A Master’s Love or Cupid’s Arrow: Choose Wisely

We are all familiar with the mythology of Cupid (Eros) who can smite you with his bow.

But think on that a moment. His artful arrow is just that. An arrow. Do we take time to consider that as we seek love within the physical self, we are also seeking out what that arrow carries with it, which is actually harm and pain as it pierces the most important life giving organ we possess.

It is appropriate that the “gods” of the Romans and Greeks would wield such a tool, as humanity has always felt love to be something that involves heartache and distress.

Most individuals would casually respond that they know what LOVE is. Yet statistically speaking from the point of view of sustainable long term relationships few do. Consider that in the United States the divorce rate for young adults is still at 50%. Essentially that means it is equal to a coin toss if one will in fact “live happily ever after”. The rate of individuals who are emotionally intimate with members of their birth family and/or feel deep emotional bonds with their friends is about the same or much less.

So what does it take to make “love” successful? The short answer is that one needs to know more about themselves in order to make a relationship to another person connect at a level that involves true intimacy and vulnerability. Those two factors are the key to success for love to become meaningful. For most humans in existence, the constrictions held against us due to our soul’s truth of experience over 100’s of lifetimes is what causes us to shield our vulnerability and protect ourselves from a deeper connection to others, but doing just that is what real love requires and it is the main reason many do not have the skills required to build (or even experience) sustainable intimate relationships where they feel the qualities of full safety and acceptance.

Ascended Masters have personally learned that it is essential to understand that Love is meant to be free flowing within all the Higher and Lower Bodies. Masters realized that it is not about what humans desire from cupid’s bow: to be overwhelmed and enchanted by the thrall of physical attraction worthy of the gods.

Instead for True Love to be acquired, one must allow the ACT OF LOVE to be experienced within all aspects of life. If an individual speaks of love but does not allow it to be felt from within, then there is no truth within the essence they are trying to portray.

The main element is that every individual must become their own Divine Love in order to achieve ascension in their planetary lives.

Building the Love Quotient is a major focus in making progress upon the Spiritual Path. Using the new understandings of Ascension Mastery regarding how real Ascension works for individuals who desire to live a life of actual higher frequency, Walking Terra Christa is bringing forth a class to delve into the soul’s energetics to help individuals better themselves in connection to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of Light to bring in more of the Divine Love.

In Dr. Joshua Stone’s words, “This means that the feeling body is raised by the frequencies of Divine Love and not the opposite. Divine Spiritual love can be filtered through the Emotional Body in a manner that elevates it, while at the same time honoring the emotional vehicle. When an individual does not work upon elevating their Mental and Emotional bodies for this to occur, it can cause the essence of love to be distorted, degraded or denied altogether.”


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Navigating Ascension Symptoms in the Golden Era with Master Vywamas – Mastery Session

lightbody-qprMaster Vywamus, Higher Essence of Sanat Kumara, shares his view on how the Etheric Body and the Nervous System is affected by the ascension process.   Since we are in the age of mass consciousness upon this planet accessing the higher activations of light we need to be in balance.

“Vywamus is a Cosmic Being who evolved to his present position in the Hierarchy through physical incarnations on a planet similar to Earth. In his incarnations on that planet he was a channel for higher sources of knowledge, one through Janet McClure. He achieved his ascension after only 37 incarnations on that particular planet. He is considered to be the … Monad of Sanat Kumara.” “Dr. Joshua David Stone, Cosmic Ascension”

Vywamus is coming forward at this time to assist Light Workers to understand how we can balance ourselves more fully through the accelerations as we are preparing with GAIA to ascend physically into the 5th dimensional levels and beyond.  Vywamus shared with Meleriessee that as he is the I AM Presence of Sanat Kumara who represents the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light, that his responsibility lies in the areas of Light Quotient for the Multi-Universes.  This means that he is the commanding energies to bring the higher Light Quotient through the many Universes including the Galactic, Solar, and Planetary of our system. 

He is now offering his assistance to  Light Workers on an individual basis of how to increase or balance their light and love quotient due to the planetary accelerations occurring within GAIA.  Each of us is different depending upon our Etheric Body consisting of the many timelines that we have experienced.  The Ascension Symptoms can be ignited through weaker or stronger timelines that are being experienced within the physical structure as the Etheric Body is trying to merge with the Physical Body along with the Emotional and Mental Bodies becoming united within the structure of ONENESS on a soul level.  As we are being re-calibrated through these accelerations, Vywamus is stepping forward to assist each soul individually through this process.


Master Vywamus is the Being in charge of LIGHT QUOTIENT accessibility within realms. He is the Monadic Being of Sanat Kumara and therefore considered his Higher Self (though Sanat Kumara has chosen not to merge as his role within the realms is also extremely important at this time). Master Vywamus is very pleased to assist you to understand how you are accessing your Light Quotient within the New Earth energies of the Golden Age. Most Initiates/Lightworkers do not have a personal understanding of the activations and accelerations they are taking on and may be actually experiencing the burning up of their Etheric Body. (For an in depth teaching with Vywamus on this subject held on 10/17/13 see our free MP3 Library).

This 20 minute consultation will include:

  1. Your Level of Awareness of your Initiation within the Mastery Pathway.  A brief understanding of where you are currently in relation to the acceleration of Light you are experiencing.
  2. The Dynamic of Your Top 5 Ascension Symptoms (you must have these prepared before the session). Master Vywamus will look at them in your Four Body System of the Mental, Emotional, Physical & Etheric and pinpoint how past timelines are interacting within these symptoms.
  3. Imbalance/Balance of Your Four Body System. The overall ratio of imbalance/balance that you are experiencing so that you can bring yourself into balance.
  4. Your Personal Percentage of Active Timeline Presences. Each of us has lived many timelines within both the Light and the Dark realms of existence. Incarnating on a 3rd Dimensional Planet (Earth) has been our choice in order to consciously understand and recover our percentage of Light timelines. Master Vywamus will look at your etheric body and see your current progress in how you are activating your Light (positive) timelines and deactivating your Dark (lower) timelines. Each ‘side’ has its own active percentage scale to be looked upon. Most normal/average Lightworkers upon Earth have lower timelines presence that are between 50% and 75% active. The norm for the positive timelines is 5% to 15% active and the goal is to move this to the higher percentages and move the other to the lesser percentages. Master Vywamus will tell you exactly where you are on both scales.


Our blog on Ascension Symptoms was very popular and can be accessed via:http://walkingterrachrista.com/ascension-2/top-10-ascension-symptom-remedies/

Vywamus shared some thoughts on this subject recently, http://walkingterrachrista.com/mastery-tool-of-the-day/mastery-tool-day-18/.

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