The Temple of Initiation ~ Decree

temple_of_love_by_Geistig-1On January 14, 2015 Walking Terra Christa hosted a journey into the Golden City of Shashwam in the Etheric New Earth which is located over the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

We worked with the Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea as this city represents the Crystalline Ray of Harmony, Beauty, and Balance in the color of Crystalline Light.

The Elohim of Purity with his beloved, Astrea release the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love, at one’s command, to remove the accumulated debris and foci that collects within the auric field.   It then can be transmuted easier.  The Blue Lightning shatters the destructive energies so that the balance can be felt once again. This assists with the Crystalline Ray being able to come fully into one’s auric field, and especially, the Root Chakra area.

This is the decree for the visit to this amazing city of light.

The Temple of Initiation

I have arrived into the Golden City of Shashwam,
Which represents the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance;
I am walking a pathway to illuminate all that I AM,
Into the person that I have become.

I ask for the assistance of Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea,
With the Light of the Divine Love,
They embody within them.

I see Purity and Astrea in front of me,
Illuminating their essence of the purity that they are,
They embrace me deeply,
With the frequency of their Blue Love,
That intertwines within the Crystalline Ray.

As we walk together,
They share that the essence of the Green Flame,
It is very important,
As it represents the Ray of Harmony by grounding it into my Being.

You see, Dearest One, the Crystalline Light can be so very strong,
That it can bypass elements that need to be purified,
So that is why we are here.

I walk in a grassy meadow,
As I feel the Green Flame within me,
It goes into my Root Chakra,
Assisting me to understand what I have not seen.

We walk further,
In front of us is a beautiful illuminating Temple of Crystalline Light,
It is the Temple of Initiation,
To allow the first moments of the Crystalline Flame come within me.

Arm-in-Arm we walk together,
As I feel the changes occur within me,
I am now activating the Crystalline Ray,
In through my Root Chakra,
As it allows me to see the parts that have been lost.
I feel my Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Etheric bodies,
Going through a transition so that I may see more within me.

I feel as if I am resurrecting old parts of myself,
That have been lost.

As now Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea,
Stand before me,
With the Lighting Blue Essence,
To transform all my discordant feeling and thoughts.

It runs through my being,
I allow the Purification to be fully within me.

I thank Purity and Astrea,
For showing me the way into all that I AM,
My journey is just beginning,
But I know I am right where I am supposed to be.

Blessed Be,
I AM Ready
For the Resurrection to Begin

I AM that I AM that I AM

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Acceptance of the Crystalline Spectrum of Light ~ Channeling

This is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God that was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on January 12, 2015.

We are the Angels of all Principalities, honoring each of you and hoping that you feel your own wings within your Being. Command it to be outside of yourself to be in the beautiful Essence that you are. Expand and expand your Heart Essence as the beautiful Angels you already are. Access that Frequency of Light within your Physical Existence. We are deeply honored to be able to share our communication and our Vibrational Essence within each of you to help you remember whom you are.

Take a moment with your Breath and your Heart. Allow it to vibrate through your entire Beingness. Allow your wings to fully be open in these moments of Transformation. It is our pleasure to walk with you. It is now time for us to be here with you in the Temple once again. It is our pleasure to introduce the energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

I AM that I AM that I AM. I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.
We are here together in Unison of the Light in Oneness that we are.

Oh, blessed children, it is a pleasure to be with each of you once again. I hope that your journey through the past month has been amazingly beautiful and magical for your existence. Now you say “Oh well, here we go again. We are in a whole new year, a whole new experience within the beautiful Temple of Oneness, the Clarion Essence of many Souls coming together”. Yes, we are.

We are experiencing these Elements to come into full existence.

How are you feeling about it?

How are you feeling in these moments about allowing your Three Minds to come together into the Creation of the One Mind? The One Mind of your God Consciousness to be accepted into your Physicality. That is truly what we are doing to assist each of you to have that remembrance.

I know there are many challenges, trials, and lessons to be learned. In this moment it is our Reflection that we desire in order to help you understand within yourself what it means to have the remembrance of your Purified Essence to come within you through your Breath.

We are so deeply appreciate of all that you are experiencing and all that you are holding onto. As the beautiful Flame of Harmony and Balance is now being embodied within Gaia, it is important for each of you to reflect on what that means for you.

What does it mean to have the Purification of this Light which is not only within the Planet. It cannot be felt so much until you fully accept it within your Beingness. In essence, what we truly wish is for individuals upon individuals to hold this Frequency, so that the rest of Creation can fully accept it as well as Gaia.

It is difficult for her also. It is a challenge. You must understand that all of you have had many timelines, but think about Gaia and how long she has had these timelines.

We have to be gentle and allow these Frequencies of Light to come into existence at the rate that is possible for each individual Soul. We do not want any disturbances to stop this beautiful Purification of Light to come within the Planet, so that she and all of you can physically allow the Ascension Process to enfold within you. It is an important aspect to ponder upon that it is not always true that the faster you receive something the better the outcome.

What happens when you receive too much of this Frequency of Light, it becomes painful. Have any of you ever had a Healing from someone in a very painful area?

If that Healer does not understand about the different Rays or Color Spectrums, they will bring in the Crystalline Ray as it is automatic to tap into that Frequency of Light. Say you have a toothache and you bring forth that Healing or you use a Crystal, and that Crystal is very strong within that Healing circumference that it becomes so bad that it is overwhelming. The pain becomes so great that you cannot handle it, and you have to pull away from that Essence. The gentler way to incorporate the Crystalline Flame is to allow it to come in very slowly.

Allow it to be part of you. Utilizing the Emerald Green mixed in with it, allows for the Grounding to occur on a deeper level. This Ray represents Grounding on a Planetary Level. On a higher Cosmic Level, the Essence we are bringing in can be an overload. The one area in which you do not want to have overload occurring is in your Root Chakra.

It can create great dysfunction. It can create great change. If an individual is not ready to accept that change, destruction will occur. It is important to realize that the Essence of this Ray becoming more embodied within the Earth needs to be received in a much gentler manner than you may perceive it to be. It is like snowflakes coming down. You reach your hand out to feel those snowflakes. That is gentleness. When it is a blizzard and the wind is whipping around you, it hurts your face, it hurts your Body. You cannot truly receive the pure Essence of the Ray unless it becomes a Lighter Form. It is so very true that about the other Rays which have been grounded within the Earth, the Blue Flame and the Ruby Flame, that we are still processing them. Not every person is incorporating them.

GAIA is not receiving them in every place. It is up to each of you individually, as that is who you are. You came here to assist in this process. The assistance had to be in Physical Form. You could not do it as an Angel. You could not do it as a Light Being. You had to do it this way as that is what GAIA needs. All the rest will come into place. This is what you are experiencing presently. I caution you with what you are experiencing. Allow the gentleness of the Crystalline Ray to come to you in waves of Green and Crystalline together. Allow the Purification of those Essences. You may not be quite ready to receive the Cosmic Frequency. Again, as I say, it will be overload, which is what we do not want.

We want you to experience the beautiful Essence of this Ray that it represents with putting everything into Balance and being in a synchronistic way of existence so that you flow from one space to the other very easily and effortlessly.

We are dealing with the Root Chakra. which holds so much debris from all your Multidimensional Selves that it will take a while. You may even find at some point that you still need to process Elements that arise in that area.

Tonight within this beautiful Temple of Light, we want to settle the Energies more clearly so that the Frequency you are receiving is much more fluid, much more moving. We call upon the Crystalline Ray with specks of Green.

It is almost like you see little feathers, sparks of Light, coming down into the middle of the Temple. You begin to receive in your entire Structure. Breathe into it. Allow yourself to be open. Allow your palms to be open. Allow all aspects of your Being to accept this Essence within you. The smoother it comes in, the easier the transition.

Allow the blending of the Frequency to be at a much deeper level than when you try too hard to bring forth the Frequency of Light of the Highest Level.

Feel this Essence flowing within you. There is a Light Breeze circling around you and you just accept the Crystalline Ray within your entire structure. Do not think about where anything needs to go. Just let it flow where it should flow. Your Higher Self, and your I AM Presence, is guiding you in this moment. So take a step back from the Physical Form.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Receive the Light Forms very gently coming into your Full Beingness. What is it you need Balance with? Allow that Thought Process to go into the Energetic Exchange. Then feel the difference occurring within you.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Now feel your Angelic Wings, just allowing the flapping to bring in the Essence deeper into your Physical Body. Feel it in your Heart and allow it to blend within you to create more of a flow than you have been receiving before. Allow whatever is purging to go out through your feet.

Let it come into the middle of this beautiful Circle of Light. It shall be transformed immediately. That is the Beauty of this Ray. Transformation takes place on its immediate interaction.

Breathe deeply now into your Solar Plexus, into your Heart.

What is it that you feel in this moment?

See the change happening within you and accept it. Accept it as you have allowed yourself to go through the process of Surrender. It is our Divine Pleasure, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to share this Essence with you for the Vibrational Change to occur within your world.

In the Light of the Christ That We Are, We Are One.

We bless each of you, our children.

Cosmic Oneness is combined with our weekly call, “The Clarion Temple of Oneness,” which is held on Monday evenings. Individuals are encouraged to purchase the MP3 download of any of our calls which includes the attunements of the current energies.

You may join our monthly program as a student or member.  Please see details via /students/.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness channeling can be accessed via which contains the portion from Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, January 12, 2015.

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance

snow white lightWe are being giving a great gift this New Year’s with the infusion of the Crystalline Ray to come fully into GAIA’s core of Light on December 31st at midnight.

What does this mean?

This is the ray to use when you are going through major upheavals and conflicts.  Master Serapis Bey is partnering with Master Paul the Venetian to help all beings of this planet to feel their essence in preparation for the New Earth.  This light infraction will assist each individual to fully embrace the Harmony and Love that they desire.  2015 is being called “Embracing Harmony to send Love”.  It is ideal for each of us that this ray is now infused within the Earth.

Below is some descriptive information excerpted from our 22 Ray Challenge Program with a special decree.  Our suggestion is to read this decree aloud at the stroke of midnight to assist in grounding this wonderful Ray of Light.

Master Serapis is a Lord of Love and his One Purpose in Life is to free every individual from the recoil of impure causes and cores of limitations and disease which can cause distress on the mind, body, and spirit.  He has been the Chohan of the Fourth Ray since 400 B.C.  He also works very closely with Master Paul the Venetian, the Ray Chohan for the Third Ray of Active & Creative Intelligence.  They both have shared the energies of these beautiful rays and work hand-in-hand with each other.

Master Serapis Bey works with every initiate who chooses to be on the Ascension Pathway.  He assists in cleansing the aura of the individual within their Etheric Body and lovingly prepares those initiations which will help each candidate to transmute his lower nature.  If the candidate is willing to move further into their ascension process with deep earnest and study, he will assign a brother or sister from retreat in Luxor that will provide the candidate Opportunities so that they can achieve their Ascension in the Light as long as they can PERSEVERE through the process.  The experience for the initiate will enhance their ascension process so that they are not being punished or put into major lessons, but to fully expand their essence in the Light.  Opportunities create growth.

A Message from Serapis Bey:

Greeting My Fellow Comrades of the Light,

I am  very excited to speak to you in this moment.  We are at a very crucial time of elevation of the Light within the planet and it is important that each of us come together to understand that process.  If you spend too much time on the consciousnesses of your physical mind, then you will never be able to comprehend the changes and accelerations that you are experiencing as it will be filtered through the mind and not through your intuition.

Presently within the earth’s evolution there are so many energies that are being filtered within the planet so it may be a challenge to discern what is right and wrong in any given thought process.  It is imperative to work with the frequencies of Harmony and Balance of the Crystalline Ray to assist in the Divinity within your Soul’s Essence.  The true goal at hand is to fully express joy in all moments of being, but until an individual can fully access their full body system, and then it becomes convoluted in the process.  This is where the confusion sets in and then all of a sudden a person may not know what the truth is as the energy becomes intertwined not only within the Divine level but within the physical.  This is where Harmony and Balance needs to be utilized.

The power of your divinity lies within the truth of your soul’s essence.  Until you learn to tap into that aspect of yourself, then you are just being fooled by other energies you have encountered in previous lifetimes and timelines.  It take great diligence to continue to work through this process and I AM here to assist.

I enjoy so much in helping each initiate understand what they are experiencing deeply.   When this happens, this is when Divine Order sets in from your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  It make take quite some time to get to that perfect understanding but we in Luxor are here to help.

We also have a beautiful Golden Etheric City that is being built in the fifth dimensional NEW EARTH.  It is called Shashwam and resides in the Central United States within Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and now will move into Oklahoma.  So if you want to visit, please intend to come into the city and we will be happy to receive you to help you find balance and harmony within your life.

My main message at this time is to help you to remember and reflect on the Beauty that You Are.  It is important to remember these aspects of yourself to get through the trials and lessons of walking into mastership.  Please acknowledge your worth and your ability to be more than you are now or ever have been.

All my Light to each of you,

I AM Master Serapis Bey

Master Paul the Venetian has previously held the post of the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance through Conflict.  He is stepping forward to partner with Serapis Bey as they work very closely with each other.

Paul is quite a perfectionist but very tolerant and sympathetic to each initate.  All he requires to have him work with you is sincere motivation that you want to achieve the desired results of walking into Mastery.  He brings forth the gift of gratitude very deeply.  He expresses the virtues of tolerance and selflessness.   He works within the Temple of Liberty where he achieved his ascension when it was established after the Fall of Atlantis.

His role with Master Serapis Bey is to bring forth the gift of gratitude through the challenges of resurrecting the old feelings and thoughts that are lodged within the earth’s atmosphere and within each individual.

Aspects of this Ray:

Ray No. 4 ~ Experiencing Pure Joy in Each Moment

Definition ~Harmony & Balance Through Conflict

Color: Crystalline

Chakra: Root

Elders from the Throne of Grace: Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo

Chohan: Master Serapis Bey

Elohim Masters: Purity & Astrea

Archangels: Gabriel & Hope

Toning Sound: “LAM, OH”

Working with the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance is essential to every individual that walks unto the pathway of Mastery. This ray will assist in the process of “Resurrecting” the old into the new which is an essential component of Ascension.

On the Planetary level the ray represents the color of Green and can be very helpful in grounding while allowing the old parts of the Self to be removed and replaced with the essence of Purity. On the Universal level of the Crystalline color an individual is accessing the highest frequency of the light to be infused within the Root Chakra. It will allow the expansion of a person’s I AM to be fully revealed as the lower aspects are removed completely.

Since this ray is integrated within the Root Chakra whether it is on the Planetary or Universal level it truly aligns with the lower frequencies that can be held within the Root area such as fears, anger, frustration, jealousy, and all those lower energies that we do not like to think we hold within us. Working with this ray will totally assist an individual in fully changing these parts of the Self that can be lodged deeply within the Etheric Body, or Cellular Structure.

Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo truly bring forth this perfected grace as they embody the creative essence of God’s Divinity allowing it to be imbued upon each individual that accesses this frequency of light. The power of the Crystalline energies is a force that cannot be matched by any of the other rays. Whatever a person is dealing with in their life that seems insurmountable will be fully transformed when utilizing this ray of Harmony and Beauty.
The Higher Expression represents planning based on the blueprints of the Ascended Masters as in working with the New Earth Golden Cities and the Lower Expression would indicate working with the planning of the present Earth energies. A person that embodies this ray on a physical level would be very artistic in their pathway.

Characteristics: The ability to have an artistic development with creative ideas flowing; represents balance and equilibrium within an individual’s pathway while expressing Divinity and Growth; a deep compassionate nature that is very generous but yet is able to have the power to reveal the true path imbued with great physical courage.

Virtues To Be Aspired To: The pathway of resurrection, changing elements within Oneself for the Greater Whole, thereby allowing God’s purity of light to be fully within one’s thoughts and emotions, having a balanced four-body system to create One Body of Light; has the optimal ability to always have Hope no matter what the circumstances may be; great artistic development which can present itself in many areas of interest (painting, singing, and creating projects in various ways) along with flowing with the harmony of life. In turn these attributes allow an individual to be serene, mentally and morally balanced which helps them to gain self confidence and control..

Aspects to Avoid: Feelings of worry, lack of moral courage, being self-centered which creates an individual feel inadequate when dealing with others. This tends to create disharmony and discord.

Decree: Flowing with the Harmony of the Light I AM, © WTC 2014

It is now time for me to imbue the Crystalline Light,
Of Harmony & Beauty of the 4th Ray;
The Essence of this Ray is very powerful,
As it comes within my Root Chakra representing the Resurrection of My Being.

I call upon the energies of the Crystalline Light,
To full embrace me deeply;
It helps to remove all parts that do not fit with my new Reality,
That will be represented upon the New Earth of Terra Christa.

I see before me the beautiful Elders of Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo,
Representing the Elders from the Throne of Grace;
With a breath from their essence,
I feel their Crystalline White Lights coming towards me,
I stop and allow their essence to blend within mine;
My Child, please do not stop,
Flow with the energies as that is what they represent;
Breathe in the pure white light,
Breath out,
The aspects of Disharmony,
Worry about Your-Self,
Lack of Inner Respect;
While you feel the fluidness of Light,
Blend within and around you,
As it molds you into the Divine Being You Are.

I feel the parts of myself fully intertwined with the higher frequencies,
As I allow my I AM to fully be my guide;
I know this is just the beginning.

I continue further and see Master Serapis Bey,
Hold out his hands unto mine;
I feel his ecstatic personality shining deeply in my Heart,
And permeating through every aspect of my physical existence;
He now scans my body as he prepares me for my next initiation,
I feel the impurity of my existence now being removed;
As he extends to me his deep compassion,
For stepping into the world of Beauty and Harmony;
He says to me,
You are now ready for the next step;
This phase is your present Resurrection,
Of What has been;
Is now gone,
To prepare you for the Moment of your Rebirth.

Swirling colors of lights in crystalline forms
Are now blending within my Root area;
The old me is being readjusted,
To prepare for the next phase of my journey.

I then see the Elohim Masters of Purity & Astrea,
Standing before me;
With outstretched Arms of Light.
I feel their essence of the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love,
Now shatter all that I have been unable to accomplish on my own;
It is taking all my discomfort in all levels,
To be replaced by the Purity and Light That They Are.

They say unto me,
Just stand and hold onto the parts of your-Self that you know are true,
Blend within the frequency of perfection that You Are.

I feel this essence now become my essence,
Of the Purity and Divine Love;
As it flows within me,
In Waves of Beauty that I AM.

I am deeply honored to feel these beautiful Beings assist me in my physical creation,
It is flowing through me as I allow the changes to occur;
I cannot stop it,
It is now continuing and spinning me in many directions.

Then at this point,
When I think I have received it all;
I see the Archangels of Gabriel and Hope,
Embracing me with their Wings of Pure Light;
It seems as if Gabriel knows exactly what I need,
I feel my emotions changing deeply;
What was confusing before,
Now becomes totally clear;
He shows me the greatest Joy that I could ever imagine.

Then Archangel Hope shows me deeply the essence that I AM,
I Am radiating with the Deep Love of my Eternal Light that I AM;
She shares with me,
Every time you have a moment,
When it is not the true reflection of YOU;
Stop and expand within the Crystalline frequencies of God coming to you,
You must remember you are a Child of God,
In this amazing omnipresent Universe;
Expand this Light through you and around you,
Which will not only to balance your own life circumstances,
But all the parts that have made you in this form.

In this moment,
Feel your Creation;
Flowing with the Artistic rhythms of the Universe;
In the waves of the ocean,
In the movement of the wind,
In the warmth of the sun,
And upon the strength of the Earth.

I feel all of these elements within me,
I AM One and not separate as it may seem;
I feel the serenity flowing within me,
My mind stops and allows the fluids of all of this beauty,
To completely blend within me.

I stand with the sound of “OH” running through my head,
I allow it to come through to my voice;
As the purity of the Light of God,
Within the Crystalline Rays flow in and out of me,

I deeply sing;
I feel the equilibrium,
Between My Heart and My Mind;
Are now fully accepting,
God’s Purity Within Me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Blessings for an amazing year in 2015 EMBRACING HARMONY TO SEND LOVE.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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“The Spirit of Resurrection” Archangel Hope

Archangel Hope, the Ray of Crystalline LightArchangel Hope is the beloved of Archangel Gabriel who we worked with  during our Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/,  utilizing the beautiful Ray energy of Harmony and Balance.

[image: Archangel Hope, the Ray of Crystalline Light]

Just to recap the information, this Ray of the Crystalline Light represents Resurrection, changing elements within ourselves, God’s purity of Light within our thoughts, emotions, being able to have hope in all things, being in the flow of life and activating artistic developments. Hope has the ability to embrace within each of us the intensity of feeling hope in any moment by instilling a Ray of her own quality. She assists individuals to develop their Divine Plan, she provides the doorway to excitement and enthusiasm so that each individual can have hope no matter what they are experiencing.  She is “the spirit of resurrection”.

Both Gabriel and Hope work together to instill that the essence of miracles continually to enfold into each of our lives no matter what our circumstances may be  ~ there is still hope. So as Gabriel brings forth the purification to allow the darkness to be removed, Hope comes forward and instills her flame resurrecting all of the feelings that have been lost and brings them in the essence of hope.  Then comes excitement and the buoyancy of feeling as if it is a new beginning. She steps in through our death and rebirth experience.  Both of them work together; it is important for us to remember how hard the Archangels work to be within each of us.

{{{Crystal bowl ringing}}}


It is my divine pleasure to be here. I Am Archangel Hope.

I want you to feel the essence as Archangel Gabriel is standing by within this beautiful garden so I want any of you to connect with his energy if you need assistance in fully going through that death process.  Today what I am here to assist you with is to instill the ability to see the beauty of your life and what is unfolding within you each moment no matter what challenges you may be feeling; because in order for our desire to come fully manifest, we must go through these processes.

Some individuals may think that they can just think of their desire and it shall be.  That is fine for some but for many it becomes a challenge because what you have brought forth in you previously.  Don’t allow yourself to stay in those moments without having hope. If you are one that has been challenged in your journey and it seems like every road that you turn has set you back with blockages along with not receiving the totality of what you feel you desire and deserve, it is just because there is elements within your Lower Self that have not allowed the essence of regeneration to ignite.  Each of you has it, you have it within the depth of your Being, you have it within soul’s essence; its just that your physical creation of your Mental and Emotional bodies have not held these truths to be so evident within your consciousness.

Now as we are moving into higher frequencies of Light, the Feminine and Masculine elements are starting to understand each other.  If they are not, then this is another way that we can assist you. In order to allow the emotions and the thoughts too blend within each other and to have the I AM Presence activated with the Higher Self, these constrictions that have held you back must be removed.  This is how we assist through the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance. I ask you to think about a moment in which you pick up a crystal a clear quartz crystal and what do you see in that crystal clarity? You see beautiful sparkling light and this is what we mirror to each of you.

I, today, am very excited as I do not get this chance very often to come through in this manner. I am deeply pleased to share with you my essence, my essence of allowing the purification that you have gone through to now bring you in to a space of hopefulness.  And this hopefulness comes from God’s Light as I represent the ability to bring this forth into your essence form my essence.

So I ask all of you now to take a deep breath as you call upon my essence of Archangel Hope to fully come within your being.  Allow me to stand within you to help you bring forth the ability of a child opening up a gift for their birthday.  Remember that child you are because everyday you are receiving a gift.  It is a gift for you to understand yourself in a much deeper essence than you ever have previously.  So I expand to you my hopefulness from God’s Light into your Hearts and allow it to run through your entire Being.  This Ray is so representative in the root chakra which is where many lower elements are held.  This is also where they ignite from the Etheric body so it’s important to purify yourself with the Crystalline Light continually and continually and continually.

I stand here within you right now and bring to you my Spirit of Resurrection.  Breathe deeply as it runs through your entire physical body, moving into your Etheric body, going into your Emotional body and your Mental body until they can become One.  Let us breathe and feel this essence of each other. And say these words unto yourself:

I, in the Divine Light that I am, and then {state your name} call upon Archangel Hope to instill within me the ability to feel excitement in each moment.

I feel the Crystalline Light infused within me and burn away all that I no longer need as the challenges are now gone.

I bring forth this essence unto my Being to see the newness of everyday but it is in each moment, just as the sun arises every morning.

I arise within me Hope, Excitement, Joy, Ecstasy, and the Beauty that I AM.

I now ask each of you to envision in yourself what it is that you desire in this moment? What it is that you feel we need to help you with your challenges whether it is an emotional thought or a tangible item, cash flow, maybe you need to bring something in your life that will assist you presently in a physical sense so it can be intangible or tangible. Breathe into that and see that essence coming into you now.  See the Creation, allow your vision to flow as the Crystalline Light comes within you.  Then the openness of your vision can give you the clarity you needed a moment ago.  In this moment it may not be the same, because as you bring in the Crystalline Ray it changes. Feel that igniting within your Root area, feel that coming into the aspect of your whole Being and you see in front of you now what you desire.  It comes in your Mind’s Eye.  It comes through your thoughts, it comes through your feelings ~ feel that essence now.

Hold it in your hands, if you would like, and embrace it now with the Crystalline Light and say these words unto yourself:

I Am the Light of the Crystalline Ray.  As I call upon Archangel Hope I feel all that I deserve and I am so excited to allow it to be manifested within me.

I Am this Being of Light.

I deserve to create all that I desire and need in these moments so in the next moment I shall truly walk with Beauty and Grace and the Light that I AM.

See in front of you now a beautiful gift.  It is wrapped in crystalline paper and silver ribbon. You open it up and as you do so, it is yours to have.

I call upon my Higher Self and my I AM Presence in this moment to receive my desired outcome as I express within myself the ability to receive.  I shall receive more.

I feel the hope coming to me as I now embodied with the light of Archangel Hope and call upon these energies to instill within me the ability to accept all that I deserve.

I receive, I receive, and I receive

I Am joy

I AM Love

I AM excited with All That I Am

I Am that I Am that I Am

I now embody the Crystalline Light from both of these beautiful Archangels but it is Hope that is instilled within me to allow my thoughts to be the Masculine Divine which allows my emotions to be the Feminine Divine as now they blend their essence within me.  I receive in each moment all that I desire

I express what I need beyond the capacity of what I need so that I will flourish within the life I am living.

I AM Abundant

I AM Love

I AM excited to be the Master of my Destiny

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

Feel the receiving energy flowing within you in this moment.  I, as Archangel Hope, am deeply gratified to be with each of you in this moment.  Our association will now move into a deeper connection.  I am not stepping away as I work with each of you to be the Creative Source of Light that you are. I give you this hope.  I give you all that I am in these moments to assist you in the process of your Creative Life in all that you are. I stand with you.

I am Archangel Hope with my beloved Gabriel.

Just take a moment and allow her essence to blend within you as you feel her energies.  See the crystalline structures, the crystals, and the beautiful sparkles of light that are completely within the garden in this moment as we now continue with the prayers to activate what she has given to us.


©Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Creating Abundance with Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel along with his beloved, Archangel Hope are the archangels of the 4th Ray of Harmony of Balance which represents Resurrection, changing elements within ourselves, the God purity of light and thoughts and emotions, hope, fluidness of life, and artistic development. 

As we clear away these elements, then the artistry within us starts to be emitted.  Gabriel represents the purification of God’s Light and brings the essence of NEVER FAILING.  He reminds us of the Three fold flame:  Power to redeem, to Harmonize, to Purify, to Heal, to supply and regulate every condition.  The elements of discipline, self control, contemplation, love and gratitude to life itself are the important components to accessing harmony within our lives.  With the Lion’sGate it is a perfect time to connect with the archangels of Harmony and Balance. 

It is my Divine Pleasure to be with each of you.  I am, Archangel Gabriel. 

It is such a beautiful time to bring our energies together; yes the Lion’s Gate, Wow.  This energy is going to be with us and the power that we are going to be doing this week and next is going to bring in the ability to manifest, to create the thoughts to be grounded within your lives. 

First of all, I want to say that I honor each of you for being within this pathway of mastery, for stepping into this world, and also to accept the process you are going through as you are becoming more than you ever have been before.

As I stand before you in this beautiful garden, let us reflect upon the energies that are occurring presently within this frequency of light, within the flowers, within the greenery with the sun shining down into all parts, the beautiful streams and bridges.  This is the place to explore.  This is where we want to feel beauty, and of course, we want to feel it within our own Beings.

This is what I bring to you today so that I can remind you that you have the ability to continually be in this space, within your mind and your feelings.  We must change the 3rd dimensional construct to bring it into you as you can fully experience the state of conditioning through this beautiful garden. 

Let us take a deep breath as we bring forth the Crystalline Light Ray into your Being from your Soul Star into your full body system.  Allow it to enfold within each part of your body. 

I ask you to call upon me, Archangel Gabriel, to assist you in removing all that is not supporting your Divine Purpose on Earth.  Do you understand what that Divine Purpose is?  It does not matter if your lower consciousness does not understand.  So I, Archangel Gabriel, bring forth the Flame Of Resurrection to reverse the currents that have tied the energies in all your bodies of the lower octaves and form the magnetic pull that has bound you to the Earth ~ bound you to the 3rd dimensional understanding that you cannot have abundance. 

We bring forth in this moment the Flame of Resurrection.  Feel it coming down into your entire body of the Crystalline Light.  As the flame burns within you, feel the fires burn away in your Etheric Body, bringing it into your Emotional/Astral body, and into your Mental body, within your Physical body.  All that has been in your past timelines, in your past experiences that are surfacing do not support your abundant lifestyles.

So say to yourself,

“All that has been in my past timelines that does not support my abundant lifestyle is now removed through all, through all that I AM.”

Now feel the essence of the Crystalline Light, which represents the ability to have the Harmony and Balance to be within you, of God’s Purity of Light within your thoughts and emotions.  Allow it to go into your Mental Body, relax, the Masculine Divine, relax the Feminine Divine, allow them to come together in your Three Fold Flame.

Say these words to yourself:

I now feel the immaculate essence that I Am being the only thought or feeling within my four-body system.

I feel what was dead within me is now fully removed, as I become alive with the FREEDOM that I AM and ever will be.

I now feel the power of redemption run through all of my bodies of Light.  What was lost is now found.

Feel that occurring now.

Just don’t say the words, feel the essence blending within you as the power of the Light in this beautiful garden is emitting a vapor of the crystalline ray.  Breathe that within you.  The power of the healing that is now invoked within you as, I Archangel Gabriel, have shown you the way to your own God and Goddess Self.  Take these words deeper:

I now take this power of redemption and healing and invoke it into every thought or feeling condition from this moment forward.  I will discipline myself to remember that this is the only way to the FREEDOM of my soul within my pathway of Mastery.

Breathing deeply ~

What is it that you desire within your world, what is it that you want to create, is it a better abundant way of living, a better way of interconnecting with individuals?  As you are accelerating yourself into the 5th dimensional level of arena, the hardest element to let go of is what is in the past.  To let go of those relationships as they do not serve your highest essence.  I ask you to bring forth the Crystalline Light within you now and say,

I AM a Master that fully invokes the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance with the assistance of Archangel Gabriel.  I feel the light of the crystalline ray to flow within me from above and ground it through me below.

I AM an immaculate being of Light and I hold this truth within me each moment.  I have deep gratitude and love for all that I AM, what I have learned, and take this forward within my world.  It is the only way to the FREEDOM of my physical creation.

Breathe through each of these statements:

I Ressurect

I Redeem

I Harmonize

I Purify

I Heal

I Create Discipline

I have Self Control

I contemplate all that I AM

To Create Gratitude and Love within Me

Now take all of this and see the vision you desire, the creation of your manifestation to be the acceptance of your world.  See that in front of you.  Call upon these essences again:

I Ressurect

I Redeem

I Harmonize

I Purify

I Heal

I Create Discipline

Activating Self Control

I contemplate all that I AM

To Create Gratitude and Love within Me

I Am Gratitude and Love.

Now take that essence and put it into your vision of what it is you desire to manifest in your world at this moment.  What is it that you need the most?  Feel it embracing you as you are the desire, as it is not separate from you.  It is your desire, it is your manifestation, and in order for it to be created, you must believe that you are the creator of this vision to appear in your world.  When you allow yourself to be the creator and live it that is when it shall be.  Take these words a little deeper:

I am the desire in the creation of all that I envision.  I see my abundance of light within me as it flows through me and now the creation of my world is my only thought of desire.  I am free in love and acceptance of the immaculate Being that I Am.

I thank you AA Gabriel of what you have shown me, of what I could not see.

And take these words each moment that you desire to work within your own manifestation, because elements will arise that will try to impede you that are from your past  timelines, elements from this lifetime, and elements that are around you.  You must hold the vision strong within you; you must keep it within that space, and allow it to flow within you so that YOU can have the FREEDOM that you desire.

I AM Archangel Gabriel are so very pleased to be here at this moment, because this creative process is going to work so much stronger as we bring in the Crystalline Light, and as we work with all the Rays of God to be the Christed Being that We ARE.  Feel the Christed Being, feel the power, the love, as your three-fold flame becomes fully activated and stronger than you ever felt it before of the God and Goddess within yourself, coming together in harmony and love.  This is the power of your I AM.

I AM Archangel Gabriel at your service from this beautiful moment in time.  I give you my blessings, my love, and the immaculate desire to be all that YOU ARE.

 We experienced the energies of Archangel Gabriel in our Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together on July 27th, 2013.  This is our weekly Prosperity Circle open to all individuals.  We wanted to share his powerful message of love and God’s Power within us to create all we desire.  On August 3rd, 2013 we will work with Archangel Hope, his female counterpart.  For more information on this powerful group, please click the link above.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.