Ascend Earth Project

Ascension Column Pillars of Light – What They Are and How To Build Them and Why To Create Them. By Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.   

In association with a new Global Project to Assist Gaia and Humanity in a very powerful way, this article provides information on how to create Ascension Column Pillars of Light in your own personal space or in specific areas of nature.

This project and the information provided are free. It is called the ASCEND EARTH PROJECT and it is initiated by Walking Terra Christa along with the Christed Beings of Light who are assisting Gaia and Humanity to raise in consciousness to the 5th Dimensional Frequency of a New Earth of Global Oneness.

Given the increasingly tragic events and ongoing conditions that Earth and Humanity are facing, the repeated sharing of this project within your networks, groups, friends and family is going to be immensely helpful in grounding more Higher Light for Earth. The project’s first milestone goal is for 144,000 individuals to get involved.

Ascension Column Pillars of Light

Ascension Column Pillars of Light are basically the same Source Energy that you connect with through your Antakarana BridgeThe Rainbow Bridge of Light that is personally accessed during a Spiritual Meditation.

When performing an accurate Spiritual Meditation, you are bringing in the Higher Spiritual levels of Love and Light from your I AM Presence into your Soul Star and through to your Central Canal (which touches your spinal column, organs and chakra system). Technically you are “De-Ascending1” the Higher Frequency Energies into your physical vehicle so that your physical vehicle can learn to adapt to and accept the Higher Light Frequencies. That is essentially the core of the Ascension Process.

Those Higher Spiritual Energies represent the Divine Qualities that your I Am Presence holds within the 144th Dimension of Oneness to flow through your Spiritual Body. When you connect to it, you are commanding this Light Frequency composed of Electro-Magnetic pulses of energy (Masculine-Feminine Divine) to be accessed through your Soul Star activating the energies within your Etheric Self Body to assist the four-body system (which in addition to the Etheric body also includes the Mental body, Emotional body, and Physical body). The Etheric body interfaces with the Physical Body through the Chakra System. (The Etheric body is sometimes referred to as the Aura but in this use holds more complex properties than the commonly referenced visual aspects of what many call the colors in the Auric Field.)

The key difference with the Ascension Column Pillars is that they become an active creation apart from your physical vehicle yet still consciously connected to you. They are instead an Ascension Beam of Light within the Physical World of the 3rd-4th Dimensional Frequency that brings forth the same qualities.

Dr. Joshua David Stone, originally stated that you call upon the 3M’s (known as Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron and the Mahatma) to construct Pillars of Light within your own meditative or healing space to assist one to be able to fully connect to the higher realms of light.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee took this instruction a step further and constructed Ascension Columns within her entire home, not just in her meditative space. Being single and living alone there was no concerns about interfering with anyone else’s energies1. She conducted Ascension Groups and classes in the home with others so it aligned perfectly with the work she was conducting with the Ascended Masters. Personally, it assisted every participant that came into her home as it helped them to align with their own Highest Purpose in that moment.

Her own Higher Guidance within these energies enabled her to take additional steps for using the Pillars of Light in other areas. As she also liked to create the Sacred Native energies of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun of the Medicine Wheel within her house in each of the rooms, she added the Ascension Pillar energies along with the Crystal Kingdom as they hold special higher vibrational qualities too. In placing crystals such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz in the corners of the room, she created additional protection from lower energies while assisting in re-creating a clear more powerful direct connection2.

Within each corner she asked for an Ascension Column Pillar to be placed by the 3M’s. She then uniquely expanded this energy by calling upon the 22 Rays of God so that each column would be infused with the 5th Dimensional Frequency energies, thereby creating a protective and highly attuned Ascension Column Pillar of Light.

Essentially, by combining the 22 Rays, the Crystals, and the Ascension Columns into the Medicine Wheel structure to be directly connecting with to the Power of Light of the Creative Source of Oneness (represented as the Great Spirit in many Native traditions) it establishes an ideal Sacred Space environment for significantly boosting the Ascension Mastery process.

However, as these subtler higher vibrational energies will dissipate over time if not consciously recharged and reenergized, she would also “spin” the columns on a daily or weekly basis depending upon other energetic variables such as who had been in her home, what healing work she was doing for others, or more specifically as a result of her own Ascension process of removing the etheric, emotional and mental debris from herself as she gained more Light Quotient.

Since the introduction of the Unified Whole Energies to Humanity in preparation for the gateway of 2012, the commanding energy of the Ascension Column technique has expanded to include those Higher Frequencies of Light as well.

The most important element in constructing an Ascension Column is for each person to prepare themselves Spiritually by accessing their own Antakarana Bridge, I Am Presence, Higher Self, Angelic Self (or Solar Angel), and Gatekeeper (or Guardian Angel). This is done by utilizing their breath to connect to the Higher Realms of Light, the Unified Whole Energies (by counting upwards to the 144th Dimension) and allowing the voice commands in a properly Commanded and accurate Invocation to come from their Highest Self, not the physical self.

As Ascension Mastery teachers and trainers we assist individuals to learn how to do this process more competently. Many times, an individual will ask to have the Ascension Column built by just stating the words. It is imperative to connect to the Higher Realm of Light in order to have the right connection and effect of the Higher Energies. This allows your Feminine Divine to be initiating the energies while the voice command allows the Masculine Divine to ground them.

Based on decades of experience in working with Ascension practices and tools, we suggest that if your chosen Sacred Space area is a large enough space that you have as your sacred meditation or healing room, we suggest placement of the Ascension Column Pillars be in the four corners of the area and in the center just as we do. Otherwise simply create one column where you do your meditating so that you receive optimal benefit of the Higher Light Forms within your physical body. We suggest in be just in front of (and including3) an altar space that you have arranged.

If you are sensitive to subtle energy fields you should then be able to sense, feel, or perceive the light frequencies that have been created.

Like any other consciousness, what one forgets about ceases to exist upon earth, or at best it becomes dormant. It is therefore very important to make sure to “spin” (recharge and cleanse) the Ascension Columns after a meditation, etc. If you have not utilized the room for a while, have them to be realigned every day to help you be in the Higher Energetic space.

The 3M’s Message

In relation to creating columns in outside environments the rule from Lord Melchizedek and the Masters state this:

“We are in a time of great acceleration. Gaia needs our assistance, both yours and ours to align to a 5th dimensional awareness and beyond. We have deemed it necessary at this time that it is imperative that any awakened soul that wants to help and assist the earth that this process of the Ascension Column Pillars of Light is the answer to our collective prayers for Gaia and Humanity. We need souls to assist in this process.

“What this will do is help environments to align with the Higher Frequencies of Light while assisting Gaia to be able to Ascend with more gentleness. There will be a cleansing process that will be created to help the planet align more to a Higher Consciousness.

“We have decided through the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Unified Whole Agartha Galactic Alliance that individual human action to create the Ascension Column Pillars around the world individual and in the outside environments is now a necessary activity. The war between the light and the dark has been ongoing and assisting in this project is going to help Gaia, Humanity, and the planet to survive through this challenge of Ascension for the Earth as it has the grand potential to bring about a condition of substantially avoiding much of the terrible events that are presently occurring on many levels.

“We hope you will join us in this powerful movement of Light upon Gaia and within all of the souls inhabiting this planet at this time.”

“We thank you for participating in this project for the New Earth.

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron and the Mahatma as transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden (in the Christed Light of the Unified Whole of Oneness).


Once you create your Ascension Column (see the link at the end of this article for a free instructional packet) you are invited to listen in to the KICK-OFF EVENT audio recording – while siting in your Pillar of Light. Your active involvement will enable the Pillars to be energized beyond what your personal frequency can accomplish due to their assistance.

Not only that, as part of this Global Project for bringing forth the Highest Light Frequency, the Unified whole Agartha and Galactic Forces will join in to clean up the specific areas where placement of the Ascension Column Pillars are present. This means the areas can be assisted more deeply in receiving the frequencies required to transmute and transform them into a 5th Dimensional State of Consciousness. This is a process that takes time and effort, so the more individuals who get involved, the more progress of this type can occur for Earth.

Your Ascension Pillar(s) will be added to the existing network of Columns within the Web of Light that already has been established. don’t stop there though, take time to build more Pillars and then join the next upcoming online event with Lord Ashtar to formally add your consciousness within the Web of Light Earth Assistance energies. Again, the more individuals who participate, the more powerful the potential to assist Gaia becomes.

Remember, what you do counts in matters where active consciousness is of paramount importance. It is vital that you as the Initiator of these Ascension Columns of Light re-align (“spin”) the Ascension Columns you have created by stating the Invocation again frequently (daily or weekly) thus enabling Lord Ashtar through the Unified Whole Command energies to assist you in the process of helping Earth. They need your help, and we all need theirs. It is a true Alliance.

Around the world there are 22 Golden Etheric Cities that have been built in the 5th Dimensional earth. The ASCEND EARTH PROJECT details includes a list of these cities in case you are in a location near one of them so you can also connect the energies of your Ascension Column Pillar(s) into that particular Golden Etheric City.

This will help to reconstruct the present earth energies into the 5th Dimensional Etheric Earth that is very alive at this time to assist Gaia.

Additionally, through this project we also connect to the Christed Agartha Cities4 located throughout the world in what is also called the Hollow Earth or Inner Earth of the 5th Dimension. The ASCEND EARTH PROJECT details also list the Capitol Agartha Cities that assist by bringing the core essence of the Ascension Column Pillars through each of their Cities of Light.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Rev. J. Michael Aranathanara Hayden of Walking Terra Christa initiated this free project to assist the Earth. It is supported by many other organizations of like mind in bringing more frequencies of Higher Love and Light to Gaia, with special thanks to Master Joshua David Stone for his input and continued support.

Additional Notes:

1 Well before the arrival of the 2012 gateway for Humanity Dr. Stone specifically stated that you should be careful where you place the Ascension Columns as they pertain to the Ascension Pathway of an Individual and you could interfere with another’s energies if that was not their Free Will to be on that pathway. Since 2012 this interpretation has shifted drastically due to the current evolution of Humanity. Everyone on Earth currently has accepted at the Soul level that Earth is in her Ascension. This was not true prior to the turn of the new Millennium in 1999 as it was not known what would transpire at that time.

You can set up Ascension Column Pillars of Light for your entire house as long as other individuals living with you are aware of the Ascension Columns. Sometimes having Ascension Columns in a house with a spouse or any individual that does not align with the Higher Frequencies of Ascension can cause ill affect for them and you.

Even though the evolution of Gaia is for her Ascension to occur, and all humans at the Soul level agreed to this potentiality when they incarnated, it does not mean it is automatically accepted by the physical self’s personality, energy or consciousness.

The Ascension process is sometimes extreme even for someone who consciously chooses it as it is a real dimensional shift that the four body system including at the atomic level of the physical vehicle must adapt into. When Ascension is not in alignment with the Free Will of an individual, it will always create energies to arise that they may not be ready to handle. So be very respectful of where you put the columns within a communal living space.

Outside columns are not quite the same as they are in nature and not being lived in as an enclosed space. The purpose they serve is to assist GAIA directly. They also have a benefit of introducing, or exposing the Higher Energies to all individuals that come into contact with the Ascension Column Pillars or through the areas they are located in. This helps their consciousness in the physical self-personality to awaken more to choosing a way of life that raises their vibration to be in alignment with GAIA as she increases her own vibration.

2 Any earth crystals you can use will be of assistance. We recommend that they first be properly “awakened” and “programmed”, just as we do with ours. Artificially created or manufactured crystals (which are not always identified as such when they are sourced from certain areas of the world that specialize in low cost knock-off materials) are not going to assist and interfere with the energy of the Column(s). For our own home we now exclusively use specific energetically charged, enhanced and blessed earth crystals which we call White Raven Atomic Crystals(sm). These are not required to set up Ascension Columns but do bring in a directly enhanced energy from Lord Saint Germain.

3 When you “spin” an Ascension Column Pillar, you use the same Voice Commands and Invocation that created it originally except those commands now act to re-energize the Pillar. This cleanses its energetic structure, removes debris that it has collected, and energizes it back up to its level of Highest Light Capacity available to Earth at this time. When the columns are activated and spinning, they actually spread out up to about 10 feet in diameter. So for an average home, the “four corners+center” method of constructing the Ascension Column Pillars encompasses the whole room. And, if creating just one column, it easily covers the meditation an altar space for an individual.

4 The term “Christed” is controversial yet also essential to understand how it is used in regards to Earth’s Ascension. It is controversial because it does not directly relate to anything that has to do with any present earthly religious structures, nor does it reference explicitly the historical figure many call Jesus Christ.

Instead it is a global reference that goes beyond any single individual to that of a Spiritual status attained by consciously and unfailingly choosing to align one’s physical personality self-existence with that of the Highest Good of All in Oneness, as it fully acknowledges and incorporates that we are all part of the Creative Source of Oneness.

In regards to Inner Earth-Hollow Earth beings and to Extraterrestrial beings, this is a crucial and often overlooked distinction. Unfortunately for Humanity and Gaia there are many beings who are not Christed that are now communicating quite often through many various channels and organizations that in themselves do desire to only be of the Highest Light.

Most individuals just assume any materials brought forth by an E. T. or “Higher Beings”, or a person who has special access or connection with them, that speak about advanced technology assisting humanity or speak about the topic of Disclosure and Global Oneness, (the end of war, end of poverty, etc.), must automatically mean that the message is energetically part of that Christed Oneness. These assumptions also pertain to many “angelic” messages especially those supposedly given through A. A. Michael, or a that person’s own “Higher Self” channeling.

This is a great falsehood to assume or believe and it is directly related to how both Lemuria and Atlantis fell when E. T.’s of the non-Christed variety falsely pretended to be assisting them in their evolution.

Most of these types of materials do not even address the topic of “being Christed” at all, and simply allow people reading or listening to the material to make their own assumptions that the beings behind the message have their best interest at heart. The messages can get deceitful too, as we have seen articles and channeled messages that specifically use the term “Christed” or words like “Benevolent” (which bring to mind “for our good”) in some part of the document or messages, while never actually stating the communication itself is within the Christed Oneness. This is another reason why this project is of such importance as the Unified Whole Command and Alliance is made up of only the Christed Beings of Light.

Related to this is the term “Ascension” itself. It can refer to a dark version of Humanities future when not in the context of Christed Light. In the context of the Unified Whole and the Christed Light, it means Humanity and Gaia elevating their consciousness to a state of Spiritually Christed 5th Dimensional Global Unity and Oneness where Love and Light are in the Highest and Best Good of All Soul’s within the Creative Source of Oneness; in other words, without any separation on any level of reality where some types or class of beings control or limit other beings.


When Masters Meet in Shamballa ~ the Spiritual Wesak Festival for Humanity

There is a place called Shamballa (Shambhala) in the Himalayas. Deep in the wilderness near western Tibet there is a massive pyramid shape that has a valley at its feet, a serene expanse called the Wesak Valley. Not all that far from the pass that lies far below the peak of the mountain, (Mount Kailash or “Kangrinpoche” in Tibetan), is a lake. Pilgrims seeking out the sacred mountain during the special festival of Wesak first will cleanse themselves in the pristine waters of Lake Manasarowar.

For them it is an extremely sacred event not to be missed or taken lightly. The vast majority of these pilgrims are Buddhist. But this is a Festival of Light that extends far beyond the devout practices of any religious doctrine or practice.

It is a time when the veil between dimensions becomes the thinnest of any time of the year. For seekers of spiritual truth that desire to attain the best and highest good for themselves and the entire human race, there is no other ceremony that compares.

“Below” the viewable Wesak Valley, there is also an Inner Earth, Fifth Dimensional Realm of Shamballa, and this is where once a year the Masters themselves meet to receive these sacred energies as well as upon the upper earth.

Initiates and Ascended Masters on the inner and outer plane celebrate this powerful time.  Lord Buddha represents the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and divine purpose.

To participate directly in these sacred blessings and spiritual gifts is a rare opportunity for anyone. With modern internet technology it is now easier than ever, as the pure sacred energies can be transmitted directly to every participant. Walking Terra Christa’s spiritual leaders have been designated by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul as his official spokesbeings upon earth. He foretold of making such a selection in the Alice Bailey material.

The purpose of Wesak is:

1. The releasing of certain transmissions of energy to humanity that will stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill.

2. The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.

3. The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  It represents the “force of enlightenment”.  These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet.  The power of these energies is so great that large groups of people gather around the world to participate in these energies.

Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists initiates of all levels to move to another level of their initiation process so there can be times of great challenges that push each of us into a new aspect of our soul’s essence.  It is a time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit.

For those that take part actively in the ceremony, it is the direct receiving of the higher frequencies of light vibrations that brings forth a profound state of being. The energies allow for the possibility for the initiate to gain special dispensation and advancements within their individual Ascension process.

In the words of Dr. Joshua David Stone (now Ascended Master Joshua) who held this Festival to be the most advantageous of all,



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Earth Healing Love from the Crystal Heart

There is no better feeling than a massage to the auric field, the sensation of opening the energy chakras and feeling them breathe. The mind becomes clearer. The body relaxes. You begin to sense your full body system reconnecting in a way you had forgotten it could do. The pathway to your Higher Self gains expansion. You once again remember Who You Are.

Walking Terra Christa is now providing a new line of crystals that are infused with a high degree of spiritual electromagnetic energies that will assist as aids for an individual to assist in bringing any part of their four-body system into wholeness. This is the perfect form of self-care to bring the Love of Gaia into your own energetic body.

Love Heals Unconditionally. Self Love Starts Here. 

Lord Saint Germain and Walking Terra Christa’s Spiritual leaders have developed a special ceremony to activate the highest level of vibration to be infused within each crystal. These crystals have been chosen for this role due to the fact that they are smaller in nature, easier to hold in the hand, or put upon the body to receive a vibrational massage of light.

As Spiritual transmitters of Ascension Mastery teachings providing the highest level of integrity and authenticity to humanity, Rev. Meleriessee and Rev. Ara (Mel and Mike) have accomplished holding their lives to the same tenants of practice that the Ascended Masters follow. Given this level of dedication and since they reside on the geographic area of Mount Shasta and spiritual connect with Lord Adama and the Agarthian Network, they are able to have the opportunity for a direct link to the energetic resonance of Telos where the Inner Earth Christed inhabitants house crystals of great size.  (See this link for more on the Inner Earth/Hollow Earth theory).  One such huge crystal is used as an Atomic Accelerator that exists within the Telosian healing facility.

Lord Saint Germain is the caretaker of this magnificent machine that truly changes an individual’s energies into a higher vibrational state. It is not accurate to term it a machine, as all “machines” in the higher vibrational contexts are held in Oneness by the Higher Spiritual Metaphysical practices of the people and being responsible to care for them. A connection to these energies at this time is a special gift that Lord Saint Germain has given to Mel and Mike for humanity to receive the same vibrational energies that the Atomic Accelerator has to offer.

We have created a ceremony in which each crystal is first blessed within the 22 Rays of God that will assist in raising an individual’s light quotient. During this crystal ceremony Lord Saint Germain has turned on the Atomic Accelerator so that each crystal can be infused with its energies. This has allowed each of the elementals within each crystal to become awakened to their purpose of being a Healing Crystal to any individual that chooses to work with it.

Each crystal is then infused more directly with the first Seven Rays of God (the Seven Flames*) which are essential for each initiate to fully ground within their four body system. They are associated with each of the seven chakras. Working with them enhances the structure of the entire system including the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Levels; thereby, allowing the Spiritual Body to be initiated more fully within the entire structure. Obviously, it is the personal level of Spiritual practice that the initiate learns to acquire which is the main determination for if they can fully ground the Seven Rays or not.

Using these crystals will act to aid in Spiritual practice as well as offer aid to the overall metaphysical aspects an individual practices. Due to their programmed vibrational frequencies, these crystals can be a powerful tool to utilize in an individual’s Ascension Mastery practice.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee is advanced in the understanding of the application and use of subtle spiritual energies. As a Shamanic Integrative Healer she is known as White Raven, and those skills are transmitted into the process of calibrating these crystals to integrate the proper energies into each crystal and awaken the elementals to their newfound journey of healing. We are naming these crystals White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals for that reason.

Some of the properties of the Seven Flames will bring forth courage, compassion, patience, love, deep healing, being tolerant of any situation, clearing away of old energies, resurrection and rebirth, finding truth and honesty within oneself, transformation and ability to ground the higher levels of light, while bringing forth peace, forgiveness, and serenity. (We will provide an in-depth list of the attributes of each of the Rays of God in the package.)

To assist each holder of one of these crystals, Rev. Meleriessee has written out the channeled transmission Invocation with Lord Saint Germain that is programmed into each of the crystals. This invocation was spoken through Lord Saint Germain during the ceremony. We also will share this invocation with the holder of the crystal so that the energies can be fully actualized within each crystal.

Following is a message that the elementals within Group Consciousness of the White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals desire to share:

We are excited to be part of this amazing project for humanity – to bring to each of you the experience of healing yourself through the Atomic Accelerator with Lord Saint Germain as our guide.

Our role is to assist in the healing of earth and all who choose to have our essence within their grasp. Through this beautiful ceremony each of the elementals in the crystals have been awakened to their role with you. We are here to bring forth the dynamics of higher levels of spiritual healing through our essence.

We want you to understand that the smaller crystals are just as important as the larger ones. Within each crystal there are several elementals that are ready to extend to you the ability to Be of Service. As you hold us in your left hand, feel the energies move upwards into your arm as it travels into your Heart Center. It will move in a circular motion and then continue the journey down your right arm into your palm. You should feel a pulsating energy start to expand within your heart and your consciousness. We want you to communicate with us; tell us what you need and then place us on the part of the body that needs healing.

Our role is to bring you into wholeness, all parts of yourself. We look forward to this amazing journey of light with you.

We are the White Raven Atomicssm Healing Crystals.

Sample view of a White Raven Atomics (sm) Crystal by Walking Terra Christa. Image copyrighted.

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Mount Shasta Earth Ascension Alchemy retreat Walking Terra Christa-FB

Learn The Healthy High Vibrational Way of Healing Earth.

Learning to become a true caretaker of planet Earth is a profound step to take as a human. Many individuals have a distinct knowing within themselves that they are here on Mother Earth to bring in the Higher Frequencies of Light that heal and elevate her (and humanity) to a level of Global Spiritual Oneness that is without separation or exclusion in any and all aspects.

earth-inhandsThis understanding is exactly what Mother Earth now needs. She is doing all she can and it is now time to for more individuals to acquire the skills to assist her. Walking Terra Christa announces a special week long Journey Retreat event to give participants the understanding and training they need to assist GAIA to Heal.

Global Teleconference: Phone & any VOIP device or SKYPE

Dial:(605) 562-3140 in USA (International numbers are below for this event).
Access Code: 405260#

Click here to see phone numbers and access code

*Donations encouraged and appreciated!

** INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS (Use the above Access Code)

Argentina+54 (0) 11 5235-4340
Australia+61 (0) 3 8672 0105
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United States(605) 562-3140

Lord Metatron SOLSTICE BLESSING EVENT audio recording

FB-Shasta SOLSTICE June 2016 view from McCloud

Lord Metatron is the host of the ceremony – we etherically travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeiah which resides in the 5th dimensional earth of Mt. Shasta, CA, USA to discover the new earth energies that are now being incorporated upon GAIA. This is a very powerful event as a full moon and solstice has not happened for many years. It is bringing huge light infractions into the earth. We are celebrating within the City of Havalancheeiah in the TEMPLE OF THE ALL because it represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion and there will be an unprecedented amount of light energy that will be ignited during this time. Lord Metatron also blesses participants with the first 5 Metatronic Seals to open those energies into being able to be accessed in a totally new manner not previously thought possible. The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God also bring forth a special blessing.

Click here to download the audio recording (approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.)

Thank you for your donations as they are an important exchange to support these energies!

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Depiction of Lemuria by artist Glenda Green
Depictions of Lemuria of the Inner Earth by artist Glenda Green





The Agarthian Network of the Inner Earth Crystalline Cities is now coming forward to assist each of us to learn about their lifestyles and way of living to teach us how to fully ground the Fifth Dimensional energies onto the Upper Earth.

This is a Teaching Meditation Journey Series to experience the wisdom and energies of the Agarthian cities. It will take place on the 2ndSaturday of each month. Our initial transmission was an etheric visit the Library of Porthologos with Lord Mikos. The Library of Porthologos is located in Catharia under the Aegean Sea near Greece.

The Agartha Teachings is a New Earth teaching program brought to us through “The Five Delegates”.  Each delegate is a pairing of consciousness consisting of the Priest and Priestess of each of the Agartha Network CAPITOL cities.  A description of the cities is as follows:

POSID: Primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million.

SHONSHE: Refuge of the Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians who chose to form their own colonies 50,000 years ago. A Himalayan Lamasery guards the entrance. Population: 3/4 million.

RAMA: Remnant of the surface city of Rama, India. Located near Jaipur. Inhabitants are known for their classic Hindu features. Population: 1 million.

SHINGWA: Remnant of the northern migration of the Uighurs. Located on the border of Mongolia and China. Population: ¾ million.

TELOS: Primary Lemurian outpost located within Mt. Shasta, with a small secondary city in Mt. Lassen, California, USA. Telos translated means “Communication with Spirit”. Population: 1.5 million. Telos is considered the major capitol of all of the inner earth Agartha cities.



Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become a Student by participating in the LIVE teachings and be part of our mentoring program OR participate in our Partner/Membership Program to experience the teachings on your own time via the MP3 AUDIO recordings. (Academy Students also get discounting on all other WTC selections).


© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Use for commercial websites, blogs and any printed or written reproduction requires written permission. Rights are granted to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog as long as you include this copyright statement and the referral links below to stay informed and share our messages:

Re-Alignment of the Self ~ Lord Adama Discourse

realignment Self 2-27-14Greetings!

Hello Everyone.   It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.

Let’s just connect with everyone through our Heart center.  Everyone from the community of Telos is also connecting at this very time so that we can all feel our essences within one another.

I ask you to spin your Heart Chakra clockwise.  Allow the lotus heart to be completely open within your own purification that is occurring.

I chose this subject matter this evening because of the transitional energy that has been occurring at the beginning of the year. I know that we have talked about this month representing harmony of energies coming into the planet, but that does not mean that each of you are going to be feeling very harmonious and balanced. It may mean the opposite because in order to get to the next stage of harmony you must remove the elements that are occurring within your present state of consciousness and what you are very aware of.

You have to be remember that these stages of healing are continual.  Some may say that once you purge something that you should feel absolutely beautiful and able to step into your fifth dimensional body and completely full of Love and Light.  As we all know, it does not occur that way.  It is a process; it’s a process of levels.  It’s almost like you are walking on a staircase and at each level you feel a different energy exchange.  Well, this is exactly what you are experiencing.  I want each of you to have an understanding within yourself that what you are going through is not something you should put down upon within your energies but totally feel the accomplishment that you are going through.

This process of mastery is one that is very intense and it brings forth elements in front of your face that you previously knew about but did not want to look at.  If you are interacting with other individuals in your living situations or work situations, then you are going to be faced with more dilemmas; but those challenges represent growth opportunities as you will remember the lessons.  Then the next time you experience something like that you will deal with it differently then you did before.

I want to reflect back on the Telosian Way Program that we did back eighteen months ago on how we put each of you through those different stages of growth and understanding your own self-reflection, understanding what you are bringing forth within your Masculine and Feminine Divine along with all those elements that will assist you in bringing forth the combination of understanding yourself on a much deeper then you did before.

Well, this is exactly what you are going through; and if any of you are working within that program, I do suggest that you go back to some of the subject matter to help you through the process.  Because, again you will go through cycles and each cycle you may have similar attributes then a previous cycle so you need to refresh your energies of what is being presented for you. It is very, very important.  The reason that we are talking about the realignment is exactly this:  because the challenges that each of you are experiencing are taking you into new levels of your consciousness as that occurs your body has to readjust.

Remember you are trying to become a Crystalline Light body.  You are trying to create a fifth dimensional body of Light.  Now I dare say this is quite an achievement and previously maybe thirty years ago this was going to be on the turbo level of staying within this Earth and changing yourself through that process, but yet still being a part of the conditioning upon Gaia and within the Earth.  This takes us to a whole new scenario than if the Earth had moved into another existence and you were ready to take on that existence.  It does not mean that you would have been ready like so many people think. Now we are all walking along this pathway and this is for all of us even us in Telos.  Yes, we are in that fifth dimensional frequency as we have the availability of living a completely different life style than you.

This does not mean we are not preparing for the New Earth.  Which in truth, we are within the deepest preparation as we are making ourselves available to each of you so that you can understand the processes that you are undergoing.  Remember that you have had many timelines, many lifetimes on this planet and other planets since the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and you have arrived at this juncture of time to understand that you have the availability to experience the blessing of those times once again even more so.  Some of those times were not great blessings, as we know; it was a lot of exchange of other energy that occurred which is what you are experiencing presently on the planet.  You already are reliving what you experienced in Atlantis and Lemuria on the Upper Earth preparing yourself for the New Earth. It takes time to readjust your energies and allow the essences that you are bringing forth into your world to go into a deeper level.

Your Higher Self has been knocking at your door and asking you to join you, but yet the physical part of you has all these stipulations; your emotional body is full of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, not sure how your life is going to change, because you don’t want to change your life if that is the stage that you are in. Then there is the mental body; it will totality tell you it is a farce, this is very untrue and that you better stand up to it and tell this Higher Self that you no longer want to be in contact with him or her. Then you have the ones that are more aware; that is more open to receive the Higher Self but yet there are still aspects within the other bodies that are not fully ready to accept what the Higher Self has to give to you. So it has to come in a slower space of allowing the essences to fully come within you.  What happens through that process, is that you start to feel that merge with the Higher Self.

The Higher Self has now come in the house and is sitting with you, connecting with you and you start to feel little bit more peaceful with some of the feelings that you are having are going away.  Then the Higher Self says, “It has been very nice talking to you, but now I have to leave.” Then what do you do?

The fear comes back, the anxiety returns, and all the lower energies that you had before ask, “Is this really true, did this really happen to me, well I am not sure that it did.”  So these are the different phases that you go through.  I give you this scenario so that you can relate to it.  On a physical basis this is exactly what is happening.  Your Higher Self is knocking at your door and saying “Hi, my name is Meleriessee” and Christine says, “Hmm, Meleriessee that’s kind of a strange name.  Where did you get that name?”  So the mental mind starts to question where that name from.  I am sure this is very close to what each of you may have been thinking when you first get connected with your Higher Self. Then there is a stage where that is all you want, “I want my Higher Self I want it, I want it” but then your mental mind gets in the way and your Higher Self will not be in that space so you are within your physical mind only.

What you have to learn to do is to calm your energies down in order to receive your Higher Self energy. Then there is the other aspect that some of you may think about is that your Higher Self has all the answers for everything in the universe, in the world and for yourself.  What does my Higher Self want for me? The truth is it is a blending that occurs within your consciousness of your Higher Self coming into your physical creation.

The physical self is always considered because your physical consciousness represents your existence in this body.  So now the Higher Self comes in and he or she is willing to show you some of your old timelines, some of the things that have occurred before because this Higher Self has that knowledge and history.  This brings forth your etheric body and it starts to become more active than it was before.  It has always been there; it is that feeling stage before the etheric body comes into the physical but now it seems more real as your Higher Self is generating some energy for you to have the realization within you.

What happens then is that sometimes you spend so much time trying to release timelines, figuring out what is a timeline and that everything will be rectified; unfortunately that is not the way that it is.  Some things can be rectified from some levels.  If you brought them in from your other lifetimes (and a timeline can be one minute from a lifetime), you could have experienced something very glorious or very devastating in one moment.  This is when you are going to have an infliction within your etheric body.  Of course, it can be a longer time.  It can be hours, days, or it could be even months or a year but it is not the whole lifetime.  This is what you have to realize.

Just as an example, if we say that your etheric body is filled with all these timelines that lasted for a hundred years, that is a lot of memories to deal with; most of the timelines that you bring up in the etheric body are ones that need to be recognized. So they are either particles of yourself when you experienced negative moments, you created negative moments, you experienced divine intervention, you experienced magic, you experienced miraculous moments, or beautiful experiences with a certain person or terrible times with a certain person, that is the definition of “timelines”.

The reason that I am bringing up all of these thoughts is because each of you are readjusting your energies through the elements as your Higher Self is knocking at your door; your timelines are opening up; you may be having some memories especially in your dream state.  Then you are dealing with your emotions.  Some of you are delving deep into your inner child issues which represent those emotions that are stuck within this body which can be from this lifetime or it can be from other lifetimes.  If they were something that you brought forth from another lifetime for you to address in this timeline.

Then, you have your thought processes of what has molded you up to this stage that you are accessing your energies.  These are all part of the process now; that does not even go beyond what Gaia is experiencing so now you are not only experiencing things in your personal transformation of your soul’s history, you are now experiencing things from other planetary lives. You are experiencing the effects from all the planets and the solar systems and what is coming into Gaia; you are experiencing weather patterns, you are experiencing life formations that you may not even known about previously, because you have opened up yourself to a whole new doorway.  It is like walking through a whole new doorway. You open up the door and it takes you into the hemispheres, it takes you into the star systems, into all those elements that brings forth the energetic exchange.

Now you are not just a physical body but you are so much more than that realization.  You are multi-dimensional.  This is why you are experiencing so many variables within your life circumstance at this point.

Then we come upon this year of 2014; we thought that 2012 was going to be much more intense than it was, but 2013 was a transition year.  It helped us become more than ourselves; it brought up issues that needed to be addressed; it helped us move into a synchronized way of being.

Whether you were synchronistic in that year or not, it would push you to feel that the flow of energies was available for the transformation to occur within your system, experiences, and life.  So now we step into this year.  It is representing more Unification of Oneness. So what does that mean?

It means that your multi-dimensional self is activating very deeply through the processes and those of you that are newly awakened to this path will find it more difficult.  Because you step into this world and all these elements are coming to you.  It is shifting you into many different ways and some moments in your day, you are not sure of whom you are and what is happening to you.  Those of you that are further along the path will still feel the fluctuations, but you will be able to readjust easier; and then the ones that have been here for a whole lot longer doing this pathway accelerate themselves to hold that energy for everyone else.  It may seem that it is easier for them but it is not always that way.

I share all this information to help you to understand that you are in a process of an evolving being and, this evolvement entails many different variables that you are experiencing. This month we stepped into these energies and said “Oh, it’s going to be more harmonious.”  Well, let us look at this month and you will see that the harmonious energies weren’t within each of you.  it is part of the circumference of the planet from what she is experiencing from the outer aspects.  It is to help you become in harmony within yourself because this year represents Oneness and that oneness is the ability to tap into the multi-dimensional self to access all avenues of transference of your Light energy for the creation of your pathway.

So I ask each of you to look at this month and to see how you have changed through the experiences that have been brought to you through the process. This is why I share this subject matter of the Realignment of the Self as the energies are shifting so quickly sometimes it is very hard to be able to stand within your power, to stand within your physical self and say to yourself, “This is whom I am in this moment, because in the next moment it can completely change.”

You are taken into a whole new scenario very quickly.  The energies are ever changing presently and the frequencies of Light that are occurring within this format can cause you to feel as if you are not changing at all. The energetic exchange that is happening within you is so quick that it is not like the old ways of doing things where you say “Oh, my re-adjustment has occurred in this moment.”

So what happens to you on a molecular structure when this is occurring?

The molecules and the elements of frequency of the electro-magnetics of your physical structure are re-aligning themselves each moment that you transform when you are transitioning from one space to another; please know that your physical body is doing the same. It has to be this way as you are all part of the same essence so that the totality of those energies are re-aligning themselves within your physical structure and at most times we are not aware of this on a consciousness level.  It is not like we sit there and say “Well, my body is re-aligning its molecular structure in this moment so I must take some time for myself.”  No, what does happen is that your energy shifts; you start to feel dizzy, you start to feel tired or possibly vibrant feeling as if electricity is running through you.  This is the re-adjustment that is occurring within your physical body.

Some may call this ascension symptoms which are true, but the other truth of this information is the fact that these energies, at this time of the planet is changing so rapidly that every human form is also experiencing this same type of structure. Let us take the person that is purely un-awakened and they probably feel anger, agitation, or are frustrated about something that has happened.  They create a scenario for things to happen so that the adjustment of the energies do not occur because it happens when an individual is in stillness, in quite mode, sleep mode, or meditation mode.  All these elements help with the re-adjustment of the molecular system to occur within the physical body. Your consciousness will immediately catch up which is part of the process.

There is no other way to experience it but how do we allow the readjustment to happen in the physical body?

How do we experience it on an overall capability without really centering upon any specific reason on why it is occurring?

I know that each of you think of those reasons you think of them; because of the transitions that you are going through; because of the thought process of your emotional feelings; and through the physical body not reacting in the way you would like it to react.

These are all part of the scenarios that brings forth these changes within your structure, but it is important for you to remember that every part of yourself that is making the movement into the higher space of conditioning is readjusting at the same time.

So know when your day seems to be filled with much transformational energy and that you are changing so quickly that it is definitely readjusting within yourself.

What do you do in times like this?

You try and stop; I know this goes against the grain of the human conditioning of the society of the Upper Earth because it is important to take moments to allow the readjustment to occur. As the vibrational changes occur within your physical existence, you start to feel the fluctuations now.  Some may find that they are in quiet mode and more vibrations come into them. When that happens there is an readjustment going on within the light quotient, and as long as it is not so devastating to the physical body and to the energy that an individual is feeling, then it is okay. If it becomes too much then you need to find your grounding energy; you need to be able to use stones like Selenite, Obsidian, or Tourmaline.  Those stones will ground you to the Earth more deeply and clear out any lower energies that are trying to interfere with the process of your light body being activated.

The readjustment that occurs to the physical body can be devastating if it is on overload.  So it is very important that you understand what it is that you are going through and not the particular transformation but the energy that you are feeling.

What does it feel like?

Does it feel more peaceful to you?

Does it feel more like you need to adjust?

Now some of you may be unaware of what you are experiencing; that is just your way of not being able to see things clearly on a physic level or spiritual level.  Eventually you will understand it.  You start to look at the confines that occur for you because each person is going to be different. Now I ask of you, “What it is that you are experiencing now at the end of the month from the end of last month?”

What is the adjustment that you feel your physical body is going through, your emotional, or mental body?

What is it that you need to assist yourself with to find that balance and harmony?

Because this is what is going to help you realign even further when you take a moment in time by taking a bath, relaxing, being in your own space, allowing yourself to shift and sometimes it is even watching a movie that soothes your soul to allow the energies to come more fully interspersed within you.

It will help you to readjust the energies that may seem out of alignment.  This is an imperative stage.  It is necessary for you to understand the process; not the details, not any of the mental thoughts, but just readjust yourself in a moment’s notice.

The other element that I of course have to bring forth is the Rays of God utilizing the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance, or the Pink Ray of Compassion and Love to calm you down to bring in those energies.  You can also use the Emerald Green part of the Crystalline energy for the balance.  Sometimes you just need the grounding and all you do is ask for it to be with you and breathe it in.

It is important not to work your mental mind or your emotional feelings at this time.  Just to be and allow the transition to occur.  Now it can be like one moment or it will be several moments.  It will take you into an hour or so if you take the time to adjust yourself.  You will see a change that occurs within because what is happening is that there is realignment of your physical self occurring because the planetary structure, the transformation that you are going through, the transition of what you are purging and what you are accepting are all occurring at the same time.  There is a Realignment of the Self that is occurring in these moments.

This month has been full of these moments, whether you realize it or not, and that is what I want to assist you with.  I want to help you to understand what it is you are experiencing through this entire process. So let’s take some deep breath so that we can connect with each other and travel to Telos.

I Am Lord Adama,

Your Brother in Telos

The Lord Adama Discourse is a monthly class in which Lord Adama lectures on the subject matter, gives advice to the participants, and takes us on a journey into Telos.  The MP3 recording includes a journey to Telos is available to purchase on the link shown below.  The next class is scheduled for March 27th – Subject: Staging Your Initialization – Planting AspectsPlease register to join us for another amazing interaction with Lord Adama.

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The Art of Self Responsibility ~ Lord Adama’s Discourse

heartrainbowGreetings it is my pleasure to be here with you again.  I am Lord Adama with the Telosian Council.

Hello, Hello; Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

I want to start this evening with a little prayer.  I ask everyone to take a deep breath as each of the Telosian’s are also connecting at this time.  As we become one, we connect our energies; were just going to turn up the switch a little bit on the OM Wave Crystal.  As it comes up through Meleriessee and Mike’s sacred space, we are going to send it out to each of you through Meleriessee and Mike’s energies and also Rochelle that is sitting here.  Just very softly you may feel a little bit of a hum going through you; just tune into that feeling it in all parts of yourself to tune your energies to a little bit higher octave presently.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

We come together to meet as One with the Telosian Community with the Upper Earth through Walking Terra Christa, Mel and Mike with Rochelle as their guest.  As each of us expands our energies unto each of you, we breathe deeply for you to feel our love, our joy, our community of Spirit of Oneness as we connect deeply with one another through our heart essences.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

There that feels as if there is more connectiveness.  So this evening I want to share about several elements representing the energies of 2014 as we are now through three quarters of January.

I think each of you have gotten an idea of what is happening for you personally in your own pathway. I ask everyone in this moment just to take a deep breath and put forward any intentions so that I can receive them.  This is our circle together; it is just not me speaking and for each of you listening.  I want it to be more than that as if we are all gathered together in Telos which we will do so in a little while.

I know each of you love Telos and love me but what I want to feel is what you are going through presently which is the good and the bad of it all.  The first element I want to talk about is vulnerability.  If we understand that the process of Mastery represents the ability to be vulnerable in all moments and allow for that free flowing form of energy that is part of your spirit, that is part of your soul, to fully be blended within you, it is when we fall back into the old constructs that don’t allow us to accept the higher essence to fully be part of us.

So vulnerability is an important stage.  It is also probably the most difficult to acquire because it can create a lot of fear.  In the understanding of what 2014 is going to represent, I am going to jump around the circle here and bring forth some different aspects because they are all going to represent the ability to be Responsible for Ourselves.

When I say those words, it is not about your physical existence or your finances.  It is about taking care of yourself on the earthly plane.  It represents your spiritually of allowing your higher essence to be fully within you and to accept what changes are going to occur for you in that pathway. We all know it is not easy but it is an essential component in order to raise our frequency that we desire.  This is very, very important and I know each of you are working diligently within your own understanding of what that may mean for you.

So I am going to ask you to take a moment with a breath and allow yourself to just experience the vibrations that are coming through in this session and not think about anything at all, not worrying, not concerned, and not concentrating on what you have done today, what you are not doing, or what you are going through.

Think of yourself as a complete open vessel and allowing the higher energies to come into your vessel as you need to propel it forward into the pathway.  Because what happens to each of us is that we forget sometimes as we get so caught up in tasks that need to be done, in issues that need to be addressed, in trying to eat properly and be part of a community with others.  It is a lot to really concentrate on so in these moments of our gathering, I want each of you to just be free of anything constraints that you are.  The only element that is important in this moment is the ability to assist you and catapult you into a new level of your existence.

It is very important that we do this because within the construct that is happening on the Upper Earth, we have a tendency to be bombarded with thoughts, information from many different levels, and it is important to take a moment to reflect within yourself on what it is you are experiencing.

In this moment what do you feel?

Are you allowing the energetic exchange to come to you?

Do you feel the essence of the OM wave?

Do you feel the stillness of your Heart beating and your breath in and out allowing the flow of energy to be you in this moment?

This is the first step of Self Responsibility.

2014 is going to take us into another level of experience as each of you probably already realizing in your own personal experiences.  How do we continue on this pathway when there are so many challenges that occur so that the Divinity of your Light cannot be assessed?  This is because of so many variables being shot at each of you through your mental thoughts, through your emotions, through your timelines, and through everything that you are experiencing?

As you are becoming multi-dimensional, all those variables come into play; but it is important for you to really allow the energies to flow within you.  We know that the energies represent grounding for this year as Unity.  It doesn’t mean that you have to grasp the Ball of Oneness all at once. Because you desire it so deeply that you want it so much, you want to feel your connection.  What happens in that process of reaching out too much and not allowing yourself to regenerate within your own essences is the flow gets lost?

The synchronization will not occur because there will be too many obstacles in the way; the energetic exchanges will allow you to flow so then what happens.  It is like a snowball and that snowball just builds up and builds up with everything that you are doing and then all of sudden it burst opens and the energetic exchanges of the phases of the moon, the sun, the fires, and the eclipses that will be coming up create the changes that will put this planet into more of an accelerated phase are going to catapult you into a new existence.  You may not be ready to experience more of the intensified energies that will be coming forward.

I take this day to really stress to each of you what is it that you need to express within yourself.  Taking a few moments of No-Time when you are not going anywhere as we are all connecting with each other, you are feeling the vibrational energies and hearing the words.  I want you to just allow them to flow within you. It is when you allow that flow to happen that you are fully integrated, that you are allowing your higher essences to be within you, you are allowing your physical and mental bodies to relax and you have nothing to worry about except to feel this beautiful essence that you are.

This is essential.  Having a daily meditation is important, but having moments of this is very more important to stop and reflect and to be one with the Frequency of Light that is occurring presently.  It is when we stop and allow our Self to feel everything else that is going around us that we become one with it that we start to realize all the variables that are coming at us from many thought forms and energy exchanges that are happening in every part of the globe and within the Earth in which each of us resonates with vibrationally. Sometimes those vibrations can be very uneasy, because they will not align fully with whom you are.  So I go back to the statement of vulnerability.  This is the space where you allow yourself to be totality to whatever is coming to you in the universe and whatever you are sending out.

Allowing yourself to feel the in-and-the-out breath, to be in that space of continuum of Light in this moment. This is an important phase because without allowing ourselves to fully be vulnerable of all the energies that are around us, then we cannot understand what we are truly going through. It is everything else that puts these obstacles in front of us, because you are your best teacher whether you know it or not, you and your Higher Self and I AM Presence. When you stop and allow the pulsation of Light to come fully within you and be you, it becomes you; you are that essence that is pure vulnerability.  That’s the ability to become completely open to whatever energies, whatever circumstances are happening to you in that moment. And the reason that you can allow this to happen is the fact that you put yourself in a sacred space as we are doing now.  Allow whatever frequencies or energies that are coming to you allow yourself to feel the flow.  There is no mind control, there is no obsession to anything outside of yourself there is just allowing that flow to be within because in order for us to become the integrated being that you are trying to be of the higher essences trying to be more of your physical essence you have to allow moments like this to occur because everything else will get in the way.

It will totally stop you from having that purity and simple-ness that is part of your essences; it is not something from the Earth plane, it is not a timeline, it is not a previous lifetime, it is not karma, it is not any of those.  It is allowing those moments of stillness that you are a part of everything else in the multi-universes to feel that connection allows us to fully be at One. This is the raw beginning when you start to understand that this is the process that you need to be in to accept more to come to you.  Then you will be able to go about what is necessary.

I suggest that you take time like this on a weekly basis whether it is with others and you connect just as we are connecting whether you do it by yourself and allow that flow of energy to be within you. Because what happens is we become One within ourselves and One outside of our Self.

It allows the higher mind to really flow within you, and the higher heart to be part of you. There are no circumstances that stop the process; there no any other forms of thoughts and why’s and wherefores of how it is going to be done. It is just that moment that we all deserve to express.  We are all within this physical existence together even though I am within the Inner Earth, I am alive.  I feel all that you feel and you feel the same from others.  What happens in this process is that all the other elements that build upon whom you become get in the way. So we have to get out of the way, we have to fully step out of ourselves to allow it to flow within.  Otherwise, we are just looking at the outside circumstances or the inner circumstances and we don’t allow the flow of Oneness to be within our conditioning process.

This is the first step of having responsibility for ourselves.  Isn’t this what we all desire? Every one of you.  Isn’t that what you want? To feel better about yourself, to accept more elements within yourself, and to feel that Oneness. We have to start individually because it is not going to happen upon the Earth.  This year is going to prove to each of us that we have the power to do more with whom we are by allowing the accessibility of the higher frequency of Light to be fully grounded within us.  But we can’t ground those energies just by saying “Oh, I am going to ground these energies and they’re going to be fully within me”. That is the lower mind or “I feel very emotional today and I need to help heal the Earth”. That is using your lower heart; allow the flow to be within you.

It is a very important process that we are stepping into because of each of the cycles that will be occurring this year will take us deeper into our multi-dimensional selves.  This means those aspects that we desire to receive are going to come within us, but you can’t go to planet Arcturus and go find it, it has to come to you when you are ready depending on where your timelines were that are being ignited through the process.

Most of you are purging old elements; your body is trying to accept these energies that are Crystalline. They are Crystalline because we are moving into that higher frequency on the planet and within that it causes a lot of pain and frustration.  So the essence of your energy is going to try to push it in a completely different direction. You don’t intend for that to happen but with the process of your mind and trying to understand and figure out elements that are occurring within in your life, challenges you greatly.. You are pushing that synchronicity from coming into you, because you are coming from the programming of your physical self.

Believe me, each of you have been programmed quite deeply upon the Upper Earth.  It is why you are here now to stop that programming, to make the necessary changes, and open up new doorways for you to walk through.

I embrace each of you deeply because you have the courage to do so. You may not feel like you have great courage and strength, but believe me to step into this process, to step into this awareness, this pathway of mastery, it allows you to go deeper within yourself. So you are finding many trials, many tests that you are coming encountering, but they are only being given to you to become better.  So if you take moments like this and allow the energy to flow within you, those tests and trials will seem like nothing.  You won’t have a opinion about it, you won’t push it away because you are afraid or you are not sure, you will have the courage to step into it with the flow of Light that you are.

This is what is occurring presently of allowing yourself to be completely open, and allowing your whole body to receive what it needs.  It is not by questing what it needs, just allowing the flow of the universe to come to you.  So I want each of you to experience.

We are going to take a little journey and go into Telos so you can really feel the beautiful essence that you are and expand that deeply as those energies start to flow within you. I want you to feel the pleasure of your Light.  I want you to expand within that, because that is just going to assist you on a much deeper level than if I sit here and tell you exactly what needs to be changed. I could do this, but tonight I want you to really reflect within yourself what needs to be changed.  I want you to feel it not by saying, “I can’t contact my Higher Self, I can’t do that, I’m not there yet.”

I want you to feel the flow of energy so that you can experience so that it is more evolving for you.  This will help you fully step into the next part of your power because this is where Self Responsibility lies.  It is the foundation of allowing the higher essences to fully come within you without assessing these moments of “no time” you cannot do it, because the accelerated phase of the frequency of Light that is happening within the planet is beyond the concept of your physical mind.

You cannot figure it out because it whizzes by you so quickly that you missed it, it is like if you are an unawakened person and you had no clue that there is more to life than what you are experiencing as you are missing so much.  So we take you into these aspects of learning what is your responsibility.  It is not responsibility to others at this point, it is the responsibility to your own self-awareness, your own self-healing, your own self-growing, because this is truly what is happening to you.  You are expanding out of the physical existence into the higher existence that you are and those aspects are just waiting to be with you.

Blessings in Love and Joy,

I AM Lord Adama,

Your Brother in Telos

Lord Adama’s Discourse is a monthly meeting; the recording of this class includes a visualization in Telos which is available for purchase on our site, /classes/lord-adama/.

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Lord Adama’s Discourse – Creation of Light within the Pink Flame

pink heartGreetings!  It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light.  I welcome each of you into my Heart in this moment.  Thank you so much.  Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

Let us take the energies of this week and the Pink Flame, to now fully bring forth that essence into all parts of our body.

We talk about the Pink in relation to the Feminine Divine, but how much of it do you incorporate fully into all areas to relax the body, and to let the energies move you into alignment?

This Flame represents Creative and Active Intelligence.  What that truly means is the creation of the Light within the Pink Flame allows the movement of action to occur within your physical existence.  It allows you to see things from your Higher Heart instead of your physical Heart, so you can merge and blend together in order to help the mental mind to be fully illuminated through the Higher Mind.  That is the creative action that occurs through this process.  Of course, it gives us the blending of Compassion, Joy, Love, and Surrender that helps us to move into a higher state of existence instead of the physical existence that can be so predominant upon this Earth.

As you breathe deeply into that essence, what is it that you feel inside yourself presently?

Let it empower you.  Let it shine deeply within you so that you can accept yourself in a completely different consciousness than you have previously.  Feel the relaxation that occurs within your physical body as you continually breathe in this essence and accept more of your Divine Being than you did a moment ago.

We like to utilize the Pink Flame in Telos to assist us when we become argumentative with each other.  Yes, we do have arguments.  Not heated arguments, but we help to control the energies by allowing this Flame to be within us.  So when we have intense meetings, we turn on the Pink Light.  We allow that Essence to be fully within us, so that we will not come from a lower state of existence.  You know what happens when people argue.  They find all kinds of things that can be wrong and thus, the focus of the argument is deterred away from the main element.  All kinds of assumptions can be made in that state.  So it is important to have the realization that you can fully surrender to what it is that you may be arguing about, so that it truly does not matter in the higher consciousness.  What matters is the end result of it, the focus of the argument, what you want to create and why you started the argument.  That way all parties can come together and meet within Oneness.

This is exactly what is happening on the Earth Plane presently.  There are so many different variables.  These variables come in the form of intelligence, feelings and thoughts.  Individuals have opinions, and within that 4th dimensional construct, the 3rd dimensional body that is encased within the Upper Earth erupts into chaos through the process.  Presently, this is what you are experiencing on the Upper Earth.  There are many different ways of thinking and doing things, so the Lower Mind gets in the way of allowing the Higher Mind to fully ascertain the moment and what it truly means to an individual in their experience.  Let us face it, when you experience an element from the 4th dimensional construct or your 3rd dimensional mind, wherever you may be, it becomes limiting.  There is no expansion occurring.

So let us utilize the Pink Flame to bring in that element of Peace and Love.  That is what we are going to be experiencing tonight with Heros and Amora.  It allows the frequency of Light to calm you down.  That is when the Mental Illumination happens, as the physical mental level is no longer in command.  We will be accessing this plane through the Divine Beings of Light; the Elders from the Throne of Grace, overseen by the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God of the 49th dimensional frequency.  It all filters from that level into the level you are accessing.

This is imperative, because as we are seeing upon the Upper Earth, changes are happening quickly.  More people are awakening.

It is a true fact, but people are in need of assistance.  They have awoken, and they see that there is more to themselves than what they thought, but where do they go for guidance?  How can they help themselves?

Some of the constructive coaching that is done presently is very limited.  It does not bring in these Higher Essences.  I know individuals are not going to be ready to fully understand what a Ray may mean to them, but they know what a color means.  So we have to assist as much as we can by incorporating these energies within ourselves.  This will eventually help having cohesive exchanges with others.  And is that not what each of you wants – To be able to communicate and be free with your communications?  But sometimes the energies you are experiencing may have more precedence than the true element that needs to be spoken about.

So we bring forth the Pink Flame to assist us with balance and the empowerment of the Feminine Essence, as she starts to feel the ability to speak better.  Feel her coming out of her shell as the masculine energy can now do his job in order to assist, not to take over.  This is the process that needs to be done presently.  We need to flow more upon the Upper Earth, and that is why I am very dedicated to sharing this knowledge through Walking Terra Christa via Meleriessee.

If we start to understand from the higher perspective, it will filter into the physical body eventually.  However, you must allow it to be.  And that is how we help others through this process.  At this time, during this week, there are no intense movements I want to share about, because we are on a level of maintaining presently from the Full Moon.  Maintaining represents the ability to step into your power with your Masculine and Feminine Divine at the same level; not one higher than the other, not one lower than the other, but understanding one another.  This is what I wanted to share.  An understanding does not necessarily have to come from your mental mind.

If I reflect this energy unto each of you through Meleriessee, letting the Pink Flame flowing within you, do you feel understanding?

You may not be able to analyze it, because on this level there is no analysis.  There can only be acceptance.  And that is what this flame does for each of us.  It allows us to fully understand through the receptivity of the Feminine Divine and her extending the energy onto the Masculine Divine so that he can fully relax.  That is mental illumination.  We are going to experience it this evening.  The power of these energies is beyond what I can share presently.  Each of you is experiencing it.  Each of you is going through your changes, your initiations, and your tests, but everyone is experiencing it on the level that they are presently standing in.

It takes great diligence to continually allow your Higher Essence to be fully within you.  I embrace you deeply for your consistent movement, but allow this Pink Flame to assist you in the process.  Remember you cannot do it all on your own by just waking up and saying this is what I am going to do; I am going to work with the Rays in this moment.  Feel it instead.  Feel it from your Higher Essence.

What is he or she telling you?

Surrender must fully take place.  Say to yourself “I am no longer in full command, I am working through my Higher Self”.  Do not give the Higher Self all energy – they do not want that.  Your Higher Self wants to become One with you, and that Oneness must occur through the integration and merging with your physical existence.

It is the beauty of allowing the Pink Flame to flow within you and extend it out of you.  We can assist more individuals by working through these processes than we can by picking up the phone and telling someone that they need to do a meditation or they need to do an affirmation.  Expand it out of you through your energetic exchange because your auras are changing as your chakras are becoming more intensified through the higher energies.

We bless you deeply for allowing us to share this information with each of you as it is our divine pleasure to fully come into Oneness with the Upper Earth.

I AM Lord Adama at your service.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Other Side ~ Part 2 ~ The Telosian Way of Being

TWOB Other SideWe are now going to infiltrate the Pink Ray through the entire room.  We want everyone to feel very, very harmonious, balanced and loving.  Feel that frequency coming into you as the room is emanating the Pink Ray deeply.  Take a deep breath, many deep breaths.

First we’re going to talk a little bit about the traits of the mental and the emotional levels so that you can feel exactly what needs to be done for yourself through this process.  How do you tell if you’re emotionally or mentally based, because everyone has one that is stronger than the other?  Those of you that become overly emotional at weddings, movies, TV shows, allow your emotional balances to fully be within you.  How do you work through those feelings in your own experiences when you go through a release?

  • Do you cry easily to allow yourself to fully feel it internally?
  • Do you feel that your characteristics are very intuitive?
  • Do you receive messages?
  • What are your dreams like?
  • Do you dream a lot, receive messages in your dreams?
  • Do you feel energies around you, outside energies that are unseen?
  • Are you a medium, or you have psychic abilities?
  • What are the frequencies that you fully bring forth?

There are different phases in each of these levels, each of the aspects.  The first thing I’ll say is, if you cry at weddings, at movies, or when things happen to family members, your emotional side is at the beginning stages to be open.  So we go to the next step concerning yourself, do you cry easily when you bring up your issues to allow yourself to feel them through all parts of your body.

  • Do you have a tendency to hold things in your Solar Plexus?
  • Do you have a tendency to hold things in your Heart Center?
  • Do your shoulder blades ache?
  • Does your back ache around the Heart area and the Solar Plexus area?

This means you’re not allowing yourself to release enough, you’re internalizing it.  So the person that is well into the next stage of openness will be very flowing with this.

The next stage would be:

  • Are you able to perceive other energies?
  • Do you feel spiritual entities, good or bad?
  • Do you see the elementals?

All these factors come when you become more in tune within your feminine aspect.  We move into that aspect when we connect with the spiritually-based essences.  We first feel move into the physically-based, then we move into the personality-based and then we move into the spiritually-based.  What do we want?

We want to be spiritually-based but we want to be balanced.  There is also going to be an imbalance that has occurred within the feminine level, when within the emotional level is off center which can result in a tendency that you cry too much.    What would happen is that the emotions would take over so heavily that she would be incapacitated if something emotional happened to her.  This can occur when a relationship ended or she was hurt by someone as sometimes those hurts go so deep on multi-levels of past lives that the timelines can be opened up.

It’s what you do with them that is important.  How do you take care of yourself?  If you allow yourself to be in that state for days on end then you’ve a problem.  If you allow yourself to go through a healing process, do something nurturing.

Nurturing is another aspect.

  • So are you nurturing to yourself?
  • Do you take care of yourself?
  • Do you do things for yourself like take a hot bath?
  • Do you meditate when you think you need to do something else?
  • Do you take a walk or do you call a friend?  Calling a friend is a co-dependency trait because you’re moving outside of yourself.

It’s important for you to realize that there is an imbalance and overbalance within each of these aspects.  This is what we want each of you to look at within yourself.  So take time next week to go over this material as you make a checklist for yourself of your emotional body, the traits that you have within yourself and how you’ve changed through your healing process, through the rites of passage ~ especially those of you who have been on this path with Meleriessee for several years and now with Mike, or what you have done with other healing tools to assist you.

I want you to look back to five years ago.  How were your emotions at that time, because we want to see a progression of the next two to three months.  This is going to be very fast and quick.  We’re going to see great changes happening through this process.

So that’s the emotional side because what we really want is the Feminine Divine to be active and what does that mean?  The Feminine Divine is completely balanced.  The Feminine Divine within you is your nurturing person, it’s that part of yourself you take care of; if you’re sensitive for yourself and for others, you’ve learned to create balance through these aspects.  If you don’t have a fully balanced emotional side, you cannot create, you cannot manifest.  You may manifest periodically but you couldn’t have the full amount of manifestation abilities, because it just comes in portions.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-part series available on MP3 download.  The attunements are included in the recordings and not within the text.  To learn more about this special program, please click the link, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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