LEARNING TO BECOME THE LIGHT OF GOD: Increasing the Light Quotient

Every spiritual Aspirant, Adept, or Initiate (also called a Lightworker) desires to Raise their Light Quotient. It is a proper and lofty noble goal. Yet, in practice, it is also one of the most misunderstood or under-managed aspects of Ascension Mastery. In fact, from the perspective or viewpoint of the physical self, it is a concept, and a process, that defies the imagination.

In this article we will do our best to assist your higher mind (the Abstract mind) to bring the understanding into the Concrete mind. This means you will not necessarily gain a “3d comprehension”, but instead an overall energetic knowing of what properly raising one’s Light Quotient entails.

It is akin to the adage that “if knowledge was the key, every person who had access to a library would be highly successful”. One really only begins to come to  terms with what the process of Raising the Light Quotient is really like once they actually begin to do it.

Increasing your Light Quotient within the Four-Body System

As an individual awakens to their own potential, (meaning they realize a sense within themselves that their own reality of the physical world extends beyond the third dimensional reality), they actually have become awakened to their Spiritual Self. Yet with that, they most probably do not have the tools to know how to deal with the higher light energies as they begin to occur within their physical consciousness.

It is important to realize within the personality, the physical consciousness, that there has been a doorway that has opened up so that all that has previously only been experienced within the dream state now comes more into a physical existence. Sometimes this process can be overwhelming to an individual and they need to learn how to deal with the energies that are all around them.

When the Masters speak of when you Awakened, they are talking about the moment in your life when you felt differently but yet may have not been able to define what is occurring. This is the first step of your Spiritual Self, known as the Higher Self, becoming more aware within your physical consciousness.

Many souls have this awakening since birth or as a young child, and then it is lost due to the third dimensional energies. Others may have such a gift of knowingness that it stays with them through childhood into adulthood, and if they are lucky they will have a mentor that will assist them through the process.

It is important to know that every Initiate goes through a different experience in their awakening. It has to do with the Etheric Self and what timelines have been opened up within them, and how, they as a Soul, have adhered to the Laws of the Universe within the previous lifetimes.

What is the same for every soul is that they need to learn that healing must occur through the four-body system, physical, etheric (chakras), emotional, and mental in order for the Spiritual Body to become more acclimated within the four body system.  It does not happen automatically; there must be a sense within the physical consciousness of all the bodies and their relative energies to each other.

On the average a soul that is awakened, has a Light Quotient of about 1-2%. This is due to the planetary existence and being in a human body. That body holds a density within its systems of each of the four bodies, and there are remembrances of many timelines within each of the Physical – Etheric – Emotional – Mental Selves.

There are many ways to increase your Light Quotient, but it must occur through each of the four levels in order to bring those bodies together to work in unison. Most lightworkers are not utilizing their potential within their four-body system due to the previous lifetimes and timelines that are still being held in the consciousness of each of the bodies.

When an Initiate, goes through a Lesson and accelerates themselves into a higher level of understanding and awareness, the Light Quotient can increase. It depends upon the type of lesson, which body(s) were affected, and how well does the Initiate hold the increased light within them.

Awareness is the key to every step of Mastery. In order to achieve the status of a 7th degree initiate within the physical body, each of the four bodies have to come to a place of unity. The Lower Ego can still be intact, but in such cases, the type of lessons that individual will experience are very earth-driven and not coming from a higher level of understanding.

This means the process of allowing the Lower Ego to become the Higher Ego (of the Spiritual Self) is the best gift any person can give to themselves. It also means that the Emotional Body becomes the Feminine Divine, while the Mental Body of the Concrete Mind becomes Abstract while igniting the Masculine Divine. The Etheric Self opens itself up to a depth of healing that is unmatched by any other way of acceleration allowing the Physical Self to accept the other bodies while creating a healing in all areas. (Overall, this is the what is termed the formal process of the Integrated Ascension path to become an Ascended Master, versus simply “Ascension” as a new age spiritual practice.)

Increasing Your Light Quotient is essential to allow all of these bodies to come together in Oneness. This means that your Heart Center becomes the Three-fold Flame of the Love (Pink), with the Will (Blue), to ignite the Power (Gold) which represents the Christ Consciousness to become active and the defining energy within the full body consciousness.

The Key to Integrated Ascension is to Build your Light Quotient so that all of the bodies can work together in unison. The Light Body is then accessed through both the masculine (mental) and feminine (emotional) essences. Every person receives energy through the Creative Source of Oneness via the Silver Cord through your higher Light Bodies known as your I Am Presence. Then, the way that you serve yourself through the lower self or the higher self depends on how much Light Quotient you hold within yourself.

Learning to utilize receptive ways of Building your Light is an essential component for you as an Initiate. If each of the four bodies are not working in unison, then your Light Quotient will be held at a low level within your entire system. When you access the higher light energies through accessing your Spiritual Self and the 12 Bodies of Light, then you will be able to increase your Light Quotient as you learn to ground it within your system.

In this way, your Light Quotient can then grow (or raise) such that it moves up to the 92% required to step into your status as Ascended while still being a physical being. (The passage from the end of the 6th Initiation into the 7th Initiation.)

To help most individuals begin to energetically embody the necessary steps, or to even help accelerate them, Walking Terra Christa is holding a Mastery Class on July 20th, 2019 at 10 AM to assist individuals in learning how to increase their Light Quotient. The teachers for this class seminar are:

Lord Saint Germain ~ You as the Initiate, need to hold clarity within your mindset of what it means to be awakened, the Pitfalls and the Blessing of the Mastery Pathway.

Lord Melchizedek ~ What is the importance for an Initiate to hold the Light physically? What it means for the consciousness of the personality and how to deal with the changes that occur.

Lord Metatron ~ also known as Archangel Metatron is the holder of Light Frequency and gives forth an understanding and acknowledgement of the Truth of the Fallen Warrior, the archetype that each of us holds within ourselves as the Angel and the Master Within. How to hold more Light in each of the four bodies will be discussed.

Included will be high level activation for Light Quotient Building including a journey to the Arcturian Starship, the North Star, for the Light Synthesis Chamber acceleration.


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What is your Self Leadership Quotient?

Everyone knows about the Light Quotient and how it needs to be properly raised to bring about a New Earth. Few understand that there are many other Ascension Mastery Quotients that go along with the process. One of the more obscure ones is the understanding of Self Leadership*.

To create “Leadership” to the material world that is of a higher frequency of light (meaning it will not reproduce past karmic conditions to reoccur), one must first look to their own internal “leadership-of-the-self” state of being. This is because authentically holding a higher light frequency can only come from your higher essence. And for it to be the best it can be, it requires us to nurture that creation specifically in a newer manner that we have yet not done before as a physical being. (i.e., we must use instead the essence of our higher spiritual self-being”.)

The “action” of true leadership is to be of service to the greater good of humanity and earth, yet if we are not in a higher balanced state of being, we cannot be effective in that leadership towards or within the energies of co-creating a new earth, instead we risk just repeating the mistakes of the past.

Therefore, the most important understanding as an Initiate in Ascension (which really is anyone who desires a Golden Age of Gaia) is to realize within your physical consciousness that you cannot give service to another until you practice healthy service to yourself. This means becoming fully balanced at a higher frequency within each of your four bodies: the physical, the etheric, the emotional, and the mental.

“Nurturance” is a term to describe attaining self balance throughout the multi-faceted energies of the four-body system. It is not just acquired or obtained in one area of life but in all aspects of your living. This is truly how you create a strong psychological self that can progress into an Ascended Self.

To understand how to create real “Nurturance” it is important to first realize that your Etheric Self, or the non-physical energetic Body of your Soul, has traveled many places throughout time/space since it originated by the Creative Source of Oneness as your “self” coming into a spark of light. The images and thoughts that you have can be very much associated with many timelines within the Inner and Outer Plane. The Inner Plane being without a physical body traveling to many ashrams of light as a soul, while the Outer Plane is reflected of being within a body, the physical existence which can be experienced within any planetary system, not just the Earth.

So you have gathered many levels of understanding, some of which may or may not be of the Light. In fact, as a human upon Earth, you would not be incarnated here if you did not carry many dark timelines of prior experiences within you. These are part and parcel of what makes you human, and more specifically the makeup of your four body structure. You hold all these thoughts, feeling and energies within your unconscious self in addition to the ones of the Light.

Your role as an Initiate on Earth at this time is to realize that it is all okay; that whatever experience you have had previously, and those of this incarnation, must all now be experienced and understood for what they are, so that as an Initiate of Mastery, your journey as a soul can now take you into a new level of Self Awareness.

This includes the ability to totally work within your own energies to heal every aspect of yourself and become more totally aligned with the Light of God while inhabiting this physical incarnation you have chosen.

This process is not an easy one, but very necessary. As an Initiate of Mastery, you have chosen to walk through many doorways to feel the existence of your Light. It takes great responsibility to do so in a very personal way.

Diligence is the first acceptance that you must have within yourself. If you are not allowing the act of stepping forward with a focus of wanting to acknowledge all parts of your existence, then you will find that your soul will fall back into the old paradigm of your personality, which is not a truth of the Divine Self.

Giving Service to yourself must become a four-part journey. For example, the physical body needs “nurturance” in many ways. Movement is an essential component, so this means exercise in some form. Walking the body is also an important element as it helps the conditioning process of that feeling within yourself to be taking one step at a time. All parts of the body must be conditioned in order to achieve the ability to move into the anti-aging process. All parts need to be oiled consistently. This means that you must eat healthy foods that bring nurturing to the physical self.

The Etheric Body has many facets of elements within it and it is all held within the chakra system. It is the totality if each energetic footprint you have created each time you have been in a physical incarnation. The main component is working within your chakra system to purge old energies but also to align the positive elements within each of the chakras. They need to work together.

The best way to do so is through utilizing the Rays of God into each of the chakras so a balance can begin to occur just as if you were walking up a grand mountain. As you take such a walk, there will be times of rest for you to adapt to the changing conditions. In this way you slowly become acclimated to higher atmospheric levels. Likewise, throughout your chakra growth there may be a purging element that occurs but then the chakra will accept the higher light energies. These then assist your vibration to be accessed through the higher dimensions of light thereby charging up and preparing the physical body to then also receive the higher light energies.

The Emotional Body is truly the focal point of the physical consciousness as it represents the ability to feel the energies that enter into the four-body system. Nurturing the emotional self means to fully encourage it to feel all feelings, not just the good ones, and then allow the issuance of tears to help heal the process. Your Emotional Body has the ability to pinpoint outside energies and bring them into a sense of well-being.

The Mental Body is very complicated. It represents the three minds of the Conscious – Sub-Conscious – and Super-Conscious. The Subconscious is the guiding thought process but many times until one allows themselves to fully go through a rewiring of their thoughts, then the subconscious can create havoc for the conscious mind (physical-self consciousness). The Super-conscious represents the Higher Mind of the Spiritual Self. It is also called the Abstract Mind, whereas the physical consciousness is called the Concrete Mind. Giving positive feedback into the Mental Body is essential to assist the subconscious to change into the super-conscious.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of healing that needs to occur within the four body system. This is equated to the blending of the Spiritual Self or Higher Self into the four bodies. This process is what we like to call Self Actualizing the Self or Self Leadership.

Only you as the Initiate can know exactly which areas you need to focus upon as you begin to gain the higher spiritual guidance.  This is absolutely essential in order to acquire a healthy psychological self. It means that you learn when you need to self-care and how you need to go about it in an informed focus for your own life upon this earth.

You are learning to blend the Spiritual Self with the Physical Self and it must go through each of the four bodies in order to achieve the ability to KNOW WHO YOU ARE”.

It is no easy undertaking, and doing it blindly or without guidance never works (or at least has not worked so far upon earth). To set the proper foundation for acquiring Self Leadership (or Spiritual Service Leadership) from the perspective of reaching a state of Ascension upon Earth, Walking Terra Christa is conducting their monthly Mastery Class on the topic of Acknowledging Your Missing Puzzle Piece of Self Leadership. This once monthly class seminar is a chance for everyone to gain a deeper knowledge of the energies of the Fifth Dimensional Ascended state of being. Enrollment is required to attend live or to access the audio recording but unlike the weekly private Academy teachings, this one is open to the public to enroll into. All live attendees get the opportunity to talk directly with Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain (who is over-lighting this course.)


Finding Your Missing Puzzle Piece of Self Leadership


Lord Melchizedek ~ Understanding the concept of Self Leadership within the role as an Initiate and Mastery

Lord Saint Germain ~ Acknowledging the Chakra System as a Doorway of Initiation into your Past Lives

Master Joshua Stone ~ Accepting that the quest to finding your Missing Puzzle Piece must start by learning about how to take care of the four-body system by breaking down step-by-step the elements that are blocking your progress – your Lower Ego.

Lady Quan Yin ~ Learning how to become the Feminine Divine through nurturing all parts of the Self, through Compassion by Accessing the Condition of Humility.

A beginning meditation utilizing the Rays of God through the Higher Light Bodies is given by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden to help participants access the higher frequencies of their spiritual self in a more balanced manner.

Each of the Ascended Master teachers shares a short exercise to gain more perspective and understandings. There is a Q&A session with Lord Saint Germain to help pinpoint any personal aspects of assistance.

Included is an ending journey meditation of traveling etherically to the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek within the 36th Dimensional Reality.


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DATE: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2018 at 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET).


CLASS DESCRIPTION:This class will bring forth high vibrational energies representing the Cosmic Levels of Awareness which is reflected within the 49th Dimensional Level of Reality.

Dr. Joshua David Stone authored over 20 books principally on the subject of Planetary Ascension. Did you know in reaching such a goal that your Ascension Pathway Journey has only just begun?

In this teaching we open the doorway to the higher frequencies of not just the Light of God, but the Love, Power, Wisdom and Will of God in terms of the Cosmic Energies, as within Ascension Mastery our Journey never ceases and many more wondrous elements of Being await. But first we must become aware that they exist, even if we are not yet able to understand them in our present mental capacity.

This class is designed to bring in those upper Octave vibrational wavelengths and atomic structures so that they begin to assist each person within their Planetary Ascension process. Given the turmoil our Earth is experiencing, there really is an urgency for more awakened souls to step into their formal Ascension training process. We invite you to do so now more then ever so you can begin to anchor your Light Body for real.



There might not be a topic that is more misunderstood than Love.

Everyone thinks they know what it is, yet at some point in life, everyone gets blindsided by discovering they did not know what they thought they knew.

Unfortunately for many souls, they seem to keep repeating the pattern, always never expecting to get another emotionally devastating jolt when they venture back into a relationship.

And it is not just relationships where we can stumble. Because all too often we try to seek out a substitute for the love we are missing. Many individuals consistently start and stop new ventures in the form of projects, jobs, or even professions. They discover a new passion that is the next big thing and pour themselves into the act of creation. And then they lose the passion for it all too soon or as soon as something more exciting comes along.

Of course, there are individuals who act this way when seeking or creating human relationships, never understanding why they can’t “stay in love” when everything seemed so great.

There are also others who are in long term relationships that all their friends admire, yet they personally are dissatisfied with the quality of their experiences. And then there are those who feel the struggle to be in a relationship is just to hard to take on or they just don’t feel ready.

As seeming different as these varied evolvements, or rather involvements, appear to be, they all suffer from the same underlying issue of imbalance in terms of Divine Love of the Self.

The truth is that to create the healthy balance we all desire in relationships so that we are both nurtured and empowered within the relationship, it all must start with the degree of wholeness that we have first created in the most important relationship we can have: the one with our self.

It is not a new concept of course. But the key to obtaining fulfilling relationships is to work upon your own personality so that you learn to create better choices and engagements and can discover how to overcome your own blind spots. For such a process to be successful you must proceed in a manner that brings growth and maturity part and parcel within the most important aspect of who you are: your spiritual center.

Despite the quick fix/immediate gratification nature of our modern lifestyles from super retreats to the newest yoga programs offering all manner of methods to reshape and re-engineer how we might act or appear to others, nothing is more important that getting to the core of our own truth.

Finding that truth – our intimate connection with our Spiritual Truth – is the only “place” where we can go to make real and permanent change. All else is window dressing that just fades over time and leaves us right back where we were. But how do we do something substantial that we clearly never mastered on our own?

Ascension Mastery is the process of creating real change by merging the Spiritual Self with the Personality Self. It is becoming more of who we really are as a Soul versus who we have come to believe we are as a person. This is why it is a different approach than mainstream programs.

This Mastery Class is designed to assist each person to begin the process using the higher spiritual energies, because let’s face it, changing the personality self is an immensely challenging journey. Many say it can’t even really be done. We have seen that it it can and is in fact very possible. It would be more accurate to say it is inevitable within the Ascension process. But only so when the entire force of consciousness that embodies love, compassion and the path of supporting true Oneness of the realm of the Ascended Masters Wisdom is honestly embraced.

We extend an invitation to begin (or continue to) co-create changing who you think you are. At the same time you will benefit the Mastery Consciousness of all humanity with the revelations you personally experience, as there is the crucial component of Grounding Higher Energies in all Walking Terra Christa teachings. Our teachings are always applauded as being very powerful and life altering by our students and participants.

While the Ascended Realm Beings can’t wave a magic wand and instantly recreate you, (as that is changing someone else and the very act of being a Master means you have free will and sovereignty over your own choices), you can begin to delve deeper into your own understandings and revelations so that you do change and achieve your Soul’s purpose for you as walk upon Gaia in this life.


DATE: SATURDAY OCTOBER 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET).

LIST OF TEACHERS: LORD SAINT GERMAIN:  Brings forth an overview of what it means to have your foundation filled with Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth. He will explain why the 21 Day Program as written by Dr. Joshua David Stone needs to be the cornerstone of all Initiates on their pathway as without some of these points an individual will still seek healing in other ways.

LORD MELCHIZEDEK:  Discusses how the Three-Fold Flame within the Heart is directly related to unconditional self-love and self-worth, and how the pitfalls of the physical walk can literally create havoc for an Initiate. He shares insights on how to not get caught up in the drama of the 3rd dimensional world.

MASTER DJWHAL KHUL:  Talks about how the Inner Child Syndrome can be a deterrent to an Initiate unless they learn how to parent their Inner Self through the energetics of Unconditional Love as given forth by the Solar Angel, Higher Self and I Am Presence.

MASTER JOSHUA STONE: Discussing how important the 21-Day Program for Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Worth is to totally heal the psychological self. He will briefly be speaking about a few of the points of his 21-day program along with giving the reasoning of how it affects the Three-Fold Flame within your Sacred Heart. These points are Owning Your Personal Power; Learning the two levels of Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Worth, Learning to Feel Good About Yourself; Learning everything in life is a Lesson; Learning how to be your own personal Alchemist.

COSMIC MASTER VYWAMUS: Gives a discussion of the effects of increasing the Light Quotient within the four-body (physical, etheric, emotional, mental); what happens, when the higher light energies should occur, and how to be vigilant within your practice.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Becoming the Sacred Chamber of the Heart represents the Three-Fold Flame to be fully acknowledged by the Initiate. Many individuals may not realize how important it is to fully become One within their Sacred Heart due to life experiences.

This class is going to address how to hold those higher light frequencies for a longer period of time by fully acknowledging what is not represented within the Three-Fold Flame. The important elements is to allow the essence of Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Worth to be fully embraced, remembered, and acknowledged no matter what the circumstances or the feelings that are erupting within the physical consciousness. This teaching is about awareness and how to pinpoint those elements that need to be healed so that the Initiate can fully Become the Sacred Chamber of the Heart.

In this class there is a question answer discussion so participants can get a better personal understanding of how they individually bring forth these energies with Lord Saint Germain. Immediately following we take an etheric journey to travel to the City of Telos with Lord Adama to receive Divine Language Network Light Attunements. We also travel to Master Djwhal Khul’s Ashram of Love and Wisdom on the Innerplane Level along with Lord Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber in the 24th Dimensional Frequency to receive light attunements of Unconditional Self-Love and Self Worth with Cosmic Master Vywamus.

Facing the MAYA in the MIRROR

Most all of us in the New Age community are very aware that we live in a world of illusions. Originating as a Sanskrit term and adapted into Buddhism and Hinduism, this concept is the esoteric teaching of the “MAYA” and the interpretation of how we can very easily get lost in it. “It” for us being our everyday material needs and activities that go along with living in a modern society.

Those who study Ascension Mastery are required to come into an intimate relationship with being able to instantly recognize when they are falling into the mistaken belief that the world of Maya is the place they will find fulfillment of their Soul’s desires for them as a physical being.

As a human we are natural seekers. We seek excitement. We seek stimulation. We seek purpose. We seek passion. We seek connection. We seek love.

In Ascension Mastery it is not that one is asked to set aside these natural expressions of who we are, it is that we are asked to always first place them in the context of who we are as an Expression of our Divinity of Light.

In other words, for us it is about how do we go about seeking our life’s desires and not necessarily about what we are doing (though for many unawakened souls, that is very much an issue).

Of course in order to accomplish this the essential skill to be acquired is being able to determine what serves my real and truest highest good in the context of the Divine, from when I am falling into the illusionary trap that what I am doing is right for me.

We often come across many Lightworkers who use their gut’s intuition to determine if they are doing the right things. The “wisdom” sayings that circulate within the belief system of the New Age community are prodigious, but despite the many New Age teachings that have been born out of the desire to assist in  liberating us, most unfortunately just still end up leading into the Maya and not away from it.

One of the most popular sayings is that one should only engage in activities and pursuits (this is including people) that “resonate” with you. The things, people, places that don’t resonate should be avoided at all cost.

Another piece of often shared wisdom is that one creates their own reality. Meaning that if you don’t focus on it, “it” won’t affect you or concern you.

But what if this kind of wisdom was actually wrong, or at the very least, deeply misleading?

If we consider that humanity as a whole is deeply entrenched in a collective consensuses reality (that is, living life on earth together), then that reality is, well to put it plainly: real. It is who we are. Otherwise you could just re-imagine yourself living on some other planet, and poof, there you would be.

And more importantly, if almost everything you as a human have experienced in life comes from that collective set of rules and constructs, what resonates with you is going to be dictated only by your reaction to that collective reality. Either for it, or against it. Which means, if you don’t like something, it is a reaction that is based on your own personal experience in the Maya itself.

Now add onto that that you as a human soul have experienced 100’s of lifetimes within that same Maya, and you begin to see that the ability to determine what is good in terms of “your Highest Good as a Divine Soul” has very little in common with your reactions and abilities at choosing what is good for you from the perspective of the normal human ego. You could be very good at making choices as a wise human who has had many life experiences, but very bad at making choices as a human who now needs to connect to your Divine Soul of the Higher Self.

Which is why earth, and humanity, are still pretty much overall in the same global state of conditioning that we have been for eons of time. We are not “free of the Maya” for the simple reason that it requires a new skill set of learning how to connect with our Divinity before we can make choices from that Divinity.

As a human in the physical existence, we have not yet learned this skill or otherwise our reality on earth would collectively be very different in a tremendously positive manner.

So how does one go about getting past the Maya of what they think they know to discover what they do not know?

First we must step outside of our ego self and roll the dice on our Divine Self, even though we will be very uncomfortable and actually not resonate with the energies of the Divine Soul.

Physically realizing the Divine Soul upon earth can not be made real just by meditating and speaking holy words. It must be formed through the fiery crucible of breaking the illusions of the ego self that are mirrored back to us solely from our past experiences.

It requires taking a chance on something that is as strange to our human consciousness as walking on the planet Jupiter would feel.

Welcome to the pathway of the initiate in Ascension Mastery.

The teaching class that we are doing is exactly the types of learning experience one requires to venture forth into what is truly unknown unfamiliar territory. If you are actually interested in breaking through the illusions of the self, it must start with connecting to the real higher energies, the ones that do not always make you “feel good” and “resonate”. The reality based truth for the human ego is that it does not seek out what is not familiar or has no resonant connection. The lower ego’s desire is to only do what excites it and feeds it, helps it feel love, but only according to the rules it already knows.

This is why the ego self keeps getting us into the same troubles and repeating the same mistakes over and over, both as a global community and an individual.

But if you feel ready to start walking through the doorway and pave the way toward your own connection to your real Divine Soul’s truth, we invite you to sign up for the in-depth teaching about Renouncing the Maya within us. In this way we can all begin to actually start building the real foundation that co-creates a new reality for earth.

Understanding and Incorporating Higher Light Frequencies within Ascension Mastery: The COSMIC LIGHT QUOTIENT EMBODIMENT Teaching Series

FORMAT: AUDIO LIVE ONLINE or PHONE or DOWNLOAD (after class concludes*)
TOPIC: “Commitment to Your Path Of Light”


Click Here To Read More or to Enroll in this Ascension Mastery Class


Decrees ~ Cycle 5 – Transfiguration, Part 1

Walking Terra Christa provided the Cycle 5, Transfiguration, Part 1 – Restructuring the Mental Self of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara, Hierophant for the third Initiation of Ascension Mastery, representing the Mental Body. 

The Third Initiation relates to Self Mastery over the Ego and Lower Mind – Lord Sanat Kumara is Hierophant. It is the initiation of Allowing Physical Desire to be replaced with the Higher Devotion of Light

We decided to take the understanding the the third initiation and separate into two parts, the first one being Restructuring the Mental Mind. We worked with the second flame of Love and Wisdom as it is the first entryway into the Christ Consciousness. It allows for the softer approach to be acknowledged within the Mental Mind preparing for the stage of Transfiguration. (In our next cycle we are working with Part 2, Recreation of the Mental Self.)

The Ray of Love and Wisdom is represented by the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah which resides in the States of Indiana and Illinois in North America. It is the City of Fruition and Attainment of Desires bringing forth the Christ Consciousness. It is reflected within the Golden Yellow Flame.

Ray 2 ~ Love & Wisdom Representing Compassionate Love For All Beings
Chakra:  Crown
Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio
Chohan:  Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Master Joshua Stone
Represented By:  The Office of the Christ ~ Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Buddha (Planetary Logos)
Elohim Masters:  Apollo & Lumina
Archangels:  Jophiel & Christine
Toning Sound:  “I – AUM”
Characteristics:  Expansion of the Lower Mind with the flow of the Higher Mind, Radiance of the Self, having abilities to access your Insight and Intuition, Loyalty, Generosity, being calm with great endurance, while being very patient in all endeavors.
Virtues That Can Be Acquired:  Love of Truth, Faithfulness, Ernest Spiritual Study especially concerning the process of Initiations and the Science of Ascension as taught by the Ascended Masters, Exhibiting Unselfishness, and  a Serene Temper.
Lower Elements which can be dissipated:  Over Absorption in Studies without balance, Coldness, Indifference to Others, following a strict religious practice and not connecting to Universal Consciousness, and contempt of Mental Limitations in others.

The entire city is completely encased by a large pyramid structure which is represented by Divine Mother and Divine Father God, it is also represented by Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.  The outlying areas of the crystalline panels that are erected around the city are representative of the 352 levels of initiations along with the 49th dimensional frequencies.  This is why the pyramid is so large and it represents the initiation of the global forces within the Priesthood of Melchizedek and the conglomerate understanding of what an initiate is all about; an initiate can come into this pyramid and get more of an understanding. The most important thing is that you will have balance within your Mental and your Emotional levels, so that your lower Mental Body is not activated, but blended with your Higher Self.

This visit to the city was guided by the Elders Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio and the Ray Chohans Master Djwhal Khul with Master Joshua Stone within the Ashram of the Christ Temple.

The focus for this teaching was to Understand the State of Transfiguration – The Process of Transforming the Physical Existence into the Purity of the Christ Consciousness ~  LEARNING HOW TO STEP INTO YOUR DIVINE TRUTH.


As I am learning more about the 3rd Initiation,

Representing the Mental Body,

I desire to understand the process of TRANSFIGURATION,

And what that may mean for me personally within my four body system.

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

Which resides over the States of Illinois and Indiana in North America.

I arrive at the gateway to the city.

It is completely encased with an amazing Golden Pyramid of Light,

I am met by the Elders Lord Ralya and Lady Ralyio,

Who Guide me into the entranceway.

Immediately I am overtaken by the immense amount of this flame,

It starts to filter within my Crown Chakra,

As I feel there is a realignment occurring within my four-body system.

I breathe deeper and feel the immense qualities of the Golden Yellow,

Centering within my Heart Chakra,

I feel a sense of Peace and Love,

That is truly a gift that I needed to receive in this moment.

We walk into this magnificent garden that is located to the left of the main temple,

I see many pyramids all around the area,

The land is filled with many colors of flowers and greenery,

The sun is filling me up with a sense of deep contentment.

We sit together as Lord Rayla and Lady Ralyio stretch out their arms,

I see this magnificent stream of the Golden Yellow coming within me,

It circles around me and then inside of my Heart,

I feel a little dizzy, but very peaceful.

They tell me to just allow the flame of this light,

To immerse within my Heart,

So that I may feel the Divine Love that is being imparted in this moment.

I then see Masters Djwhal Khul and Joshua Stone approaching me,

I arise and they given me an embrace of love,

I feel their strength but also their pure essence of knowingness.

They share with me that the first initial light from the Elders,

Will assist me to bring forth a sense of serenity and calmness;

This is done in this way to prepare my lower mind to surrender unto the energies.

I realize they are right as I am not thinking about anything,

But just feeling this beautiful light.

They both sit beside me, one on each side;

I feel their essence of Love but deep desire to assist me;

I don’t think I have ever felt anything like this intensity.

I start to become emotional,

Master Djwhal Khul tells me that this is a good sign,

As my Astral Self has gone through a transformation,

Readying for the Mental Self to receive and accept the Divine Qualities of Light.

I told them that I feel it intensely,

And I do desire to make the necessary changes within my Mental Body;

We arise together and walk unto the Golden Pathway,

As I am now ready to walk into the Ashram of the Christ,

To truly start the process of honoring my Divine Self;

I am ready to see the untruth that has been shared with me,

From my Subconscious Mind,

As I transform into the Divine Mind I desire to hold within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The second visit was with Elohim Masters Apollo & Lumina with the Archangels Jophiel & Christine. They took us on a very magical energy into a deeper part of the city than has been explored previously. 

We arrive into the Forest of Intention and experience release energies that need to be dispelled allowing all elements to surface. Then, we will walked down a garden pathway filled with many flowers on each side, the golden sunlight beans down upon us, as we then reach an opening where the sky meets the earth, where everything comes into Oneness, seeing this magnificent lake that resembles a beautiful ocean but it is very calm. It is called the Embodiment of Illumination. We then traveled across the lake to a special area called the Island of Radiance where we received special blessings from Lord Buddha in a meditation garden called Blessings of Illumination.


The Focus for this class was the learn how to Become the Mastery of Your Own Reality. The teaching represented the ability to Expand the Love and Powers of Light to burn away the dross of the Lower Mind while concentrating on the Intention and not the lower reality that a soul can perceive themselves to be.


As I am learning to Restructure my Lower Mind,

I am guided to work within the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

Which resides over the states of Illinois and Indiana in North America.

I am met at the entranceway of Malancheiah,

by the Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina,

With the Archangels Jophiel and Christine.

I feel their magnificent light energies,

With such a warmth and deep compassion.

Immediately we step into this little vehicle,

That just glides across the ground,

We pass the Ashram of the Christ,

As we travel quite a distance into what they call,

The Unchartered Territory.

There are no buildings,

We have bypassed all of the Golden Pyramid Temples,

Into a Pristine and Beautiful existence of Beauty.

We stop and get out of the tram,

We walk through a beautiful meadow,

That guides us into the Forest of Intention.

Within the forest,

There is a place for us to sit upon some rocks,

There is beautiful green moss growing everywhere,

With the warmth of the sun shining through the trees.

I feel a sense of warmth and deep understanding,

Running through my Mind,

Elohim Apollo and Lumina embrace me with their light,

I feel that they want to assist me deeply on my journey of the Lower Mind,

They ask me to just allow the thoughts of my dysfunctional self,

To come out of my chakras;

I find myself releasing through tears,

As the Divine Qualities within this forest is helping me,

To allow my Truth to be my Guide.

I state my Divine Intentions as I breath into my Higher Consciousness,

I sense my Higher Self knows exactly what I need to do.

As I sit upon the rock, I feel its essence helping me to accept what I am thinking,

I now start to embrace the experience of being centered within myself,

As my intentions that I speak become stronger.

I feel the wind on my face,

Which Apollo shares is the removal of lifetimes of hurt,

Coming out of my Etheric Self.

Then the Archangels Jophiel and Christine,

Wrap their wings around me,

I feel this Golden Light being immersed within my entire four body system,

They are pulling away the elements that I no longer need.

I am grateful to them, along with the Elohim Apollo and Lumina,

For helping me to understand what I could not see before.

We all arise from where we are sitting,

Continuing the journey through the forest;

As we walk through a banner of beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers,

That seem to be trees with all kinds of buds,

We walk under the overhang of these amazing flowers;

I start to feel the Divine Qualities of the Golden Yellow Flame,

Permeating into my Crown Chakra.

I am now perceiving the thoughts within my mind,

Becoming harmonious with my Higher Mind,

There is no longer a separation within me.

We then arrive at the opening of a glorious lake,

It is huge but yet so calm,

It looks like an ocean,

But yet I see it is not.

Both the Elohim and Archangels share that it is called,

The Lake of Illumination.

We step forward and enter a small boat,

As we travel across the water,

I feel the wind, the sun, the freshness of the water,

While connecting to the Earth.

The boat travels for miles and then I see a small island,

It is absolutely beautiful,

With flowering plants, bushes, rocks, crystals everywhere.

Apollo and Lumina with Jophiel and Christine,

Tell me that this is the Island of Radiance,

That it is now time for me to experience the Love that my Higher Self,

Desires me to hold within my consciousness.

I am excited,

And completely honored,

To have this experience with all of these masters,

Of the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom

I AM that I AM that I AM.

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/May 16th and 23rd, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available. Please make sure you state which class you want to purchase in the PayPal link.

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.

Decrees ~ Cycle 3 ~ Actions Create Reality

Walking Terra Christa provided the third cycle of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Maitreya, Hierophant for the first Initiation of Ascension Mastery, representing our Physicality. In other words the way we Breathe, Eat, Feel, and Think equals our State of Action in our lives.

We traveled to the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah which resides in North America over the states of Arizona and New Mexico. This city represents “The Bridge to Freedom”.

The City of Galoneiah is represented by the Blue Flame of Will and Power:

Ray 1 ~ Learning that Strength & Power is Allowing Tolerance & Patience to Be Within
Color:  Deep Blue; Chakra:  Throat
Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Alura & Aluri
Chohan:  Master El Morya
Elohim Masters:  Hercules & Amazonia
Archangels:  Michael & Faith
Toning Sound:  “HAM, HE”

This ray represents the ability to fully accept your Will and Power within the physical body.  The essence of Will and Power from the Higher Aspect includes the utilization of the Higher Mind, Higher Heart and the I AM Presence.  It helps to bring forth the characteristics of Strength, Courage, Truthfulness, Fearlessness while igniting Tenderness, Humility, Sympathy, Tolerance, Protection, Faith, Initiative, and Patience. It helps to alleviate the lower aspects of Pride, Ambition, Hardness Arrogance, Desire to Control Others, Obstinacy. Anger, Inconsistent Behaviors that are unreliable and addictive.

The Keyword of this cycle is Responsibility, Unconditional Love, and Service To the Self.

Understanding the energies of Master El Morya:  As Chohan of the First Ray, El Morya represents the Will of God and stands by anyone desiring of doing God’s Will. He came to Earth as a guardian spirit from the planet Mercury.  Prior to taking this post he embodied several times as a king. He is a man of action.  He is known for his ability to get things done, without taking any detours.  While he is a strong leader and a relentless Guru, he is prepared to help those who follow him and who share his enthusiasm in completing certain projects.

Our first visit to the city was guided by Master El Morya into the Temple of the Bridge of Freedom.

The intentions for the energies of this class was CREATING BALANCED ENERGY WITHIN THE 4-BODY SYSTEM.


I am embarking upon a journey of self-discovery,

Learning that all of my experiences are a reflection within myself,

I step forward with Master El Morya to learn how to bring forth balance within me.

I am unsure if I am ever balanced in all my bodies,

Sometimes I feel I am centered within my thoughts,

And other times my feelings contain moments of happiness,

But yet, I still have a tendency to not share with others,

What I am really feeling inside of me.

I enter the Gateway of the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah,

Where Master El Morya is awaiting my arrival;

I am anxious but excited at the same time,

As I understand Master El Morya is very strict and powerful in his approach,

To all of his students.

I look in front of me and see a magnificent city of Blue Light,

It is sparkling everywhere I look,

In the ground, in the trees, in the waters of the land.

Master El Morya greets me with a warm embrace,

We walk together as he asks me to connect with my Higher Self;

I breathe deeply and feel my Higher Consciousness,

Starting to flow into my Heart Center.

I can feel the excitement within my Higher Self,

That I am ready to see what I could not see before.

As we continue our journey,

Master El Morya shares with me that as an Initiate of Mastery,

We don’t always see within ourselves what needs to be healed,

As we spend so many moments trying to be better,

The true reflection is sometimes hidden from our view.

We follow a garden pathway that takes us into the middle of the City,

There is a beautiful fountain with exquisite Blue Light,

Right away I start to feel a shift in my consciousness,

Almost like what I was feeling before was not my true reality.

Master El Morya asks me to stand at the fountain,

To fully feel the blue essence of Will and Power,

It seems like there is this stream of light that enters my Throat Chakra,

I feel it spinning with the beautiful essence of the Blue Flame.

I actually start to feel a change occurring within my Throat area,

As the flame ignites a sense of trusting that all is okay with me.

I react to this energy in a very positive manner,

As I can see that I am totally out of balance,

But I trust what Master El Morya is assisting me with today.

I am no longer anxious,

But ready to work with Master El Morya;

He smiles at me and says ‘Now you are ready.”

We walk together towards the Temple of the Bridge of Freedom,

I now understand why this temple is so very important,

I feel its power and strength,

Enabling me to step into a new world of understanding,

With Master El Morya walking with me,

Every step of the way.

I Am that I Am that I Am

The second visit to the city was with the Elohim Hercules and Amazonia with Archangels Michael and Faith.

Hercules is the Elohim of DECISION.  Without the Will to Do there cannot be any accomplishment.  He is known for his power and strength and Amazonia is also very powerful as she brings forth the Feminine Divine of Power and Strength through the feeling level of the Emotional Body.

Archangel Michael, as most of us know him well, is the Archangel of Faith and Protection.  He is the Director of the Angelic Kingdom and representative of the First Ray.  He works with assist souls finding the right balance whether in or out of body helping anyone in distress who desires his help. Archangel Faith embodies the God quality of faith, which resides within every human heart.  Faith is the substance of all things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.



As I continue my journey of Opening the Doorway to my Higher Consciousness,

I am guided to visit the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah;

I am met by Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia,

With Archangels Michael and Faith.

The embrace my energies as I receive a surge of the Blue Flame,

Brought forth by Lord  Alura and Lady Aluri;

I feel as if I am walking on a blue cloud of light,

As I am being carried across the land.

I have arrived in a beautiful garden,

I look and see there are many mountains around me in the distance,

They have a quality of a deep red with brown, with blue streaks within the rocks;

The garden is filled with many flowers, and beautiful walkways,

The look like Golden Bricks.

Both the Elohim and Archangels beckon me to come forward,

I feel a surge of deep love and admiration from each of them,

As my Emotional body is now feeling the divine blessings they extend to me.

We sit together in a circle,

Around a Reflection Pool,

It is absolutely pristine in the blue light,

The sun is sparkling down upon the water,

And is reflecting back to me what I have desired to feel in my life.

Archangel Michael shares that now is the time to move deeper into my consciousness,

It is time to allow yourself to feel the faith,

That your journey is now opening into a new direction;

He extends his Blue Sword to me as Faith embraces me with her divine light.

I breathe deeper into my Power Center, my Solar Plexus,

I feel the fear within me that I am not good enough,

That it is not time,

But yet both of them help me to see the Truth that it is time.

Then the Elohim come forward,

Hercules takes my hands and Amazonia stands behind me,

They ignite within me a sense of power I have not been able to experience before,

Hercules tells me this is THE WILL TO DO,

“With our assistance you cannot fail.”

I arise with each of them and they ask me to look into the Reflection Pool,

I see my essence,

I can feel how my Etheric Body is feeling very tired,

And it is being reflected into my Emotional and Physical Body;

I have held on too long with the elements that I thought I needed.

I feel the strength of both the Archangels and the Elohim,

They give me the power inside myself to open up the door unto new experiences,

That are healthier for my entire full body system.

I then look inside the Pool again,

I see my essence changing,

Where there was dark energies, it is now changing into the Blue Essence,

I feel the ability to transmute these elements,

And transform my Etheric Soul Essence,

As I do so, my Physical Body is changing,

I feel the change within me as the thoughts that arrive from my Subconsciousness,

Now turn into strength, as I have persevered to experience this moment,

And am now being rewarded.

I am ready to walk with Archangels Michael and Faith,

With the Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia;

As I learn more about who I truly am from my Soul’s Perspective,

I Am that I Am that I Am.

For the third visit of this cycle we traveled to the Golden City of Telos (below Mount Shasta) experiencing the energies of the Light Ray Center under the direction of Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.

This special area within Telos houses 22 Temples of Light that embody each of the 22 Rays of God including a Temple of Initiation which houses many meeting rooms and chambers of light for acceleration and healing. It is a new area within the community which has been created to assist initiate to experience each of the Rays of God and directly work with the Ray Chohans and Beings that overlight each of the flames of Light.

The focus was to work with the Blue Temple of Will and Power (qualities listed above) and then the Violet-Purple of Ceremonial Order and Discipline (shown below).

The qualities of the 7th Flame are represented by the Elders Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio, Ray Chohan Lady Portia, Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. This ray is having the ability to be a true alchemist who brings forth characteristics of precision, skill, grace, diplomacy, tact, and discipline. It helps to transform and bring forth purification. It is also represented by the 1st Initiation of Ascension Mastery to set the foundation of all of the following initiations for the disciple.

Our intention for this class was for each participant to focus upon WHAT ACTIONS WERE EMBODIED TO CREATE THEIR REALITY.

In the Temple of Initiation, Lord Maitreya, who is the Hierophant for the 1st Initiation, helped each individual to combine the energies of the Decisive Action (1st Ray) to become the reality and then act upon that reality through your new foundation with Ceremonial Structure (7th Ray).


As I continue my journey of learning more about my four-body system,

I am guided to work with Lord Adama in the Light Ray Center in Telos,

I am excited to visit this Center in Telos,

Where there is a temple for each of the rays.

I arrive into the Center,

I see Lord Adama and Lady Galactia,

Awaiting my arrival.

There are many lights representing all the Flames of God;

We walk past the Temple of Initiation;

Unto the crystalline pathway that takes us to each of the smaller temples,

We arrive at the Temple of Will and Power,

Its structure is flaming with the Blue Ray;

We step inside the temple with its amazing light frequencies,

I am embraced by Master El Morya,

I see Hercules and Amazonia of the Elohim,

Along with the Archangels Michael and Faith;

Master El Morya motions me to a chair that is sitting in the middle of the room,

There are chambers of light completely around the temple walls,

I am asked to breathe into my Throat Chakra,

As the Blue Flame will assist me to see what needs to be healed.

As I do so,

I realize that I desire to feel centered and balanced,

There is an element that is removed by the blue flame,

I was fearful to truly see who I am,

I now embody the Faith to see my Inner truth.

Lord Adama then escorts me to the Temple of Ceremonial Structure,

The 7th Flame of Violet and Purple;

As we step out of the 1st Temple, I thank Master El Morya,

Along with the Elohim Masters and Archangels;

We follow the pathway all the way around the circle,

We reach the 7th Temple;

As I enter,

I see Lady Portia in all her magnificence,

She embraces me,

I then see the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria,

Along with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethest representing this ray.

I see there is a burning flame of the violet-purple in the middle of the room,

She asks me to take a moment and reflect upon the same element,

I desire to hold within myself.

There are three steps onto a platform in the middle of the flame.

I am guided to walk unto it,

As I do so, I feel the Violet-Purple flowing within me;

She then does the same as Master El Morya,

“Breathe into your Sacral Chakra with your intended action of your life,

I do as she suggests;

I feel little elements coming out of my Sacral,

That do not reflect a balanced state of being centered;

In this flame I feel arrogance that I was holding within me.

As the flame burns deeper, I breathe,

I see the discordant energy coming out of me.

I now start to realize that my Right Action,

Was challenged by my sense of arrogance within me.

I step down off the platform and we walk out of the temple.

Everyone is walking with me from both Temples,

Along with Lord Adama and Lady Galactia;

We continue walking in a circle to the entranceway of the Temple of Initiation.

It is now time for me to connect with Lord Maitreya,

As he is going to assist me to become the Balanced State I desire;

I am ready,

I feel supported as we enter the Temple of Initiation.

I am so grateful to experience this journey with the Masters,

Of the Blue and Violet-Purple Flame;

I thank them immensely for walking with me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.


©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/March 14th, 21st,and 28th 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available. Please make sure you state which class you want to purchase in the PayPal link.

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.

Decrees ~ Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment ~ Cycle 2 ~ Soul Contracts

Walking Terra Christa provided the second cycle of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Master Thoth and Lord Melchizedek in which Soul Contracts was the focus for accelerated healing.

We traveled to the Golden City of Fronlahamm which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Atlanta, Georgia and South Carolina in the United States, North America. This city represents Freedom and fully accessing Personal Alchemy.

Understanding the ray energies helps to acknowledge how the city will assist an individual to access the light energies represented by the Violet-Purple.

Ray 7:  Creating Magic by Accessing Purification & Transformation of the Self

Definition: Ceremonial Order and Discipline, Sacred Living, Spiritual Traditon & Protocol

Color: Deep Purple with Hues of Violet

Chakra: Sacral; Toning Sound: OOO

Elders: Lord Teesian & Lady Teesio

Ray Chohan: Lady Portia; Elohim Masters: Arcturus & Victoria; Archangels: Zadkiel & Amethyst

Characteristics: Walking a pathway of creating order in life through sacredness of Divine Structure, Spiritual Grounding, Violet Flame Invocation, Spiritual Tradition and Discipline. Is the ray of transmutation into transformation, then grounding that energy. to fully becoming the Personal Alchemist.


Our first visit was guided by Lady Master Portia with Lord Saint Germain into the Temple of Alchemy which is the main temple within the city.


As I embark upon the journey within my Etheric Self,

I desire to allow the higher light energies to assist me,

To transform elements that I have held for eons of lifetimes;

Many of them are in a lower dimensional state of consciousness,

And I desire to change my outlook within my Etheric Self.

I have been called to journey to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm,

Which resides over Atlanta, Georgia and South Carolina in the USA.

As I arrive in the city, I am mesmerized by the beautiful flame,

Of the Violet/Purple;

It is everywhere I look,

In fact there are hues through the entire city that resembles a mist of light.

I am met by Lord Saint Germain and his Beloved, Lady Portia.

They embrace me and walk me into a beautiful garden that overlooks the city,

We sit together as they help me to see what I need to concentrate upon for this visit,

I realize that I think I know who I am,

But intuitively within my Higher Mind,

I realize there is so much more depth than I could see.

We walk through a pathway of light,

There are overhanging branches with many colors,

I feel them beckoning me to open up all my chakras;

I sense a tingling sensation down my spine and into all my meridians,

I realize that I am sensing a new part of my existence.

Lady Portia explains that this pathway represents an awakening of,

Electromagnetic energies that will help open up my sensors;

As the physical body becomes accustomed to the spiritual body,

Then they work together as one.

I understand what she means,

It feels I am stepping into a new space of awakening within myself;

We then see there is an entrance to the Temple of Alchemy.

There are flowers everywhere and singing from Angels and beautiful Beings,

I feel like it is a Clarion Call to myself;

Lord Saint Germain tells me to be within my own power,

To feel my own strength and courage;

As the doorway is now opening into a new phase of my awareness,

I step into the Temple with my guides;

The room is enormous and I am overwhelmed,

There are light columns all around the room;

As we find our place within the gathering place,

I realize that I did not know myself;

I am being more awakened each moment.

As I now look forward to the next step of my journey;

Knowing more about the history of my soul.

I am excited and also unsure, but I feel Lord Saint Germain and Lady Portia,

Supporting me with love and compassion;

I am ready to see what I have not seen before.

I Am that I Am that I Am

The second visit to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm was guided by Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria along with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst.

The focus of this class was to allow each student to intend what their best ATTITUDE would feel like in their life on a continual basis.


The lesson was to pick one of the following Archetypes that you desire to hold within your Etheric Self. This may be one that you already have and are working through the issues within your contracts or it may be one that seems far away from your ability to acquire these characteristics within yourself. As you work with this energy, then the old timelines will be cleared through the energetic exchange.

CHANGE MAKER – able to make changes with no effort;
RISK TAKER – able to step through new doorways without fear or anxiousness getting in your way;
THE TRUSTED SOUL – you trust every action you take and others see that in you;
PRIEST/PRIESTESS – the personality of being the Priest or Priestess, what it entails with responsibility, respect, inner truth, and the Good of the All;
GREAT SOUL – Within your Etheric Self you hold this energy but you have forgotten about it; the great soul represents again, truth, respect of others, compassion, have love but knowing your own boundaries;
ANCESTOR – What timelines do you need to access through your own ancestor history; this is not the history of your genetics from your biological family but the genetics of your soul’s history;|
QUEEN/KING – When the Queen and King reign within the power of Divine Truth, then there is respect for their kingdom, the people, themselves and each other; knowing these truths is very essential to uphold this archetype;
ASSISTANT – Being the person that can stand by another person, possibly to learn something from their mentor or teacher, but upholding the same ideals which the person you are working with is able to do within their lives; giving service from the Heart and not because it is required of you;
LOVER – In this positive Archetype it is important to bring forth the qualities of Divine Love and not physical love, being a person who is able to see Love in all ways of the world. There must be a balance within this energy and this archetype can be combined with others like the Priest/Priestess or the Queen/King. It is more of a characteristic than an Archetype as it needs to be in balance.
PIONEER – This is a very important Archetype as it represents each Initiate on their pathway; they are forging ahead with ideals of looking at life differently, it is stepping ahead of the crowd and speaking their truth for the Good of All.
TEACHER – As a soul travels through many lives of learning, this Archetype becomes an inherited condition that when the time is right the characteristics of being a Teacher must be exercised with the Truth of the Universal Laws;
MASTER – This Archetype needs to be illuminated by every Initiate; not because of the attraction to Mastery but standing in the Power of Love will gain Wisdom. It takes many lifetimes to achieve this pathway of Initiation and once done there is still much work that needs to be done. It is the beginning of the Soul’s entryway into the Godforce of Light.


As I am learning how to heal my Etheric Body of Light,

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm,

Which resides over Atlanta, Georgia and South Carolina in the United States of America;

I am met by the Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria along with,

The Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst.

This city is represented by the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Structure,

Encased with the Violet-Purple Flame;

Bringing forth transmutation of the old into holding the new essence that is acquired.

I am excited to work with these magnificent beings of light,

As I step into the city they greet me with their beautiful essence,

We walk down the hillside that takes us past the main temple,

Into a forest area;

The scenery is magnificent with hues of Violet and Purple,

Within the mountains, the trees, the land I walk upon.

As we walk towards the forest,

There is a clearing with flowers and plants around my feet,

I start to feel a shift immediately coming up into my Earth Star,

Emitting a quality of peace but yet purification as it travels into my Chakra system.

This is called the Enchanted Garden;

As we find a seat,

I realize that my Intention that I desired to be,

Is being actualized within me.

Elohim Arcturus shares that this is an important realization,

As it makes the journey so much easier if I can feel it immediately;

I see Lady Victoria circling around me as she is igniting electrons of light,

It is moving into my Etheric Body as I am starting to feel a great change.

Archangel Zadkiel stands before me with his widespread wings,

He asks me to allow my negative thoughts to be felt in my Solar Plexus;

There is a burst of wind with the Violet/Purple flame swirling around me,

I can feel the negativity of where I have been before,

Being washed away by his pure essence.

Lady Amethyst completely soothes my energy;

I am starting to feel what it is like to be immersed,

Within my highest Spiritual Attitude of myself;

It permeates into all of my chakras especially within my heart,

As I am now,

Allowing myself to see the power of Surrender occurring right within me.

We arise from where we were sitting,

Each of these Divine Beings walk with me,

As we travel deeper into the magical forest.

I look forward to learning more,

As I am anxious to continue the healing I already started;

I am confident within myself and feel completely loved.

I trust in the Elohim and Archangels,

Of the 7th Flame to assist me in each step I need to take;

To find my true self and allow my Etheric Body to heal,

From the many timelines that have kept me in bondage.

I feel free and ready for the next challenge,

Of my journey;

I Am that I Am that I Am.

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/February 14th and 21st, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available. Please make sure you state which class you want to purchase in the PayPal link.

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.


Walking Terra Christa’s Ascension Mastery Training for 2018 entails the Divine Work of Lord Melchizedek “Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment”.

In January we introduced the energies of Lord Melchizedek, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma through the Cosmic Rays of God.

Our first teaching included a visit to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Mount Shasta, CA in North America. It is represented by the 22nd Ray of the Platinum Flame overlighted by all of the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic Dimensions of Light.


As I call upon my I Am Presence,

I step onto the pathway of knowing who I Am,

Embracing MY Light that I received in 2017.

As I arrive in 2018,

I am deeply honored to work with Lord Melchizedek,

As he brings forth the teachings of his Priesthood,

Through the Initiations,

Through the Characterization of those Initiations,

Through the FEELING level;

And to truly experience the Higher Light Quotient That I deserve to receive.

As I travel today to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia,

I call upon Lord Melchizedek to walk with me.

I feel the Platinum Flame with its HUGE Silver and Golden Tones,

Translucent colors of Blues, and Pinks, and Violets;

It comes into my Crown Chakra

Which is the first step of allowing my Full-Body System,

to receive the 5th-Dimensional energies of completion.

As I travel in my Merkabah Vehicle of Light with Lord Adama,

I arrive in the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia.

With its BEAUTIFUL colors of Light.

I SEE many other Initiates walking with me,

I FEEL the BEAUTIFUL connection of my Goddess and my God Self,

as I learn to fully EMBODY these Frequencies of Light,

into my physical existence.

I walk upon a Golden Pathwaywith BEAUTIFUL bricks that SHINE,

with the COLORS of the Platinum Flame.

I feel happiness here,

I feel a DEEP connection to my Divine Self.

As I walk with Lord Adama and Lady Galactia,

I realize how deeply I am being helped in so many ways.

We walk into a beautiful garden,

and there awaiting us is Lord Melchizedek;

And I see others,

Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Metatron,

And the CONSCIOSNESS of the Mahatma is all around me,

There’s a beautiful fountain.

As I walk towards the fountain, down the hillside,

There are many others awaiting my arrival.

It is now time for ME to FULLY believe that I am deserving,

to receive this Divine Light within myself.

I feel a tingling sensation through all my chakras,

I feel my heart EXPANDING,

And my Solar Plexus just VIBRATING with the DEEPEST Love Essence.

I realize that this year of 2018 is an open doorway for me

to KNOW my Divine Self on a MUCH deeper level,

than I ever thought possible.

I look forward to my journey with all these beautiful Masters;

And I especially thank my Higher Self,

for assisting me to arrive in this moment of time.

I take a deep breath,

and I feel the illumination of my I Am Presence.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

We continued the journeys with Lord Melchizedek, first within the City of Shamballah (Machu Pichu) which represents the 16th Ray of the Light Violet White Flame.  It is overlighted not only with Lord Melchizedek but includes Lord Metatron and the Mahatma (Consciousness as One Universal Being).


The year of 2018 has arrived,

I am working on allowing my Mastery Pathway,

To become more grounded within my physical vehicle;

I am now working with Lord Melchizedek,

To help me accelerate my consciousness,

So it reflects more of my I Am Presence.

I am guided to arrive within the Golden Etheric City of Shamballah,

Which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Machu Pichu in Peru,

I am very excited as this city truly reflects the energies,

Of the 16th Flame of Light Violet White Light.

As I enter the gateway of the City I am met by

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma,

Who call themselves the “3 M’s”.

The Mahatma is truly not a being of light but a consciousness,

Which is reflected in a huge beam of light,

Overlighted through Divine Mother and Father God.

It seems as if this energy is more of a heavenly transparent Light Creation,

Who truly oversees all 352 Levels of the God Force,

It seems this energy is blended within Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron,

And actually feels like there are three of them.

We walk together as I start to get used to the higher frequency,

That is illuminated within the city,

We step unto a beautiful pathway of Golden Light Stones,

That are reflecting the Light Violet White Light,

Through their essence.

I feel the energies of this ray coming up through my feet,

Into my Lower Limbs and moving up into my entire Central Canal,

It is beaming upwards until it fills up my Crown Chakra.

We walk through a valley of beautiful flowers,

With low lying bushes that create a pathway through the immense garden,

I look across the hillside and I can see far and wide,

The immensity of the city is so breathtaking,

I breathe deeper and they show me in the far distance,

Up on the hillside is the Temple of the I Am.

The 3M’s guide me to an amazing body of water,

You may say it is a lake,

But it is much larger;

It sparkles with the Light Violet White energies,

And I can feel the intensity of this flame,

As this body of water is called The Synthesis of Light,

There is a walkway that goes around the lake,

It is so big that I cannot see all of it,

As it winds around a bend,

With flowering trees that are sparkling with the White and Violet Lights.

The 3M’s ask me to come closer,

The lake is igniting an amazing energy,

I can feel it in my feet, and all around me,

There are beautiful fountains in the lake,

Igniting the Flame of the I AM Presence.

I am asked to sit on one of the benches at the shore,

The water is flowing unto the dry land,

I see that there is pure white sand with flecks of violet in the bottom;

In this moment I start to feel a change occur within my consciousness.

Very faintly I hear angels singing “AUM”,

It reverberates across the water as I feel a vibrational change within me,

The 3M’s ask me to chant the same back to the Angels,

As I do so, I start to feel a shift within my consciousness.

I am now becoming One within the sound of the “AUM”,

Even more so than before;

The 3M’s are singing with me, the Angels are replying in their song,

And I am feel the most beautiful moment of my physical existence.

My body shifts with this light within me,

I feel my Emotional Body becoming One with my Feminine Self,

As My Mental Body does the same with my Masculine Self.

I Am now becoming more in attune with my I Am Presence,

My Monad, and My Higher Self,

As all comes into alignment within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Our next journey took us to the Golden Etheric City of Vanerathian-Lanneah (over Kashmir). It represents the 17th Ray of the Multi-White Flame representing the Universal Light. This visit included Lord Sanat Kumara along with Lord Melchizedek


As I am traveling through the Golden Etheric Cities,

I am intrigued to know more about the City of Vanerathian-Laneeah,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Kashmir.

I am met by Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara,

Every element that I can see is filled with pure glistening white light,

It is like the trees have sparkles of lights within them,

And the ground itself is glowing with many colors of the spectrum.

I am desiring to take what I have learned previously,

And allow it to be my Wisdom so I can fully ground it,

Within my Etheric and Physical Bodies.

As we walk together, both of these masters give me encouragement,

Not so much in their words,

But their manner of emotional and action towards me.

I realize I have been untruthful to myself,

Of what I truly have accomplished in my life;

My lessons of the Mastery Pathway,

Are very important for me to acknowledge in my Physical Consciousness.

I have started a program with Lord Melchizedek,

To Embody more Light within my Physical Self;

I can see why I am here in this magnificent city of light,

As I feel the beautiful energies that enlightens my soul.

As we walk through the Garden of Divinity,

They ask me to reflect on one particular element in my life,

That has been very important to the healing,

And consciousness that I now hold.

We sit by this beautiful crystalline pool of water,

There are streams from both sides running through it,

I hear the water bouncing across the rocks,

Like a babbling brook,

The colors that are emanated are purifying my soul.

I realize that I have not realized what I did achieve,

The water is helping me to move through the energies,

Of my Concrete Mind into my Divine Mind.

I feel a flowing light purifying my thoughts,

As I now totally allow the recollection of my deeds that have formed my transformation,

I feel it within me as it centers into my Heart,

It flows in all directions as my chakras all spin in unison,

My Central Canal is widening as my Etheric Self helps me to remember,

It then moves into my physical self;

I feel it in my Heart, and then the Souls of my Feet,

It is becoming grounded within me as it travels into my Earth Star.

My Earth Star now spins in unison with my Soul Star,

What I have experienced is now within my full consciousness,

I feel strength and the ability to be vulnerable,

I am encouraged by this moment,

As I sit with Lords Melchizedek and Sanat Kumara.

We stand together and hug in an embrace of Love.

I AM that I AM that I AM

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/January 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available.

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.

Is there an Ultimate Path of Spiritual Study?

coexist image source


Defining anything as the “Ultimate” seems quite a bit egotistical does it not?

If you know us at Walking Terra Christa you are well aware we would never place ourselves or what we do as arrogant or involving the lower/shadow side of the ego.

But if we told you that Ascension Mastery is the Ultimate Path of Spiritual Study, it would be quite the statement indeed.

Well we know that stating that requires some explanation. We are not just saying it because we are very biased. There are reasons. For most people, the formal study of the Science of Ascension is a greatly misunderstood pursuit.

First off, it is “science” but it also is “spiritual”, so how confusing is that? As a science it means it has structure and governing rules that are not arbitrary. But for most people, spirituality just does not fall into that category.

Just the other day we read a comment that said becoming really good within “spiritual study” should not be compared to becoming a really good athlete, as it seems (in that belief system) athletic achievements require great diligence and persistence with clear goals. On the other hand, “spiritual” achievements are personal in nature and cannot be judged as to progress being made.

We all know that everyone has an idea of what “being spiritual” is all about. As individual souls are as varied as snowflakes, each person’s opinion of what is best for them will be just as varied. The most basic and common understanding is that spiritual study is unique and personal for each individual.

We agree that choosing a path of spiritual study is indeed a personal preference, but it is much more accurate to say that the personal choice involved is really more about what you are attempting to gain from being “spiritual”. (More on that later).

The fact is that when it comes to the formal study of Spiritual Mastery; at least in terms of Ascension Mastery, which means first learning tools and techniques to raise the level of one’s consciousness to become more enlightened, and then just as important: learning to ground that consciousness into increasing the actual physical vibrational rate at the quantum atomic level; there really are specific teachings and practices one must perform in order to attain real gains.

The proper practice of the Spiritual Path of Ascension Mastery is not based on personal opinion or feeling what is right for you as an individual preference, it is based on tried and true methods just like any other real physical activity one desires to be good or excellent in doing.

Among all forms of spiritual pursuits, the formal study of Ascension Mastery is not just a matter of personal whim but of true wisdom. That wisdom, just like the wisdom found in a great sports coach or world-renowned teacher for a musical instrument, only comes from having both extensive experience and real-world expertise.

It is a falsehood and misconception to believe that becoming adept at Spirituality (at least in the form of Ascension Mastery) is a case of “well, since I am human I therefore know as much about spirituality as anyone else”.

The whole process of how we as humans think on this matter is kind of silly actually. For example, most people believe in “spirits” and “angels“. Many people also believe that ESP is quite possible and real, so when they strongly feel a friend is calling them right before the phone rings, they accept it as a fact that they did know who it was on the other end of the line.

Yet, when it comes to the topic of Spirituality, especially Ascension Mastery, most of us don’t think or believe that some of those non-physical beings (in this case, those who have “Ascended”) might be “better” at knowing how to do a certain thing due to having had experiences that assisted them to gain great wisdom in that subject.

If we did believe more easily, we would all accept that there really is a “higher coach” or instructor that can communicate those teachings to us via ESP in the form of telepathy (or “channeling’ as it is termed when referring to the spiritual realm.)

In fact, this is what makes the study of Ascension Mastery so unique – there are Ascended Beings of Light who know how the process of Ascension works, they are a collective called the “Ascended Masters” and are made up of many individuals that have traversed the history of humanity and been able to overcome the pitfalls that lifetimes of soul incarnations can bring.


Ascension Mastery is much more than just a particular type of Spirituality, it is a total lifestyle that requires constant awareness of whom one is being in all moments. One of the most well know experts in the Science of Ascension was Dr. Joshua David Stone who called it the attainment of a “full consciousness”:

“The development of a “full consciousness” means you own your personal power and self-mastery at all times…to have an efficient perception of reality and not seeing what you want to see or seeing what you have been programmed to see…merging with the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrials and Elohim Masters, so you see every situation from the “full consciousness” perspective they see life from.”
Master Joshua (Dr. Joshua David Stone)

Now you may be thinking, “Isn’t that the same as having religious ideals that a believer tries to live up to? Like being a kind person, or giving compassion to others?”

We say, “of course it is”. However there is much more to it concerning Ascension. In doing formal Ascension Mastery study one does not just hold better intention and higher ideals up as goals to live by, they continually hold forth the daily practice to engage in self-aware mindfulness to track their progress and illuminate wisdom to themselves whenever they fail to live up to those lofty goals.

Most unique to this daily practice is that it extends well beyond just holding an awareness into using explicit higher spiritual energies (such as the 22 Rays of God), instead it is that the practitioner (also called an “initiate”,”chela”, “student” or “adapt”) is deeply assisted by these Spiritual Ascended masters so the student gains actual spiritual support and a special structure of energetic frequency that makes living up to those ideals exponentially more possible in real world conditions.

After all, it is very easy for anyone to be on their best behavior and hold to their spiritual ideals when they are in meditation or visiting a special location used only for worship or sacred ceremony. The real test is when one is living and interacting in the “non-spiritual” activities of daily life. At a job, when shopping, when with a group of people or with specific people, especially those situations that cause emotional challenges, anxieties or fears to arise.


Many of us have heard this statement and instinctively find that it resonates with us. Even some Atheist feel they are part of a grander cosmological structure. Standing on the shoreline and just looking out on a cloudless moment at the immense night sky can be a deeply spiritual experience for anyone even if they don’t believe in the concept of God.

Still, how many of us are able to feel that we are ‘being spiritual’ when we are not in a meditative or highly serene natural setting like that one?

This is the quest that Ascension Masters have taken upon themselves and, lived many lifetimes to achieve the attainment of becoming just that. But since almost all human souls have not taken such a path, they have no idea what it means to achieve becoming spiritual within the physical body as an ongoing condition versus a special circumstance. By far, most humans only normally and consistently resonate with what is understand from seeing and being in our physical material world.

Unlike Ascended Masters, our thoughts, our emotional responses are all directly and almost entirely defined and interpreted by our physical experiences, or our reactions to them. The physical is the structure and foundation upon which all else sits.


It literally is like being in ‘the Matrix’ as the movie of that name described it. If we were to “step out” of the only existence we have ever known as a human, then it would indeed feel very much like the movie tried to suggest: intensely disorienting and stressful.

What is interesting is that as popular as the move is, how many individuals would actually be able to go through something like that or even desire to? From our experience in understanding the nuances of going through a great shift to your perceptual foundation, it really is actually very challenging.

Earlier in this article the subject of ESP was mentioned. How many of us believe that all of humanity possesses a connection to the rest of humanity? If you do, you may also understand that humans instinctively are aware that if they challenge the very foundations of thoughts and feelings that create the reality they live in, well then, that foundation may indeed crumble. And, to be putting it as gently as possible: that is not a pleasant experience at all. So collectively in terms of a telepathic knowing, most of humanity knows instinctively that it will be a very challenging undertaking to try and get out of ‘the Matrix’ as it were.

And we are not even speaking of politics or governments but just of the emotions and feelings one must let go of to make such a shift in consciousness. These are thought form structures that are near and dear to our hearts that have defined who we are for eons of time. Consider the term ‘family values’ and how differently that is defined across many cultures, but how devoutly individuals have a need to stick to their version of what it means.


It actually makes sense if you think about it. Those scientist who study advanced physics can tell us that once a body is in an orbit in space, it take a great deal of force to change or move that orbital path. Human consciousness is no different. Otherwise we could easily adapt to drastic changes and new behaviors, but most of us find that almost impossible.

Our collective consciousness is indeed a “force” that holds us connected to one another, but also connected to the patterns and habits that we hold as part of the culture we live within. While specific countries or groups of communities within a country may have differing habits and patterns, they still hold an identity of being a member of that country. That can also be termed as being a resonant frequency.

Each of us is then made up of many layers of resonance within our consciousness. As an individual we have particular elements, traits and characteristics that make us individual and unique, but taken as a whole, we still “fit in’ within a larger pool of individuals, or populations of those who resonate with the same, similar, or compatible ideals and belief systems.

Taken together, especially when we widen the scope to speak about humanity as a whole, this creates a dimensional reality in terms of a collective consciousness. If you can image an entirely different way of life from yours, such as those living in a foreign country, and understand how different that is from you, just try and imagine a species in another solar system or far away part of our universe. You can easily grasp the concept that those beings may have a very different level of consciousnesses, or maybe a very different dimensional reality.


So what can you gain in this form of Spiritual Study? Within the Esoteric Studies of the Science of Ascension, there is held the concept that this is the path of study that raises our vibrational frequency to that of an “Ascended Being”.  That is, as humans we live in a certain level of dimensional vibration, but there are other species of beings who live at a higher vibrational rate due to the level of the collective consciousness they have attained, and that we can also attain that – if we learn how.

It is a widespread belief among all people when considering higher spiritual human ideals, regardless of culture, that kindness, compassion and fairness should be accorded to all. It is just that currently on our planet there is disagreement as to who that “all” really is, or that those ideals may not just be interpreted as absolute or primary, but instead just guidelines to shoot for whenever conditions are right, or that other things are more important in the moment.

In a higher dimensional collective consciousness, the idea that conditions must be right for an ideal to become a living agreement amount the populous is unheard of as a way of life. In other words. there really are certain tenants of life that apply to all, regardless of anyone individuals own opinions or unique ideals.

That is, that a higher consciousness way of being has specific structures and rules of being in order to remain in a state of resonating at that higher dimensional level.

Concerning the attainment of a real sustainable shift in consciousnesses, what most of humanity is not aware of is that in order to shift the collective consciousness enough to create a dimensional advancement in consciousness, there must be a majority of the populous that holds those same practices and tenants.

And what most also don’t realize is that a higher dimensional level of consciousness is actually only created by having higher spiritual conditions within the thought forms and the emotional structure of the human system, that is: within each individual that makes up a part of the whole. That is you.


Ascension Mastery is the only form of study that is defined by raising an individual’s level of consciousness higher through spiritual conditioning so that that person is able to be in a higher dimensional resonance. It starts with you. Being the change you desire to create. It is specifically the only spiritual training system that brings about a raising of the Light Quotient of the human consciousness and eventually also the very physical structure of the human body. This sets the foundation for that higher frequency to then assist others to also do the same.

As stated earlier here, this is not at all a simple task which is why so few humans take on Ascension studies. Everyone instinctively knows from birth that it will require great personal sacrifice in terms of “letting go” of the Matrix way of life they now live in, and yes, they also know deep within their soul’s essence that it will take actual training to do so. Training that their personality self does not want to undertake because the ‘Matrix” has too many distractions to offer.

The fact that so few practice it correctly is a tragedy for those souls who feel their mission in life is to be a very central part of the creation of a New Earth of Higher Dimensional Awareness, as that creation is so near and dear to their hearts and souls.  We see this everyday as teachers of Ascension study. Very few are able to get past their own personality ego which tells them “this rule or that rule” is more important to me, and “what you are teaching makes me very uncomfortable”.

Not that the point of these teachings is to make one uncomfortable, but how can it be otherwise if we as humans are only used to living in a specific dimensional frequency? Of course it will not fit in with what we are “used to”.

These are the reasons why Ascension Mastery may well be the Ultimate form of Spiritual Study.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us why.


The 2+0+1+8 add up to an “11”. Eleven in numerology represents “Mastery”. It doesn’t come along often which means that now is the time in which our collective consciousness is ready to shift more than in many other moments of our collective timeline.

As an expert source of formal study for pure and correct Ascension Mastery teachings, we at Walking Terra Christa are bringing forward more into the these teachings this year than we have in the past. It is our purpose and calling to do so especially given the importance of 2018. We are specifically giving teachings that will focus on the Light Quotient, how to Embody it through Higher Awareness steps and practices we each as humans require to hold it and raise it. We know it will not be easy for most people to do but the universe is aligning the energies right now in 2018 to assist as much as possible at this time.

For those that can see the correlation between Ascension Mastery study and attaining real shifts into higher consciousness, it is a perfect time to make advancement.

Taking on these practices now can only serve to also demonstrate to the Higher Beings of Light (well, at least those considered to be Christed Beings) that many more of us are now serious and dedicated to collectively raising the vibrational rate of humanity so that those same Higher Beings can be not only invited to stand together with us someday, but actually be able to do so. (as our current collective human vibrational state actually is not compatible with theirs).

In that effort, we are offering a special year long program of enrollment for new students of the Academy of New Earth Mastery to learn about Light Quotient Embodiment. If you are one of those individuals who deeply resonates with the inner knowing that you are here to help heal earth and actually raise consciousnesses, this program is about laying the structural foundation in your mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies of light that make up who you are as a spiritual soul having a physical experience.

Please be aware, the main reason why it is a year long program is this is only for those who are most dedicated and sincere enough to be able to push through all those “old elements” of their personality that will pop up. Old parts of us that only desire to keep us comfortable in the dimensional frequency most of that humanity is currently living. It takes great diligence and patience, and yes, compassion to the self, to undertake such a shifting process. Plus it takes time.

Also be aware, this program will be a personal challenge. It requires study. We are teaching the real process of Ascension Mastery. Our programs are not “quick fix” or magical thinking based where you will elevate your consciousness completely in a year’s time span. It simply cannot be accomplished like that as our humanness is very complex and multifaceted. (Otherwise it would already be something humanity has achieved).

If you are ready, please click the link below to read the details and requirements for stepping into a formal path of study with us for 2018. For those that are interested but still on the fence about how these kinds of teachings are conducted, we are offering a special offer of a 15 day 100% Free Trial Enrollment Open House For January – but only for those that enroll by January 31, 2018.

If you act now, you also receive the Digital Audio Recording of our teaching conference training class for the Cosmic Light Quotient Overview Training which is over 2 hours of teaching including 3 very powerful attunements to help you to begin (or to expand) the building of your Light Quotient using the Science and Tools of Ascension Mastery. (The 2018 training program is overlighted energetically by Lord Melchizedek personally).

Click here to read more about the program this year.

P.S.: In this article we intentionally don’t say that “Ascension Mastery” is better than other forms of spiritual study, only that for the specific reasons stated that it is the “ultimate” form of spiritual study. We are ordained minsters and feel very strongly that each soul has the right and the freedom to engage in any spiritual pursuit they choose, and that the form of study one chooses is appropriate for what they desire to achieve (as both a soul and a personality) in that moment.