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You may be missing out on tapping into Sacred Spiritual Energies.

This happens all the time. Without knowing it, individual’s miss out on connecting to the true Higher Vibrational Spiritual energies that occur upon GAIA.

by Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden

REASON NUMBER 1 – You Rely Way Too Much On Only Exploring What Looks And Feels Good To You.

Have you ever heard the adage “If it doesn’t feel right for you, it isn’t”? I see this all the time with social media postings about spirituality. This good advice began when parents advised their children that going into a social situation that could get them into trouble with drugs, sexual abuse, or criminal behavior might be a potential bad outcome. The advice is to use your “street sense” when being more aware could save you from getting into trouble and instead leave those situations. This goes along with “take what you want and leave the rest” or “everyone resonates only with what is in their highest good”.

The thing is, it is generic advice intended for the physical world. Following it when facing potential spiritual experiences can stop you from going into greater levels of your spiritual advancement.

But there is a catch: so called “spiritual energies” can be just as dangerous as physical ones, and from the perspective of the purity of your Soul, much more dangerous if they are not carefully chosen.

So this can be a catch 22. It gets even more complicated as what feels and looks good to you may not actually be good for you at all.

As an example, many “New Age” individuals upon earth feel that opening the pineal gland is the key to becoming more spiritual. The use of legal (or illegal) marijuana, DMT, salvia, ayahuasca and many substances like LSD or other psychotropics is popular with both counterculture and mainstream youth, and of course it is still going strong with the older hippie or “free thought” culture that admires the “mind expansion” wisdom of modern day gurus like Timothy Leary and Alan Watts.

But despite many belief systems and many “spiritual” sources of advice, there is not one single teaching from the Spiritual Hierarchy that advises taking such a path to expanding the mind into higher levels of spirituality. Not one.


REASON NUMBER 2 – You Are Not Making Informed Educated Choices. 

We have all heard the expression about “making informed choices or educated choices“, so the truth is that we do have the ability to wise up when it comes to acting in a manner that is not only in our highest good, but also in the good of having the best outcome for us.

Making “free will” choices is not to be confused with “the pathway that creates your “best and highest good” as the most direct outcome.

The reality of earth is that anyone is indeed free to choose whatever form of spirituality they want, and since earth is the place of experimenting with “freewill”, the end result is that the choices you make are also “in accordance with your highest good”.

Any choice you make, is your choice, so even if it is an experience that results in a severe life lesson, it still is in your (specific to you) highest good to make that choice because you did not make another choice. In other words, you chose the experience so naturally it is something you had to go through in order to learn about wrong choices.

Choosing any form of Spirituality does not mean it is a pathway that will be most accurate in bringing you what you desire because you must be clear about what drives your choices. 

I have seen many individuals attracted to our work teaching Ascension Mastery because they were looking for a quick fix to all the troubles and disappointments they experienced in their lives. A lot of them are not satisfied with the idea of having to work 9 to 5 at a job, pay bills, and be in the ‘matrix’. So they look to our work from a perspective of “save me” from all that. After all, they think, “you are teaching about the Fifth Dimension, right?”

These individual are indeed seeking “spirituality” but only as an escape from the responsibilities of a mature adult life on earth. The idea of “Ascension Mastery” for them is about “side stepping disciplined action” because as individuals, they could not yet see that, in life, and especially in mastering any aspect of it, it is not always about “feeling good”. They will eventually find our teachings very unfulfilling unless and until they are able to face the truth of why they seek Ascension spirituality. Does training to be an expert in any area of earth life, like an athlete, business person or musician, always “feel good”? No, of course not.

And that same criterion, or truth, for “creating success on earth” applies to creating the highest form of spirituality on earth, which is why it is called “Mastery”.

When it comes to higher spirituality, as it is so intertwined with personal responsibility, one has to make educated choices, for how to actively engaging in them.

Educated choice requires taking much more time to evaluate your experience using your full body system. Learning how to not be so mental in turn requires a steep learning curve as for the most part humanity has never done it before. Immediate attraction and looking for the instant fix is not always ideal. This is why we recommend staying with our Ascension teachings for a whole year. True Higher Spirituality experience requires surrendering the “lower rigid mindset” of the mental mind’s expectations and familiarity.

Instead one must go into consciously allowing the vibrational energies in a pure* Ascension teaching to actually begin to raise your awareness. You can’t get that from just reading websites  (even ours) or listening to TEDx or similar inspirational informative videos.


REASON NUMBER 3 – You Are Being Misinformed or Misguided. 

The truth about higher vibrational teachings, (that is, those that are actually higher vibrational), is that they do not fit within what the human mental mind judges as spiritual. Humanity primarily relies on its intellectual life understandings and experiences as the main source to determine what is acceptable.

But since humanity has no actual experience with higher Ascension vibrations,


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