Diamond Light Structures Attunement Class by Walking Terra Christa

SPECIAL SEMINAR: Live Diamond Light Integrationsm
FORMAT: Online Audio Ascension Mastery Frequency Attunement

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For anyone who understands the higher frequency energies that are currently coming into the earth’s atmosphere, there is a full knowing that it is a unique time of grand opportunity for Integrated Spiritual Growth.  

We have been sharing through our teachings, articles and student classes about the special properties of the vibrational light energy that has been arriving from the Higher Octaves of the Cosmic, Multiuniversal, Universal, Galactic and Solar levels to assist each of us in our awakening as Souls.

Out information has also included a “reality check” on guarding against the magical thinking habit that humans tend to rely upon that everything will unfold on planet earth as it is supposed to unfold; that is, as long as one has hopeful and positivity based thoughts all is well.

Holding an intention for the best outcome is certainly the right attitude. Yet, physical action of stepping into what creates that outcome is essential.

Walking Terra Christa is doing everything it can to assist all individuals who desire the New Earth of the higher christed frequency of light to become manifest, yet in the end, it all comes down to what each individual is doing for themselves that matters.

Our teachings have shared how important it is to learn how to properly connect to the Higher Spiritual Realm using real Ascension Meditations and Attunements because most all of humanity does not know how to do so without proper training. We have pointed out repeatedly that if we as a race knew how to do so accurately, especially given all the Ascended Masters and great Spiritual Teachers that have walked upon this planet before us, humans would already have attained great spiritual elevation in their Light Body.

The realization is we each and everyone of us need assistance. This special attunement class seminar provides that direct assistance from an authentic and recognized authority.

If we continue to simply hope that these New Earth energies will become infused within us without properly insuring that they actually are doing so, we are sort of taking the approach that it is not really our personal responsibility, but instead it is up to the God Force to do it for us.

As we each are fully aware, Ascension Mastery is never about sitting back and hoping God and the Universe will support our life, it is about becoming fully aligned to that purpose so that we can receive all the benefits that go along with it.

On December 12, 2018 we shared with the world that humanity and the earth were infused with the Diamond Light Portal of Higher Light Structures that brought forth powerful light energies unto the Earth directed through all of the Great Central Suns of the Solar-Galactic-Universal-Multi Universal-and Cosmic. This portal is a direct energetic expression of the Feminine Divine energies, (and is still continuing to this day). It was proceeded by the Rainbow Arcs of Light transmission in early 2018.

These energies will continue, and with each occurrence the Higher Light Frequency intensifies each time. So if you are feeling the brunt of Ascension symptoms, or becoming every aware that your earthly life seems to be getting increasingly challenging, please know there is a very direct connection as these energies hit the earth.

While it may seem like fantasy or science fiction to some, we have personally learned that it is very much like trying to swim against the tide whenever we do not do everything we can to get in flow within these higher energies.

The Super Full Moon in January with a Lunar Eclipse resulted in the alignment of the Feminine (Moon in Leo) and Masculine (Sun in Aquarius) to bring forth a powerful surge of increased light infractions into Gaia. Each of us are being affected by these energies, and we need to learn how to ground them within our full-body system.

In the late 1990’s Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* created a modality with the Lady Masters in which Diamond Light Codes were accessed by Lady Mahlariessee energies and facilitated into the etheric body of her client. The overlay energies were placed in each of the chakras and the joints from the shoulders through the palms, and then into the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

The Lady Masters told Christine this unique process would assist individuals in the New Millennium to have the ability to better access their I Am Presence which was of course indirect correlation of their Feminine essence. She was first asked to allow them to work through her by doing her own Chakra Balancing on herself and then they attuned the energies within each of her chakras and joints within her body.

Christine created the Diamond Heart Essence Personal Session in which she would facilitate a Chakra Balancing Session to intuit within each of the chakras any energies that need to be released and attuned through each of the seven Rays of God. Once that was complete she accessed the Diamond Light Codes through the Lady Masters which charged up each of the areas with the elements through Divine Language Networksm Light Encoding.

If one were able to perceive the Diamond Light Codes, they look like the shape of a flat diamond and within the center is the flowing of light energies which represents the 330 Rays of God. The energy is very subtle but powerful for deeper integration and access of the higher light structures that will become part of the crystalline based reality for humanity in the New Earth.

Once a client receives the Diamond Heart Essence session, they can then spin the diamonds on their own in a quiet meditative space. Rev. Mahlariessee provided a sheet on how to spin the diamonds along with her audio of chanting the Divine Language Networksm Light Encoding as individuals can not access the Higher Light Frequency themselves.

For 2019 we are now offering this session in a group format. This was done once before in 2016 to help individuals be attuned to the Diamond Light Structures. Given that the energies upon earth have progressed so much, we now bring forth the additional aspects into the attunement. It includes the diamonds being initiated within the Spinal Column as there are chakras within the Spine that humans are now ready to initiate and that benefit from this modality.

ABOUT THE CLASS: The is a “in-person only” attunement class available globally via online audio conferencing. It cannot be used for self study or downloaded afterwards. Class will consist of an overview from the Lady Masters on the modality and how it can assist an individual to be able to ground the Diamond Structures within the full body system. Using special assistance from the Lady Masters, Lady Mahlariessee conducts a group Chakra Balancing in which each individual experiences the energies within their own location. Subsequently, the attunement phase of the Diamond Heart Essence structures is done. All participants are asked to be in a private space with no distractions. Having headphones to listen to the audio as it transmits is suggested. A position of semi reclining is best. Not required but anyone having clear quarts crystals or our own WTC White Raven Atomic Crystalssm will benefit by having them with you for the attunements so they can be placed upon the chakras. Duration is expected to be 4 hours.

(Of course, having properly cleansed your own Auric energy field, and your crystals in a salt water bath, and employing the personal Ascension Columns from the Ascend.Earth Project will make the space more sacred and protected for this type of special attunement modality.)




*(Formerly spelled Meleriessee, “Mahlariessee” is a more accurate spiritual spelling and vibrational pronunciation. The “i” is silent.)

Balance the Chakra System with Crystalline Light ~ Lord Adama Discourse

crystalline lightLet us take a breath and within that breath I want you to fully go into your Root Chakra and allow it to spin in a clockwise manner.  Feel the infusion within the Crystalline Light within you. Those of you that can perceive Light within your chakras, do you see the Crystalline Light or do you see some inflections of some other colors or possibly some darkness within the chakras that need to be transmuted? Use your third eye to feel that essence and your breath as you breathe from your highest self into your physical body.  Bring that energy into your root area and feel the spinning of the wheel.

I am asking you to do this exercise to assist you but we always ask the questions:

How are you feeling?

What is happening in your life?

What are the obstructions if there are any?

Are there any changes happening to you?

Many times those thought processes that come up for you are coming from your mental level and not the accessibility of your Etheric essence of your chakra system of what truly maybe occurring within that area.

It is important to have the chakras clear as possible especially on this third dimensional chakra grid in order to receive more essences within you.  If you are not aware of them, how can you know until they arise. So this is an exercise that we suggest that you try by just breathing into each of your chakras for a moment and feeling the essence of that chakra.  Sometimes you cannot perceive it through your third eye but can you sense it or can you feel it in your physical body if there is an obstruction somewhere.

We are at a very powerful time.  The energies have been intertwining within each of you and some of you may feel a little bit stuck or stagnated with what you should be doing although you may have ideas coming to you.  It is hard for you to put them into practice or how to get started with that practice because in most cases at this time of the year, it is something completely new, something that you want to try but maybe a task or project that you are not sure of how to get grounded with it. What is occurring within your root chakra is very important because it represents the creativity that is flowing within you and that there is a loss of that creativity which represents the fact that there is not a flow within the energy that is occurring within your full body system. So it is important to understand how we can assist ourselves just by taking a deep breath just by commanding the energies to come fully within the body.

It is important to realize that we must flow for anything that you want to occur.  I think each of you are realizing this especially for those that are a part of the prosperity call because each time you gather together and create the circle of Light along with the masters or Angels that are working with you everything seems possible. Why is that so? It is because your Lower mind is not in the way; you are not worried about how it is going to occur.  You just allow yourself to be in the flow of life and this is an imperative thought process that you need to be in to be able to live in the fifth dimensional world. Now your challenges are greater than that because you’re still living in the lower world but yet actualizing it in your body from a higher sense.  You learn to put all these things that you are learning into practice with diligence and constantly reminding yourself that you are a multi dimensional being in which you are aspiring to more Light in your body.  The obstructions are going to occur because you are breaking through walls of dysfunction and disease that have been there for a long time.

This is on a global basis it is just not your personal pathways it is the people that you are interacting with and what you are doing with your day and the work that you are putting out there to give service even if you are just talking to another individual about what you are doing or giving Light to Gaia you are giving service. So it is very imperative at this time to remember how to find the balance through the obstructions we have talked about before the media, we have talked about the programming of television shows, videos, people that are writing things, it is even more important at this stage of the game because we are breaking through the walls all of us together and those walls do not want to be broken down by others that have strived to have this planet in bondage. So what happens with this is you need to learn more tools that you already have from your multi dimensional self and this is what we are trying to teach you.

We are not trying to teach you new ways of doing things.  If you tap into your I AM Presence, you already have the availability of many tools to you.  It is just that your lower mind is in the way of accessing those special abilities to transform yourself.

As each of us is shifting into a higher perspective, it only makes perfect sense to allow these energies to assist us in every moment of our day when we need it. It’s imperative that we share these energies about the lower energies to prepare you.  Each of you knew this when you arrived unto the planet except with the veil of forgetfulness you forgot how challenging it would be to get through the obstructions. 2013 represents the year of synchronicity, but how can we be synchronized if we are walking down the road and all of a sudden there is a tree in front of us. That is the obstruction and this is what is happening to everyone on the planet. We must raise our vibrations to the higher level and then you can jump over the tree, as the tree no longer exists but it is when you are in your lower mind faculties that the obstruction will be there.

So this is why you are challenged each moment; this is why you are going through the changes that you are because the energies within this year as accelerated each of you to a new level.  It s like you stepped into an elevator and you went to a new level.  Now the body has to adjust to that new level and how to make the outside circumstances fit in. I will tell you that many of them will not fit; you will have to change them, you will have to change the way that you do things, communicate, or Be and that is the challenging part.  It is not easy for any of us; it is not easy for the Ray Chohans to walk away from their present posts within the Spiritual Hierarchy that some of them have been there for hundreds or thousands of years.  Now others are coming in to assist them so that they can go to a higher level.

This is the true ascension process so I want to share with you my deepest gratitude for stepping into this world.  We know it is not easy especially at this time, but you truly are the light bearers upon the planet and it is necessary for you to be strong through each of the changes that you encounter.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, is our guide weekly for the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class as we travel to the Golden Etheric Cities.  Join us on a call-by-call basis, /classes/golden-cities/, or join our membership program, /members/.

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