with the constriction of the Mental mind of the Masculine pushing and pushing as now he is relaxing.  He is allowing himself to become completely that mirror for the Feminine essence as she takes it in to herself and sees now what needs to be created.  This is where mental illumination occurs. Feel the Feminine Divine so happy to be able to ignite this essence.

I call upon the Pink flame in this moment through Lord Sa Na Tana to blend within me as I see a beautiful rose in front of me; this is the compassion as I become the rose.  I smell it, I embrace it as it becomes One with my Heart as the rose is now me.

I allow myself to be One with the essence of the rose.

I feel the compassion of my world.

I see now as I send this rose essence outside of myself into my circumstance that I have created; With this effect of the rose, I now have greater understanding and I see once that I comprehend in a quiet, soft manner of what I have created, this gives me the ability to be tolerant with myself.

I call upon the essence of tolerance within the Pink flame to fully come within me, which then gives me the ability to devote the Pink flame to encasing these elements.

My Masculine Divine is now melding into the Feminine Divine as they blend within each other; the Feminine now feels her power as she needed to receive this from the Masculine essence; they are so happy as they are blending together.

Feel the silence of both of them blending within you and say these words unto yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light and I allow the essence of the Pink flame of the Venusian Rays to fully come within me.  It is the essence of the Love of God of Divine Mother/Father God encasing me in their arms as I become one with them.

The rose that is now flowing within me is now open; I smell it’s essence which is so sweet as it us purging through me.  It allows me to push through any elements that do not fit my purpose in this moment.

Feel now the fluid ideas coming into you because you are have now softened. There is no hardness from the Masculine self.  He is allowing himself to just be One with the Feminine.  She shows to him that the power is within her essence but his creation must come to her for her to fully manifest it and together, they do so.

So I ask you to see with your Mind’s Eye, “What it is that you desire in this moment to create?” It could be something on a inner level or it could be something outside of yourself.  Whatever it is, allow it to be, because there is more to come as the rose opens.  Feel the essence of the rose fully being you as it expands through your four-body system, the core that is in the Heart.

Now the evolving energy can continue because you are allowing yourself to be totally open to all essences.  All these frequencies of the Pink flame will allow you to adapt no matter what it is you are dealing with, because it brings in the soft energy of the Feminine Divine. Now all ideas come into Oneness; feel that Oneness fully within your Heart center and say:

I now call upon Lord Sa Na Tana to assist me to blend within the Pink Flame of the Venusian Rays of God.

I am one with the Pink flame.

I allow the silence to fully be within my entire being.

I am One with all of these.

Now the Pink flame is filtered through your desire.  Feel it in front of you; hold it to your Heart and blend it within the Rose that you are.  Allow that rose to create it and expand it outside of you.  It will evolve when it is ready; it may be in this moment; it may be in another moment, but allow the silence of the Pink flame to flow within you.

Breathe the Pink flame fully within this beautiful garden and allow it to fully within you as you are One with the Pink Flame of God’s Love.

I am Lord Sa Na Tana walking with you, guiding you, being you.

My deepest blessings.


Excerpted from Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together, with Lord Sa Natana, Yellow Flame Holder of the Love of God.  You may join this free weekly prosperity circle by registering on Walking Terra Christa, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

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