August 2016 ~ A Time of Magnificent Transformation

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Within the next month we are going to be experiencing amazing energetic shifts within the planet and within each of us. These changes are going to disrupt and allow each of us to grow deeper within ourselves for the sake of Gaia’s ascension.

My personal experience with these energies represents my ability to take care of myself spiritually while living in Mount Shasta with my husband. That, in itself, can be a huge challenge within itself. I always said that “what you don’t work on yourself, the mountain will do it for you.” I do believe that we feel it more intensely here in Shasta as it is part of the land that we walk and live upon.

Spiritual tools are an essential component to these times of awakening and they need to be upgraded as the energy shifts and changes. This is because each of us changes through the process and the old way of doing things may not work for your accelerated self.

Diligence is absolutely necessary upon the mastery pathway and if you don’t keep up with it, then the energies will rip you apart until you realize that you need to take care of yourself more fully.

As a teacher, this is more apparent in our world as if we are not prepared to conduct our classes energetically, then the wrong energy can be sent out to others. So it is important to reflect each day, possibly many moments, of what needs to be done in order to achieve the highest consciousness possible in the midst of great energy challenges whether they are positive or a lower frequency that can be experienced.

Many individuals are talking about the Lion’s Gate as it represents stepping into the essence of the Lion of Leo with many other factors involved. Lord Metatron spoke about the energies in our blog, “Lion’s Gate 2016 – Awakening to a New Reality.” Please click the link to read his dissertation of how we can get through the changes with ease and grace.

One of the elements that Mike and I have found is that it does not matter what level of acceleration you have reached, you will still be affected by these energies. It depends on which bodily system needs to be healed the most.

In our case we have been hit with the detoxing effect of the physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, aches and pains in all part of the body. This happens to us quite often being in Mount Shasta but we don’t usually feel it the same within the exact time frame. We took time over the weekend to go to the lake and relax in the beautiful mountain waters, which helped tremendously. This is one way in which all individuals can assist themselves. Find some time to rejuvenate the body and allow the emotions and thoughts to take a break within your physical self.

Of course, the first occurrence represents the energies from the Full Moon of July as we always experience those vibrations until the New Moon. We have just passed this cycle as we moved into the New Moon on August 2nd.

The full moon was within Capricorn with Cancer. The exchange of that moon helped us to move into the present changes as it represented grounding the energy of Capricorn (masculine) into our Emotional Bodies of Cancer (feminine).

 As those energies became more intermingled within our physical, it allowed for the changes that needed to occur within the emotional level resulting in an “emotional rebirth”.

You may have experienced quite changes within your Heart Center and what you previously thought about yourself to change. As that energy has shifted into Leo, we become more oriented within the Mental Realm. But the beauty of this exchange is that the previous energy helped us to be more heart-centered and to change what does not work for us.

All of this acceleration of energy helps to prepare us for the Lion’s Gate.

This year it is quite different than other years especially the gateway that happened in 2015. Ironically, within numerology for 2016 the numbers add up to a “7” representing Spiritual Awakening and Development. I cannot say exactly what this year will bring to us as Lord Metatron shared that information within the blog, Awakening to a New Reality.

Many are saying that we are walking into the 7th Dimension within the Earth. Unfortunately, if we were stepping into that alliance we would be walking with the Holy Kumaras of Venus and interacting in quite a different way than what is occurring presently. The Lion’s Gate is a vortex of energies that is being emitted through the Planetary System of Sirius “B” which does represent the 7th dimension. It will come into us and through us helping each soul to change their reality.

We are now experiencing the New Moon of Leo, August 2nd, 2016 which occurred at 1:44 PM Pacific, 4:44 PM Eastern, and 20:44 GMT. It is now time to make plans while reaping rewards that will occur at the full moon. Some of the key words are: being generous, caring, magnanimous, active and open. This energy represents the Masculine and Feminine Divine coming fully into balance with the element of stepping forward – being in action of the Masculine while allowing your energy to be open and caring represents the Feminine Divine. It is a culmination of energies to come into a new integrative element.

Starting on August 13th through the 19th – the planets of Mercury Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter comes into the night sky for a special alignment which represents a recurrence of energies of the Harmonic Convergence.

This will prove to set up the energies for more transformation to come into the planet. Each of these planets represents a different aspect that is being transferred into Gaia for humanity to wake up and change.

Mercury brings forth the message through communication to others. Venus shares with us the balance of relationships especially to ourselves to allow the essence of love to flow within us (bringing forth the Feminine and Masculine Divine). Mars represents the action and desire to move forward. Saturn is our protective guardian giving us a sense of responsibility in order not to let our fears and limitations get in the way. Jupiter represents the Mental realm with spiritual growth showing the bounty of generosity to be acknowledged within our world.

Within this alignment that will be occurring, the Full Moon of Aquarius and Leo will be the guiding energies with a Lunar Eclipse. This is when we fully experience the exchange of energies to be represented by what we have accomplished through the previous cycles especially with the New Moon of August 2nd.

It will be a time of leadership (Leo) but also will bring forth great discernment of the Light/Dark (Aquarius). We will be in a space when we realize that change has to occur and it must come from within first and foremost. It is a time of humanitarism and bringing that essence into focus. The Lunar Eclipse represents emotional feelings allowing the Feminine Self to be part of the process. It can also bring forth endings to allow new beginnings to occur.

It is also the Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of August 18th through the 20th that occurred in 1987. This event was the beginning of allowing these energies to become more aligned within the planet. We now continue these energies in deep honor to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters with Lord Ashtar and the many Christed Beings of Light.

I experienced the Harmonic energies in 1987; it was a time of hope, of acceleration for a better tomorrow and was the most powerful energetic exchange I experienced at the time. There were many individuals that helped ground those frequencies in 1987 that are no longer with us. I honor them for being aware at that time as it was an intense time, full of excitement but very dense. Nothing like we experience the energies of today. It took many months to clear one lower aspect from our consciousness. These energies presently are so powerful that it is assisting the planet in so many ways with much quicker results.

As you can see, we are in for a very challenging but amazing pathway of transformation. The Masculine and Feminine Divine are coming more into alignment then at any other time. It is a period to truly looking at our internal characteristics that need to change in order to fully ground the Yin and Yang within each of us.

We have to understand that we cannot learn how to change unless we experience the lesson(s) that the Universe provides for us. This is a time of huge awakening allowing each of us to grow deeper and farther than we have ever experienced in any other lifetime.

I think Gaia is very appreciative of each of us being here at this time, walking through the many doorways, so that we can ascend together.

~ In Expressions of Oneness, Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Please do check out our latest Frequency Update in which the Unified Whole Energies of the 144th dimension share more about this amazing time of transformation.

For those interested in being a PLANETARY HEALER within the ASCENSION MASTERY PATH, our August Retreat starts on August 16th. It is a retreat of personal transformation for the Self and Gaia.  Please click here to read about this special event.

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Monday @ 4:30 pm pacific- CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – Order the MP3 AUDIO of this powerful Healing for All Souls in Body and Beyond. With your order, add the names of any individuals you request healing for (living or transitioned) in the notes to seller section. This can include individuals from public events and situations around the globe. We are working with the Ray of Inner Devotion with Divine Mother Father God and the Temple Teacher.

Wednesday @ 4:30 pm pacific – DIVINE UNION OF THE SOUL – Live participation available or order the MP3 AUDIO of this class and learn the true understanding for creating a Divine Partner relationship. Lady Master Mary Magdalene and Lady Isis are the main teachers. Full five-part series also available at a discount.

Thursday @ 4:30 pm pacific- LORD ADAMA DISCOURSES – Live participation publicly available to everyone. We are working on the topic of the ART OF FORGIVENESS this week. (Due to the personal interaction during the class, an audio mp3 is only available to live participants.)

Saturday @ 10 am pacific – ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT PROSPERITY CIRCLE – In this free open public event, the ELOHIM MASTERS continue to assist us with their unique teachings on manifestation.




Peace of God shared by Lord Sa Na Kumara of the Venusian Flame

Ruby Red Gold Venusian Flame PeaceLord Sa Na Kumara is the Keeper of the Ruby-Gold-Purple Venusian Flame representing the Peace of God.  

Lord Sa Na Kumara comes to us with quite a history. He lived many lifetimes learning the lessons of God and sometimes it was not easy and sometimes he said it was quite fun.  He loved the times when he was a monk and he worked with the Tibetan people. He is very close to Master Djwhal Khul.  He was taught by Djwhal quite a bit on how to understand life.

Lord Sa Na Kumara has walked with many Masters and it has been a requirement for him to do so.  He did not know how to acquire peacefulness within himself.  As we look at peace, we want peace in the World, but each individual soul upon the planet does not incorporate that peace within themselves.  We cannot ignite peace, so Lord Sa Na Kumara is here to assist us to find those dark places within us so that they can be fully opened to receive peace.

The aspects of this Ray represent:

Inner Truth, Tolerance, Serenity, Balance, Common Sense, Great Sacrifice of the Self, Developing our Inner Devotion, Assisting with Strong Intuition, Being in a Flow of Life as it is directed through the Source of Light

So let’s take a deep breath and we will bring his energies into the space.  Feel the fluidness of the Purple, the Gold, and Ruby.

Greetings!  It is I, Sa Na Kumara.  It is my pleasure to be here with each of you here in the garden as all of my colleagues have been talking about how wonderful this beautiful circle is and every one is so honored to have your presence at this time.

Let us all take a deep breath and I want you to feel the Essences of the Purple, the Gold, and the Ruby as they blend within each other.  They are not really separate colors.  There is a mixture of these colors spinning within them.  Feel that Essence coming in through the garden now as it emits these beautiful colors and allow it to come into your Heart center, into your Solar Plexus, and all parts of yourself that there may be hidden aspects that you have not fully looked at.

It is very, very important that we understand that we have been the dark and that we have been the Light that those pathways have molded who we are today.  As each of you stand here with myself, it is my deep pleasure to fully connect with your Essences because you truly are walking this pathway of allowing these beings of Light to guide you into your own experience from your past, to allow them to be ignited, to have the realizations within yourself that you are a Divine Being of Light, and allow that peacefulness to fully come within you.

So it is really important to reflect within yourself in the next few moments.  In order for us to really manifest our desires, we must be very strong in all aspects of ourselves as you are learning.  This takes great sacrifice because you fully have to look within you and see things that possibly you have not wanted to acknowledge previously.

In this moment I ask of you to just breathe deeply and feel the Essence of this beautiful Ray, this beautiful Flame coming within you to see your inner truth.  It is the first thing that we are going to step into because in order for us to receive the Peace of the Light of the Essence of the God Force and the Creative Source of Oneness, we allow these Essences to blend within the four body system.

Allow the Masculine and Feminine Divine to be very active and to open up any thought processes or remembrance to help you get through a moment of reflection.  Breathe deeply and feel the Essence of the beautiful Purple, Gold, and Ruby exhibiting within.

You have that breath coming within you, you start to feel particles receiving this peace.  Connect with the parts that cannot receive the peace to really expand that energy within us.  If you have a moment of remembrance allow this flame to go right to that memory, allow it to go to that reflection immediately as I am just extending this to you.  That is good.

Now let us fully receive the inner peace that we deserve as we stand here in this beautiful garden of the 144th Dimension of the Creative Source of Oneness.  Allow the Essences in this space to fully incorporate within you.  Feel the beauty that you are.  Feel the expression of your Divine Beingness fully manifested in your physical body at this time.  Ah!  Feel the blessings, feel the blessing of your own Essence being activated fully – your Higher Self, your Monad, your I AM Presence and the Source that We Are All together.  Let us feel that communion fully within the physical existence.  Think of these words.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM the Peace of the Light as I infuse the Purple, the Gold, and the Ruby fully within my Being.  It moves to areas that need it the most.

I allow it to go into my Etheric Body to remove all pockets that have been lost and allow all to be revealed.  As it does, the Essence of these colors now blend within those little doorways and passageways that I have not wanted to look at.  Now all the doors are open so that I can feel the Peace that I AM.

Breathe deeply and allow those Essences to fully be within you because it is your Divine Right of this Being of Light to accept all these Essences within you.  Feel the depth of your Highest Essence, your Higher Self giving you your inner truth.

What is your inner truth in this moment?

Expand it into your thought processes, expand it into your emotions, and allow it to be all of you as you express it through your entire full body system, through all the Chakras, through all the colors that you incorporate it in your Essence.  It is your Masculine and Feminine Divine, your full body system, your spiritual body as One.  As the spiritual body and those Essences are now being healed through this Flame it brings in the peace that you are.

Ah!  Feel the peace and expand it within you as you receive the AH and just receive that Essence of the AH within you.  It expands within you and allows you to fully feel the Essences of your Light and command these thoughts within yourself.

I now have my Inner Truth.  I see it, I see the passageway and all the doors opening.  I see the Power that I AM.  Part of it I have not wanted to see, but now the Ruby, the Purple, and the Gold are blending within it so now it is fully dissipated of the darkness that I have experienced in many timelines.

I now have Tolerance and within that I bring Serenity.  I feel a serene and balanced Essence within me as my Higher Mind is now activated fully within my body.

I see the sacrifices that I have made to get to this moment and I will continue with that drive because I know it will allow me to have the Inner Devotion I am desiring.

I AM Peace.

I AM Serenity.

I AM Joy.

I AM the expression of God’s Light in all that I AM.

Feel that now.  Now feel your intuition becoming stronger because it is coming from your Higher Mind and not from your physical self.  Allow it to be embodied in all parts of you, feel it now, feel the love being sent to you from the Source of Light as we all come together to feel that union within each other.

What is it that you desire?  Because now it is within your reach as you have the peace and you have gone through all these beautiful Flames to create the Divinity within your world.  There is nothing that you cannot achieve as long as you stay in this Essence.  It is all of you, all parts of you as you are the Multi-dimensional Being of Light.  Expand that within you and now see what you desire and fill it with the Gold, Ruby, and the Purple.  Hold it within your hands.

What is it?  Even if your desire is not of a physical nature (emotional balance, love, serenity) and you are looking for this Essence to be fully within you, accept it to be.

If it is tangible, see it, and allow your Third Eye to be completely open now as your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart are the ruling Essences within your Being.  Then take that and put it into your Heart and blend it with the Ruby, the Gold, and the Purple as it is you, it is your expression.  This is your Essence fully integrated within the Being that you are.

Now we commune with each other because now we are fully in a position to fully allow the Essences to be within Oneness.  This is how we create Oneness.  It must be Oneness of our Multi-dimensional Self and then it can expand out of us for us to share with others.

It cannot happen until we allow what we have experienced to show us the lessons we have learned, accept the challenges that we have gone through, in order to receive the rewards that we deserve.

It is my Divine pleasure as Lord Sa Na Kumara to fully be with each of you.

Namaste, Love and Blessings.

This was a presentation during our free weekly call, Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together.  You may join us Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific by registering via /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

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Lady Kapila, Venusian Flame Holder of the Science of God

Lady KapilaLady Kapila is the flame holder representing the Science of God of the Venusian Rays, which is the Green essence and is very close to an Emerald Green color.

Lady Kapila spent many years as a Tibetan monk and among many religious organizations so it took her some time to understand what the world meant for her. She said that it defrayed her from her full potentiality if she was to be human once again.  So she was given a chance to work with the Kumaras to help her with all these essences and has been in this position for quite some time. She represents to us these elements of understanding our beginning and this is what the Science of the ray represents in bringing these energies within.

As each of us as an individual can understand our humble beginnings from the source, it helps us to understand our pathway presently and the twist and turns that we have experienced in that pathway. So today as we connect with the Green flame.  It also represents the idea of money that represents growth, it’s about balancing all those aspects within us allowing the manifestation of God’s Light within our pathway so it can be projected to others; our inner truth remembering our beginnings; devotion to the self as a devotion to God’s essence.  Accessing spiritual psychology in this ray will assist in understanding the soul’s development to be fully manifested in our world.   We are God’s Light bringing that Godliness through our essence.

This ray really represents our truths, our beginnings, and our dedication to ourselves to allow these essences to be fully within us. It is also helping us to understand that whatever we desire and want to manifest has to come from the highest source

Take a deep breath as we bring in the essence of Lady Kapila.

Blessings and Greetings! I am Lady Kapila of the Green flame of the Venusian Rays.

I am very, very excited to be with each of you in this beautiful, beautiful garden as we connect with each other in the presence of these energies.  I want you to totally reflect within your own Heart Essence because it is the doorway to the soul’s history to helps us understand why we create certain things, and why we find obstructions in our way to open up the pathways to our desired outcome.

As we breathe deeply within that Heart, we fully reflect with the Masculine and Feminine Divine together.  This is really an important aspect which is something that I had to learn in my own studies since most of my lifetimes had been in a male-oriented role.

It was really important for me to fully embrace my Feminine Divine when I found myself incarnated upon Venus.  Some of you maybe able to relate to the same situation, because it is very, very important to understand what the male and the female aspects bring to us.  When they work separately it creates separation only allowing particles of manifestation to be created; together, when they come together in balance, we can fully allow our manifestation to be created in our world.

I just ask you to breathe within your Heart center and feel the Masculine self and the feminine self as they spin within each other.  Feel their beautiful energies coming together of the Blue of the Masculine and the Pink of the Feminine as they are fluid frequencies blending together as you stir them.  Feel the integration of both of them as you caress them and allow them to be fully within you.

This also takes you in to another part of your creation because when these particles of Light of the Masculine and Feminine are completely in balance it creates a direct line to the source of your Soul’s remembrance allowing that energy to go completely upwards to who you are now into that source of the 144th dimensional frequency through your Higher Self and I AM Presence. I ask you now to reflect upon that within your own consciousness as we open up the doorways for each of you to reflect upon this essence as it blends within you, through you, and then it becomes you.  You become that source, you become that I AM Presence, you become that Higher Self all manifested within the physical creation.

This also allows the Lower Self of the physical body to relax as these essences blend fully within you, because it is your divine right to have the direct connection to God’s Light, that is you.

So as we sit here in this beautiful garden and feel the Green flame assisting us with this creation; feel it blending in all parts of your body, all parts of your mind, and all parts of your emotions.  Your Heart allows the body to relax; if there is any constriction anywhere, use the Green flame as it is spinning around this beautiful garden and allowing us to feel it in a completely different manner then we have ever experienced before.  This allows us to have a complete pathway, a clear pathway to the Source of Light that we are.  This is how you fully accept your devotion with deep healing of love within this essence.  Feel the empowerment that you bring forth and not the physical being that you are from the source the Source of Light That You Are.

Breathe deeply and allow these essences to blend within you as I bring forth these words of truth.

I, as Lady Kapila, bring forth this essence of the Green flame to fully allow all obstructions from the physical self all the way through the Higher Self and the I AM Presence to the Source of Light that you are to be fully removed.  The only essence that you feel in this moment is the Source of the Green flame flowing form the highest level of the 144th dimension coming down into your physical existence through your Antakarana bridge into your Chakra column, into your Heart and expanding it into all essences, expanding it into all parts of your physical structure allowing it to go into the Etheric body, allowing it to go into the Emotional body, and the Mental body so then they become One.

Now feel this essence within your Heart, as you become all of these within the depthness of the Lotus of your Heart as it is expanding with the Green flame as you start to feel your inner truth and say these words unto yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light fully embracing the Green flame of the Venusians Ray of God.

I call upon Lady Kapila to fully assist me through this frequency of Light to enfold within me.

I now feel my growth.

I feel the healing Love that I am and I deeply see my inner truth from the beginning source that I am just filtering in particles of Light through all the levels of creation that I have been that now fully embraces my physical structure of this moment in time.

I accept the divinity of Light that I am to allow this flame to burn away anything else that does not fit this creative source.

I allow the Light of God to bring forth to me my truth, my inner wisdom, my ability to fully embrace my moment of creation through all the levels that I have experienced into this moment in time.

I diffuse all aspects that are my obstacles.

I allow the flow of energy to be within me like a beautiful plant that is growing within the Earth and it gets higher and hi9gher as it reaches the sun the sun representing the source of Light.

I am all these aspects and I feel it deeply within my heart of the balance that I am of the masculine and feminine self.

Take a moment now and allow yourself to envision your desire.  See it in front of you, hold it within your hands, and allow it to be part of you.

Feel the essence of your desired outcome to fully come within you and take that vision and feel it as if it is something very tangible.  Even if it is intangible, see it coming into your Heart, and feeling it with the balance that you are of your Masculine and Feminine Divine of your I AM Presence as you are One full body of Light.  So the Source of Light That You Are through the Science of God it is now your lineage of Light. There is nothing left that obstructs you; you become one with the source That You Are.

Breathe in deeply and allow the Green flame to infuse within you and say these words unto yourself:

I am now embodied with the Green Flame as Lady Kapila stands with me and allows this essence to assist me in all my endeavors.

I am balanced within my masculine and feminine.

I have all the aspects of my soul in complete harmony.

I create the healing love that I desire, and I understand the process that I must go under.

I learn in each moment as I incorporate the Green flame to create the manifestation of my desires as they become my world and nothing else matters except this essence of the Being That I Am.

Breathe in deeply, feel that, ground it through your Earth Star, ground it through your entire structure, ground it through all the bodies that you are and allow the bodies to receive this Light so that it can now fully relax as you have a beautiful moment of understanding of what you have gone through.

Now the pathway is illuminated with the Green flame of the Light that you are.

I am Lady Kapila at your service.  Please do call upon me; it has been my beautiful desirous moment to connect with each of you in the Light that we are together.

Please call upon me. So Mote it Be. We are One.

This is an excerpt from our weekly free call, “Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together”.  We meet Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific to receive a special message from one of the many Light Beings in the Unified Whole along with stating abundance prayers as we work with each other in group consciousness.  You may  join us by registering on our site:  /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Lady Sujata ~ White Flame Holder of the Purity of God

Kumaras White PurityLady Sujata of the Holy Kumaras is the White Flame Holder of the Venusian Rays who represents the Purity of God.

Lady Sujata comes to us with an essence of strength and beauty.  She spent many timelines as an Angel during her creation. Her Purity of Spirit was not well received at times in the human body so she can really relate to what some of us go through in being very gifted in the physical bodies. She truly wants to assist individuals to find this essence within themselves. She feels the depth within our Heart; she shares with us that she was a Goddess in Lemuria. Her intuition told her she had endured great pain so she was taken under the wing of Sanat Kumara for deep healing; he wanted to train her to become the Flame Holder of the Purity of the White Flame of God of the Venusian’s Rays.

Some of the aspects of this Ray represent:

Balance, beauty, rhythm and flow along with symmetry, equilibrium, artistry, the power to access our divinity and growth, compassion with the self and others, physical courage to move through adversity and change. But the most important aspect is resurrection and rebirth.  So it allows us to really delve deep into situations, it takes our thought processes and transforms them.  We need to go deeper to remove the warriorship of our archetypes.

We are really happy to have Lady Sujata with us today to help us with these elements.   Let us take a deep breath and bring in the energies.


I am Lady Sujata Oh! Its very, very exciting to be with each of you in this beautiful garden in these moments and I am so happy to be able to bring forth my essence of the Purity of Gods Light and Love.

What does this mean? How do we find Purity?

In our human mind you may think of purity as something that is only attainable by Saints, by Angels, by the Ones that have traveled far and wide and have lived in heavenly conditions.  Some of this is very true but the fact of the matter is that each of you are this essence.  This is what is so exciting to work with you to have the realization to understand that you have been all things and you are really try to accelerate yourself within accepting the Multi dimensional Being of Light that you are and to come into that essence within your physical existence.

It is a beautiful thing to experience not only from your perspective but from my understanding and all of us within the Holy Kumaras to watch and see the transformation that has occurred by allowing the essences that we are bringing to you to come into your full body system.  So I ask of you today to fully allow anything to come up that does not fit what you relate to as Purity, the essence of heavenly creation because each of you have this essence embodied within you.  The problem is that your physical thoughts and your emotions don’t always incorporate it within your consciousness and this is what I am here to help you with.

So let us take a deep breath as we center upon all aspects within your physical body.  As we spin all the chakras, I want you to start at the Root and go upwards through the chakras into the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Thymus, the Throat, the Third Eye, and the Crown.

As we spin all these essences together, we allow them to be open and ask within our own thought processes to command that all elements that do not fit the Purity of Light that you are feeling within this beautiful garden.  As the energy is flowing, it is almost like a mist just coming thorough the trees, the bushes, and the flowers and centering within each of your chakras.

So feel the commanding Light just coming to you’ as you breathe this in, it is now going to assist you to find the compassion to accept the ability that you are moving through the challenges; it allows you to be able to feel the balance within yourself as we connect in our full body system.

It is important that we allow all essences to arise at the same time, because today I want you to acknowledge that you are going through a death process.  Within the feeling of dying it represents the resurrection of the old self that you were just a day or so ago.  We can have the resurrection to occur continually, monthly, or t can occur weekly as you are experiencing new elements to come into your world.  You let go of those thought processes which is a very simple death experience known as a psychological death. Some of you may know other concepts of the Dark Night of the Soul which is a deeper level; some of you may have experienced changes recently with the equinox and stepping into a whole new world which represents another type of death experience.

Every time you meditate you are resurrecting your thoughts and your emotions; and then you transform it.  When you come into your physical consciousness, you bring forth part of what your higher consciousness experienced with you which changes who you were previously.  It is in those moments of being silent with moments of connecting to higher parts of your essence to understand that as your multi dimensional self is being actualized you are resurrecting the old elements.  I know that some of you refer this to lifetimes, timelines or just thought processes.  It  can also be of the conditioning of your present lifetime.

So what the Ray of Purity assists us with is to bring forth the power to feel that Purity of God’s light that Purity of God’s Love that you are.  So we take away everything else that does not fit that experience and when that happens the balance comes in.  You start to feel a flow of energy.  There is the possibility for creation to happen that represents being able to express yourself in a completely different manner.  Your Heart opens up and you start to feel compassion on a deeper level.  This allows you to have the physical courage to move through those periods of great adversity.

So we want to connect with that essence to allow the transformation to occur. If we connect with the energies now of what is occurring within the planetary system of this moon allow that reflection to be within you as you look at the moon.  It is a silvery white color; allow that essence to reflect the Purity that you are in the present circumstance.

When we understand that the old aspects of ourselves are not truly whom we are, the soul that we are, the spiritual being that we are, or the Angel that we are, it takes a moment of reflection to allow that essence to merge within the physical self.  It has the realization of this is whom I am, this is why I feel the serenity, this is why I feel this beauty of ecstasy flowing within me and that is what I bring to you in this moment and all moments to share with you.  Your challenges, the adversity, and the strife that you are going under in the physical condition is not ordained from your Higher Self, and I AM Presence.  So if we allow the Purity of Light to come from that Higher Being that you are, it will take those energies and transform them because immediately it resurrects the darkness into the Light.

So I ask of you to take a deep breath and feel all those essences now that are arising and allow the Purity of Light to spin within you; feel the beautiful essences of the pure Crystalline White Light – all colors of Light spinning within you and around you, you become the Purity of this flame, you are the white essence, you are the expression of this within you, you breathe it and you feel it.

I as Lady Sujata want to embrace you.  I embrace you with the Purity of the White flame as I see within you all that you are.  Let me give it to you through the flame as I extend my hands and my essence unto you.  Open up your arms and receive it.  I feel the harmony now coming within you.  Feel the ecstasy of all that you are to be within all parts of yourself.  It flows within the physical, it flows within the etheric, it flows within your emotional and your mental as now they are One.  So when one is out of balance the whole system will be out of balance.  I, as Lady Sujata, embrace you with these words; command them within you.

I call upon the White flame of Purity to fully balance all my thoughts and my emotions and I feel it coming within me.

I feel it centering the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, and the Mental until I am fully One Being of Light.

I now have courage to walk through the doorway that I have stepped away from previously.

I feel the power of my Divinity and my growth coming from my I AM Presence as I now command this within me.   I see the compassion that I Am.

I feel the beauty that is flowing within me.  I express it and I embrace it. It is me.  This is the transformation of the Purity of the White Light.

I Am all of this as I take it with me.

Breathe deeply; now you are ready to fully put forth your desire whatever that desire is.  If it is an inner desire or outer desire, have it in front of you, now in your Mind’s Eye. Put it into your hands with the pure White Light as now it is embraced and see it becoming manifest within your world as long as you connect fully with your emotions, mental thoughts, and the etheric soul body of Light that you are, allow it to be in the vehicle that you are incorporating.

You must allow all these things to come into balance and harmony; feel the power, feel the power of allowing that manifestation to occur and put it into the White Light, and then it dissipates.  It becomes you and it will come to you when you are fully ready to receive it. Take this essence and blend it fully within yourself.

I now command the Purity of the White Light to transform all that I am so that the creative force that I am that can fully act within my full body system.

I am the full Body of Light.

I am the Feminine, I am my Masculine, and I am the physical vehicle that I inhabit.

I am Angelic.

I am all that I have ever been in the Purity of White Light as now I fully command, I fully receive, I fully accept all that I Am in the purest form as the heavens above that I have traveled now comes within me.

I ground it fully into my Earth Star, as I Am now one in all aspects of my Being.

Breathe deeply and feel the power, feel the beauty, feel the movement, feel the expression in your purest form.

It is my pleasure as Lady Sujata to blend my energies within each of you.  I shall walk with you; call upon me and allow this essence to be you as it is me.  Together we transform all that does not fit this highest essence that we are together.

So Mote it Be in the blessed of the Light of the Holy Kumaras.  I am Lady Sujata.

Take a deep breath ground those energies now, feel them in all aspects, feel them in all your chakras, feel them in your thoughts and in your emotions as now we say the prayers to command your desires to become manifest.

Excerpted from Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together, with Lady Sujatka, White Flame Holder for the Purity of God.  You may join this free weekly prosperity circle by registering on Walking Terra Christa, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Embodying the Pink Rose of Love ~ Lord Sa Na Tana

rose pink-001Lord Sa Na Tana is the Pink Flame Holder of the Venusian Rays representing God’s Love.

Lord Sa Na Tana learned the art of silence through his initiations.  He lived in Lemuria with many of the priest and priestess so most of us probably know him though many life times.  He was instrumental in assisting the Goddesses from Lemuria to go into hiding with their teachings with Sanat Kumara to safeguard them into the full union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine could occur.  That is how he fully embraces the love of God through all aspects to help us understand how we can do the same.

So as we are looking at some of these aspects, we have compassion of ourselves and others, learning to understand and be adaptable to situations, learning tolerance, having great devotion, and mental illumination because as we empower the Feminine that essence of the Masculine will be able to relax into her essence. That is where we receive that illumination, the power of silence, allowing the fluidness of creative ideas to occur, and of course, the power of manifestation occurs in our lives.

Within this ray we are able to put those elements into practice of fully taking our ideas and manifesting them in our world and continually evolving along with having common sense with the ability to synthesize ideas into Oneness.

Lets take a deep breath and feel this essence of the Pink Flame continually within us.  Think about our four-body system as one full light body right now activating all of your Rays of God that you are intuiting.  As you do so, you are allowing them to create that full body system feeling the illumination of the Pink flame within your breath, into your Lotus Heart while expanding your Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Greetings! It is I Lord Sa Na Tana.  it is a blessing to be with each of you in this beautiful garden. Thank you for the introduction.

I ask each of you just to take these moments and to feel the essence of the Pink flame to grow within you. Feel the seed within your Heart center as it grows and blossoms. You are experiencing the blossoming of your own essence as it blooms within you.  It represents the Feminine and Masculine Divine who are actually able to be centered within your physical existence as this occurs.

It expands, it expands into all parts of your body it goes into those portals and light frequencies in your Etheric body that your soul has traveled. It relaxes it and allows it to go into the emotional feelings and the mental thoughts so they all become one essence within you.

Take another breath and feel the essence of God’s love which is you from your I AM Presence to fully be embodied within your physical existence.

Let it spin within you as we sit in this beautiful garden and the colors comes in many shades of Pink; light pink, middle pink, and darker pinks to really allow the essence that you are to be shown into your Mind’s Eye as you grow and grow within this essence.

This is how all the beautiful aspects of this Ray become manifest in your consciousness. The beauty of bringing forth this essence allows your mind to relax.  If we just sit and allow the Pink flame to go into the mental thoughts you then are able to create the silence with the ‘in and out’ breath allowing yourself to just feel the contraction occurring within your physical body, within the breath, and centering upon that essence to assist you in the power of your Light.

Within the human species, we do not allow ourselves to fully get into this space as we are taught from a very young age to constantly process mental thoughts and think about what needs to be done, what you are learning, and to put them into a correlation instead of allowing yourself to breathe deeply into the essence of your Being which allows the Feminine essence to blend within the Masculine.

Let us think about Lord Sanatka with the Blue flame while breathing that essence to be in your Heart in this moment so that we can fully express within the Heart Center the balance that is occurring between the Masculine and the Feminine essence. What actually happens through this is the Masculine is going to be able to relax because he no longer has to initiate it all he has to do but bring it forth to the Feminine so she initiates it.

So in this moment, what is happening for you in your Feminine essence to allow the creative thoughts to be manifest in your world?

If you have compassion with in yourself, it will bring that tolerance that is necessary; then comes the devotion through the essences of the silence.  This allows the flow of creation to become manifest by allowing the balance to occur within your Heart.  Imbalance causes the particles of  these elements to be just that – particles and not whole ideas.  You cannot create just through your mental mind; it must come from the union within the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

What it is that you desire?

Let us breathe deeply and feel the compassion of your own essence, your Higher Self, your Soul’s Essence coming into your physical body with your breath of the Pink flame and feel the most beautiful essence of flower within you.  You are smelling it deeply and allowing yourself to become one with a Pink Rose; feel the pink rose and feel essence of that rose sense and allow it to go into your Heart. This is where you fully relax.  When you relax, all the other elements can come into play as you start to understand what it is you are experiencing in your outside world.

This is the tolerance that occurs.  Breathe that in; feel the depth of being tolerant of what you are experiencing through the Pink flame.  It always look so much different on this level; now you can feel how devoted you are to make yourself go through the process but not with the constriction of the Mental mind of the Masculine pushing and pushing as now he is relaxing.  He is allowing himself to become completely that mirror for the Feminine essence as she takes it in to herself and sees now what needs to be created.  This is where mental illumination occurs. Feel the Feminine Divine so happy to be able to ignite this essence.

I call upon the Pink flame in this moment through Lord Sa Na Tana to blend within me as I see a beautiful rose in front of me; this is the compassion as I become the rose.  I smell it, I embrace it as it becomes One with my Heart as the rose is now me.

I allow myself to be One with the essence of the rose.

I feel the compassion of my world.

I see now as I send this rose essence outside of myself into my circumstance that I have created; With this effect of the rose, I now have greater understanding and I see once that I comprehend in a quiet, soft manner of what I have created, this gives me the ability to be tolerant with myself.

I call upon the essence of tolerance within the Pink flame to fully come within me, which then gives me the ability to devote the Pink flame to encasing these elements.

My Masculine Divine is now melding into the Feminine Divine as they blend within each other; the Feminine now feels her power as she needed to receive this from the Masculine essence; they are so happy as they are blending together.

Feel the silence of both of them blending within you and say these words unto yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light and I allow the essence of the Pink flame of the Venusian Rays to fully come within me.  It is the essence of the Love of God of Divine Mother/Father God encasing me in their arms as I become one with them.

The rose that is now flowing within me is now open; I smell it’s essence which is so sweet as it us purging through me.  It allows me to push through any elements that do not fit my purpose in this moment.

Feel now the fluid ideas coming into you because you are have now softened. There is no hardness from the Masculine self.  He is allowing himself to just be One with the Feminine.  She shows to him that the power is within her essence but his creation must come to her for her to fully manifest it and together, they do so.

So I ask you to see with your Mind’s Eye, “What it is that you desire in this moment to create?” It could be something on a inner level or it could be something outside of yourself.  Whatever it is, allow it to be, because there is more to come as the rose opens.  Feel the essence of the rose fully being you as it expands through your four-body system, the core that is in the Heart.

Now the evolving energy can continue because you are allowing yourself to be totally open to all essences.  All these frequencies of the Pink flame will allow you to adapt no matter what it is you are dealing with, because it brings in the soft energy of the Feminine Divine. Now all ideas come into Oneness; feel that Oneness fully within your Heart center and say:

I now call upon Lord Sa Na Tana to assist me to blend within the Pink Flame of the Venusian Rays of God.

I am one with the Pink flame.

I allow the silence to fully be within my entire being.

I am One with all of these.

Now the Pink flame is filtered through your desire.  Feel it in front of you; hold it to your Heart and blend it within the Rose that you are.  Allow that rose to create it and expand it outside of you.  It will evolve when it is ready; it may be in this moment; it may be in another moment, but allow the silence of the Pink flame to flow within you.

Breathe the Pink flame fully within this beautiful garden and allow it to fully within you as you are One with the Pink Flame of God’s Love.

I am Lord Sa Na Tana walking with you, guiding you, being you.

My deepest blessings.


Excerpted from Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together, with Lord Sa Natana, Yellow Flame Holder of the Love of God.  You may join this free weekly prosperity circle by registering on Walking Terra Christa, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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What Are You Doing Valentine’s Day?

Love of Venus for Gaia Series

Do You Want To Spend Valentine’s Day With The Emissary Of Divine Love Himself?

Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumara’s Are Stepping In To Assist Lightworkers In Learning to Access Our Multi-Dimensional Self through the Study of the Venusian Rays of God.

What are the Venusian Rays of God and how can they assist me more than any other teachings I am learning presently? This is probably a very good question as many individuals do not understand how the Rays of Venus can offer a depth within our soul’s memory to bring into our present awareness.

First of all, the Venus way of existence comes directly through our Beloved Teacher Lord Sanat Kumara who was the Planetary Logos until the 1950’s when this post was taken over by Lord Buddha. He is loved and admired by many lightworkers on this planet but truly, why is he so special to us? He understands the pathway of accepting a new way of existence. He has worked with many of us in between our lifetimes as we visited the planet of Venus and in most cases, spent a lifetime or two with them. He initiated the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light to assist the Goddess teachings from Lemuria to go into safe keeping through the ages of time.

We are learning to be awakened by these teachings in our present circumstances. Now he is re-appearing to many of us to help us walk into the New World of Terra Christa or the New Earth. It is time for us to remember what we have learned while experiencing life on Venus and the teachings that are very important for us in this present timeframe.

The most magnificent part of this series is that it is not just about Sanat Kumara. We have a unique opportunity to tap into a part of our history as a Lightworker to learn about Venus once again as we are introduced to the Holy Kumaras that are the seven flame holders of the Rays of God. In actuality it becomes a remembrance and not an introduction. We know and love each of these beautiful beings. They are offering their services to step into our world of creation as they ignite each of the flames within us.

Now what does this mean actually?

The Venusian Beings work and live in a 10-dimensional level of creation. It incorporates only love, pure joy, and acceptance of God’s Essence represented by the Venusian Rays to be infused within us. We work with these energies within our full body system. They do not correlate with any specific chakras but work within the framework of the Full Body System which is what we are now trying to achieve. The process that each individual will go through will help them to take the focus away from each specific chakra and intuit the ray essence to speed along the process. In actuality an individual works directly within their Highest Essence to incorporate the frequency by allowing the Mental Mind to surrender through the process. There will not be any thinking about it ~ it will just occur.

This may be confusing to someone that works deeply from their Lower Mind and are having a challenging time of understanding how to allow it to surrender into the Higher Mind. You have just found the teaching to assist you in this process. As Sanat Kumara as our guide, he introduces each individual to each of the flame holders that will work with each person individually to process the blockages that may be holding an initiate from accelerating themselves within the physical body.

The Venusian Flame Holders of the Rays of God:

  • Lord Sanatka – First Ray, Blue Flame, Will of God
  • Lord Sa Ananda – Second Ray, Yellow Flame, Wisdom of God
  • Lord Sa Na Tana – Third Ray, Pink Flame, Love of God
  • Lady Sujata – Fourth Ray, White Flame, Purity of God
  • Lady Kapila – Fifth Ray, Green Flame, Science of God
  • Lord Sa Na Kumara – Sixth Ray, Purple-Gold-Ruby Flame, Peace of God
  • Lord Sanat Kumara – Seventh Ray, Violet Flame, Freedom of God

As part of, and due to your taking on the responsibility within these teachings, participants also have the availability to visit the Kumara’s in your own meditations or on the Inner-Plane level. This is a personal connection to each of the Holy Kumaras who most of us know very little about. They bring a renewal in sharing their light with us to assist us in walking in a 10-dimensional level of consciousness; which will be the higher vibrational essence on the New Earth. The benefits are tangible as working with these beings assists an individual to move through the process on an accelerated basis which is a great dispensation in our current time. [Be aware anyone can ask their Guides and Higher Self to have an audience with any Master on the Inner-Plane. It is then up to the specific Master to choose to honor such request. By taking this type of class, the Kumaras have already agreed to conditional interaction. ]

A Special Message from Lord Sanat Kumara on the Venusian Rays of God

It is with my utmost pleasure to take the teachings of the Venusian Essence into the Hearts of the Lightworkers who are truly my deepest comrades of the Light. Each of the Holy Kumaras is quite excited to be part of this second series about the Kumara Teachings. Our first meetings were absolutely miraculous as we were all introduced to the Lightworkers of the New Earth.

We understand that each of you are undergoing great changes within your environment and personal lives. It is because of these moments that we want to step forward and assist any individual that chooses to experience our essence in this manner. There truly is not much information about our lives on Venus, but we want to change that. You may find that you are completely comfortable with a certain Flame Holder that you knew in Lemuria or Atlantis as it is our time of remembrance. We are coming together to unite our essences in One Creation which happens to be on the New Earth. Going through this process can be quite challenging in many ways and that is why we are here to help.

Eventually Venus will be very interactive with Terra Christa. It is part of the Divine Plan for our essences to come together. Until that can occur, many individuals need to be awakened into their remembrance of the power and light that they held during those times. There is great knowledge to be accessed from those timelines that will benefit each of us in different ways. Our goal is to work with as many lightworkers as possible to help ignite these remembrances which in turn, are going to assist humanity in accepting the light formations necessary upon the Earth. GAIA has arrived into the 4th dimensional reality and the more light that can be infused within the planet, the more successful we will be in acquiring the necessary structure to allow this to happen.

Our first goal is to assist individuals on a personal basis to realize their potentials but also to see the downfall of their lower self being too activated within their reality. This is a very big task and in order to assist the masses of the people we need as many lightworkers to assist. So it must come from within each of you and the responsibility that you may feel to walk upon the New Earth. It cannot be done just by wishing it to be but must be from a very concerted effort of desiring to create the New World of Light.

Each of you that are attracted to my energies and those of the Kumaras, know only too well, what it takes to be responsible in the light of God’s Heart and Will. We take our work very serious and only work with the best of the best. We honor our friendships deeply and they never die from timeline to timeline but are acknowledged deeply in the Heart of the Soul’s Essence. It is our time to assist the Earth in a new way of being that has never been done before. It takes great diligence and patience to walk this pathway of enlightenment. It is not for the weak-minded or the One’s that are n ot ready to accept their destiny.

I extend my hand and the hands of the Kumaras to work with each of you in this updated program. We have taken what we have learned from our previous seminar series which was very powerful and go to deeper levels of creation to assist each individual in understanding their process of continuance within this timeline. You will be introduced to each Kumara and develop a personal relationship with them. Timelines of the past will be ignited to assist you in your growth. You will be able to accelerate your body so that the higher chakras can be ignited within your physical existence as we will work with you to accept the Full Body of Light which will then open up the doorway for the higher chakras to be ignited within you just by allowing it To Be. You can then work through those higher chakras on your own with the flames of the Kumaras along with the energies of the Spiritual Hierarchy representing the new Earth. You will then be able to ignite a 10-dimensional consciousness within you to accelerate your 5th dimensional body. Eventually, these tools will help you to accept the 10-dimensional body that will not be integrated until the New Earth is fully in place for several years. So you will be accepting the higher realms within your consciousness to help ground these energies for Terra Christa.

So as you can see I am very excited to work with each of you individually and collectively. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you on a much deeper level as I have in Lemuria.

In blessings of our Oneness,

I AM Lord Sanat Kumara

We will hold a free introductory class on February 14. If you feel you have an interest in this series, please join us.

Each person will download the MP3 files from our previous workshop series in which you, the student, will be introduced to each of the Holy Kumaras. We will then hold three more group calls through the duration of the program working within those specific ray energies which are live calls where new information that will come forth. We are also offering discounted personal sessions for individuals that would like to receive one-on-one assistance from the Flame Holders for each of the three segments (Flame Holders 1-3, 4 & 5, and 6 & 7). There are more details available on Walking Terra Christa, /series-sanat-kumara/.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Ascension Mastery

Why Now?

Are You Ready?
Why Now?

Why now? Why is it important to learn how to “Walk on Terra Christa” now? Is there really going to be a shift as we move into 2013?

If you have even been remotely following the prophecy’s of the Mayan calendar and other esoteric teachings…that is, the real material and not the media hype, then you know that the world’s level of humanity and evolution is shifting at this very moment.  The world is not ending but shifting.  The question is: are you ready for that shift?

We talk to people everyday who believe in the shift, they can see for themselves it is happening.  They love humanity and they desire to spread love and light wherever they go.  They can’t wait for a world where there is no longer a controlled financial system, no longer a constraint on peace and prosperity for all, where they can work and live their passion and not have to do the grunt work for someone else in order to pay their bills.  They love the idea of enlightenment for all of humanity.

We do too.  But this particular huge immense and magnificent shift that is happening, is not going to deliver that way of existence to humanity…

What it is going to do is open the gateway for humanity to create that way of existence for themselves...because whether humanity is ready or not…that gateway is going to be fully open.  And with that opening comes a huge immense and magnificent shift in human consciousness.  And that global consciousness will stop supporting a controlled system of any kind. So as certain as the sun does rise, those types of systems will start to fall…

And can you imagine what that will be like?  Especially for those who are-not-prepared?  To give you a glimpse, imagine moving to a foreign country where no one speaks your language, where they do every thing different and you have to learn everything about how to live, interact and get along with them…

Starting to get the idea?

You can wait.  But why put yourself through something like that when you can be prepared.

The way-of-being of the Golden Era is indeed going to be different…but not at all what the media hype behind the date of 12/21/12 is all about…

It is going to be about consciousness initially, and then learning to live in that new consciousness.  And learning how to do that, is no small thing.

It is the expanded consciousness of what it really means to be human and walk upon Gaia.  What does it really mean?  Well, to start with… you are not just “human”. And it would serve you well to figure out just what and who you really are…to figure out the all of you that is not human.  It  would serve you well to expand your consciousness to include what you think you are not: Angelic, Intergalactic, Elemental…and so so much more, including all the former timelines of your being human.

That is why you should not wait. And we have some great seminars to assist you.  It is why we are doing this work ourselves – so we can all be prepared.

All the work we do assists you to step into the New Earth energies now.

We teach the 22 Rays of God.

We teach you about what it takes to live in a 5th Dimensional lifestyle.

We teach you how to protect yourself and your light.

We teach you how to remember your Angelic Self.

We teach you how to release and clear your timelines.

We give you countless activations, attunements and channeled energies in our weekly calls.

(And know this: – all this is our own very biased opinion…so always take your own wisdom and counsel to see what is right for you…)

But, know this too: we are confident our own very biased opinion is highly relevant to the New Earth.  (We realize our opinion is totally irrelevant to the 3D world of materialism and getting ahead financially and keeping up with the neighbors…so don’t look to us to assist you with all that…)

We suggest you check out these links below of our courses…and if you don’t sign up and start working with us…well, our strongest advisory would be – go sign up with someone!  Don’t wait.  As these energies of the shift are not going to go away, stay in another dimension, or wait for you.

Some of what we do:

The 22 Rays Challenge: receive an email course so you can learn the Rays of God on your own time.  You will get 2 Rays to work on per week for the next 90 days (for about a dollar a day) including a channeled audio MP3 and Decree for each Ray. This is an excellent start for those who are new and an excellent touch point for those already doing our courses. [Click here for more].

The Telosian Way of Being: Do you think the 5th Dimension is all about love and light, holding hands and singing songs? No so. Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, along with the Ascended Masters and the Lady Masters want to assist you in really knowing what it takes to live as a 5th Dimensional human.  It is more than just love and light.  You have to change to get a ticket to ride this train.  Making that change in your active consciousness will greatly assist you.  Join us each week as we learn The Telosian Way of Being. [Click here for more].

Journey of the 22 Rays through Your Chakras: for those who have more time to spend (at least 90 minutes for each of 8 MP3 recordings), to learn how to incorporate the first 7 Rays of God within their own Physicality (for your 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional bodies), this is a great course for the one who wants to be accelerated. [Click here for more].

The Kumaric Teaching of Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras: By audio MP3 or live class (live calls are date dependent and will expire), this special seminar/combo series is to remember your essence walking the 7th Dimensional frequency of your existence with the Kumaras.  (Not all have this recognition of themselves, but if you resonate with Sanat Kumara, this is why).  This unique seminar also includes a private session with each of the Kumaras. [Click here for more].

The Angelic Teachings: AA Michael and Lord Metatron both offer significant elements to assist us remembering our full consciousness as Angelic Beings.  AA Michael brings us a course in remembering our Angelic Transparency, and Lord Metatron, the Keeper of our Angelic Essence, reunites us with The Metatronic Golden Seals. [Click here and here for more].

The Science of Ascension: Do you know the extensive work of Dr. Joshua David Stone? He is now a being who has transitioned to the other side of the veil and he wants to continue with his work.  Meleriesee is ordained through his organization and together we bring you their knowledge but also the frequency to activate that knowledge within you. [Click here for more].

The Protection Class: Do you know what the 4th Dimension is really all about?  Many talk about the 4th and the 5th as if they are the same, and the interchangeability of them both as being the next level of humanity.  They are not.  The 4th is not the 5th.  The 4th is a dimension of constructional architectural dimensionality that supports the very existence of the 3rd dimension.  In other words, the 3rd dimension can not exist as a construct without the 4th dimension.  And what is the 4th? The 4th is the dimension of where the veil of the 3rd gets lifted and you get to see what is “under the hood”.  That is, all the contrast and duality right in your face… Are you or were you ever afraid of the dark?  Do you know that our mythical stories and fairy tales like little red riding hood walking through the dark and foreboding forest to Grandma’s house…are not so mythical in their hidden truths? That is the 4th Dimension…and you have to go through it to get to the 5th.  This class has wonderful stories from our own pathway and offers many tools to assist you to do just that and protect your light while you do.  [Click here for more].

Our Weekly Tele-Teachings and Membership:  Perhaps one of our easiest tools to keep yourself learning and advancing along the path.  Each week we normally do 2 calls (Mondays and Wednesdays) for our members.  Each call assist in bringing you insights and re-connections to all this work, including many channeled messages, activations, attunements and guided meditations. What makes these calls unique? We don’t just bring you the elements of knowledge you are seeking to make a shift, we bring the high vibrational frequencies that make a shift in your full body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. (Of course, your Higher Self, and you, need to allow that to happen…as freewill governs all things on planet earth.)  Currently our members are getting The Telosian Way seminar series as part of their membership.  In 2013 we will resume learning about the Etheric Golden Cities with Lord Adama the High Priest of Telos. (The Golden Cities, by the way, all use the Rays of God in their teachings for humanity.) [Click here for more].

These are just some of the ways we are here to get you ready.  And everything we do gets us ready too, as we are all on this pathway together.  And if all that was not enough… we do personal sessions for you as well.  (Which may not be something we will always be able to offer, but for now, we still can do so.)

What are the personal sessions?  Mostly one-on-one sessions with the Ascended Masters, Lady Masters and Beings who want to impart all these esoteric teachings about Ascension and Soul Psychology to humanity.  You already know the names of many of the beings we offer sessions through, but click here to see more on how we can assist you.

Frequency Update ~ September 23rd through 29th, 2012

Planetary Level:

This week should be a mixture of the new from the New Moon on September 15 and moving into the Full Moon on September 30th, at 12:19 AM GMT.  In between these two phases we experienced the Equinox which truly was a doorway of moving from the old into the new.  This week we should be feeling the effects of the New Moon as we allow the walk to continue within the newer energies.  The Full Moon can be a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships which mean the emotional parts of the self will be very reflective.  It can be a bit combative as the Moon is in Aries representing the ‘self’ and the Sun is in Libra representing the ‘other’.  It is a time of illumination of expressing ourselves and moving out of the normal way of doing things.  This can also mean that we may want to change the old way of doing things, with others and in our lives, into a new existence as we allow these energies to be our guide.

In reference to Solar Flares, there is a slight chance this week.  There was an active region on September 23rd which is being recorded as an expanding cloud but is not being considered a threat to the Earth’s atmosphere.  The Northern lights have been active during and since this Equinox although the wind velocity is very low at this time.  That does not mean it will not speed up in the Artic winds.

Cosmic Level:

The energies that each of you are going to be feeling this week could be a mixture from the old and the new.  Possibly more of the old as you may not know what you need to be doing to walk into your new pathways unless you have been intending for quite some time to fully access these frequencies of light.  As the information above relates to the New Moon, Equinox, and Full Moon, it can create a mixture of energies that may confuse the lower mind to try and understand the entire process.

We suggest to you for this week to be in preparation for the Full Moon energies and totally understand WHO YOU ARE.  This means in all aspects of your Being, not just thinking about it.  How are you doing with conversations with others, interactions, and allowing your true Spirit to be the guiding force within your world?  As each new day brings on a different frequency of Light unto the Earth, each of you are going to be challenged deeply to fully understand the process that you are undergoing.  If you do not know how to do so, just ASK.  It is that simple.  You will see a special moment occur for you if you do so.

Not only is the time period in the last week of September crucial for your emotional balance, it is time for you to understand the mirrors that you are sending out to others; because it will be reflected back into your SELF.  We cannot assist another until we assist ourselves, and this is the week to do so.  Find time, even if it is a moment of self-reflection, to take care of your own insecurities, energies that are not serving your higher purpose, because they will illuminate out to others.  As a direct result, don’t you want to feel the same from others?  Isn’t that why you protect yourself with psychic energies so that you don’t have to interact with the ones that do not align with your truest purpose or thought of the moment?

Let us all take a breather this week and start to fully accept that you are a Divine Being of Light and allow that to reflect in all of your words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  As you do this, it will all come into a synchronous moment of creation.  Let us blend the Planetary with the Cosmic and bring it into balance into the ONE that matters, YOU.  As you do so, you will see this week be the most synchronistic moments in your life.  As each full moon becomes closer with 12-21-12, you will see a change in Who You Are.

In Love, Joy, and Exhilaration of Our Light Together,

The Unified Whole Command in the Light of Oneness

Introducing Unified Whole Weekly New Earth Frequency Updates

Weekly we will provide the energies of what is occurring within the Cosmic Forces into the Planetary Level as we are affected by all levels of vibration in and around us.  The Planetary level is based on the planets and what the resulting energies we are experiencing.  The Cosmic level is a channeled message brought forth by the Team of Light* of Ascended Masters, Intergalactics, Inner Earth Beings, and Cosmic Frequencies.  The messages will come forth this group consciousness known as UNIFIED WHOLE COMMAND IN THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.

Week of September 16th, 2012

Planetary Level:

We are in the midst of a New Moon which this time is a double intensity.  It is within the Sun Sign of Virgo along with the Moon Sign.  It represents nurturing in parenting relationships, of child to parent so our Inner Child is really asking for additional assistance.  Other aspects relate to changing your diet into a healthier way of eating, taking care of yourself, understanding when relationships do not work they do not serve your highest purpose, learning compassion and deep love for the self.  The solar flares are low presently which helps us to keep the balance with the New Moon activities.

Cosmic Level:

This week promises to create change in a very subtle level for each individual.  The New Moon is always a time of re-creation and makes the necessary changes to adjust to each of the resulting energies that do not allow for a complete flow and balance.  With the onset of this moon you may find that you want to make changes in your life that you have been thinking about for quite some time.  It is how you go about it that is very important.

This is essentially important as the energies may be subtle but they are very distinct for each individual.  Everyone is changing greatly at this time and it is important to realize that the changes will occur quickly and then you will need to readjust the frequencies within you.  What you ask for, you will receive.  So be very particular in your prayers of being gentle to yourself.

Addictions play an important role at this time.  What you do not work on, will work harder against you.  This is in relation to food, drink, drugs, relationships, and self-care.  Nothing must be in excess at this time and if it is, then it will pull you down further.  So it is time to do some self-cleaning in and around your self and environment.

The frequencies of light expanding upon the planet will be very slow this week.  There are not going to be any major surges because it is time to fully clean out your closets and reaffirm what you desire in your life.  So gentleness is the word we want to share with you.  This represents each of you own SELF and everyone else that is in your life.  Compassion is deeply needed to be rooted within your Being to assist you in the process of the changes that are going to result within your lives.

The Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere will have the same effect electrically with individuals.  So this week is in preparation for that phase from the seasons.  Clean up the old, get ready for the new as it is a time of complete renewal and rebirth.

Look to your skies for answers of the light that is coming into the planet.  Allow yourself to have a dialogue with individuals of the Sky Nations as they are looking for your assistance.  This assistance is only coming presently in the form of Light Frequencies to assist you in this process of healing that you are going through.  Notice when you see the lights blinking at you they are acknowledging your process of continuance.  There is a reason why they are beckoning you.  It is your remembrance of being with them in all aspects of your Being.

Prepare yourself for the next phase of the Harvest Moon.  In order to fully remove old elements you must reflect deeply, nurture your process and have no regrets on your future.  You are commanding the elements to occur as they will so allow yourself to be bathed in the Light of Pure Divine that you are.

Step into the energies of the Equinox of the flow and grace that You Are.  It is a time of complete renewal of who YOU ARE.  Each day is awakening of these frequencies.  Celebrate your birthing process within the land, on the water, and within the sky elements that You Are.

We, of the Unified Whole Command in Light of Oneness

Align with the Essence of Oneness.  Join us and breathe the light that We Are.

*Team of Light consists of Ascended Masters (St. Germain, El Moyra, Serapis Bey, Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Master Hilarion, Lord Sananda, Paul the Venetian, Lord Buddha, and more), Lady Masters (Mother Mary, Lady Isis, Lakshmi, Pallas Athena, Quan Yin and more), Inner Earth Beings (Lord Adama, The Telosian Council of Light, Mikos), Intergalactics (Ashtar Command, Arcturians, Pleidians, Sirians, Andromedians, Lord of the Great Bear Star System, and all Christed Intergalactics),  Angelic Realms (Archangels and all principalities), Divine Mother and Father God, Master Thoth the overseeing spokesbeing of the Unified Whole, Krishna, Ganesh, and all dieties in the Spiritual Hierarchy, Native Elders that walked the Earth before, along with all the Elementals, Fairies and Spirits of the Light including Dolphins and Whales.


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