Wesak 2019 ~ Convergence of Your Divine Spark

Walking Terra Christa Annual Wesak Gathering

Walking Terra Christa shares the higher spiritual understanding of the meaning of Wesak for initiates and spiritual seekers within Ascension studies.

JOIN THE WESAK ONLINE ASCENSION FESTIVAL: MAY 18, 2019 at 9:00AM Pacific (Highest Ascension energies, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Ascension Decree & Prayers.)

We are in the midst of the major ascension festivals for 2019. The Festival of Wesak occurs on May 18, 2019 at the time of the Taurus full moon which transfers the divine qualities of allowing each initiate of Ascension Mastery to experience a new spark to be ignited within their full body system.

The year of 2019 brings forth the dynamics of “Walking with the Ascended Masters“. As the prior year it was esoterically the year of Oneness, which allowed all parts of ourselves to come into unification within our Spiritual development. It truly represented an awakening for many individuals on a new and different level as new doorways were opened and many were closed. The energy of 2018 helped us step into finding our own birthing into what it means to hold unification within ourselves; which of course means contrary energies must be revealed, accepted and transformed (as appropriate for each person). So 2018 was the year that assisted us to consciously discover what Oneness requires within our own soul’s pathway of light.  More often than not such a discovery can be disruptive.

This year energetically we are still in a state of fluctuation. Many individuals think that we have moved into the 5th dimensional energies because people are waking up to realize that more needs to be done to assist humanity. The truth of the matter is that each of us, individually, need to take responsibility for our own destiny as we walk with Gaia, Mother Earth. Being in the fifth dimensional energies would mean that all of the duality we experience would be completely gone. We still have a long way to be in Oneness on the physical earth as we each bring forward our own light first. Continue reading Wesak 2019 ~ Convergence of Your Divine Spark

DECREES ~ THE GOLDEN CITY OF SACELEAUS ~ Step 5 Intimacy of the Inner Child

As Walking Terra Christa is now working within the next step representing Intimacy for the Inner Child, we chose to work with the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus. This city represents Love and Adoration of the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence.

Our goal this month is to allow the healing of the Pink Flame to assist each individual to infuse the qualities of Divine Love within their four body system. We are also working with Lord Metatron on initiating the 5th Metatronic Seal of Integrating the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

The Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence represents these characteristics:

Learning to Express Gratitude of the Self to Create the Manifestation Desired

Color:  Pink

Chakra:  Heart

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Seelea and Lady Seeleo

Chohan:  Master Paul the Venetian

Elohim Masters:  Heros & Amora

Archangels:  Chamuel & Charity

Toning Sound:  “YAM, A”

Virtues:  Power of Manifestation, Power to Evolve, Having Mental Illumination, Perseverance, Clear Mindedness, Power to Produce, and Understanding from the Higher Mind.

Virtues to be Acquired:  Compassion, Toleration, Devotion, Accuracy from the Higher Mind, and Common Sense.

Higher Expression:  Means of communication or interaction verbally from the Heart Center, not the Mind

Aspects that Need to Be Healed by the Pink Flame:  Intellectual Pride, Coldness, Isolation, Inaccuracy of Details, Absent Minded, Obstinacy, Selfishness, Overly Critical of Others, Seeing Too many Details that may Paralyze the Action you desire to achieve.

Week 1 we worked with all of the Beings of the Pink Flame with Lord Metatron Initiating the 5th Metatronic Seal – Integration of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

 Decree ~ Embodying the Flame of Adoration

As I walk into the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful essences of the Pink Flame,

Within the land, the flowers, the trees, and most of all the sky above.

I am met by Master Paul the Venetian, the Ray Chohan for the Pink Flame,

Representing the Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence.

With him are the Elohim Heros and Amora,

Along with the Archangels Chamuel and Charity.

We walk into the Garden of Adoration,

I see beautiful angelic energies everywhere I walk,

As I start to feel my own Solar Angel fully within me,

I feel my wings enfolding from my shoulder blades within my back,

It is very freeing as I start to embody the Pink Flame within my Heart.

I feel the joy of love within me.

Master Paul the Venetian reaches his hands towards mine,

As he shows me this beautiful pathway of pink roses all around me.

We walk together and I feel is essence giving me deep compassion,

As I know it is time for me to allow my Emotional Body become my Feminine Divine,

As my Mental Body elicts the Masculine Divine Within me.

I see the Elohim Heros and Amora as they extend to me Divine Love,

It comes within me and through me, as I feel a change occur within my consciousness.

We all continue our walk together,

As the pathway now winds towards the Temple of the Sacred Heart.

It is magnificent with 12 smaller temples around the outside;

They each represent an aspect of the Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence.

We walk up the steps that represent a small bridge over the bodies of water,

That elicit the colors of Light Pink, Darker Pink, Magenta, and Rose.

There are petals of roses in the water,

Which bring forth the scent of rose within me;

We step forward into the Sacred Heart Temple,

I feel the magnificence of the Pink Flame with the Altar within the middle,

The walls are filled with Rose Quartz shining back at me.

I now see Lord Metatron awaiting my arrival at the Flame of Adoration;

I step forward and he welcomes me to receive my Metatronic Seal,

Of Integration of the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

I am ready to be initiated into this beautiful essence,

As I learn to become One with my Emotional and Mental Bodies.

I Am Love, I Am Compassion, I Am My Higher Mind,

As I Am Tolerant of my Journey of Mastery,

Bringing me full Abundance of the Creative Essence That I Am.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Week 2 we continued our journey into the city with Master Paul the Venetian as our guide igniting the divine qualities of Creative and Active Intelligence in a cohesivie energetic exchange within the Temple of the Sacred Heart.

Decree ~ Understanding the Process of Creative and Active Intelligence

As I work with Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of My Soul,

I am learning how Step 5 of Intimacy,

Is reflected in how I share and communicate with others;

I know it represents the elements of my Inner Child that may seem lost,

But through this program I am learning to heal the wounded self within me.

I am guided to work within the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

Which represents the Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence.

I arrive at the Golden Gateway and all I see is the Pink Flame,

Within the land and the beautiful landscape.

I am met by Master Paul the Venetian who is the Ray Chohan,

He greets me with open arms,

Which helps me to feel calmer than I was before.

He hands me a beautiful rose flower,

I touch it to my heart, and I instantly feel a surge of Love come within me.

He then asks me to breathe deeply to feel the Pink Flame come into my breath,

As I do so,

I feel a sensation of peace come within my heart.

We continue our walk along this beautiful pathway,

With petals of flowers strewn on the floor of the earth,

I then feel their essence emitting a quality of pure love within the soles of my feet,

It travels upwards into my chakras.

We now arrive at the Fountain of Love,

It is within the courtyard of the city,

I see many souls walking around and enjoying the peace that is here.

Master Paul the Venetian takes my hand,

As we find a bench in front of the fountain,

He tells me to breathe deeply,

And allow the essence of the Pink Flame to be held within my consciousness;

I start to feel a shift within me,

Sensations are erupting in my body, my emotions, and my thoughts.

Then, he says to allow this essence of Love,

To go deeper into my Heart.

As I do so I feel that there are elements within me that do not fit the essence of the Pink Flame,

I breathe deeper,

And I see that I am very critical of myself,

Sometimes I hide away from others,

And I cannot speak the words that are within my heart.

He tells me to look at the fountain,

As it will help me to allow this part of myself to heal.

As I do so, I feel desperation and sadness,

Of the moments I have missed by not allowing myself to accept I am Love.

We stand up together,

I take my hands into the Pink Water,

And splash my heart with its essence.

I feel very emotional, like something just occurred I had no idea could happen.

The old energy I felt is slowly be removed.

As this happens, I understand why I held it within me,

I start to have a knowingness that I did not have before.

I share this with Master Paul the Venetian,

He smiles and says, “Now you are ready.”

Let’s us go into the Temple of the Sacred Heart,

Our goal is to fully embody and embrace the essence of

Creative and Active Intelligence by fully accepting that You Are Love.

I am excited as we walk towards the magnificent temple,

Waters flow around the temple in Pink hues from light to dark.

We walk together,

I no longer feel alone,

I am fully ready to experience the Divine Love I Am.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

Walking Terra Christa is offering their monthly classes in 2017 “Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul” which is facilitated through Lord Saint Germain, the Ray Chohan of the Month, and Lord Metatron. Each month we work with Lord Saint Germain and Lord Metatron for the Metatronic Seals. Included are the Ray Chohans for the specific rays we are working on as they provide information and Divine Language Light Encodements to assist in accessing the energies within the physical body.  Please use the link to learn more about this series.

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Decrees ~ Golden Etheric City of Shashwam ~ Accepting Faith and Hope

Walking Terra Christa’s program of study for March as been working with Step 2: Overcoming Abandonment: Found Hope in the Belief that recovery is possible through Faith and an Acceptance of the fact that we are never really alone. 

In order to achieve Faith and Hope we are working within the Golden Etheric Cities of Shashwam (over Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska) and Malachineah (over Indiana and Illinois). We are also working with Grounding the Solar Angel of the Metatronic Seals with Lord Metatron who has joined us on these amazing visits to the cities.

The Golden Etheric City of Shashwam represents the 4th Ray of Experiencing Joy in Each Moment. The Masters that are part of this ray worked with us in two visits of the city: Master Serapis Bey, Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea, with Archangels Gabriel and Hope. The Crystalline Flame is guided by the Elders from the Throne of Grace, Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo.

Working with the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance through Conflict is essential to every individual that walks unto the pathway of Mastery. This ray will assist in the process of Resurrecting the old into the new which is an essential component of Ascension.

Characteristics: The ability to have an artistic development with creative ideas flowing, represents balance and equilibrium while expressing Divinity and Growth. Initiating this energy will help an individual to become more serene, mentally and morally balanced which helps them to gain self confidence and control over their lives.



I desire to learn more of how to create my life,

With the ability to understand from the perspective of my Solar Angel;

I arrive within the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado.

The landscape is very different than some of the other cities,

With hillsides enriched with the Crystalline Flame,

Sparkles of light through the trees,

The pathway I walk upon is very sandy but firm;

I feel it represents how this city embodies the qualities of free flowing energies,

But with a strong foundation.

I am met by Master Serapis Bey with the Elders Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo,

The energy they ignite brings forth a calming feeling within my Root Chakra;

Mastery Serapis Bey is clothed in a beautiful white robe,

With a headband of gold around his brow,

His smile is larger than I could ever imagine;

He embraces me and I feel his purity of light,

His extension of desire to help me in so many ways.

We walk together,

He shares that he is happy for our connection with each other,

And that he will assist me to walk through the doorways that I have kept closed;

I think that I will feel panic on those words,

But yet it is true,

He embodies Hope through his essence of Love.

I trust in his unwavering ability to calm me,

Make me feel loved like no one else,

Like I was his only student.

We walk towards the Hall of Tranquility,

He shares with me that the temple elicits an air of Peace,

To help initiates have the courage to fully resurrect the elements that have kept them in bondage.

As we step into the entrance,

I feel a familiarity,

He shares with me that we have been working with one another on the Inner Plane.

I no longer feel alone,

He gives me the ability to let go of the fears and anxieties that I have held within me.

I feel the power of Hope being One within me.

I am ready for this new journey with Master Serapis Bey,

As I start to feel my Solar Angel becoming more of who I am,

It is giving me the faith to accept what I do not know,

In order to find who I AM.

I AM that I AM that I AM.




As I continue my journey of accepting I am not alone,

I am guided to work with Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea,

Within the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam,

Over Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

I am excited to see the magnificent City of Shashwam,

With its crystalline energies in the landscape around me,

There are hillsides upon hillsides filtered with beautiful bright flowers,

Sparking with the crystalline flame,

Almost like they have twinkly lights within them.

I see Elohim Purity and Astrea ahead of me,

They hand me a beautiful robe to put around me,

It is pure white adorned with crystals and ribbons of many colors;

As I wear it,

I start to feel a charge of light run through my body.

We walk together, as Elohim Purity shares what this city means to him,

“As we continue our journey together, I want you to think about a special moment,

In which you felt the most exquisite joy within you,

Almost like a sparkling diamond within your heart,

And nothing can penetrate it.

Feel that now; what does it mean to you?”

In truth, that is who you truly are from your Angelic Self of your Solar Angel,

Your Higher Self and your I Am Presence.

Nothing that is of a lesser degree can penetrate your consciousness,

It is who you are as the Spirit of Light,

The Essence of God,

That allows you to walk through life with its many challenges.

It is when those challenges pull you back down into the lower form,

That you start to think otherwise about yourself.

We all know that is not who you are,

So again, I ask you to feel that moment of exquisite joy or hope,

That you had in your heart.

You see it is still within you.

As we continue our walk,

I start to feel what he shares,

Lady Astrea gives me a sense of a beautiful healing light,

That would forever more give me the hope that I can have more of these moments.

I seemed to have forgotten who I truly am,

As the turbulence I have been under,

Kept me in the dark.

As we walk we look above and see a beautiful rainbow,

I see many colors that seem to merge into Oneness,

I then feel this crystalline charge of the light,

With an electric blue current,

That ignites within me a powerful moment of “Yes, this is me.”

I realize that Purity and Astrea are showing me the way,

Unto the Light I have always been.

We continue to walk, and I realize that our journey is just beginning,

I look forward to the inner work that Purity with Astrea will show me along the way.

I have Hope that who they are will be integrated into who I am,

The blending of Purity to assist me to affirm within me,

I am Love, I am fulfilled with the Light I embrace.

I Am that I Am that I Am.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

Walking Terra Christa is offering their monthly classes in 2017 “Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul” which is facilitated through Lord Saint Germain, the Ray Chohan of the Month, and Lord Metatron. Each month we work with Lord Saint Germain and Lord Metatron for the Metatronic Seals. Included are the Ray Chohans for the specific rays we are working on as they provide information and Divine Language Light Encodements to assist in accessing the energies within the physical body.  Please use the link to learn more about this series.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

sun_sky_clouds-fbStating Your Decrees

When you read a decree, do you just read it?  Decrees are statements that are given from the higher essence to assist an individual to bring that essence into the physical body.  It is important to take time when reading a decree to embody the energy it is bringing forth into your consciousness and then within your physical body.

Many individuals do not realize this.  If you have the ability to step into another dimensional level very easily, you are probably doing this process.  Possibly it happens as you are thinking about it but many just read the words.

As you start your decree, call upon your Higher Self.  We suggest calling upon the Unified Whole Command by stating 000-144-000 Unified Whole Online.  Then count upwards from 0 through 10 and then increments of ten to 140, then 141, 142, 143, 144.  Clear your energies with protection tools.

Then call upon your Higher Self to be fully activated within your physical consciousness.  Breathing deeply, read the words of the decree.  Feel those words become a reality as you envision yourself in a journey with the words.  If it takes you to a special place as we do in our Golden Etheric City decrees, visualize being there.  Feel the essence that is being written, allow it to become real within yourself and fully integrate the energies.  Breathe continually through the process.  You will feel a difference with what that decree means for you in your life.

Decrees are very helpful to read before retiring to sleep.  They help to set up your consciousness with the energies the decree brings.

Here is a sample of a decree that Meleriessee has written.  Breathe through the paragraphs and take time to really intuit the energies of the Christ Consciousness.

Integrating Christ Consciousness

 I AM a Fully Christed Being within my physical vehicle,

Happiness is the key to my life circumstance

I AM the Master of My Destiny,

My inner attitude reflects my outer reflection;

I AM Healthy and Well in all areas of my Being,

I see God in Others,

I AM that I AM.


I look at my mistakes in life,

To be lessons on the Greater path of Awareness,

I unconditionally love myself,

 and those I encounter each moment,

I embrace Love within me and see love around me,

I AM in Love Consciousness.


All of my teachings and lessons,

Are perfect examples of where my consciousness lives;

I change all aspects of myself,

That seem to be in lower forms;,

I Accept the higher forms of Great Mastery,

I AM empowered in each moment,

As my personal power is reflected within my pathway.


I only experience Love,

I live in the Moment,

I transcend all duality,

I create the Consciousness of Oneness,

Within me NOW.





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Why Now?

Are You Ready?
Why Now?

Why now? Why is it important to learn how to “Walk on Terra Christa” now? Is there really going to be a shift as we move into 2013?

If you have even been remotely following the prophecy’s of the Mayan calendar and other esoteric teachings…that is, the real material and not the media hype, then you know that the world’s level of humanity and evolution is shifting at this very moment.  The world is not ending but shifting.  The question is: are you ready for that shift?

We talk to people everyday who believe in the shift, they can see for themselves it is happening.  They love humanity and they desire to spread love and light wherever they go.  They can’t wait for a world where there is no longer a controlled financial system, no longer a constraint on peace and prosperity for all, where they can work and live their passion and not have to do the grunt work for someone else in order to pay their bills.  They love the idea of enlightenment for all of humanity.

We do too.  But this particular huge immense and magnificent shift that is happening, is not going to deliver that way of existence to humanity…

What it is going to do is open the gateway for humanity to create that way of existence for themselves...because whether humanity is ready or not…that gateway is going to be fully open.  And with that opening comes a huge immense and magnificent shift in human consciousness.  And that global consciousness will stop supporting a controlled system of any kind. So as certain as the sun does rise, those types of systems will start to fall…

And can you imagine what that will be like?  Especially for those who are-not-prepared?  To give you a glimpse, imagine moving to a foreign country where no one speaks your language, where they do every thing different and you have to learn everything about how to live, interact and get along with them…

Starting to get the idea?

You can wait.  But why put yourself through something like that when you can be prepared.

The way-of-being of the Golden Era is indeed going to be different…but not at all what the media hype behind the date of 12/21/12 is all about…

It is going to be about consciousness initially, and then learning to live in that new consciousness.  And learning how to do that, is no small thing.

It is the expanded consciousness of what it really means to be human and walk upon Gaia.  What does it really mean?  Well, to start with… you are not just “human”. And it would serve you well to figure out just what and who you really are…to figure out the all of you that is not human.  It  would serve you well to expand your consciousness to include what you think you are not: Angelic, Intergalactic, Elemental…and so so much more, including all the former timelines of your being human.

That is why you should not wait. And we have some great seminars to assist you.  It is why we are doing this work ourselves – so we can all be prepared.

All the work we do assists you to step into the New Earth energies now.

We teach the 22 Rays of God.

We teach you about what it takes to live in a 5th Dimensional lifestyle.

We teach you how to protect yourself and your light.

We teach you how to remember your Angelic Self.

We teach you how to release and clear your timelines.

We give you countless activations, attunements and channeled energies in our weekly calls.

(And know this: – all this is our own very biased opinion…so always take your own wisdom and counsel to see what is right for you…)

But, know this too: we are confident our own very biased opinion is highly relevant to the New Earth.  (We realize our opinion is totally irrelevant to the 3D world of materialism and getting ahead financially and keeping up with the neighbors…so don’t look to us to assist you with all that…)

We suggest you check out these links below of our courses…and if you don’t sign up and start working with us…well, our strongest advisory would be – go sign up with someone!  Don’t wait.  As these energies of the shift are not going to go away, stay in another dimension, or wait for you.

Some of what we do:

The 22 Rays Challenge: receive an email course so you can learn the Rays of God on your own time.  You will get 2 Rays to work on per week for the next 90 days (for about a dollar a day) including a channeled audio MP3 and Decree for each Ray. This is an excellent start for those who are new and an excellent touch point for those already doing our courses. [Click here for more].

The Telosian Way of Being: Do you think the 5th Dimension is all about love and light, holding hands and singing songs? No so. Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, along with the Ascended Masters and the Lady Masters want to assist you in really knowing what it takes to live as a 5th Dimensional human.  It is more than just love and light.  You have to change to get a ticket to ride this train.  Making that change in your active consciousness will greatly assist you.  Join us each week as we learn The Telosian Way of Being. [Click here for more].

Journey of the 22 Rays through Your Chakras: for those who have more time to spend (at least 90 minutes for each of 8 MP3 recordings), to learn how to incorporate the first 7 Rays of God within their own Physicality (for your 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional bodies), this is a great course for the one who wants to be accelerated. [Click here for more].

The Kumaric Teaching of Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras: By audio MP3 or live class (live calls are date dependent and will expire), this special seminar/combo series is to remember your essence walking the 7th Dimensional frequency of your existence with the Kumaras.  (Not all have this recognition of themselves, but if you resonate with Sanat Kumara, this is why).  This unique seminar also includes a private session with each of the Kumaras. [Click here for more].

The Angelic Teachings: AA Michael and Lord Metatron both offer significant elements to assist us remembering our full consciousness as Angelic Beings.  AA Michael brings us a course in remembering our Angelic Transparency, and Lord Metatron, the Keeper of our Angelic Essence, reunites us with The Metatronic Golden Seals. [Click here and here for more].

The Science of Ascension: Do you know the extensive work of Dr. Joshua David Stone? He is now a being who has transitioned to the other side of the veil and he wants to continue with his work.  Meleriesee is ordained through his organization and together we bring you their knowledge but also the frequency to activate that knowledge within you. [Click here for more].

The Protection Class: Do you know what the 4th Dimension is really all about?  Many talk about the 4th and the 5th as if they are the same, and the interchangeability of them both as being the next level of humanity.  They are not.  The 4th is not the 5th.  The 4th is a dimension of constructional architectural dimensionality that supports the very existence of the 3rd dimension.  In other words, the 3rd dimension can not exist as a construct without the 4th dimension.  And what is the 4th? The 4th is the dimension of where the veil of the 3rd gets lifted and you get to see what is “under the hood”.  That is, all the contrast and duality right in your face… Are you or were you ever afraid of the dark?  Do you know that our mythical stories and fairy tales like little red riding hood walking through the dark and foreboding forest to Grandma’s house…are not so mythical in their hidden truths? That is the 4th Dimension…and you have to go through it to get to the 5th.  This class has wonderful stories from our own pathway and offers many tools to assist you to do just that and protect your light while you do.  [Click here for more].

Our Weekly Tele-Teachings and Membership:  Perhaps one of our easiest tools to keep yourself learning and advancing along the path.  Each week we normally do 2 calls (Mondays and Wednesdays) for our members.  Each call assist in bringing you insights and re-connections to all this work, including many channeled messages, activations, attunements and guided meditations. What makes these calls unique? We don’t just bring you the elements of knowledge you are seeking to make a shift, we bring the high vibrational frequencies that make a shift in your full body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. (Of course, your Higher Self, and you, need to allow that to happen…as freewill governs all things on planet earth.)  Currently our members are getting The Telosian Way seminar series as part of their membership.  In 2013 we will resume learning about the Etheric Golden Cities with Lord Adama the High Priest of Telos. (The Golden Cities, by the way, all use the Rays of God in their teachings for humanity.) [Click here for more].

These are just some of the ways we are here to get you ready.  And everything we do gets us ready too, as we are all on this pathway together.  And if all that was not enough… we do personal sessions for you as well.  (Which may not be something we will always be able to offer, but for now, we still can do so.)

What are the personal sessions?  Mostly one-on-one sessions with the Ascended Masters, Lady Masters and Beings who want to impart all these esoteric teachings about Ascension and Soul Psychology to humanity.  You already know the names of many of the beings we offer sessions through, but click here to see more on how we can assist you.