As we learn more about what true Ascension Mastery represents as an Initiate, it is important to allow your Higher Self help you to acknowledge what needs to be changed within you. 

The eight Ascension Quotients as brought forth by Dr. Joshua David Stone is a treasure map for the Initiate. It allows for the Intuitive Self to start to understand the process in which the Physical Self/Personality needs to acknowledge within their pathway. Without this truth to be revealed, then the Initiate cannot move forward through their Ascension levels. 

It is important to understand that as the Initiate you have taken on an oath to your physical self to be honest, courageous, patient, and forgiving to yourself. You have arrived into this pathway to help yourself to become more Spiritually attuned to your physical self. That is the first step in accepting the role of being an Initiate. 

There are many awakened individuals that will not be able to take on this role within themselves. The souls may not be ready to do so and need to work through other elements within their consciousness. But, the ones, that have taken on this responsibility are ready to allow their FourBody System (Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Concrete Mind) to work together cohesively as that has not been the case in previous lifetimes. Taking on this role take great courage and tenacity to walk through many doorways that have been closed off previously.  

That is why it is considered the most important pathway for higher acceleration. 

There is a misconception that occurs within many individuals that work with these energies. As there are seven initiations of the planetary level, it means that your FourBody System must go through each of the steps to attune those specific bodies into a higher consciousness.  

An individual can have the gift of intuitiveness, being able to meditate into the higher realms through the breath, and feel the divine energies in those moments of silence. But if a person does not ground those higher energies, releases the lower ego, and transforms the Etheric Self from the many timelines that have kept them in bondage, then that soul will stay within the lower initiations, usually the 2nd (Physical Body-Instinct), or the 3rd (Mastery over the Emotional Body through Feeling and Desire). 

The Initiate may not think they are in that lower initiation as they are able to connect to higher realms of light or feel a sense that they are achieving more than they have previously. This is so very true, but the Lower Self has a tendency of thinking that it is truly doing better than it is. 

It creates a false hope. 

We call this Consciousness “Ascension” which may cause the Initiate to feel as if they are in the higher levels without realizing that the true work still needs to be done within the Physical -Etheric (chakras) – Emotional – Mental (Concrete body) so that there can be a transference of light energy to be realized by each of these bodies. 

It isn’t until the Initiate truly walks with a higher level of Love and Light within them continuously on a 24-hour basis, that the Initiate has transcended the lower infractions in order to hold the higher frequencies of light. This is when the Carbon-Based Body starts to turn into the Light Body. 

This process is not an easy one as each of us knows, but imperative to be able to go beyond the 7th initiation. Again, we share that you can do so in your Higher Consciousness and that is why many Lightworkers may think they are holding this frequency of light within them.  

The important focus of this discussion is to relate to each of you how to truly understand your Inner Self and what needs to change in order to walk through the higher initiations. 

Learning to focus upon the Eight Ascension Quotients are essential as it will help you, as the Initiate, to ascertain within yourself what still needs to be worked upon. Each Initiate must have an understanding of each of these quotients; and that they need to be held beyond the 80% ratio on a continual basis no matter what your circumstances, good, bad, or indifferent. 

This is the huge challenge of Ascension Mastery ~ you can Ascend your Consciousness but until you learn that you have to Descend Your Highest Consciousness within the Four-Body System that as that Initiate you will not be holding your Higher Self, or I AM Presence that make up the 12 Light Bodies to be within you.

When the Initiate learns to do so, the transference of light within the system will change dramatically. You will think, feel, and act differently in each moment. When you have a challenge that you are faced with, you will find that your Higher Self Consciousness will help you to see the Divine Truth of the situation whether you as the Personality agrees or not. 

This is also when your chakras will shift as the debris from your past timelines is lodged within your Etheric Memory. The more that you acknowledge the Rays of God to be part of your meditative process the easier the journey will be. 

All of these elements are part of the eight Quotients of Ascension Mastery. 

The quotients you want to focus upon within you are: (1) Love Quotient; (2) Light Quotient; (3) Christ Consciousness Quotient; (4) Initiation Quotient; (5) Self Service and Self Spiritual Leadership Quotient; (6) Transcendence of your Negative Ego Quotient; (7) Psychological Wisdom Quotient; and (8) Integration and Balance of all the Quotients. 

As an Initiate, Descending the Higher Light Bodies within your consciousness will assist in all of these elements coming into a higher existence of Love and Light. It is essential for the process of Ascension Mastery; without it an Initiate will be challenged and not be able to transcend the negative ego, or the lower forms of existence that have been part of their consciousness. Within this journey, the Initiate will see that health and well being becomes a huge focus while there is a depth of healing that will be accessed through the process. 

Walking Terra Christa is holding their monthly public Mastery Class on the dynamics of the Eight Ascension Quotients with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Saint Germain. 

Lord Saint Germain will bring forth the dynamics of the Rays of God and how essential they are to help an Initiate to grow through each of the Initiations into full Mastery.  

Lord Melchizedek will discuss the challenges of not stepping into full mastery; what occurs for a Lightworker that insists on doing it their way instead of readying themselves for full mastery through the process of acknowledging the eight Ascension Quotients. 

There is a Q&A session with Lord Melchizedek to discuss your pathway associated with the quotient that needs the most assistance. 

Included also is a beginning meditation with Rev. Christine Mahlariessee with the 22 Rays of God within each of the chakras while learning to access the Higher Bodies of Light. 

We travel to the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek for an Ascension Activation Meditation which resides within the 24th Dimensional Level to receive an Invocation and Dispensation for your Chosen Quotient to be accelerated within your four-body system. 

If you have not taken any of the prior classes concerning each individual quotient, this class is an excellent instruction and a summary that will set the stage. For those who have taken some or all of the classes, this teaching will assist in developing a cohesive approach in your walk as an Initiate of Ascension.


LORD SAINT GERMAIN: Gives a broad instruction on the relationship of using the Rays of God – all 22 of them – to match up with the Eight Quotients thus giving an Initiate the ability to access the higher light vibrations within the Etheric Self (which is the holder of all vibrations good and bad). Lord Saint Germain, (as the Maha Cohan of the Seven Flames) will also speak individually with each live participant in a Q/A to delve into how to work with the chakras to go into a deeper level of accessing the Ray-Quotient dynamic for that person.

LORD MELCHIZEDEK: Assisting Initiates to develop an awareness of the challenges of not stepping into full mastery; what occurs for a Lightworker that insists on doing it their way instead of readying themselves for full mastery through the process of acknowledging the eight Ascension Quotients as an enthusiastic journey of Ascension. Lord Melchizedek, as the Father of Ascension Mastery  for all Initiates, will also personally speak to each live participant to bring into focus their individual quotient challenges and offer assistance.

Walking Terra Christa is holding this monthly Mastery Audio Class on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific. This teaching is also available as an AUDIO RECORDING.

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The Circle of Mastery: Getting Back to the Soul’s Truth


The Circle of Mastery is a continual evolving movement. As the Initiate stands in the middle of the circle, they represent the Initiation Quotient which is accelerated by the lessons that they experience as their Emotional, Mental, and Etheric Bodies go through a process of deep healing. The Physical Body is the one that holds all aspects of the other three bodies. They are in continual motion within each other.

To fully understand the Integration and Balance Quotient an individual walking the Mastery Pathway must be like a spiritual detective. They must learn what they you are feeling, how the thoughts are connected to the emotions, and how they handle the energies within themselves, either good or bad.

The Etheric Self is like a chamber of light and dark where it houses all remembrances that the Soul has experienced in the many lifetimes it has lived. This is where the word “timeline” comes in as there are many moments in any lifetime that can create a “timeline” which is a remembrance of information that becomes accessible to the soul’s conscious mind.

The Pathway of Mastery is a very intricate and misunderstood walk into the unknown. An individual who steps into this new world has been guided by their Higher Self that it is now time to know all things from their past and learn how to put them into perspective of the present consciousness within their four-body system (physical-etheric-emotional or astral-mental).

Each of these four bodies goes through many levels of healing which will account for the many changes that the individual will experience. The main component of this pathway is to allow the transition into the light from the dark to be accepted within the conscious mind. This means there has to be an overhaul of what the soul has thought to be its reality. All of this will change in many levels.

As the Initiate is expanding its awareness, the subconscious mind becomes very active as it feels as if it is being pushed into a direction that it never has experienced in any lifetime. This is when the Lower Ego can become so active as the Subconscious Mind decides that it is not going to let go of the existence of its consciousness or what it has known to be up to this point in time.

Every individual goes through this process; it cannot be avoided.

As the Lower Mind has been an essential component within the Subconscious thoughts, it will go through a process of fighting the light energies and will cause the Initiate to experience a spiritual death experience. Many initiates will not be able to step into this arena of letting the old die, as there is great fear that occurs during this phase of evolution of the Higher Mind. This is when the Initiate can fall back into their old habits or leave the Mastery Pathway completely as they are not fully ready to accept the challenge of walking as a Master. It does not mean it is over for that specific Initiate, but they need to regroup, take a step back, and relearn from the perspective of their Lower Mind or Lower Ego.

The Masters always hope that they will return to this pathway as it is the journey of the Soul to reach mastery and step into the awareness of an evolving soul of light.

When an Initiate accepts the challenges of the pathway, then they are ready to be diligent while learning to serve their Spiritual Self and not the Physical Self. It is at this stage that the soul becomes more connected to the physical consciousness and has an advantage to truly assist the Initiate to learn how to work through his four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional or Astral, and Mental).

The soul then truly becomes the Initiate and steps into the cycle of the seven Initiations of the Planetary Level. They are no longer just a lightworker or a gifted person, they step into the 2nd Initiation and are ready to do the heavy lifting of allowing the four-body system of the Physical Self to transition into the higher vibration of Light.

The Planetary Initiations represent the Pathway of Ascension and are at the Center of all of the Quotients.

Whatever an Initate does within their pathway will assist them to work through the quotients of Light, Love, Transcendence of the Negative Ego, Christ Consciousness, Self Service and Spiritual Leadership, and Psychological Wisdom. Each of these quotients are directly inter-related as what the Initiate does, thinks, and feels within their life circumstance will be connected to these quotients.

The key to this process is to imagine that you, as the Initiate, are standing within a circle and each of these quotients are part of the circle.  The more that you work to create a higher percentage within each of these quotients, the easier it will be for you to move through the Initiations.

Progression is all centered upon one very important quotient: Integration and Balance.

The more inner work that you do as an Initiate to transform the lower elements within your consciousness, including your Subconscious, to allow your Super Conscious to be the guiding light, the higher the percentage will be within you to create the Integration and Balance Quotient to move into a higher level of acceptability.

Now we all know that this is easier said than done. That is why many Lightworkers may think they have achieved mastery but yet, they are still holding their energies in the 2nd Initiation. The Lower Ego must be relinquished unto the Higher Ego while allowing the Emotional Charges and Mental Thoughts to be accessed through Love, Light, and the Christ Consciousness.

This is when the true acceleration happens for an Initiate of Mastery.

It will make the path go easier, simpler, and with more Love and Light to be experienced within the consciousness of the physical self as the Super Conscious blends with the Subconscious creating the Three Minds to work together instead of separately. This process needs to occur on a 24-hour basis, and it is the main reason why so many individuals are still struggling to move through their initiations.

It is the way of this pathway ~ honoring the Divine Spiritual Self so the Physical Self can step into their Personal Oneness.

It is an important facet of being in Mastery because if you can achieve all of this on this physical plane of Earth, then you are well on your way as a soul to be all that you have been striving to be through the many lifetimes you have experienced. But it does not stop with the 7th Initiation; it continues upward through the Solar Initiations, the Galactic, the Universal, and Multi-Universal.

Walking this pathway physically takes a lot of courage and inner strength, but it can be achieved with diligence, love, and sincere respect for the Inner Self.

This is why we concentrate upon the Integration and Balance Quotient, as it is the guideline for all the quotients. When the Initiate fully accepts more Light to be within their four-body system by addressing the issues that don’t hold that Light, then the Quotient of Integration and Balance will increase. The same holds true for all the other quotients we mentioned.

It is imperative to work upon receiving the Light, the Love, the Christ Consciousness in order to Transcend your Negative or Lower Ego, while learning that giving Service to yourself is the first step to Leadership. Then, and only then can you realize the Psychological Wisdom you have gained through the process, with each lesson, as each step will allow the Initiate to integrate the Balance by becoming aware of the dynamics of the challenges and achievements that they experience through each step of Mastery.

In retrospect just as the Initiations help to work through the Quotients, the same holds true for the Quotients assisting the Initiate within their Initiations.

Learning to truly hold Balance while Integrating the upgraded consciousness and energies as an Initiate will help to become part of One’s full consciousness is the way that will assist the Initiate to become the Master past the seventh Initiation.

Walking Terra Christa is holding their monthly Mastery Audio Class on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific. We bring forth the dynamics of the Integration and Balance Quotient in learning how to achieve this quality within the four-body system while concentrating on the Light, Love and Christ Consciousness Quotients as the three defining elements of success. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THE CLASS

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Saint Germain, and Master Mahatma Ghandi will be the teachers for this class. Their focus is to help every participant to raise their Integration and Balance Quotient through the journey into the Light, Love, and Christ Consciousness Quotients. The other quotients are important through the process but these three categories are the cornerstone of the Initiations and reaching beyond the 7th Initiation into Mastery. It cannot be done without the Initiate stepping into this process.

LORD MELCHIZEDEK: Sharing how as a Master that it is essential for any soul that wants to transcend the lower elements within the Physical – Etheric – Emotional – Mental Bodies that it is a necessary component to work within the Quotients of Love, Light, and Christ Consciousness. Without these three components then the Initiate will become lost in their own lower psychological self.

LORD SAINT GERMAIN: Explaining how the Rays of God assist in the process of increasing the Quotients to become Integrated and Balanced within the Psychological Self. It actually will assist in changing the composition of reality within each of the Four Bodies (Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental) to work with the Three Minds cohesively as the Initiate becomes the full reality of the Eight Rays of God first, and then the higher rays to assist in raising the Light Vibration within the Chakras of the Body. Lord Saint Germain, as the Maha Cohan of the Seven Flames will also speak individually with each live participant in a Q/A.

GUEST SPEAKER: MASTER MAHATMA GHANDI: A special dissertation from this powerful master in how he developed ways to create change through the Mental Body and finding Peace Within. Included will be Chanting by Master Mahatma Ghandi, Mantras, and learning to exude Peace Within. A Meditation Attunement using the Etheric Energies is provided in a journey to the Temple of Peace which is Master Mahatma Ghandi’s Ashram within the 49th Dimension of the Cosmic Level.

Walking Terra Christa is holding their monthly Mastery Audio Class on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific. We bring forth the dynamics of the Integration and Balance Quotient in learning how to achieve this quality within the four-body system while concentrating on the Light, Love and Christ Consciousness Quotients as the three defining elements of success. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THE CLASS

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A Master’s Love or Cupid’s Arrow: Choose Wisely

We are all familiar with the mythology of Cupid (Eros) who can smite you with his bow.

But think on that a moment. His artful arrow is just that. An arrow. Do we take time to consider that as we seek love within the physical self, we are also seeking out what that arrow carries with it, which is actually harm and pain as it pierces the most important life giving organ we possess.

It is appropriate that the “gods” of the Romans and Greeks would wield such a tool, as humanity has always felt love to be something that involves heartache and distress.

Most individuals would casually respond that they know what LOVE is. Yet statistically speaking from the point of view of sustainable long term relationships few do. Consider that in the United States the divorce rate for young adults is still at 50%. Essentially that means it is equal to a coin toss if one will in fact “live happily ever after”. The rate of individuals who are emotionally intimate with members of their birth family and/or feel deep emotional bonds with their friends is about the same or much less.

So what does it take to make “love” successful? The short answer is that one needs to know more about themselves in order to make a relationship to another person connect at a level that involves true intimacy and vulnerability. Those two factors are the key to success for love to become meaningful. For most humans in existence, the constrictions held against us due to our soul’s truth of experience over 100’s of lifetimes is what causes us to shield our vulnerability and protect ourselves from a deeper connection to others, but doing just that is what real love requires and it is the main reason many do not have the skills required to build (or even experience) sustainable intimate relationships where they feel the qualities of full safety and acceptance.

Ascended Masters have personally learned that it is essential to understand that Love is meant to be free flowing within all the Higher and Lower Bodies. Masters realized that it is not about what humans desire from cupid’s bow: to be overwhelmed and enchanted by the thrall of physical attraction worthy of the gods.

Instead for True Love to be acquired, one must allow the ACT OF LOVE to be experienced within all aspects of life. If an individual speaks of love but does not allow it to be felt from within, then there is no truth within the essence they are trying to portray.

The main element is that every individual must become their own Divine Love in order to achieve ascension in their planetary lives.

Building the Love Quotient is a major focus in making progress upon the Spiritual Path. Using the new understandings of Ascension Mastery regarding how real Ascension works for individuals who desire to live a life of actual higher frequency, Walking Terra Christa is bringing forth a class to delve into the soul’s energetics to help individuals better themselves in connection to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of Light to bring in more of the Divine Love.

In Dr. Joshua Stone’s words, “This means that the feeling body is raised by the frequencies of Divine Love and not the opposite. Divine Spiritual love can be filtered through the Emotional Body in a manner that elevates it, while at the same time honoring the emotional vehicle. When an individual does not work upon elevating their Mental and Emotional bodies for this to occur, it can cause the essence of love to be distorted, degraded or denied altogether.”


ORDER THE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Instructions will be sent to the email account setup through PayPal during enrollment (PayPal is a free secure online payment system).