New Earth Frequency Update ~ August 2016 ~ Moving into a New Consciousness


The Unified Whole Command ~ with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light in Oneness of the 144th Dimensional Frequency.

Greetings our Dearest Beloveds,

It is our pleasure to bring forth our essences unto each of you.

2016 has proven to be the year of advancement and great achievements even if you may think it has happened otherwise. Understanding what the spotlight of the awareness that has occurred is the first element that needs to be considered.

We think it is imperative to not step too forward into the future but to truly look at the truth that is appearing in your world. It is everywhere even if all individuals are not ready to acknowledge it. But you have to admit that change is occurring in each corner of the globe. It may only be a thought process and not fully manifested into the physical, but it means that change is happening.

Being in the midst of Transformation is probably the most challenging place to be.

It causes disruption, thought challenges, emotional imbalances, and many other aspects to arise. It takes the physical self through a journey of being unconscious to stepping into a more conscious reality. That is exactly what is occurring within your world and within each of you.

You see, it is very important to understand that the world is not going to change as quickly as each person would like it to be so. There are many elements within darkness that have been hidden away and there are many more to be revealed. What is important through this process is that each of you understand that people are awakening to a better reality, but it has to come from within first.

There are so many souls hurting, not understanding, and thinking that the world is in a much better place, but presently the true reality is being revealed. It is absolutely magnificent to see the progress that is occurring as each of you realize the truth as you see it. And, this truth will change in a moment’s notice due to events occurring within the world.

Meleriessee wrote about the changes of this month, August 2016 ~ A Time of Magnificent Transformation, which is the beginning of an energetic revolution. This is not a warrior type revolution but an energy exchange. It is not about the fighting of opinions and why things have not changed which results in disappointment. It is about the energetic exchange that is occurring within the planet and how individuals of power are truly being challenged. There is an uprising occurring which is absolutely necessary in order for Gaia to ascend to her next level.

We ask you not to be so concerned about the higher dimensions Gaia is moving into but the next step in your evolution. That would be stepping through the doorway of the Fifth Dimension. Many individuals think that you are already there and within your consciousness, you may very well have achieved that end. But there is still so much more work that needs to be done in order to physically ascend in that essence.

The challenges that are occurring presently represent the Fourth Dimension – it is a state of duality of the Light and Dark fighting each other. The planet is still in a very grave situation as the Darkness is emitted then the Light has to not be the controlling agent but to help dissipate that darkness.

As the planetary movements occur, these elements are going to be very predominant in your world.

If we were to say that each of you that are awakened and reading this transmission, then we would say the Earth will ascend to her destination. But yet, there are still so many souls that are not allowing that to happen. So the work for each of you has to be in a deeper part of your existence. You must work with your psychological self and allow the changes to occur while sharing to others of this world, you Divine Love, Your Acceptance, and Understanding for what they are going through. Compassion is absolutely necessary at this time.

As you stand right now within the Lion’s Gate energies, it is bringing forth the ability to go into the deeper level of your consciousness.

Planet Sirus “B” is assisting each of you to accept these energies. It is bringing forth the change that is necessary to bridge the gap between your Higher Essence and your Physical Self so that they can merge together. The Council of Sirius is working very diligently at this time to allow this interaction to occur.

Through the alignment of the five planets of Mercury Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter in the middle of the month there will be a time of great transformation for the Feminine and Masculine Divine to become more active in each individual; it will bring forth the alliance of the four –body system to be accelerated into a more balanced effort.

Each of these planets represent a different aspect within your soul’s essence to bring forth a state of equilibrium through your Soul Body – your Etheric Self. It is a time of great magnificence in which if you take the opportunity you can truly change your physical self into a higher state of existence.

All of this represents the ability to hold your Light Quotient. As long as you are allowing yourself to go through the Soul Psychology work to change the lower vibrational feelings and thoughts into a higher understanding within your consciousness, then you will see great changes occur within you. If you do not, then you will be challenged with those foreboding thoughts and emotions.

There is no doubt about it – the Earth is going through a Rebirthing Process which means quite a bit of internal cleansing in order for the higher essence to be acknowledged within all beings of light.

As the Full Moon of Aquarius arrives on the 18th, this is the cycle of great manifestation. It will be a time to fully embrace what you have achieved, to look back on the previous days of the month to see how you allowed the transformation to occur, but only once again if you do the work within yourself.

You see, the Earth needs each of you to realize your own potential without the Lower Ego involved and only with the Higher Ego of the Christed Self to be fully realized. So many individuals need your Light and your Healing, but if you send out the energy of who you are before going through these processes within, then you are not assisting Gaia to ascend. We need each and every one of you to understand your truth, your light, and to be One with each of us.

The power of the energetic exchanges this month will allow each of you to move into a new direction, a new consciousness.

Are you willing to work through these energies and not allow them to pass you by without accepting the growth potential that is available at this time?

It is a period of manifestation but individuals must realize the potential of their own ability to create change. When the lower forms are still in place, then the manifestation will occur from that space. When true growth is part of the process, then there is a time of high acceleration coupled with the ability to bring forth unto yourself more than you could ever imagine. So much can happen in this time period to assist every one of you, but you must do your part by becoming one with the Ascended Master State of Consciousness. Step out of your old thought process as you learn that you are part of a huge movement of change upon this earth.

Be One with All you Desire and Allow it to be the continuance of your Life from this point forward.

We suggest the Rays of God – open yourself up to these energies and ask them to be within you; breathe them into your physical self as they will help you to make the necessary changes.

Blue – Will and Power (Strength, Courage); Golden Yellow – Love and Wisdom (Illumination); Pink – Creative Actualization (Compassion, Love); Crystalline – Harmony & Balance through Conflict (Purity, Rebirth); Green/Gold/White – Science of God (the Higher Self, Harmony of the Spheres, Truth); Ruby Red/Gold – Inner Devotion (Peace, Serenity); Violet/Purple – Ceremonial Magic and Structure (Transmutation, Freedom, Alchemy).

It is our goal to assist each of you to transform these energies. We must give all the souls that are in the warrior-mode to heal by sending compassion, love, understanding but doing it within an energetic exchange – not just your thoughts. Utilize the rays to assist; we are all here to do the same for you.

Be strong, diligent, and patient with yourself through these activations. They will erupt great changes to help humanity to awaken to the next level of their realizations from their Soul Essence.

In Blessings and Love,

We are the Unified Whole Command at your service.

For those interested in being a PLANETARY HEALER within the ASCENSION MASTERY PATH, our August Retreat starts on August 16th. It is a retreat of personal transformation for the Self and Gaia.  Please click here to read about this special event.

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Concentration and Consecration ~ Blessing Your Manifestation

green gold white 2_800_500As we journeyed with each of the Elohim Masters for Manifestation in our Abundance of Light – Prosperity Circle, Cyclopea and Virgina, the Elohim representing the 5th Ray of the Science of God shared their essence on the process of the steps of Precipitation.  This step represents the Power of Blessing through Concentration and Consecration within the Ray of Green, Gold and White.

We are Cyclopea and Virginia. It is our divine pleasure to be with each of you.

Now comes the most intensified part of the process of manifestation.

Breathe deeply. Allow your Higher Essence, your Higher Mind with your Higher Heart, to fully be within your physical creation.

As we meditate together, you allow your Higher Consciousness to come into this space. Feel your Physical Body through the process is an important step. One cannot be done without the other. You must fully allow the essence of the I AM Presence to give the blessing of the desire that is truly part of this process. Let us think about this for a little bit.

You have a thought of what you would like to manifest in your life. We call that the desire.

We go through the process of bringing forth the different stages of the Will and the Power to do so.

You illuminate it with Love and Wisdom.

You adore it and bless it with the Pink Flame of Love, allowing the Creative Actualization to occur.

You move into the ability to feel the Harmonization within yourself and resurrect anything that does not fit the aspects of the desired outcome.

Now we allow those previous four steps to be Concentrated within us, so that we can fully bless it, so that we can Consecrate it.

Concentration and Consecration are two elements of one and the same. What it basically represents is allowing your Higher Mind to concentrate on it so deeply that it consecrates it. You see, the Higher Mind of your Higher Essence Of The God Essence that you are is your ability to bring that forth into your physical creation.

Allow the physical part of you to feel this essence. The lower mind, the lower self and the lower ego surrender onto the higher essence. Part of this process is not to allow the lower mind, the subconscious mind to be so involved within it that it becomes a concentration of thought processes 24 hours a day.

“I need this, I want this, I desire this.” That is not what we are sharing.

What we are sharing is to allow the Higher Mind to fully concentrate it from the Higher Essence into your Lower Essence. This is where many individuals get lost within their manifestations. They go about their days. They go about their physical lives and they forget that they are the Higher Mind. They are the Higher Essence. They are the I AM Presence that has all these aspects you are desiring to create within yourself. Allow the Physical Body to relax, the physical mind, and the physical ego that wants to get in the way to control things.

You must allow the Higher Ego to come in. You must allow the I AM to be the only deciding rule. That is how you fully bless yourself through the process. Your Lower Mind will try to pull apart elements within the desires and separate parts to make you think you are not worthy of the entire manifestation. It is the rule of the Lower Ego. We would like to assist you with is to not even go there.

How does one not go there, when they truly have a difficult time in allowing the manifestation to occur?

Through your breath, of course ~ through your Light ~ through moments such as these, of allowing the Higher Essence to come into the Lower Essence and to change it.

Let us do this now.

Feel the beautiful essences that are within this garden of the Green reflected with Gold and White. Let it come into your Third Eye. Feel the music of the spheres.

Have you ever noticed when you have music coming to your ears, you flow easier?

You feel the essence of movement coming within the body. Allow the frequency of Light that you are incorporating to be blessed by song, by notes of Divine Wisdom. Let us think about that now and feel the angels singing in this beautiful garden. We allow that essence to come within us to relax everything else.

What happens when you desire something so deeply that you can become tense with it?

You may want to concentrate upon it so much, yet you are not concentrating through the Higher Mind. You are concentrating within the Lower Mind, which causes the confliction to occur and the stress to happen within the body. The Higher Essence of your I AM does not have that stress. It is not physical.

It is your Spiritual Embodiment.

Allow that to flow within you now, so that you can allow the Consecration of your desired moment to come into your full existence through your Physical, your Etheric, your Emotional and your Mental; so that the Spiritual Body can completely have its say.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the settling of your Higher Essence within your Heart Center. Feel the fluidness that you are. Feel the song flowing through your mind, through your ears, into your heart. Expand it within you all the way down into your Full Body System. Not only within your mind. Feel it.

Concentrate on this element. Say these words onto yourself:

I call upon the Divine Essence of my I AM Presence to fully give me Harmony of the Spheres, the song I hear from the angels.

Divine Masters Virginia and Cyclopea sing to me.

They sing to me their praise. They sing to me their ability to flow into the moment.

I now feel myself concentrating deeply on what I desire in this moment.

I accept the blessing that is being given to me through my I AM Presence and the beautiful essence of the Green, the Gold and the White coming into me of the Ray of the Science of God.

God only wants me to achieve what I desire from my Highest Essence and allow it to flow from the highest part that I Am of the Spiritual Being of my I AM Presence through my Antakarana Bridge; the rainbow bridge into my Soul Star, into my Chakra system, into my physical essence, into my organs, into my blood stream, into everything that pumps within me.

I allow it to go down and down through all my Chakras, into my lower limbs and into Earth Star, so I ground it. I concentrate on it so deeply. I feel the blessing.

I feel the blessing of the Consecration within me. It comes not from anything else but my own I AM Presence.

I now feel the manifestation I desire in this moment. Whether it is to achieve love, whether it is to have a harmonious relationship, whether it is to create physical funds, physical elements to sustain my life and the person that I AM.

Say to yourself,

I AM with human needs; I am also the Divine Beingness of all that I AM.

I create all that I desire through the beautiful essences of Concentrating and Consecrating it with the blessing of all that I AM.

I stand with Cyclopea and Virginia, the Elohim Masters of this beautiful Ray of the Science of God.

I see that this is my truth. This is my divinity of Light to come onto me.

I feel the power of it. It is within my heart. It is within all my aspects, as I fully allow this moment of blessing to be within me.

I feel the angels singing to me.

I feel my own essences in Harmonization of Light of the Power that I AM.

I bless it deeply through this essence.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the blessing that you are. Feel the Consecration of all you desire within your world. Feel it. Taste it. Experience it. Be it. It is you.

It is our divine pleasure as Cyclopea and Virginia of this beautiful Ray to fully imbue the essence onto your feelings, acceptance, and joy.

May peace be with each of you.


The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together Circle takes place on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific and is a free service.  Please use the link to register for this amazing circle of light.

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Working with the Pink Flame of Active and Creative Intelligence

gladiolablossom-qprwtcWalking Terra Christa is now journeying within the Golden City of Saceleaus (in the Etheric New Earth over Central Ontario, Cananda) for the next few weeks within the New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light classes.

This city represents the Pink Flame of Active and Creative Intelligence guided by Mahachohan Saint Germain and Chohan Paul the Venetian.  They are joined by the Elders Lord Seelea and Lady Seeleo (of the 49th dimension representing the Throne of Grace) with Elohim Masters Heros and Amora along with Archangels Chamuel and Charity.

Characteristics of this ray and city represent:

Acquiring Deep Compassion, Having Tolerance, and Devotion to the Self which will allows for the manifestation of  elements to flow.  This creates higher energy and accessing common sense in each moment from the Heart Center.  It will help to exhibit feelings of Gratitude, Charity, and Reverence.

When an individual has problems within the lower self they have a tendency to feel they want to isolate, have a tendency to be obstinate, selfish, overly critical of others, and seeing too many details which may paralayze the Creative Action desired.

Utilizing the Pink Flame will assist in accepting the positive characteristics while changing the lower thought elements that can stop from allowing the manifestation of any element to be created.  Use this decree; call upon the Pink Flame from the Elders to assist in changing the issues within your Heart Center and outside of yourself.  Breathe pink every moment to find the Love within your Higher Essence to become fully manifest within your world.

Initiation into the Golden City of Saceleaus

I am walking the pathway of Mastery,

With Walking Terra Christa has my guide.

We are working with the Pink Flame of Active and Creative Intelligence.

Today, we are visiting the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

With Paul the Venetian representing the Ray Chohan,

As Saint Germain, the Mahachohan offers his services,

With the Elders, the Elohim and the Archangels,

All standing by to assist Me,

In this beautiful period of devotional love,

As I learn to fully embody the Pink Flame within my Heart Center.

I walk into the city and see the pure essence of the Pink Flame embodied everywhere,

There is a circular walkway around the Sacred Heart Temple,

It is made of Rose Quartz and Pink Colored Crystals,

As I walk onto the pathway,

I feel my heart center shifting into pure acceptance and understanding;

At the entrance of the Temple,

I am met by Mahochohan Saint Germain with Paul the Venetian,

They welcome me with open arms,

I see the pink flames everywhere I look,

Even the sun is shining with hues of pink and yellow.

As I stand within the entrance-way,

I then am introduced to the other Beautiful Beings of Light,

The Elders, Lord Seeleo and Lady Seeleia who ignite the flame,

With The Elohim Heros and Amoro,

Along with the Archangels Chamuel and Charity.

I feel so blessed in this moment

I have Love,

I have Compassion,

I have Devotion;

I am in Deep Gratitude of the work I am about to embark upon.

I now feel the blessings of the Pink Ray flowing through me;

Each of these amazing teachers are now my guide.

I will become all I desire Upon this Earth;

Of All that I desire

As I walk with each of them through this process,

Of Allowing My Sacred Heart to become manifested within me. .

I AM that I AM that I AM.

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Being the Luminous Mind

Golden FlameThis is the transcript of the Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together with Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina on January 31, 2015.  They represent the Golden Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom.

Blessings, my dearest children,

It is our pleasure to be with you as Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina.

We are here to help you open up the faculties of your Higher Mind in order for your Lower Mind to accept the Illumination and the Light. In the previous lesson with Hercules and Amazonia, you learned how to create that role through the Blue Flame. You have the ideas manifested within yourself of what you would like to create. In order to receive them, this next step will be very important.

As you know, the Mental Mind can be so full of thought forms that do not align with your truest manifestation. That is why we come here into the Garden within the 144th dimension, to fully connect with all aspects of yourself that represent the Source of Light, you I AM Presence, your Monad, and Higher Self. You must allow those energies to come within your full consciousness.

Allow yourself to breathe through this process and open up the Mental Mind, so that we can fully remove the debris and ill thoughts that stop you from creating manifestation.

I know each of you wants to center upon a specific manifestation that you would like to create in your life. In truth, every day should be full of manifestations. Every day is supposed to have a creation which you see happening within your world. It can be something very simple, like finding the right parking space or listening to a good friend when you needed assistance. It does not always have to be a tangible manifestation. It can be receiving a moment of clarification. These are all very important aspects to bring forth into your consciousness.

The more often you concentrate within your Higher Mind, the easier the manifestations will be. The human race tends to think of manifestation as a specific element to bring forth into their worlds to make life easier such as bringing in more funds or having a loving relationship for example.

Yet, just as with anything, you must be able to walk through the doorways to accept the manifestation you are desiring. The elements that come forth may not be able to get through those other thought process you have held within your subconscious for eons of time.

There is a clearing process that needs to occur, which is why we call this the Ray of Illumination. It is Love and Wisdom. It is the Ray of bringing forth that Love. You cannot receive anything in your desiring world, if you do not love every part of yourself. If you are in moments of despair or aggression about something, it is not anything you really want to embrace within your world. These are all important aspects to consider when you are going through the role of Precipitation.
We, as the Elohim, share with you to assist you in the process.

What we would like to help you with today is to allow the Illumination within your Mental Mind to remove the old aspects that hold you back. The way we do that is to take a moment within our breath and go into the Mental Mind, the Mental Body, and allow a clearing process to occur so that more can come in. As we all know, this is the way we need to bring manifestation into our world. We must remove the old thought forms, the ideas of the past.

You may have had an idea a year ago or further back. Now that idea does not seem tangible. It is because you have changed and so has the Earth. The energies are different. This day and age of what each of you is experiencing upon the Earth is that there is more availability to allow manifestation to occur.

Why not take advantage of that?

Feel the magic instead of feeling the other aspects that are not positive in your world. The most important element is to allow yourself to be open and free.

Let us all take a deep breath together. Allow the illumination of the mind to occur from your I AM Presence, from the God Source, as we ignite this energy onto each of you on this day. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel the Golden Yellow coming into your Crown. Let it filter through every part of your body. Let it move into all parts, especially the parts that are not aligned with your truest purpose.

Can you think of any of those in this moment?

As you sit within your Physical Body and you call upon your Higher Essence to fully be within you, are there any words or conflicting thoughts against each other?

Allow yourself to be an open vessel of this Frequency of Light.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel yourself as the pure Divine Being that you are in this moment. Nothing else should matter. Feel the beautiful essence of your Masculine and Feminine Divine. Feel the Mental Mind, the masculine part of you, accepting this. Relax with the other thoughts that surface within your physical mind. Allow nothing else to penetrate in this moment. Allow yourself to be that vessel, that channel of Light of your I AM Presence, of your Monad and Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the directing energy to come fully within you.

Within your breath, what do you feel?

What do you want to express within yourself?

You are now allowing the integration of your Higher Mind with your Lower Mind. The flow of ideas allows you to understand the whys and wherefores of what is occurring in your world. Allow yourself to know in this moment that you can create the essence within yourself to have the desired outcome. You have the Will. Think of the Will you have incorporated. You have strength within you to create that defining energy.

Now let the mind to be illuminated with the Higher Essence so that there is no control from the Lower Mind of how it is to be or how it will come. It is becoming as you are allowing it to be.

When you flow in the energy in this way, manifestations do happen in each moment. It is a requirement of the pathway you have stepped upon. You must feel the magic. You must feel the purification of your essences changing within you. No matter what your object of desire is.

Whether it is the health of your body, whether is wealth in your world, whether it is the internalization of your being of love. You have the ability to create all of it through the illumination of Light that you are. Breathe deeply and command these thoughts into yourself.








Feel these essences blending within you ~ relaxing you, commanding you. It is also helpful to utilize this process when you are studying, when you are reading, when you are sharing, or when you are writing. Any exercise you do upon the Earth needs to come from the Luminous Mind. Feel your Luminous Mind now blending within you. It is relaxing, peaceful and joyful. This brings the ability for you to fully access your wisdom. It must come from this space. You are available to now create everything you desire.
What is it?

Feel it now coming to you, as it may be different from what you thought before. Feel the Golden Yellow expanding within the essence that you are.

You are ready. You are ready to fully impress it. Go, my children, go and walk with the Luminous Mind. You shall forever be divinely guided by all that you are.

We are dearest Apollo and Lumina at your service.

The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together Circle takes place on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific and is a free service.  Please use the link to register for this amazing circle of light.

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February 8th, 2014 ~ Unity Number “8”

Unity Number 8In the Science of Numerology the number “8” represents great success in all our endeavors of the working through removing the old elements in order to receive the new. 


Some call this a karmic number “as what we have sown, we shall reap”.  This should not be meant in a negative context but just the opposite.  All your good deeds are going to be rewarded by what you are putting into the Universe.  Keywords are:  personal power and inner-strength, inner-wisdom, manifesting abundance and prosperity, giving and receiving, self-reliance and dependability, achieving success, connects spirit and matter, developing confidence to follow a vision, breaks down barriers to transformation, reality, and courage.

The numbers that are derived on this day are 17 = 8 which reflect spirituality coming into manifestation within the physical with great gifts from your Higher Self.  It is a day that represents Oneness and Unification by taking responsibility for your past deeds and create good fortune to come to you.

The 8th of February in 2014 is a very powerful essence to come to your aid.  It brings forth the energies that nothing can go wrong as long as you fully step into your higher essence and power.  We have been discussing the need for the connection of the Higher Self within the Physical Self on a continuous basis.  This means that life cannot be lived in any other way, otherwise, havoc will result.  Allow your inner self be receptive to the gifts that the Universe wants to bring to you.  Be strong and resilient in your expression to yourself and others.  Nothing can go wrong when you step into this power of yourself.

Today is the day to allow all that you have worked towards to come to your fruition.  Be open to the possibility of more to be created within your world.  You deserve it to be.

All through this month each of the single digit numbers have represented each of the days.  That thought in itself represents the power of the energies presently.  Eight’s represent the ability to feel your higher essence and allow it to be in your lower essence.  As they combine their energies within you, you have the power to be more and the power to express more, to accept all that you put out to be returned to you in ten-fold.

Blessings for an enjoyable moment of success within your world.

In the Creation of Oneness,

We Are The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

Note:The definitions of science of numerology with the keywords are excerpted from  The remainder of this post is channeled material from the Unified Whole Command through Rev. Christine Meleriesse.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Master Thoth ~ Universal Oneness for Manifestation

pink_gold-fbAbundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together – with Master Toth


Master Toth represents the Unified Whole Command today; so we are just going to bring in all those 330 Rays of God.  The Flame and the Altar are going to be many multi-colors; the colors of all the Rays that we know of:  they consist of the Blues, Golds, Silvers, Platinum, Pink Orange, Pink, and Ruby Red, the higher colors of Pearlescent, the mixture of colors of Blue Gold, Violet Gold, Violet White, Golden Yellow, et cetera.  So then the additional Rays of God are a mixture of all those colors.  There may be particles of Light that are quite different, a new frequency of Light.

Master Toth is a combined frequency with the Great Divine Director and Master Albert Einstein; but today he is going to come through in his Essence.  He helps individuals in releasing past timelines to be fully in their Power of Oneness within their Physical Essence.

Greetings!  It is I, Master Toth.  Oh!  What a beautiful experience today.  Hello everyone, I am so happy to be with you in this beautiful garden!

Let’s just take a deep breath through this moment.  I would like to talk about the Universal Laws just a very small portion.  I am not going through each one, but just stating – Divine Oneness, Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Attraction, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Relativity, Polarity, Rhythm and Gender.  Now we can go into the specifics of all these, but I don’t want you to be in your Mental Mind.  I just want you to feel these Essences.

So let us start with the first one that represents the Divine Oneness.  This is where we are connected to everything else and in this space we do this.  So I want you to just feel that connection of your Higher Essence to be with your Physical Essence.  I don’t want you to forget about your physical creation because this is very important.  This is what you are doing upon the Earth of grounding these energies fully within your system, in your life, to create the effect of being so much more.

You know we phrase the term “As above, As below” and that’s exactly what it means.  It represents the ability to have the inter-connectedness; but if you are not fully active within your Higher Self, your Higher Essence; understanding those words comes more from the physical self.  Then you cannot have the creative processes that you truly desire.  You may have them for short periods of time; but then they may dissipate or you may have another challenge which is the kind that tumbles you in a completely different direction.  this is why other elements get in the way.

So I want to assist today in bringing in the Oneness in the full capacity of your Etheric body to allow you to feel this Essence.  As we counted upwards, it is important for you to visualize that you are going into those higher steps of Creation.  Within your Physical body you may forget.  It is very easy to be in a state of going into a meditation or a visualization, then all of a sudden you are not really feeling what you are doing.  All the senses are important in everything that you are experiencing to allow the creation of a manifestation to happen within you; and also to allow the Creation of Oneness to be grounded within your Physical Essence so that more can feel these qualities within themselves.  As it expands out of you, through you into Gaia, and into other existences; it is also going to assist in removing debris upon the Earth including those lower energies, those Third Dimensional energies, those thought forms that are so prevalent presently upon the Earth.

So I want everyone to take a deep breath and to feel their Higher Self, feel their Higher Self come fully with them in this moment.  You may see her or him coming into the garden sitting with you because this is where you are going to have your greatest acceleration; connecting with this Essence that is you, the part of you that is your Soul that has travelled all these lifetimes and not just this physical existence, and to remove any blockages that are holding you back from receiving your desires so that your life circumstance can get better.   This is all part of the Karma that you are going through and we want to help you release those Karmic Bonds because it is not necessary any longer in the higher realms of Light.

Take a deep breath and go deeply into your Soul’s Essence through your Higher Self.  Feel him or her sitting with you, looking at you or being within you; whatever is the easiest way for you to connect.  Maybe they are sitting across from you and you are holding hands with them, looking into their eyes as they look into your eyes, your eyes are One.  Allowing this Essence to fully be you and if you have a name for your Higher Self call upon them.  This is an important aspect because it makes it feel real in the Physical reality, within the Mental Mind, within the Emotions, to feel that Essence.  Feel the beauty that you are and allow that to expand within you.

We fully want to tap into this Higher Essence to help you go through any elements within the Lower Essence of your physical creation.  Allow it to flow because we constantly have to remind ourselves in the human form that you are not of the body, that the body is a vehicle, and that you truly are of the Soul.  Bring that Essence into you now.  Breathe in deeply.

I call upon my Higher Self through the help of Master Toth to fully embody within my Essence in this moment.

I breathe, I feel her/or him coming into me and sharing with me of what I need to know in this moment.

I open up my Heart to receive; I hear it, I feel it, I sense it, and I embody it.

I see my Higher Self as the beautiful Being of many colors of Light with an Essence that I truly desire to bring into my physical reality.

I feel their strength.

I feel their capacity to show me the way so that I can put aside all my lower thoughts and only connect with my Higher Mind.  As I do this I feel the connectedness within me.

I AM One with my Higher Being.

I AM my Higher Being.

I become that Higher Essence.

I now call upon these Essences to help me in present situation.

So now let us breathe together.  Let us feel these Essences that you are of this creative process and bring it fully into the Physical body.

What is it that you desire in this moment for your life?

What is going to make you happier today?

What is going to help you to evolve into your Highest Essence into your life and to create that connectedness fully within your own being?

We must remember that we cannot be in Oneness within the Earth if we don’t feel that Oneness and connectedness of our Highest Essence.  Allow this to be your guide in this moment.  Feel it deeply in your Solar Plexus – your Inner Power.  Let it go into your lower Chakras and to allow this Essence to command within you the Power that you are, the Beauty that you are, the Will that you have, the Divine ability to access thoughts through your Highest Mind, Wisdom, Knowledge, Creation, and to allow it all to move forward within you.

I AM Master Toth.

I call upon these energies to be imbued upon every individual Being in this moment so that they may receive their Divine Essence and we wash away all that does not fit this Divine vibration.  Feel the vibration within you.  As it comes in, it moves through you allowing you to fully manifest your desires.  Let it get rid of the old in this moment.

Vibrational Attunement

Now feel the space of nothingness as the old is now removed.  Feel the shifting occurring within your body.

Now bring in your Divine desire; think about it, feel it, express it, hold it in your hand, see it coming from your Higher Self and allow that to go into your Heart, expand it into your Solar Plexus, and then bring it down into your lower body.

Ground it within you, feel it, allow it to be your manifestation in this moment; whatever it is – tangible, intangible, Emotional, Mental, or Physical.

Expand upon this energy now because it is your desire, it is your Divine right to hold onto this Essence.  As the old has been removed that stopped you from receiving this blessing unto yourself from your Higher Self into your Physical Self as you become One; feel the fractals of Light all around you, the speckles of colors coming within you and blessing you in the Power that you are.

Call upon these words.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I access all my desires through all my ability to be One within my Higher Self as he or she is now embodied within me and extends to me that Essence.

I create the desire that I have been choosing and asking to be fully in my life.  My pathway changes now as I express this Essence unto myself with the many colors in this frequency of Light blessing it deeply.

That as a Being of Blessed from the Universal Oneness that I AM, within this consciousness of the Unified Whole Essence in the beautiful garden of Oneness, I AM One with all of this and there is nothing that I cannot achieve.  It is all within my grasp.

Feel this energy just embracing you.  You have the Power to do anything that you desire and you do.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM the Creator of my World and I now have removed the Karmic Ties that have kept this away from me.  In this moment, I AM Whole.

I AM One with my Highest Self within the Unified Whole Essence of the Garden of Oneness.

So Mote It Be.

It has been my pleasure as Master Toth to be with you and walk with you through this Essence.  Blessings and Joy for a beautiful outcome.

Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together is a free weekly call conducted on Saturday mornings at 10 AM Pacific.  To learn more about joining our live call, please check this link.

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January 22nd, 2014 ~ Unity Number “3”

Unity Number 3 In the Science of  Numerology the number “3” represents the vibrations of communication and self-expression. 

It reflects enjoyment of your achievements and is considered a manifesting energy.  Keywords are: adventure, inspiration and creativity, humor, optimism and joy, spontaneity and enthusiasm.

The energy of today reflects 12=3 which denotes an end to a cycle for a new beginning to occur immediately.  It is a time to fully rejoice in what you have achieved in the previous cycle by allowing yourself to be inspired.  Embrace who you have become and rejoice in ceremony of “your-self”.

On this day it is one to fully have gratitude for all of your hard work.  In the number “11” of January 21st it represented a new doorway of opportunity.  Reflect on yesterday’s energies and what there a “shift” in your consciousness?  Do you think or feel differently?  It may be something small or very large in your perspective of your journey and your life.

This is a day to fully rejoice in your efforts.  Be like the “eagle” and fly through the horizon of tomorrow allowing yourself to feel the freedom that you are choosing to experience.  This will help you manifest more of whom you are from your highest essence into your physical creation.  This truly is the only way to accelerate as going too fast will just create more debris to be removed and in the process you may not understand what is good within you and what needs to be released.

Every individual soul needs to go through this process of renewal.  The energies of this day will reflect those essences that you are becoming by allowing the seeds of remembrance to come into you moment by moment.  Step into the sun today and allow Helios and Vesta to embrace your achievements.  Be the beautiful soul that you are and share it within your exuberance of light.

All of our blessings for the Light that you are becoming.

The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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January 14th, 2014 ~ Unity Number is “4”

Unity Number4Today is January 14th, 2014 and the number “4” is represented by the Science of Numerology.


This number represents hard work where desires can be manifested into reality.  Keywords are:  self-disciplined, organization, preparation, discipline, diligence, and perseverance.

The energies of today can reflect many meanings.  If we look at how we see the number “4” with 1-14-2014, it adds up to “13” before we narrow it down to “4”.  “13” represents synchronization of allowing energies to come into focus so that there is a flow to what you are experiencing.  Ideas will come into our consciousness and some may stay or others leave.  Allow the fluidness of this day to be your guide.

Then we look at the single digit of “4” and what it can show us for the energies on this day.  We take what we have learned through this cycle of bringing forth 1-1-1 with the Portal of Light.  What changes occurred within your consciousness since that day on the 11th of January?  The energetics on the 13th of January will be how to balance the changes within the physical world.  In order to make changes we usually have to make room for the effect of the transition to occur.  Take time to understand what is working and not working within your world.  This includes the tools that you are using.

Then you take that energy and ground it more deeply within your existence.  This is a very good day to start a new program; sit down and organize your thoughts and ponder how it is going to affect your life.  Make a plan on what you want to create and then allow it to become manifest within your present experience.  This is how the manifestation starts by planning and testing out how you are going to create the change you are looking for in your life.

The last thought we want to share with you is the day of “14” with the year of “14”.  It represents the Grounding Oneness or Unity with a double intensity.  Now that your idea has been flowing, and the process of organizing it into your physical world can be grounded through the process of Oneness.


As you can see, this is a very powerful day in which there is a flow between the numbers and the energies that are being expressed into GAIA.  Utilize all of them to see how your life can change with all its perspectives through your Higher Mind into your physicality.


The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Embodying the Pink Rose of Love ~ Lord Sa Na Tana

rose pink-001Lord Sa Na Tana is the Pink Flame Holder of the Venusian Rays representing God’s Love.

Lord Sa Na Tana learned the art of silence through his initiations.  He lived in Lemuria with many of the priest and priestess so most of us probably know him though many life times.  He was instrumental in assisting the Goddesses from Lemuria to go into hiding with their teachings with Sanat Kumara to safeguard them into the full union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine could occur.  That is how he fully embraces the love of God through all aspects to help us understand how we can do the same.

So as we are looking at some of these aspects, we have compassion of ourselves and others, learning to understand and be adaptable to situations, learning tolerance, having great devotion, and mental illumination because as we empower the Feminine that essence of the Masculine will be able to relax into her essence. That is where we receive that illumination, the power of silence, allowing the fluidness of creative ideas to occur, and of course, the power of manifestation occurs in our lives.

Within this ray we are able to put those elements into practice of fully taking our ideas and manifesting them in our world and continually evolving along with having common sense with the ability to synthesize ideas into Oneness.

Lets take a deep breath and feel this essence of the Pink Flame continually within us.  Think about our four-body system as one full light body right now activating all of your Rays of God that you are intuiting.  As you do so, you are allowing them to create that full body system feeling the illumination of the Pink flame within your breath, into your Lotus Heart while expanding your Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Greetings! It is I Lord Sa Na Tana.  it is a blessing to be with each of you in this beautiful garden. Thank you for the introduction.

I ask each of you just to take these moments and to feel the essence of the Pink flame to grow within you. Feel the seed within your Heart center as it grows and blossoms. You are experiencing the blossoming of your own essence as it blooms within you.  It represents the Feminine and Masculine Divine who are actually able to be centered within your physical existence as this occurs.

It expands, it expands into all parts of your body it goes into those portals and light frequencies in your Etheric body that your soul has traveled. It relaxes it and allows it to go into the emotional feelings and the mental thoughts so they all become one essence within you.

Take another breath and feel the essence of God’s love which is you from your I AM Presence to fully be embodied within your physical existence.

Let it spin within you as we sit in this beautiful garden and the colors comes in many shades of Pink; light pink, middle pink, and darker pinks to really allow the essence that you are to be shown into your Mind’s Eye as you grow and grow within this essence.

This is how all the beautiful aspects of this Ray become manifest in your consciousness. The beauty of bringing forth this essence allows your mind to relax.  If we just sit and allow the Pink flame to go into the mental thoughts you then are able to create the silence with the ‘in and out’ breath allowing yourself to just feel the contraction occurring within your physical body, within the breath, and centering upon that essence to assist you in the power of your Light.

Within the human species, we do not allow ourselves to fully get into this space as we are taught from a very young age to constantly process mental thoughts and think about what needs to be done, what you are learning, and to put them into a correlation instead of allowing yourself to breathe deeply into the essence of your Being which allows the Feminine essence to blend within the Masculine.

Let us think about Lord Sanatka with the Blue flame while breathing that essence to be in your Heart in this moment so that we can fully express within the Heart Center the balance that is occurring between the Masculine and the Feminine essence. What actually happens through this is the Masculine is going to be able to relax because he no longer has to initiate it all he has to do but bring it forth to the Feminine so she initiates it.

So in this moment, what is happening for you in your Feminine essence to allow the creative thoughts to be manifest in your world?

If you have compassion with in yourself, it will bring that tolerance that is necessary; then comes the devotion through the essences of the silence.  This allows the flow of creation to become manifest by allowing the balance to occur within your Heart.  Imbalance causes the particles of  these elements to be just that – particles and not whole ideas.  You cannot create just through your mental mind; it must come from the union within the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

What it is that you desire?

Let us breathe deeply and feel the compassion of your own essence, your Higher Self, your Soul’s Essence coming into your physical body with your breath of the Pink flame and feel the most beautiful essence of flower within you.  You are smelling it deeply and allowing yourself to become one with a Pink Rose; feel the pink rose and feel essence of that rose sense and allow it to go into your Heart. This is where you fully relax.  When you relax, all the other elements can come into play as you start to understand what it is you are experiencing in your outside world.

This is the tolerance that occurs.  Breathe that in; feel the depth of being tolerant of what you are experiencing through the Pink flame.  It always look so much different on this level; now you can feel how devoted you are to make yourself go through the process but not with the constriction of the Mental mind of the Masculine pushing and pushing as now he is relaxing.  He is allowing himself to become completely that mirror for the Feminine essence as she takes it in to herself and sees now what needs to be created.  This is where mental illumination occurs. Feel the Feminine Divine so happy to be able to ignite this essence.

I call upon the Pink flame in this moment through Lord Sa Na Tana to blend within me as I see a beautiful rose in front of me; this is the compassion as I become the rose.  I smell it, I embrace it as it becomes One with my Heart as the rose is now me.

I allow myself to be One with the essence of the rose.

I feel the compassion of my world.

I see now as I send this rose essence outside of myself into my circumstance that I have created; With this effect of the rose, I now have greater understanding and I see once that I comprehend in a quiet, soft manner of what I have created, this gives me the ability to be tolerant with myself.

I call upon the essence of tolerance within the Pink flame to fully come within me, which then gives me the ability to devote the Pink flame to encasing these elements.

My Masculine Divine is now melding into the Feminine Divine as they blend within each other; the Feminine now feels her power as she needed to receive this from the Masculine essence; they are so happy as they are blending together.

Feel the silence of both of them blending within you and say these words unto yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light and I allow the essence of the Pink flame of the Venusian Rays to fully come within me.  It is the essence of the Love of God of Divine Mother/Father God encasing me in their arms as I become one with them.

The rose that is now flowing within me is now open; I smell it’s essence which is so sweet as it us purging through me.  It allows me to push through any elements that do not fit my purpose in this moment.

Feel now the fluid ideas coming into you because you are have now softened. There is no hardness from the Masculine self.  He is allowing himself to just be One with the Feminine.  She shows to him that the power is within her essence but his creation must come to her for her to fully manifest it and together, they do so.

So I ask you to see with your Mind’s Eye, “What it is that you desire in this moment to create?” It could be something on a inner level or it could be something outside of yourself.  Whatever it is, allow it to be, because there is more to come as the rose opens.  Feel the essence of the rose fully being you as it expands through your four-body system, the core that is in the Heart.

Now the evolving energy can continue because you are allowing yourself to be totally open to all essences.  All these frequencies of the Pink flame will allow you to adapt no matter what it is you are dealing with, because it brings in the soft energy of the Feminine Divine. Now all ideas come into Oneness; feel that Oneness fully within your Heart center and say:

I now call upon Lord Sa Na Tana to assist me to blend within the Pink Flame of the Venusian Rays of God.

I am one with the Pink flame.

I allow the silence to fully be within my entire being.

I am One with all of these.

Now the Pink flame is filtered through your desire.  Feel it in front of you; hold it to your Heart and blend it within the Rose that you are.  Allow that rose to create it and expand it outside of you.  It will evolve when it is ready; it may be in this moment; it may be in another moment, but allow the silence of the Pink flame to flow within you.

Breathe the Pink flame fully within this beautiful garden and allow it to fully within you as you are One with the Pink Flame of God’s Love.

I am Lord Sa Na Tana walking with you, guiding you, being you.

My deepest blessings.


Excerpted from Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together, with Lord Sa Natana, Yellow Flame Holder of the Love of God.  You may join this free weekly prosperity circle by registering on Walking Terra Christa, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

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The Violet Flame of Archangel Amethyst

swirls purple ayOn September 7th we received blessings from Archangel Amethyst who works with the 7th Ray of The Violet/Purple Flame with Archangel Zadkiel (Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together, 9-7-13).

They both hold the Violet flame unto this Earth she as the female Archangel assisting in bringing the Violet flame into Gaia, so she sustains this energy for us.  Both Amethyst and Zadkiel work with this energy together.  As we know, the feminine energy is always the sustaining creation and the masculine energy is the one that always start the frequency that brings it all forward. So she brings to us today this flame to come to us and experience it within our Being.

You can call upon either of them, both of them or just the Violet flame anytime.  We are now working with the Purple within the Violet as it represents cosmic frequency of this ray.  This means that we are bringing in the 49th dimensional frequency of the God Force through the Elders of the Throne of Grace. The blending of the Violet and Purple allows our higher essence to be part of the experience and not just on a planetary level.

In summation of the aspects of this ray it represents Purification, Transformation, Invocation, Refinement, Creative Structure, and life with Sacred Living, Ritual Ceremonial and also working with the elements of the Earth, Fire, Water and the Wind.

Take a deep breath as we bring in Archangel Amethyst to assist us with the blessing today.


It is my divine pleasure to be here with each of you. I am Archangel Amethyst; Zadkiel is here with his essence around the flame and the altar.

The ability to sustain the Violet and Purple flame within your own creative process is very important as we work with the Violet flame to change the thoughts, the feelings, the karmic debts that are held within the Etheric body.  We want to completely purify all aspects within your full body system so that the full manifestation can occur. Because you see, even though you may think that you are completely clear to receive your desires, there an be elements that cross your path in your consciousness that arise to stop the full process.  This is why you may not be able to really accept the full manifestation that you may desire.

So today let us change this; let us change the fact there may be particles of what you receive from each moment, not just the moment of working within the Violet flame but each moment thereafter. Allow the frequencies of Light to come within you to accept the changes that are necessary in the process of your own Divine Creation.

Let us all take a deep breath together as we feel the flame of the Violet Purple coming to the entire garden and circling within each of us through all particles, through the cellular memory, through the physical essence, through your organs, through your breath, thorough your eyes, through all your openings and allow it to surface within your Earth Star and Soul Star. So let it spin outwards into your Etheric body, your Emotional body, and your Mental body so that the Spiritual body can be one complete essence.

We call upon the Violet flame to fully transmute all particles that do not serve this highest essence as we sit within this beautiful garden of the 144th dimension, which is the level of our creation.  This allows us to have that Creative Force within the physical essence as of this moment.  You are in several places at the same time.

Breathe the Violet flame, breathe the Purple flame through your breath into your Heart and allow it to expand outwards into all doorways out of you through your Earth Star like there are little pathways inside of you that allows you to travel out of you into the Etheric body.  Allow the Etheric body to be cleared through all the transmutation, through all the timelines that may be appearing in this moment to be cleared. Say unto yourself:

I call upon the Violet Purple flame to transmute and allow my purest essence to be revealed within me.

See this flame deeply ignite from your Earth Star coming up into your Heart and going to your Soul Star as you ignite this energy.  It expands outward within you with many colors of the Violet and the Purple igniting into your essences that You Are.

I am the Violet fire.

I am the transmuting Light.

I am all of this and more.

Feel this now expanding as if there is an outer shell that has just dropped out from around you and you see the purity of your Light. This is the ability to fully transform and create sacred living within your world. I say “Living” meaning within your own physical body.  What is sacredness to you; bring this sacredness into your Heart now and allow yourself to see the power that you are with these words.

I have now invoked the Violet transmuting fire within my Heart to burn away all particles of darkness, all particles of grayness that do not fit the Light that I am.

I am a being walking upon the Pathway of Mastery, and now I see the next level of my creation.

I step onto the platform of the Violet flame as it ignites more fully within me because I am the Violet flame.

I am the purification of my physical creation as my soul designates this power to be fully within me.

I am the purification of God’s Light ignited in all that I am.

Breathe deeply and feel these essences; now see your purification of your soul’s essence of the 144th dimension of the creation that you were of the first embryonic cell.  Now ignite within you without any timelines, with out any knowingness of what you are about to experience.  Come to that state of your purity and allow this essence to fully be within you.

Hold it dearly into your Heart, as this is now your creative source.

What is it that you desire now?

Bring this frequency into your present awareness as I say you are in many places at the same time.  This is the acceptance of your Light coming into your creative physical existence.  Feel that power fully within you being ignited now.

What is your thought of what you would like to create for this moment of this day, this moment.  What is it that you need or desire to be created within your world? Take a moment and feel that thought igniting within, see the vision, the vision of it being created.  It is now immersed within the Violet fire.

Feel this igniting energy now becoming manifest in your world.  See it in front of you in your hands as it grows and grows until you see the experience that you need to be, fully created in your world. It is yours; hold it to your Heart and expand it into your Heart essence through your Earth Star and Soul Star.  Now feel it through your entire Beingness, not just the physical heart of your existence, but your full body system of your Etheric, of your Emotional, of your mental, and Spiritual body, of your physical-ness of your Three Minds as they become One mind of your Three-Fold Flame of your Masculine and Feminine Divine, of your I AM, I AM that I AM.

Say to yourself:


 I am now the creative source of my manifestations.

And bless yourself, bless yourself with this creation.  Hold this flame within you as long as you need to.  I am here to do this for you; hold it deeply to your heart.

I am Archangel Amethyst at your service with the Violet fire that we are together.

So take a deep breath; hold those energies.  Keep breathing through them. If you can, just breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.  It keeps the higher vibration within the body instead of using the mouth and just expanding the energy within you.

It is my pleasure to be fully within each of you.

I AM Archangel Amethyst at your service. 

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Sharing of this material is approved as long as the copyright information is provided.