How to Visit the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters

Accelerate with the Meditation Journey Class from Walking Terra Christa to understanding how to prepare for Visiting the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters at this time of year for 30 days of special dispensations.

The spiritual opportunity to receive assistance from the Ascended Masters occurs twice a year for seekers, adepts and initiates of Ascension. Now is the time to prepare for your meditative etheric visit. As we are now arriving into the period of the attending the Royal Teton Retreat in your etheric self, it is a time to work with the Divine Masters represented by the Teton Visit to assist our progress as Initiates so that we are able to assist Humanity to help Create the New Earth.

(To learn more about the Royal Teton Retreat, please see our previous blog).

I had much deeper understanding of this process hearing directly from the Great Divine Director. His essence is so powerful and loving. He blessed us with divine wisdom of seeing from a higher perspective of our ascension journey, how it affects our four body system, and how to pinpoint a core element to work at the Royal Teton to truly heal and transform into that higher part of our divine selves. I’m deeply grateful and excited to receive this divine compensation of another powerful journey of self-realization this month!

“I found this class was very helpful because I gained a clearer understanding of my challenges in my relationships… I had not seen this so clearly before because I was allowing myself to be a victim to the issue. Already I feel like a weight has shifted and I feel a beautiful expansion of self-love growing. So grateful for Walking Terra Christa and their teachings – for I am truly finding my freedom Thank you!”


It brings forth the perfect opportunity to be assisted by the Divine Masters to assist us in our past timelines that are held within our Etheric Body. The Royal Teton Retreat is open twice a year, starting at 12:01 AM on both June 15th and then on December 15th so that we as Initiates are able to work with the Karmic Board and the overlighting Masters of Lord Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul, Lord Lanto, Master Hilarion along with the Ray Chohans of the Seven Flames. (The retreat stays open for 30 days for each visitation).

We all know that the intensity of the energies on the planet has accelerated many of us into a new wave of consciousness while trying to integrate the higher light quotients within the physical body. The reason that so many awakened individuals are struggling with these energies is that the physical body is still not ready to ground the higher frequencies within the cellular structure. It can cause many elements to arise that can be very challenging to the entire four-body system.

Part of the reason that these elements are arising is that the emotional and mental bodies are not in full alignment due to past timelines that are being held within the Etheric Self. This part of your existence is your Soul’s Body of Light. It holds within it particles of both Light and Dark frequencies that need to be accessed within the Crystalline Structure. So as the shift of consciousness occurs, these elements become very acute within the Emotional and Mental bodies and can cause great strife within a person’s physical existence. This is because these elements need to be purged and/or healed so that the Carbon-based body can become the Crystalline Structure.

With the integration of the Festival of Goodwill or Humanity, there will be a reconstruction of the following elements through each of the Seven Rays of God:

◊ The Power of Will  – Blue Flame;
◊ The Will to Love  – Love and Wisdom – Golden Yellow Flame;
◊ The Will to Action – Creative and Active Intelligence – Pink Flame;
◊ The Will to Cooperate – Harmony and Balance through Conflict – Crystalline Flame;
◊ The Will to Know and To Think Correctly and Creatively –Science of Divine Mind – Green Golden White Flame;
◊ The Will to Persist will become a human characteristic, – Inner Devotion – Ruby Red Golden Flame;
◊ The Will to Organize – Ceremonial Magic & Structure – Violet Purple Flame. 

In addition, the seven Rays of God are now quantumly (in Frequencies of Higher Light) becoming grounded into the Core of Gaia, (a Solar and Cosmic Event that has steadily been happening since 2013), humanity is uniquely positioned to be able to use these Rays like never before. (This is assuming they take the proper active consciousness steps to do so).

This means accessing these Rays makes it easier for each aspirant of Ascension Mastery to gain progress.

With that greater acceptance of these Rays/Flames of Light into Gaia comes greater challenges to each soul upon earth as now they must acquire the ability to step into full realization of the Ascended Master State of Consciousness. This is why proper training is now needed.

If you are working on your own Ascension and desire the assistance of the Divine Masters / Spiritual Beings of Light to work with you and guide you in the inner plane during this open window of opportunity please enroll.

Walking Terra Christa offers a special class to work directly with the Great Divine Director and the Karmic Board to assist each person to focus upon the issue(s) they are dealing with since the Festival of Wesak. This will help in learning how to incorporate the Seven Rays of God within each of their chakras so that the third dimensional chakra grid will align with the Cosmic Levels of Acceleration.

Class is available via the recording digital audio download. (Duration approximately 90 minutes audio teaching / meditation / attunement).

The Great Divine Director shares how to focus on this seven-step process of incorporating the aspects of Will, Love, Action, Cooperation, Knowingness, Persistence, and Organization in order to fully become the new essence that you desire to achieve.

Included in the class itself is a deep meditation with the higher light aspects being incorporated more into each of the Seven Chakras. Doing so assists you to become more balanced with what you have been experiencing. What this process does is to help you, as the Initiate, to have more of a higher understanding of who you are becoming as an Integrated Self. It will assist in clarifying to each individual the area(s) they need assistance with so that the incorporation of the New Self can be fully realized.

This is a preparation training class designed to assist in your Royal Teton Retreat Visitations. As a bonus along with the class you also receive a second TETON RETREAT JOURNEY SELF GUIDED MEDITATION to use after the class for your personal visitations. 

Our recommendation as teachers of true Ascension Mastery is to use both these ascension training tools to receive the higher energies during your meditation visits within the right framework of energies, as simply intending to visit on your own assists but it does not have the higher frequency vibrational energies we provide of the DIVINE LANGUAGE NETWORK LIGHTCODESsm. It is these Higher Energies that create a stronger shift in the full body system (mental, emotional, etheric, physical bodies) that are not provided elsewhere. You may use this meditation while you fall asleep and/or are actively in the meditative state.


WTC 11-11-FB1200x628-1

Note: Walking Terra Christa is providing an 11:11 GLOBAL TELECONFERENCE WORKSHOP to walk into this GATEWAY with deeper understanding of our own Mental, Emotional. Etheric/Physical, and Spiritual Self. Workshop Series begins on Sunday Nov. 8 and continues through the evening of Tuesday Nov. 10. We then gather together for a GLOBAL CELEBRATION on the 11:11 (which everyone can join even if not participating in the workshop). Click here to read more about joining one or both events. 

The New Earth Frequency Update is a channeled message of the Unified Whole Command within the 144th Dimension of Light through Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden.Frequency-update_800_500-001

Blessings and Joy is arising in the hemispheres of the Earth at this time. We are happy to come forward and share an inspirational message from the Unified Whole Command, within the 144th dimension of Light of Oneness with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein.

As the energies are increasing towards the 11:11 frequency of Light there are more changes happening within and around the earth. Each of you stand as the Beacons of Light existing upon the lands of GAIA holding this vibrational essence within yourself. Your transformation to walk through this doorway is immense and you should truly be extremely proud of what you are achieving.

So much work still needs to be done as the frequencies that are coming into the planet need to be fully grounded.  It is important for us to look at the energies of 11:11:11 moving into 2012 through 2013, into 2014 and the present year of 2015. So much knowledge has been incurred since that time within your consciousness for you to accept within your physical bodies. We must not forget about all of planetary changes that have happened during these years as it has assisted the present energies to be fully accepted within you through humanity and within Gaia.

You are truly showing yourself as the Awakened Ones from the Fallen Angels of this Earth into the Enlightened Consciousness of Humanity.

We ask you to look at yourself, within your challenges, and your successes during this time to truly see what you have achieved. We are not talking about physical movements but truly how has your emotional and mental bodies been adjusted to receive the healing and higher light formulations to accept the Divinity of Consciousness to be felt by everyone on this planet.

People are changing in many different ways and no two individuals will walk this pathway in the same way. Some will never awaken to the fact that a shift of consciousness is occurring within the planet and change their thought processes. But everyone is being affected through their bodies, their minds, and their hearts.   The eruption of the energies cannot be matched by anything else that has occurred in the history of this planet. All elements are coming into place to allow the alignment of the higher realms of light to exist within each of you.

You are the Ones that are standing in front. You acknowledge your deepest feelings and thoughts; you see that they need to be changed so that is what you achieve. It may not be easy but it is necessary, as each of you know. And, this is going to continue from this point forward. The one element that is very important is that it is happening.


It is up to each of you, each soul upon this earth, to hold this frequency within your heart, let it expand through all of your chakras, let your higher chakras become One with you, allowing the healing to take place, the darkness to leave, the old timelines of the past no longer matter as they have served their purpose in your evolution of light within the physical existence.

Let us take you on a journey of how far you have come. You are the Angels of Light that came to this Earth to heal and build a new planet.  

What happened to each of you that were part of this creation is that you held so much more than the purity within your hearts. You held the darkness of others that you assisted. It was painful and the only choice you had was to stay, but not in angelic form. You chose to be human.

So the transition of being an angel into a human has been very intense, powerful, sad, devastating, and sometimes a beautiful experience to your soul. But through every life change upon returning to the heavens, you traveled into many schools with many masters that had achieved exactly what you are doing presently. You returned to the earth many times over to right what had gone wrong. As you were learning to become Whole Once Again, the trials still continued in various ways. But, yet you still return.

We would call some of you the First Wavers that have assisted the planet since the 1980’s to become more than was realized previously. You are the Ones that have stayed true to your purpose as you traveled through many dimensions of time and space; you stopped to live on many planets to help gain the knowledge of this planet, Earth, when it was time.

But yet, these remembrances can be lost until one finds themselves once again.


Many First Wavers have since left the planet. They became tired of the game and truly were not able to uphold the condition that is necessary on this pathway. They lost their Trust and Faith so it was time for each of them to continue their journey in the heavens. These First Wavers still watch over each of you especially to help the ones that have stayed to create the necessary changes.

This first wave of angelic essence allowed for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of souls to become implanted within the earth. The energy was already created by the First Wavers and then the next wave of souls had to learn how to continue the pilgrimage into Oneness.   So the transition was a bit easier, so we thought it would be. This other groups of souls have been coming to the Earth since the 1980’s to the present.   Once they awaken they have the ability to obtain great knowledge of their star essence. But yet, many do not know how to exist in a physical body.

So the work has to continue. It cannot just happen like so many newer souls coming to Earth thought it would be. The density of the planet has been extreme. Initiating the Feminine Divine into the existence of Gaia has taken much longer due to many souls on this planet not believing in their own God Essence. So change has had to occur within this process.

December 2012 was truly an experiment of allowing the first wave of Oneness to come into the planet. But since the Earth is so dense the energies that came into the atmosphere was absorbed very quickly by souls and then dissipated just as quickly. The power of the energies was intensified to see how much Gaia and her inhabitants could hold.

We did find, however, that what these energies did for each of you is to help you delve deeper into yourself. You took on what you could within your four-body system and then the rest was dissipated into the ethers of the Earth for Gaia to receive great assistance. It was not lost but held within her auric field when it would be time to ignite the frequencies once again.

The time has now come on November 11th in 2015.

This is because of the transformation that the planet has gone through, each of you in your personal accelerations, and what has transpired through many souls upon this planet. People are waking up to taking care of themselves, looking at physical healing in many different ways, and learning that the past does need to be healed.

The Feminine Divine has always been part of this Earth. It is just that she has been waiting for the right time to bring forth her essence unto the planet. Sitting back and just watching when the energies within Gaia would allow her essence to become more involved. Through the evolution of the earth she became lost so she retreated into silence. That silence is now being broken in a completely new and powerful way.

This is the process that has been occurring for many centuries. Changes have happened but the alignment of the energies was not possible for the achievement of the Feminine Divine to be united with the Masculine Divine. Their union could not occur due to many variables of energies that were still very apparent in the consciousness of the world, within the people, and how they interact with one another.

It has been like every relationship that is born. It takes nurturing and time to allow both parties to surrender and become used to one another. The Emotional and Mental bodies of Gaia have been healing separately just like each of you have been experiencing.

Gaia has been waiting for humanity to be able to h old this frequency of light. It is getting easier as more individuals are awakening to the power of themselves through the Light of God within their own consciousness.   They may not know how it is being done, but every individual self is being assisted in this process.

So those of you that are waiting for the big boom of light acceleration to come into this planet, please be patient with yourselves. It must come within increments so that more individuals can hold the frequency within themselves. Otherwise, the planet will not be able to exist.

Each of you is the Grounding Cord to hold this frequency. That is why your challenges are so great, and why you desire to have more for yourselves than what you are receiving now. The vision you hold is so very strong and that vision will come.   But, please be patient with yourselves through this process.

We have to realize that in order for Gaia to hold a 5th dimensional energy and beyond she needs her grounding element within her. Just as each of you has to hold the Frequency of Light within you through your Earth Star, she has to do the same.


A planet is not really a great planet unless there are individuals within that existence that are holding the higher frequency. Otherwise, you have a planet of density. This is what Earth has been.

So on the day of 11:11 each of you will walk through a new doorway of light.

What does that doorway represent to you as a human being?

It means that you must uphold your contract to hold as much light frequency within yourself. If you cannot accept the higher ray chakras to be within you, then you will have a beautiful experience, but will need to do more work. But what happens if you do the inner work now, before the event? It means that less debris will be held within your body, and you will be able to accept your new-found self on a much deeper level.

So the igniting energies of December 2012 will be released once again. They have not been lost. In addition there is more coming from our essence of Oneness, to bring all souls into that essence. This means that timelines, lifetimes, and all remembrances will be put into this existence. But it also means that memories will surface, deep healing will need to be done as it is the goal of this planet to move forward.

More individuals will awaken by these energies and that is because your job is to hold what you can. This will then expand out of you into others around you.

Your angelic self becomes much more involved than you have ever allowed it to be before. You become the Solar Angel as the energetic exchange will blend within you to become more of what you ever thought you could be. The bliss of these moments will be miraculous and amazing.

This is because you are becoming your Multi-Dimensional Self on this day. You become all that you desire to be. Your role will be to hold it as much as possible. Breathe it, live it, experience it.

Your Feminine-Masculine Self comes into alignment and allows you to see what is possible.

You become the Angel and all elements that it entails for you, but yet, you are the human fully embodied with all of these essences.

You will get a glimpse into your future. You will see what is possible upon this Earth in the moments of 11:11.

Then, you will see what you need to do for your-self. The healing will come and take you into a deeper level of yourself. It is a true beginning for Gaia and each of you. We know there are many souls that will be able to hold it deeper so that it will assist others. You and Gaia are now ready for the transition into experiencing Oneness within the Self.

This is a grand opportunity for the Earth. 2012 represented a different doorway to see what Gaia could hold. It was a grand experiment as it has allowed more souls to awaken to so many possibilities.

So our suggestion is preparation. Go deeper into your Emotional and Mental Bodies. See what needs to be addressed so all bodies can blend together as One. Do the inner work so that you will receive what you are able to hold within yourself. Become One with all of these essences.

The power of this occurrence cannot be measured at this time. It will be up to each of you individually to see how you are able to integrate the energies, hold it within yourself, and become more than you have before.


We are ecstatic about the likelihood of what is about to occur. It is the first time since the beginning of Lemuria and Atlantis was in the purification of light that there is Hope that we can achieve this transformation.

We thank each of you for stepping forward, bringing your energies into the equation, and allowing your transformation to make this all possible.

We look forward to walking with each of you through the Doorway of 11:11.

We are the Beings of the Unified Whole Command of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein.

So Mote It Be in the Light of Oneness and Creation.

Note: Walking Terra Christa is providing an 11:11 GLOBAL TELECONFERENCE WORKSHOP to walk into this GATEWAY with deeper understanding of our own Mental, Emotional. Etheric/Physical, and Spiritual Self. Workshop Series begins on Sunday Nov. 8 and continues through the evening of Tuesday Nov. 10. We then gather together for a GLOBAL CELEBRATION on the 11:11 (which everyone can join even if not participating in the workshop). Click here to read more about joining one or both events. 

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EARTH-ASCENSION-002by Walking Terra Christa.



How common is “Seven”? It is the Colors of the Rainbow. It is the Days of the Week. It is the “Seed of Life” symbol which is seven circles forming the pattern of the “Flower of Life”.

The numerology of Seven is “Spiritual Enlightenment”, it is Spiritual Awakening and Awareness. Seven is Alchemy and Manifestation.

It is the Seven Chakra’s in the Human Body.

In our next class Rev. Christine Meleriessee will transmit MahaChohan Lord Saint Germain’s latest teachings on how we can accept the Cosmic Energies within our Physical Body to assist us to prepare for the 11/11 transference. The human body structures of the Seven Chakra’s are not going to be the same within the New Earth as we now know them through Eastern traditions. Understanding and grasping how to consciously change our bodily energy signatures to incorporate the new Energetics in the Chakras will assist every human being greatly.

Balancing Chakras 1

As the Cosmic Frequencies have been hitting the Earth, we are already changing. We are being restructured in our full body system of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical. The octave of vibration within us is shifting from a 3rd Dimensional energy into being the higher resonance of both the 4th and the 5th Dimensions. Many individuals are feeling this directly like a punch in the gut. Literally. Our Solar Plexis, being the center of gravity for the body, is feeling these energies in the form of discomforts, disturbances, pain, bloating, and other gastrointestinal issues. Most often they are issues that are unexplained through diet specifics or other lifestyle circumstances, and they leave allopathic physicians at a loss to explain how to remedy or treat. (Please see the class description below.)

Participant Comments from this Series:
“…At the end of the class I was in a new state of mind and I felt very clam and relaxed. It was like seeing the world through new eyes and I felt more emotionally balanced. It took 20 minutes to ground before I started to feel like I was actually back on Earth. It was a very powerful class!”
ο  ο  ο

“…Felt lightness again and a sense of higher part of my essence within, not struggling on the physical level so much any longer. Just did the 2nd time, and it was very powerful…Excellent. After the class, feel like cleansed with ocean wave, clarity, calmness and hope about my future, a sense of totality. Still fighting a little with the deep breathing, but as I try to focus as much, I think it really assisted through the process as well.”
ο  ο  ο
“I enjoyed how everything was broken down and made really simple for us to understand, the creating a sacred space, journaling, crystals, breathing techniques, and spiraling energies. I also loved connecting with the higher spiritual energies although I need to work on that more. I would change nothing …By the end of the experience I felt light radiating from my arms and I was overcome with a cool crisp temperature…could feel the energies…”
ο  ο  ο
“I very much felt the energies. I knew that all of our bodies are all interconnected; but now I understand so much more about ascension symptoms and that they are not just within the physical body as I previously believed. I enjoyed this class immensely.”
ο  ο  ο
“Very good. I was able to relate to some of the things that were brought up. The class helped me to see new perspectives. It has also helped me to be more patient and accepting with the healing process.”
ο  ο  ο
“Excellent…provided more clarity. It helps to understand what the energy does to our bodily system, and why we experience certain symptoms, and how to deal with it better”
ο  ο  ο
“Fascinating… Much of the lecture was very helpful to me. The explanation about why we feel ascension symptoms I found very helpful. I used to think that when I had strange feelings in my legs or my lower part of my brain and teeth tingling or whatever, every week something new, that I was being downloaded but that is not true. It is my body assimilating and integrating my new crystalline body meridians and energetic light pathways. A great deal of value…I would recommend it.”

Saint Germain picture by Charles Sindelair, first published in 1935. (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Series Background – The Whoomph Factor.

Every Spiritually Significant date (and every Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse, Solar Flare, Planetary Alignment) is full of Cosmic Energy being directly guided from the God Force to assist the evolution of Earth. Even what some are calling ‘WaveX” comes jam packed with tremendous power to affect Humanity. It is a BIG electromagnetic whoomph.

As we prepare for the 11:11 of 2015, we need to know what these energies mean for us individually and collectively. If you are keeping pace with the “not very mainstream” news sources, you will already know many are talking about the months of September, October and November of 2015 and the shift of energy that will happen to humanity. It is said to be a glorious and magical event.

That does not mean an ‘easy’ or ‘smooth’ event, but it does mean every single soul upon the earth will get an opportunity to embrace the Cosmic Energies, or by contrast, perhaps choose to consciously ignore or even fight against them.

Free Will is always the key. So what you should also know, as with all shifts in Energy Transference that hit our planet, the outcome to bring forth the most magic and acceleration of consciousness, is not always a certainty. It is not a given that we will fully ground the energies within each soul.

Why is this important?

Yes, earth is a place of mass consciousness where the group as a whole tends to dictate the level of consciousness (or behavior) attained by the many, but the tipping point, (as author Malcolm Gladwell had so pointedly demonstrated in his book by the same name), is created by the few. It does not take a majority to create a shift.

When we speak about Energy Transference, it does take conscious focused action to take the Cosmic Energies that are hitting the planet in these events and kick them into high gear within our own electromagnetic field, that is, into our full body system of the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and physical (and by extension our etheric) body. This is a quantum level experience when it is fully activated consciously because it is the Crystalline Body and DNA structures that are enhanced.

And since grounding Higher Octave Energy is not something Humanity has done very well before, to make it occur now we need specialized guidance and teaching from beings who understand Higher Octaves of Dimensional Reality.

The Ascended Masters.

This is why at Walking Terra Christa we work extensively with fringe esoteric concepts and teachings. As Albert Einstein’s wisdom held, our current problems cannot be solved by the minds that created them. We therefore need access to the “Higher Mind“. And that can only be done by harnessing the power of the Higher Cosmic Frequencies. Fortunately, this is exactly the opportunity that is being given to us right now as we experience the Equinox and Full Moon this week.

In our opinion, the best available wisdom we can access is to directly tap into the wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascended Masters. It is, quite plainly, a perspective not available from more traditional sources.

We are kicking off a new teaching series on How to Transcend Energy. Specifically we delve into understanding why the Wayshowers, Torchbearers and Lightworker Pioneers, (that is ‘the few’ amongst humanity at large) are experiencing the Shift and how they can learn to “Transcend” those energy conditions.

With the level of applied wisdom from Spiritual Masters, combined with the level of consciousness that a few souls can make, this clinic will increase the amount of Higher Light Frequency that is brought into the Crystalline Body of each participant, and therefore, the amount that goes into the Earth.

If you are interested, please register by clicking the link below. Space is limited for this Global Teleconference teaching. You may attend live or access the audio file (mp3) following the lecture (we will send the link). The instant access lecture replay is available for 48 hours following the class. It can be accessed by the teleconference phone dial-in service to those in the USA and CANADA, or worldwide via SKYPE or any other other VOIP system. 


◊   ADJUSTING FREQUENCIES: HOW INFUSING THE SEVEN RAYS OF GOD INTO THE SEVEN CHAKRAS IS THE NEXT STEP TOWARD CREATING BALANCE IN THE HUMAN PHYSICAL ENERGY SYSTEM. In this next class within our Ascension Clinic Series, we go into the basic characteristics of the Seven Chakras, how they affect the bodily systems, and the way that they are changing with the acceleration of the Earth presently. The Seven Rays of God are being integrated within each of these chakras to assist each soul upon the earth-plane but these higher light frequencies can be damaging if a soul is not ready to accept the higher vibrational energies within the physical body. We will look at what it means to be ready and how to properly use the Ray Frequencies to assist in the transition from the 3rd Dimensional Chakra grid to that of the 4th and 5th.

This 2 hour class will assist each participant in understanding what is happening to the human system, learning how to better self diagnose and balance each Chakra using the Rays of God. Lord Saint Germain will give the teaching in this class, and for the basic Chakra Balancing component, Dr. Lorphan and his team of healers join us. We also accept assistance from the Shamanic energies to be present with each participant. (In our next Ascension Class we will move into knowledges of the 4th Chakra and 5th Chakra Grid.) 


Live Class Date: Thursday October 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM PACIFIC / 4:00 PM EASTERN

Please make your selection:
# Note: If you are currently Enrolled in our Academy Student Tuition Program as a Monthly Subscriber for the Live Weekly Teachings, please use the drop down button for a discounted exchange.

*You will receive the conference details via email prior to the class (lecture with energy attunement). Please be sure your email address is correct when you register.


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Mastery Thought of the Day

spectrums of light

I now call forth the Cosmic Rays of God to descend into my 3rd dimensional chakra grid to ignite each chakra with the colors of the Ray.


Crown ~ Golden Yellow – Love and Wisdom

Third Eye – White with Flecks of Green and Gold ~ Scientific Knowledge

Throat – Deep Blue ~ Will and Power

Heart – Deep Pink ~ Creative Activation

Solar Plexus – Ruby Red/Gold ~ Inner Devotion

Sacral – Violet with Deep Purple ~ Ceremonial Structure

Root – Crystalline ~ Harmony & Balance

I feel them swirling within me as my planetary chakras are ignited with the Cosmic Essence of the Rays of God.

I AM that I AM that I AM

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Initiation No. 2 ~ Mastery over the Emotional Body

lotusawakeningThis initiation has to do with sacrifice and death of desire.  It is considered to be one of the hardest initiations for individuals to pass as it can take many lifetimes to achieve liberation over the Emotional body.

It is at this stage that an initiate starts to understand their emotional imbalances and wanting to do something about them.  It could entail issues of addictions in any form.  It is also the level that people start to want to work through their family issues, like Inner Child healing.

A person can find that their emotions start to flow more within them.  The three keynotes are dedication, glamour, and devotion.  First an initiate becomes dedicated to the pathway of healing the emotional self which results in glamour.  Many people may stay in this space as the lower ego is represented at this level.  But through great diligence the energy of the emotional body is motivated through devotion to continue through the pathway.  The emotions are brought under control and an individual starts to have self realization.

The most important element of this initiation is to continue through great devotion to the Higher Self.  Meditation becomes an important part of an initiate’s reality; thus, the higher self becomes more of the deciding factor.  All of these elements then result in freedom as there is an inner control that results as selfish tendencies of the lower self is attained.  It may be at this stage where an initiate starts to work with the chakras of the body especially with colors which brings in the Science of the Rays of God.  The rays represent the spectrum of light from the Elders Surrounding the Throne of Grace (from the Cosmic Level).  Working with the rays and the chakras will help an individual process the emotional trauma that may have occurred in their lives.  It is also important to realize that the Etheric body comes into play with the emotional body (also with the mental in the next initiation) as the blockages of the emotional body can be activated through physical conditions.  They need to be healed on both levels and not just within the physical.

This is a stage where addictions come into play to be fully healed.  An individual may find themselves in a situation where they must look at their addictive reactions in their life; sometimes the Universe assists for this awareness to come into full creation.  When an initiate is not ready to look at their problem, they can fall back into the 1st Initiation as it is not uncommon at all for this to occur.  The real work needs to be done on this level which may include working with decrees, affirmations, and learning how to meditate to connect with the Higher Self.  This is an imperative stage as the lower self cannot do the work on their own; so the Higher Self becomes more readily accessible to assist especially when it sees an improvement in the initiates desire to make the necessary changes.

Inner Child work can become a very important element and is an essential component to fully accessing the Higher Essence.  Many of the lower thought forms within the childhood issues result in the Lower Ego staying intact.  The Higher Ego must be accessed in the 7th initiation but preferably on the lower levels.  Many lightworkers do not realize the importance of this work and planetary ascension cannot be achieved without it.

When an individual achieves the completion of the 2nd Initiation, they attain a sense of balance within the emotional body; thus, when situations arise they work through their inner power to create balance and harmony within their emotions.  This is an important phase for individuals that are very sensitive as the emotional body can be in an imbalanced state.  It is when an individual can learn to utilize psychic protection to enhance the emotional level so as not to be completely affected by other’s energies.  We have to remember when we have an issue with someone it is usually due to elements that are blocked within ourselves and acts as a trigger to allow the healing to happen.  As the emotional body is healed, then an individual can learn what their issue is and what belongs to someone else.  This is when the true freedom occurs.

We have added a special visualization on Inner Child Enlightenment which will help to start a dialogue with an individual’s Inner Child.  We hope you enjoy.  We are also starting a program on INNER CHILD ENLIGHTENMENT 12-10-13.  For information on this 6-class program, please see our information page, /classes/inner-child/.


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What is Our Earth Star and Soul Star?

soul-star-fbThis question was just posed to us from a person who had questions on the vibrational work he was doing through sound and color.  It sparked attention to Meleriessee as we often forget that not everyone on this pathway has this information.  It is very important and will help with the integration of the Higher Self and Monad to be fully activated within the Physical Body.

The Soul Star sits about 6” to 12” above our Crown area.   This is the entry point for the Higher Self/Soul to enter into the chakra system thereby, being activated within the physical body.  Above the Soul Star we have what is called a “Rainbow Bridge” or “Antakarana” which is the pathway in which the Higher Self and the Monad travel to be activated within the consciousness of our lower self.  This is acquired through visualization and meditation and is an important part of acquiring the higher chakras within the physical body.

The Earth Star sits about 6” to 12” below the feet chakras and is our connection to our grounding energies.  This is also a very important facet of our chakra system.  Some individuals may utilize chords from the feet to go into GAIA’s essence for grounding; hence, the Earth Star is activated.

It is imperative to activate both the Soul Star and Earth Star in meditations as it will assist the Higher Self in being grounded within the physical body along with the higher vibrations that we are currently experiencing.  Without activating these stars we can become very dizzy, out of sync, and not connected to the Earth which can cause the Mental and Emotional bodies to be very imbalanced.  We are here to fully activate these energies within our physical body and without utilizing their essence within our chakra system is a mistake that many individuals may be making presently.

If you look at the drawing (courtesy of Dr. Joshua David Stone), you can see where each of the chakras align with the Soul and Earth Star.  The Thymus Gland is omitted from the drawing which is an important chakra.  This is activated through the pathway of awakening and represents the Seat of the Soul, where the Higher Self resides when fully activated within the Physical Body.  It also represents the ability to communicate from the Heart into the Throat Chakra and sits between both chakras which represents the 8th Chakra within the color of Sea-Foam Green.

You can cleanse your chakras by spinning the Soul Star into each chakra, breathing through the process, and then spin it back to its original position.  Repeat twice for each chakra along with the Earth Star and you should feel a difference within our chakra system as it helps remove psychic debris from each chakra to create balance and unification of the Soul Star.

In each of our classes we always activate the Axiatonal Alignment which means that the Cosmic Meridians from the 144th dimension is activated through our Antakarana Bridge into our Soul Star, through each of the chakras, and into the Earth Star which will ground the frequencies.  This allows our physical bodies to experience the higher realms of light while staying focused within GAIA’s energies.  It also helps to align the Kundalini energies and activating of the DNA which must be done through the Higher Self.  Pushing these energies from our lower self can cause extreme psychological and physical problems within the Etheric Body.  We are working to clear the Etheric Body (which is our Soul Body) so that the previous timelines of lifetime experiences can be rectified and put into wholeness.

To understand more of this process, Walking Terra Christa has a download program called “Science of Ascension”,  /classes/the-science-of-ascension-series/, which describes more in detail about the ascension process and the Pathway of Mastery.  We will also be holding monthly classes in the near future to delve deeper into this subject matter.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

Balancing Chakras 1Activating Your Higher Chakras into the Physical Body


The Rays of God intertwine within your first seven chakras and become unified as your Light Body.  As you accept the Higher Rays of God they become your higher chakra grids.  In order to actualize your fifth dimensional body, you must integrate and hold within your chakras the 22 Rays of God.  From that point forward each grid is actualized as you attune to the higher frequencies of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 which will be necessary for the New Earth frequencies.  Each of the dimensions represent initiation levels in which the higher chakras are activated.



Chakra Grids/Level of Dimension – Chakras  -Initiation Level

Third Chakra Grid  – 7 Chrakras ~ 2nd Initiation Level

Fourth  Chakra Grid – 15 Chakras – 3rd Initiation Level

Fifth Chakra Grid – 22 Chakras – 4th Initiation Level

Sixth Chakra Grid – 29 Chakras – 5th Initiation Level

Seventh Chakra Grid – 36 Chakras – 6th Initiation Level

Eighth Chakra Grid – 43 Chakras – 7th Initiation Level

Ninth Chakra Grid – 50 Chakras – 8th Initiation Level

Tenth Chakra Grid – 57 Chakras – 9th Initiation Level

As each of the higher chakras are first installed, then actualized, and finally, accessed the previous grid of chakras are blended within each other and grounded within your Earth Star.

If you are just beginning your spiritual path, begin by anchoring Chakras 1 through 12; if intermediate and advanced anchor them through the the 22nd.  This will bring forth very powerful electrical energies so be careful in the rate that you bring into your Being.  We want to intend to go higher as it will help to accelerate your pathway through the process.  Your Higher Self guides you continually so he/she will decide when they need to be anchored.

Since we are now on an accelerated pathway, it is important not to jump too far before you are physically read to do so.  The highest we want to attune within ourselves at this point is through the 22nd chakra to attain the 5th Dimensional Light Body.  Utilize the higher chakras in meditation but please do not ask that they be anchored until your physical body can handle it.

Please know that asking for these chakras to become integrated happen within our meditations and the full actualization of the energies do not occur except through the advice of your Higher Self.  In the 3rd initiation, your Higher Self will become active within the physical body so your interactions will go hand-in-hand with the Higher Mind/Higher Heart.  This takes practice and will not occur overnight until all your bodies of the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical can fully interact within one another.

Breathe into your chakras each of the Rays of God and they will start to become intertwined within your physical essence.  To learn more about the Rays of God, see our 22 Ray Challenge, an email program to access the Rays of God, /classes/22rayschallenge/.  Walking Terra Christa also provides a powerful course “Journey through the Chakras with the Rays of God,” /integrating-the-22-rays/.


©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.


Mastery Tool of the Day

axiatonal_alignment-fbAn effective spiritual centering and clearing method is to call forth three times a day and in your meditations a Monadic Sweep in which the Monad, also known as your Mighty I Am Presence, sweeps through your chakras and four-body system, clearing them of all psychic debris and giving them a quick balancing.

You can also call forth an Axiatonal Alignment and Cosmic Integration and Alignment.  The Axiatonal Alignment will align your meridians with the Planetary, Solar, and Galactic Sources and will align your evolution with the actual ascension of Earth on a Planetary level.  The invocation of the Cosmic Integration and Alignment will align you with the Universal and Cosmic Levels of Evolution.

This is why we utilize these methods in our calls before we doing the journey work.  As we connect with the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional reality, we are activating both the Axiatonal Alignment with the Cosmic Integration Alignment.

As an example in how to do this, breathe deeply calling upon the Unified Whole:

000-144-000 Unified Whole Online

Call upon your Higher Self, I AM Presence, and your Master Teachers to assist you.

Then count upwards from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and increments of 10 up to 140, then 141, 142, 143, 144.

We suggest asking for the Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma to come around your four-body system.  They pull it away removing any weeds from your auric field.

Then, call upon St. Germain of the Cosmic Ray of Ceremonial Magic with Deep Purple with Violet to infuse within you from your Earth Star, to your Heart, and your Soul Star.  Breathe Deeply.

At this time, call upon Paul the Venetian to infuse the Pink Flame of Creative Activation that will bring forth compassion, love, and serenity into any areas that need filling up.

Blend the Violet/Purple with the Pink to create the Violet-Pink Flame of Vibratory Communication.

Lastly, call upon Lord Buddha for the integration of the Christ Consciousness into your Earth Star, around your four-body system, to your Soul Star creating a pyramid structure of Golden Light around your field.  Ask that spiritual mirrors be placed on the outside that reflection the 144th dimensional reality and anything else will be put into Wholeness.

Then count back down from 144, 143, 142, 141, 140, then increments of “10” to 10, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5; thereby, activating your 5th dimensional body.  Allow the energies to run into your Earth Star and ground them to GAIA.

Now activate the Axiatonal and Cosmic Alignment by feeling the colors upon colors from the 144th dimension to spin through your Antakarana Bridge into your Soul Star. Breathe into each of your chakras create the alignment and seeing many colors flowing through you from the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.  Then spin the energies into your limbs through your feet into your Earth Star.  Connect with your four-body system by expanding the energies.

Then visualize a cosmic flame coming into your Shoulder Joints, through your Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet to align your physical body with the Soul body of Light.

You have now created the Expansion of the Monadic Sweep.  End the exercise with the words, “000-144-000 Unified Whole Offline”.

Note:  If you have already done this previously for the day, you can reactivate it by calling upon the Unified Whole Online with the opening statements and then do the Axiatonal and Cosmic Alignment.  Use your intuition of how to best activate the energies through your Higher Self.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.