Being the Luminous Mind

Golden FlameThis is the transcript of the Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together with Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina on January 31, 2015.  They represent the Golden Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom.

Blessings, my dearest children,

It is our pleasure to be with you as Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina.

We are here to help you open up the faculties of your Higher Mind in order for your Lower Mind to accept the Illumination and the Light. In the previous lesson with Hercules and Amazonia, you learned how to create that role through the Blue Flame. You have the ideas manifested within yourself of what you would like to create. In order to receive them, this next step will be very important.

As you know, the Mental Mind can be so full of thought forms that do not align with your truest manifestation. That is why we come here into the Garden within the 144th dimension, to fully connect with all aspects of yourself that represent the Source of Light, you I AM Presence, your Monad, and Higher Self. You must allow those energies to come within your full consciousness.

Allow yourself to breathe through this process and open up the Mental Mind, so that we can fully remove the debris and ill thoughts that stop you from creating manifestation.

I know each of you wants to center upon a specific manifestation that you would like to create in your life. In truth, every day should be full of manifestations. Every day is supposed to have a creation which you see happening within your world. It can be something very simple, like finding the right parking space or listening to a good friend when you needed assistance. It does not always have to be a tangible manifestation. It can be receiving a moment of clarification. These are all very important aspects to bring forth into your consciousness.

The more often you concentrate within your Higher Mind, the easier the manifestations will be. The human race tends to think of manifestation as a specific element to bring forth into their worlds to make life easier such as bringing in more funds or having a loving relationship for example.

Yet, just as with anything, you must be able to walk through the doorways to accept the manifestation you are desiring. The elements that come forth may not be able to get through those other thought process you have held within your subconscious for eons of time.

There is a clearing process that needs to occur, which is why we call this the Ray of Illumination. It is Love and Wisdom. It is the Ray of bringing forth that Love. You cannot receive anything in your desiring world, if you do not love every part of yourself. If you are in moments of despair or aggression about something, it is not anything you really want to embrace within your world. These are all important aspects to consider when you are going through the role of Precipitation.
We, as the Elohim, share with you to assist you in the process.

What we would like to help you with today is to allow the Illumination within your Mental Mind to remove the old aspects that hold you back. The way we do that is to take a moment within our breath and go into the Mental Mind, the Mental Body, and allow a clearing process to occur so that more can come in. As we all know, this is the way we need to bring manifestation into our world. We must remove the old thought forms, the ideas of the past.

You may have had an idea a year ago or further back. Now that idea does not seem tangible. It is because you have changed and so has the Earth. The energies are different. This day and age of what each of you is experiencing upon the Earth is that there is more availability to allow manifestation to occur.

Why not take advantage of that?

Feel the magic instead of feeling the other aspects that are not positive in your world. The most important element is to allow yourself to be open and free.

Let us all take a deep breath together. Allow the illumination of the mind to occur from your I AM Presence, from the God Source, as we ignite this energy onto each of you on this day. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel the Golden Yellow coming into your Crown. Let it filter through every part of your body. Let it move into all parts, especially the parts that are not aligned with your truest purpose.

Can you think of any of those in this moment?

As you sit within your Physical Body and you call upon your Higher Essence to fully be within you, are there any words or conflicting thoughts against each other?

Allow yourself to be an open vessel of this Frequency of Light.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel yourself as the pure Divine Being that you are in this moment. Nothing else should matter. Feel the beautiful essence of your Masculine and Feminine Divine. Feel the Mental Mind, the masculine part of you, accepting this. Relax with the other thoughts that surface within your physical mind. Allow nothing else to penetrate in this moment. Allow yourself to be that vessel, that channel of Light of your I AM Presence, of your Monad and Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the directing energy to come fully within you.

Within your breath, what do you feel?

What do you want to express within yourself?

You are now allowing the integration of your Higher Mind with your Lower Mind. The flow of ideas allows you to understand the whys and wherefores of what is occurring in your world. Allow yourself to know in this moment that you can create the essence within yourself to have the desired outcome. You have the Will. Think of the Will you have incorporated. You have strength within you to create that defining energy.

Now let the mind to be illuminated with the Higher Essence so that there is no control from the Lower Mind of how it is to be or how it will come. It is becoming as you are allowing it to be.

When you flow in the energy in this way, manifestations do happen in each moment. It is a requirement of the pathway you have stepped upon. You must feel the magic. You must feel the purification of your essences changing within you. No matter what your object of desire is.

Whether it is the health of your body, whether is wealth in your world, whether it is the internalization of your being of love. You have the ability to create all of it through the illumination of Light that you are. Breathe deeply and command these thoughts into yourself.








Feel these essences blending within you ~ relaxing you, commanding you. It is also helpful to utilize this process when you are studying, when you are reading, when you are sharing, or when you are writing. Any exercise you do upon the Earth needs to come from the Luminous Mind. Feel your Luminous Mind now blending within you. It is relaxing, peaceful and joyful. This brings the ability for you to fully access your wisdom. It must come from this space. You are available to now create everything you desire.
What is it?

Feel it now coming to you, as it may be different from what you thought before. Feel the Golden Yellow expanding within the essence that you are.

You are ready. You are ready to fully impress it. Go, my children, go and walk with the Luminous Mind. You shall forever be divinely guided by all that you are.

We are dearest Apollo and Lumina at your service.

The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together Circle takes place on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific and is a free service.  Please use the link to register for this amazing circle of light.

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The Bounty of Our Gifts ~ Lord Adama

harvest-webBlessings and Love.  It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.

I want to share today on the exchange of energies from each of us unto each of you.  We, in Telos, are very connected to each of you on the Upper Earth and want to extend our sincere thoughts of love and blessings since the Autumn Equinox.

The Harvest is now here and it is our time to celebrate all that we have experienced up to this point.  Is this something that you have thought about within you?

Isn’t it true that each of you desires to have your manifestations to come into your reality?

What is it that you have done up to this point that allows those creations to become you?

These are the questions that I want to pose to you since now is the most fruitful season of the year.  Those of you that live across the hemisphere that are experiencing the essence of Spring truly are going through the same level of creation within your lives as you plant your seeds for your future.

So it is important to fully reflect within yourself how to embrace the walk that you have been taking in the past months.  It will help you come to the fruition of your new essence expanding within you.

You see we don’t just create elements to occur without first having to understand the process that we have gone under to make them appear in our lives.  We must first learn the lessons that our Higher Self is giving to us in order to fully receive the gifts of our labor.

So as we just moved through a New Moon and experienced the most powerful equinox on the planet; it is time for each of you to embrace all that you have achieved.  As the more that you realize within yourself these achievements, the deeper will be your Harvest of the Self.

Take time to truly reflect the bounty of your life within you; then more can appear.  Until you say thank you for the beautiful gifts you are receiving, then you cannot receive more.  It is a proven fact.

The beauty of your life is not measured by your hardships, but how you walk through those challenging doorways to find the blissfulness of your essence to enfold within your Being.

I applaud each of you for what you are experiencing and processing in your lives.  Let the old essence be thrown away that does not serve you.  Put it into wholeness so that you never have to experience it again.  Be the bliss that you desire as it is truly ready to be received.  All you have to do is reach your arms out and feel all those gifts of joy, peace, and be the manifestor of your own destiny.  Don’t hesitate to realize how far you have gone; then you gone continue the journey with less baggage and more excitement of who you have become.  This is fully realizing the Bounty of Your Gifts being sent from your Higher Self unto your Physical Creation.

All my love from my Heart to Yours,

I AM Lord Adama, of the Telosian Council of Light

September 29th, 2014

Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Gifts of Wesak ~ Lord Adama


It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light.

Hello, my dearest ones.  It is so wonderful to have each of you with us in these moments.  Let us all breathe deeply into our purest essence, and allow that to expand.

Take a moment to think about Wesak.  Bring that into your Heart Center and allow it to expand out of you, so I can receive the purest form of your essence to see how we want to go about connecting with each other tonight and what my message is for you.

What I am feeling from each of you within this group consciousness is that each of you feels you have transformed in one way or another into a new state of consciousness, and that you are not the same person you were a month ago.  Now you are trying to balance those energies within yourself.  There has probably been a new awareness coming to you; new realizations about parts of yourself that were not there previously.  This all can be part of the Wesak energies.  Remember that the Wesak energies continue throughout a three-month process.  You may not understand the whole process you have been going under until toward the end of the summer.

It is then that you begin to fully grasp what it is that you have been going through, and the changes you have been experiencing.  As we have shared previously, many others felt that this Wesak was the most powerful, which it was.  This is because of the Love and Wisdom being more integrated into Gaia’s energy, but for each of you and all the Light Workers upon this Earth.  So, what we are experiencing are shifts in consciousness.  Let us think about that.  Every individual upon the planet is shifting their awareness, their thought processes into a new way that they are not used to.  This could be only one fraction of an aspect within which someone thinks differently about themselves.

For instance, if they previously did not like their neighbor, and all of a sudden they begin to have an interaction with that neighbor that is positive, they feel that change occurring.  In a 3rd dimensional sense, this is what many people are going through.  They are feeling a shift, without understanding what it is.  They will not understand.  It is our job in the higher realms to assist in that process and allow those energies to fully come forth into every individual so that we can have more awakened beings upon this planet.  But with each of you it is quite different.  There will be many more dramatic changes because of what you are working on within yourself.  This pathway you are on, the realizations you are having about your own process upon this Earth, about whom you are as a human being, and what you are becoming is all part of the energies streaming forth into you.

Let us think about each of these amazing Rays being imparted onto the planet; the Ruby Red Gold of Inner Devotion, Deep Blue of the Will of God, and Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom.  Some may ask, why did the Spiritual Hierarchy choose to do it in this manner?  Why is it the first Ray, the sixth Ray and then the second Ray?  Why this succession?  The main reason for this is that this planet has been part of the Inner Devotion on a planetary scale, on a scale of the dogma of religion.  That is now shifting, as that energy comes into Gaia’s essence and people begin to acknowledge themselves more deeply.  They begin to look at themselves and they begin to see changes.  Whatever circumstances make them do that, there is a change occurring within every individual upon this planet.  Whether they act upon it, is at their free will.

The Deep Blue Ray of the Will of God comes fully into creation through this process.  It is an amazing energy to be infused into Gaia’s energy and into every individual upon her.  Please know that individuals unlike yourself once awakened, have that Flame come through and flow right out of them.  They probably do not even realize that there are any changes occurring, except in their dream states.  Yet, if an individual does not awaken to those dream state activities, having that instant of realization through the remembrance of a dream, then it is completely surpassing them.  Not to have that actualization within themselves is their free will.

As we move into the Golden Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom, I would like to ask each of you, what does it represent for you?  When this Ray is brought in to be more grounded within your being, are you allowing its energies to come into their full perspective of whom you are?  What does Love and Wisdom mean to you?  If you were here during the retreat, which a few of you were, you would understand that in order to receive your Wisdom, you have to acknowledge the Love that is you from your purest form.  It is then that your Wisdom will be accessed.  We are at a point at which each of you is beginning to understand this.

What happens to each of us through this process is that it internalizes within us to make us look and see within ourselves what we need to change to receive that Love, and to be that Love.  That is the Love from our highest essence into our physical self.  This requires the physical self to relinquish old elements that do not uphold the essence of Love.  It is not a physical Love.  It is a spiritual Love as the purification that you are, coming forth from the God force into your physical creation.  Is this not a magnificent element to hold within you?

Within this process, many aspects occur.  In your physical essence, there are many ways of allowing that Love essence to come within you.  It does not mean that you have not brought it forth thus far, but it usually stirs things up.  If you are not ready to accept the elements that come out of you to be looked at, you will still be swimming in their debris and not flowing.  If you had some of these moments since Wesak, this gives you an understanding of what has been happening.  Until you allow your own Will, God’s Will, to assist you in this process, until you become completely devoted to yourself, and until you allow that Love to be within you, you are still going to face great turmoil.  This is what is occurring for many individuals upon the planet at this time.

It can be very challenging within a person’s experience.  I believe that at this time there are many, many individuals in existence who are struggling, who are going through changes that they do not understand.  All elements are in great change.  If you take those ideals, those elements, and bring them within yourself, you may be able to begin and understand what you are going through.  Let us take a moment to ponder upon that.

Embrace the thoughts of what you have been experiencing through your ability to devote time to yourself.  Bring in your Will and Power to look at it and to accept the Love that is within you.  It is beyond the comprehension of physical Love.  It is the purification of the essence we all are together.  Sometimes this may be overwhelming within ourselves.  And this is what this Wesak has represented.  If you are strong enough within yourself, if you have a strong foundation, you will be able to look at the elements arising for you and see that you need to make the necessary changes.  Whatever happens to you internally must occur externally, for you to actualize its full potential.  So allow those energies to be fully within you, and accept yourself in a completely different manner than before.  This takes great courage.

Thus we call upon that Will and Power to allow for the assistance of these energies.  The more you are able to structure all of this within yourself, the more you will be able to find out how you are receiving the gifts of Wesak and enter the next stage of growth.  Last night, Melchizedek spoke about some things concerning the initiations.  I will tap into that frequency for a little bit to clarify further what you may be going through.

When you are at the lower initiations, up until you hit the fourth at least, you work on the internalization of the aspects within your psyche.  You are allowing aspects from your Subconscious mind to be brought forth into your conscious mind and for the Super-Consciousness of your Higher Self to fully blend within you.  The internalizations of Wesak that you are going to have within yourself, will allow these energies to make the necessary changes for you.  You participate in a cosmic event at which all the other beings and star essences of the many universes and the Creative Source of Oneness participate in.  You are coming into that Oneness within yourself.

Without the ability to fully understand the entire process, you can get stuck.  Your emotions can be raw, which is the second initiation.  Your lower mental mind can be very active, as it still wants to figure out what process it is you are going through.  In this case, complete surrendering is the key.  We speak of surrendering all the time.  What does that actually mean?  When you connect within yourself, do you say to yourself that you will not think about a certain thing?  Simply allow it to happen.  You are conditioned at this point to try and understand more.  But I ask you in this moment to fully remove that thought.  Remove that particle within you to gain true understanding from within.

This means to let go of all you have ever learned as a human being.  You were always taught that in order to get through a process, you would have to understand it.  This is true, but on a spiritual level it occurs on a much higher rate than the physical level.  So the internalization that is taking place for you must be within to make the necessary changes.  As we move onto the Festival of Humanity and then the Summer Solstice, it is important to understand what the process is that you are going through.  What is the internalization that you need to move from the internal part of your being onto the external?  Meaning that you take it from within yourself, and expand it outside into your field so that it becomes physical reality.

Sometimes, when we are going through changes, healing processes, or new developments, we have a tendency of staying so stuck within that human conditioning so that we do not expand it outside of our fields.  That is where surrendering comes in.  It is allowing the Physical Body to accept it.  Within the lower initiations is that the Physical Body is struggling for its identity.  It has always had an identity, a separation from the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, and the Etheric Body.  Now, you are telling that physical part of you that it needs to blend, which makes her fear loss of herself.  A struggle occurs, and you may develop physical ailments within the areas of yourself that are the weakest.

What occurs within this is that you bring forth these energetic exchanges within yourself to accept that Crystalline Body.  Yet the Physical Body is still struggling to hold the old self.  This is when you have to take moments of silence.  Take moments of being in the sun.  Take moments of being a body of water.  Feel all the elements of the Earth.  Feel all that is happening to you.  Allow it to expand out of you.  That is when you will be able to fully release the particles that no longer fit into your highest purpose.

The process you are undergoing presently since Wesak is allowing you to do so.  Are you doing this?  Are you allowing yourself to release the old particles and to step into the new essence that you have fully integrated through a very cosmic meditation?

You must allow that cosmic energy to be grounded within you.  There may be a struggle going on within you because of this at the present time.  This is the process we automatically fall back upon as human being.  We tend to go back to our conditioning levels.  Conditioning is no longer part of the 5th dimensional body of the New Earth.  Wesak has been an immense opportunity to fully embrace these changes at a much higher frequency than we have ever been able to experience.  It means that your role of mastery can be taken on much quicker if you allow the process to be easier instead of struggling with it.  You are so used to ‘not surrendering’.

You are so used to wanting to have to control within yourselves, that you impede the progress and not allowing it to flow.

So what is the most important element within yourself that you see that is changing you? 

What is changing within you? 

Do you understand what that is? 

Take a moment to truly reflect upon that.  I say this, because the preparation for the next stage of the Festival of Humanity is to share what you have received.  You need to take the time to allow what has occurred to expand out of you and become part of your physical existence.

We are not asking anyone to drain the Physical Body.  We are asking to blend the Physical Body with the other bodies.  Make a checklist with yourself, of when you are not accepting the changes.  On what level are you not accepting them?  Is it within the Physical?  Is it within the Emotional, the Mental, or possibly the Etheric?

Let us be honest about the Etheric Body.  The Etheric Body has a lot of different energies within it through what has been held within there for a very long time.  Maybe that Etheric Body is struggling also and things get stirred up.  Remember that when you remove a timeline, when you release something, a hole can develop within the Etheric Body; just like anywhere else within your existence when you are changing things.  These are the elements to think about in order to assist you in moving to the next phase.

To do so, you need to expand that energy out of you and share it.  You may ask “How do I share it if I am only on the lower initiations?  How do I bring forth this energy?”

Each of you has something to give to someone else.  You may already know what part that is.  Do you know what you received during the Wesak energies?  You accelerated yourself into a new position.  As I mentioned before, acceleration may be impeded by other elements.  There is something we need to bring forth for the Festival of Humanity.  We need to take the internalization that is occurring and expand it so it becomes external.  That is the gift.  You may receive more than that if you are ready to do so.  But the most important part of your reception at this point is to take what you have already accepted during Wesak and expand it out of you.

It may be the way that you project yourself.  It may how you interact with other people.  It may be how you are affected by nature.  It may be a new correlation with the supreme beings or with some elementals.  It may the fact that you have a gift within yourself that only needs to be found before you can share it with anybody else.

What I ask during this process today is to allow that expansion to happen for you.  Be that gift.  Doing this is giving service.  As you move onto the higher initiations, you will continue giving service.  It will require more responsibility.  At this time, the responsibility is to yourself.  What is it that you have not embraced from what you have received previously?  Allow it to expand out of yourself.  Reflect upon this for a while.

I will now share something about acceleration within a physical body.  No matter how far an individual travels within their initiations, I would like everyone to understand that this process never ends.  I, too, go through my own elements that I have to change continuously.  It may be easier for me, as I have been on this planet a lot longer than every one of you.  I am in Telos, and I was part of Lemuria with each of you and other timelines.  I learned to bring in the essences that were important in those other timelines to become who I am now for Telos.  It was this way that I could be the High Priest of Telos and share this information.

It is my Divine Pleasure to be with all of you once again.

Thank you for Being One with me.

Transcription from Lord Adama Discourse Class, May 5th, 2014

Rev. Christine Meleriessee, Fully Integrated Transmitter

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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