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Mount Shasta Ascension Capitol Golden Rays of Light
Mount Shasta Ascension Capitol Rays of Light


The development of a “full consciousness” means stepping out of mass consciousness and seeing life and every situation through the lens of God, Christ,  the Holy Spirit, the Mighty I AM Presence and the inner plane Ascended Masters!
– Dr. Joshua David Stone


Becoming a Master of your Fifth Dimensional Lifestream in an accelerated manner requires placing yourself in the presence of the Ascended Masters.

A “Fifth Dimensional Master” is an update to the term describing the state of being Enlightened or Ascended. It is now increasingly possible for earthly humans to achieve this level of higher consciousness while still walking upon the earth as a fully physical being.

In your earthly Physical Body, you have never walked as a 5D Master. For the first time in human existence each soul now has this grand opportunity that was previously only acquired by those rare ones we call the Ascended Masters.

However, it is an opportunity that will not occur of its own evolution as many are mistakenly predicting. It must be consciously created through your conscious action (that is, by active consciousness, not passive consciousness).

As Master Albert Einstein advised us, we are not able to create a solution to our existing state of being from within the same consciousness that created the issue (problem).

Everyone would agree that if we look at this in the broadest possible terms, in order to shift out of our current state of global creation (conditions), we are required to learn how to not be a dysfunctional human in all levels of our inter-relationships, across all aspects of life.

In short, we must create only right relationships and right action and stop creating separative ego based creations that cause disharmony on our planet.

For these things to occur most of humanity looks outwardly to others to create the changes required.

The eternal truth is change must occur within each of us first.


As an Eternal Divine Being of Light you have been Divinely Guided by your Angelic and Master Guides along with your Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE to recall your Divine Heritage within this incarnated lifetime. This is now only possible because of the birth of the New Earth of a Golden Age of Humanity. “Birth” is not maturity, it is only the opening of such energies for Humanity, we must create the growth ourselves. We are required to become that maturity of the Soul we have never been able to accomplish (except when in the non-physical state of being).

And within that opportunity, it is essential to learn from those that have already attained this level of beingness. It is their Ascended Wisdom that can alter our perspective so that we can make the required shift in consciousness. In fact it is mandatory if we really do desire to co-create a New Earth (Terra Christa).

Attaining a new level of conscious awareness in right action is the only way to co-create the growth of the Golden Age of a New Earth on this planet.

Ascension Mastery Teachings are not new and you may have read or heard of them before as they are referred to in various terms: Ancient Mysteries. Lost Teachings. Esoteric Science. Theosophy. Ascended Master Teachings.

Please look closely and don’t be fooled by similar language and appearances found in other sources. The Academy of New Earth Mastery Teachings we provide are very new. The “New” is specifically found in the way in which we bring these teachings to you.

This is because as of the end of the year 2012, the energies of the Higher Cosmic Consciousness of Creation are now finally being more fully given to the Earth Plane and its inhabitants of all Kingdoms.

While still gaining valuable knowledge and a certain level of elevated frequency, this means that any New Earth seekers who continue to only study sources of “mastery science” that have not been integrated to reflect this cosmic development, can only receive the energetic transmissions that were available at the time those materials and teachings were created. In effect, teachings created prior to 2012 are incapable of bringing about a new creation in and of themselves.

These Higher Energies have always been guided by the Spiritual Realm of the God Force; however, they still cannot be Fully Grounded upon GAIA against the Free Will of Humanity because each Human Soul is the Master of her/his own Destiny. If the Soul does not seek out and learn about how to Ground a Higher Consciousness within itself, the process will never occur.

It is up to each Individual Soul to reach up into the Heavens and grasp the Higher Dimensional Cosmic Frequencies now being shared, and bring them down into their own personal life and environment. Regardless of nationality, culture, age, level of awareness, talent, or gift; it is up to each person, to raise their own vibration.

In order to do so, one must have updated and relevant understanding and instruction. This level of instruction is exactly what we provide.

By partnering with the Academy of New Earth Mastery you are self-creating the physical action that places you at “the feet” of the Ascended Master Consciousness so they can instruct you each week. Enrollment is a demonstration of your dedication and commitment to your pathway of walking into Fifth Dimensional Mastery and such actions are duly noted by the Ascended Masters. Because you “step up” to this level of study, you are given all available assistance to also progress in your sleep and meditative states through the many levels of Initiation within Mastery. The benefits of your regular participation greatly accelerate your awareness and learning.

The Study of Ascension Mastery is the most direct conduit toward living a life liberated from lower emotions, thoughts and energies, thus bringing forth the truth of who you are as a Soul. 

By definition, grasping the truth of your own soul’s pathway as a physical being requires the student to incorporate mastering multidimensional elements of understanding to move into the wisdom of Ascension Teachings. While we 

This is why taking on our teachings is so unique and empowering, yet also the most personally challenging and rewarding path a soul can undertake.
We realize this work is truly for the serious and dedicated individual who can work towards a goal over time as it is not appropriate for those who are only looking for quick answers to their life’s issues.

We do feel our teaching format and methods best speak for themselves but only for those who are ready and can set aside their present earth based expectations and programming of what higher frequency teachings should be. (To be honest, having expectations of something one has no knowledge or experience with accomplishing is an immediate detriment to learning.)


Our work is 100% unique. No other system of study or teachings are capable of delivering the full spectrum of applicable knowledge from the Spiritual Hierarchy in combination with specific methodologies and tools to assist you to accelerate your mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies to become cleared, energized, and balanced into one full Light Body.

The manner in which we provide these teachings goes beyond an intellectual or spiritual pursuit. The methods we employ go directly into your energy bodies (mental, emotional, etheric or auric) in addition to your physical body to assist you in creating a direct state change. This includes the higher order development in the very cellular and DNA structures of the physical body to bring within and restore the original divine blueprint of the Godhead (as Dr. J.J Hurtak describes in his seminal ascension book, The Keys of Enoch).

Altering your entire full body system is exactly what is required to be an Ascended Master within the New Earth on a Fifth Dimensional level. (Dr. Stone referred to this state of being as a fully Integrated Ascended Master).



APPLIED ASCENSION SCIENCE: Our work is highly specialized to bring you both the information and the transformation you require to begin to understand and actually apply the true Science of Ascension at the Fifth Dimensional Frequency.

Our focus in on translating the esoteric teachings of the Ascended Masters work into usable language and practice using the Rays of God. The human body is actually a frequency of light in various stages of quantum atomic vibration. The Rays of God provide the master keys to shifting your place of resonance within your own field of existence. Conscious use of these Light Codes is the Divine Action of De-Ascending your Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE into your incarnated physical body from the higher Realms of existence. The Rays of God become your Light Body while simultaneously working to blend all your energy bodies of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical into becoming One Body of Light. This is the action of Ascension within a physical body.

HIGHEST OCTAVE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY: Our teaching classes are not just informational studies – they include the highest octaves of frequencies currently available to humanity. 

We incorporate the actual Cosmic Energetic Signature of the Masters within the Spiritual Hierarchy so you experience their energies personally each week. This is what enables you to actually shift both your consciousness and your physicality into a Higher Vibration. Our methodology is specifically designed to transmit the actual Vibrational Frequencies that enable you to experience the process of Ascension in your body. This is facilitated by Rev. Meleriessee having an ability to tap into Divine Light Language(sm) which is only available to her as a Fully Integrated Transmitter(sm) who can work directly with the Masters and Spiritual Teachers based on her personal level of initiations, training and soul path gifts.

◊ TRUE SOUL WORK: Our combined level of ability to teach this work goes well beyond the categories of spiritualism, soul path coaching, spiritual or behavioral psychology, and/or personal self development programs.

Reverend Christine Meleriessee, ordained by Dr. Joshua David Stone, extended the direct lineage of that authority to Reverend J. Michael “Ara” Hayden in January of 2014 after he had worked in these teachings to complete his own acceleration in the first eight levels of Mastery Initiations. Using Dr. Stone’s extensive teachings as part of a foundation of learning, we combine the best of Soul Psychological Counseling* directly within a teaching atmosphere that energetically pinpoints exactly what each student requires to know who they are as a multidimensional individuated and eternal soul that is an integral part of the God force.
*(Soul Psychology is a much more expansive understanding of what many term Spiritual Psychology as it encompasses rectifying the experiences of the Soul’s Personality over the entire lifestream (Akashic History) in addition to the individual’s current life ego personality experiences.)

SERVICE BASED ACCESSIBILITY: As compared to many other consciousness raising offerings, studies or programs, the Walking Terra Christa mission is to act through Service to Humanity in our financial exchange structure.

This means we are committed to providing this work at 1/10th the financial cost that typical spiritual coaching or personal development programs normally incur. One full month of access to our regular weekly teachings is less than the financial exchange charged for just one hour of training (or coaching) in the vast majority of other consciousness training self-awareness organizations or companies.

DIRECT ACCESS: Our Academy includes Inner Plane Ashram admission with Master Djwhal Khul.  

Just as Dr. Joshua David Stone’s teachings included admission to his inner plane ashram teachings, we extend that availability to work with all the Masters from our Board of Directors within the Unified Whole and the Telosian / Agarthian Councils of Light with Lord Adama at a very deep level. Stepping up and making a personal commitment in this physical plane of existence (and the associated sacrifices of your 3D lifestyle in order to attend) also means that you are also awarded special admittance into being a Student Initiate (Chela) on the Inner Plane levels. This dispensation is now of even a higher dedication of partnership within the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of White Light specifically due to the seriousness of creating the New Earth one soul at a time by Grounding the Higher Order Octaves through the initiate’s own conscious awareness into GAIA.

PRACTICAL: Our work is practical and hands-on in merging higher spiritual practices into transforming one’s daily life.

Despite the misconceptions found in many new age, spiritual development, personal development, and human potential teachings, creating an earthly existence in true Oneness with one another cannot be done without an individuals personal active diligent conscious participation to remove the 3D/4D elements from within themselves to then bring in the Higher Self frequencies of Light. Assisting you to achieve this using actual vibrational ascension mastery training is a fundamental cornerstone of our work which is not easily found through other programs of pursuit.

All these characteristics are specifically orchestrated as an holistic approach, meaning that our work serves as the singular most critical foundation of your personal spiritual growth, not only benefiting your personal sense of well-being, but accelerating your actual life path relationships and interactions, in all areas of your life, to be more flowing, heart connected, abundant and whole.

TESTIMONIAL: “I just want to share with you how incredibly deep, powerful, touching and healing the [teaching] call was for me. I cried from the time I first heard your voice until the recording ended. I began in need of healing and was given a beautiful transformative gift during the call. It was a magical celebration and I thank both of you for your deep commitment to this work…Tonight knocked my proverbial socks off…was intense and powerful for me. I had raced in from a Zumba class at the gym, a fairly new activity for me, took a quick shower then found the right number…and away I went. As soon as we got our Merkaba moving, I was only semi there consciously. I get that sometimes, where I hear the voice and words but don’t consciously listen to them. When we got into the temple, I came back and was receiving all the light integrations and blessings and it was beautiful. I was having an odd experience for me, where I was moving the energy in certain ways, or doing something, then 30 seconds we would be directed to do what I had just done. I just noticed it and thought…wow! :-)) It was fantastic and your work is so incredibly powerful. Every call seems to be accelerating by leaps and bounds. I am so blessed to be in this with you [Rev. Meleriessee] and Mike. Much, much Love and Light.” – N.F., Student since 2011, from Florida, USA.

Read more Testimonials Here

If you are seeking a clearer firmer path to walk upon within your life, one that provides you the opportunity to excel in ways you cannot truly understand, yet have desired deep within your soul, you are encouraged to apply today to be part of the Student body of the Academy.


Our work is non-standard in that we do not teach to your intellect or try to keep up with expectations of a traditional teaching format that you may have already experienced.

Why? What you already now know is exactly the learning and thinking patterns that block the Ascension process. So, while we do give lectures, we also employ a “whole systems” approach that stimulates your energetic bodies to receive the teachings on a non-mental level of understanding.

The energies you receive through our teachings act best when they are not impeded by other teaching energies. We know everything is energy. Flow and ease are created when energy is in alignment and harmonious. We have learned by experience the transmission we bring forth are only at their most effective when the student is not also actively practicing, studying or following other systems or teachings.

What this means: We don’t object to each individual soul seeking out their own resonant sources of light. It is just that while one is a student of our Academy program, it is not conducive to our teachings for students to study other teachings at the same time. Time and time again we have seen negative spiraling effects within the psychological and the physiological energy systems of students who did so, and it made their pathways more challenging. Thinking of it in terms of pure energy: when you actively take other systems of Spiritual (and related New Earth type programs), you energetically become like a rubber band being stretched in two opposite directions. Remember, since our program is not the same as those others,  there is not typically any compatibility between the two forms of energetic frequencies. When this occurs, it is not at all a healthy situation for your Light Body development. (In some cases, this also applies to practices you may have learned previously that you have incorporated into your daily living. In the enrollment application, please mention any of these so we may individually advise you on them).

As an Enrolled Student, it is highly recommended that you also set aside “ego thinking patterns” as best you can. In order to be open to receive these higher vibrational frequencies, please commit yourself to release judgement and critical thinking habits that are deep seated in the mental or emotional fields (possibly originating from not only a person’s cultural, societal, and family, but also from one’s Soul Timelines).

A major component of our work is bringing forth the actual sound frequencies known as Divine Light Language Codes(sm). Some might consider it a form of chanting or sound healing and it is one of the ways the Light Language Encoding can reach your full body system including the physicality during the classes and sessions.

Most individuals find that listening to our Divine Light Language Coding(sm) is very unusual, maybe even weird, or at the very least, a very new experience. This is because the physical self of most modern human consciousness has no experience with such energetic transmissions.


  1. Our audio teachings are not equal to those you receive in a formal education setting. Instead they are for the full body system, (physical, etheric, emotional and mental), which also includes the multi-dimensional self. These are metaphysical teachings.
  2. Using our PROTECTION PROTOCOLS* cleansing procedure to prepare for each teaching right before you listen will greatly assist your full body energies to be more receptive and less cluttered. (*these are included with Student Membership).
  3. Allow the higher energies to reach you by being in a relaxed and meditative state instead of just using the physical mental mind to glean or understand the information shared. Our teachings are direct integrated channelings from the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings, they include higher energetic frequencies (Divine Light Language Encoding) that cannot be understood mentally. Understanding will come over time as you engage in them.
  4. If your schedule permits, relisten to each teaching more than once.
  5. You may fall asleep due to the higher frequencies. This is common as the human energy field needs to be in training to be able to better incorporate them. (Alternatively, if you are a strong mental minded person, you may have a challenge feeling any new vibrational elements. It may take a while to connect to these higher subtle energies.)

Remember, the creation of a New Earth will not happen if we continue to only do what we are already comfortable with experiencing.

Please keep in mind that as you step onto this pathway, there will be moments when you feel uncomfortable. These feelings are not necessarily the purity of who you are, they are there to STOP you from moving into a higher vibrational way of life. They often are simply a reaction from our earthly dysfunctional elements, or earthly past programming, or even direct interference from lower dimensional energies that are not part of the natural earth*.

*This is one reason we ask a minimum commitment. Most humans have spent whole lifetimes being affected by such energies. We strongly suggest to make the 1 year commitment so you can begin to work to remove these elements from your system. Ascension Mastery is not a quick fix system of learning but with steady progress over time, one is able to have their mind and body freed from such energies.

The commitment to study Ascension Mastery must be yours and yours alone. We cannot force you make an earthly contract with us that binds you to continue even when your existing programming tells you to not pursue this pathway. Each and every day you must use your actual free will to continue with these teachings. There is no other way to progress.

Most individuals are unaware of the many systems and elements upon the earth that will act to prevent or stop them from walking the Ascension Mastery Path of Soul Enlightenment to co-create the New Earth of Terra Christa.

While it is not suggested nor recommended to do so without first consulting us, you may withdraw as a student at any time. We (and your Higher Self and the Masters) do not hold you to any set obligation if you choose to quit. This is in keeping with universal law and the criterion of Free Will that exists within Earth.


As stated, we do what we do in service to humanity to assist each soul in realizing these teachings within their full body system so each individual can live, not only a better life, but a fully Ascended life. We are here to “set your mind free”, but not just that, your whole body self including your own past lifetimes when you were not in the light. Evey earth soul has those past lives (otherwise you would not be on earth). It is very unique work that we teach.

To assist individuals to begin to honor their own spiritual pathway as being of primary importance, we keep the cost well below that of a weekly night out for a meal and entertainment. Our philosophy is that one should at least be spending those same amounts on their Spiritual Care since it is just as important to the balance of your lifepath in wholeness.

In addition for those who commit to continuing for a year of study, after the first 90 days when you feel you are ready to request it, we provide an Individual Consultation with Lord Melchizedek to go over your present level of Initiation upon the Mastery Pathway. (Read more here about the process of Initiations). This is a 30 minute consult given to all our Regular Students to assist them more deeply. (Student Initiates have a more extensive session. Session is a separate exchange for Adjunct level). We will give you a specific set of preparation material to have your energies better prepared for this session.

Our livelihood is our teachings. While we endeavor to keep the financial exchange affordable for all, it would be irresponsible of our students to expect us to provide our teachings without any financial exchange, that is – “for free”, simply because our work is the action of teaching spiritual truths.
We are aware there exists a false belief system among the modern version of the hippie (“love/light/peace for all”) that Spirituality should be free. This is a false programmed message as all humanity (within a financial money system that is) should consciously be using that energy (of monetary systems) to support what is in their highest and best good. More importantly, Walking Terra Christa is not simply a gathering of Spiritual seekers, it is a robust Training Program to elevate and accelerate the Soul Spiritually using Correct and Accurate Frequencies of Light.  This is vastly different than most of what is shared on the Internet and at love/light gatherings as there is a great deal of misinformation and false programming (among many topics).
When you enroll, in addition to demonstrating your commitment to do the deeper spiritual “work” for yourself, making such an exchange places a real physical value that honors “our work” (of being the teachers) within the current monetary system upon earth. (Yes, once a New Earth is created, that level of exchange will give way to more direct forms of service to humanity as monetary systems shift to community systems). In the meantime, we have created a scaled subscription system for students to support and honor this work.
  We use a sliding scale to best accommodate our students various levels of financial means. While placing an earthy monetary figure on your soul’s value cannot be done within this high level of spiritual work, we do ask that when you are choosing your scale level, please sincerely reflect upon the financial value you place upon other areas of your life .
REFLECTION: what are your monthly expenses for your physical care, such as beauty, health, transportation, exercise, insurance or medical? What do you spend on earthly entertainment such as restaurants, venues, or movie/TV media?
As a point of instruction: Please be aware that in learning to be more aligned within the higher frequencies, this ratio of “your earthly expenses” compared to your “Spiritual expenses” directly relates to how you VALUE what you are studying.
For example, an individual may spend $100 a month on a mobile phone plan. If they spend $50 a month on Spiritual Study, then they are physically and energetically stating to the universe that they value their phone 50% more than they value their Spiritual Study. Universal Law is about actions, not just intentions. Even if we can come up with many rational and logical reasons why we need the phone plan we have, “it is what it is on the physical plane of reality”, nothing can change that ultimate truth. Our financial expenditures are in keeping with Universal Law as a statement of how we value the things we do, they are our actual energetic truth.
We point this out because we desire everyone to place their best abilities forward into the pursuit of these Spiritual Studies above their past programmed life choices.
We do offer a low cost financial scale so that individuals who struggle monetarily will not be overly burdened by studies with us. This is a balance of course, since it also may mean making a personal sacrifice of letting go of other material items or activities in order to be a more active part of these studies.


  Understanding prior experience is not required.
◊  Desire a direct working relationship with the Ascended and Spiritual Masters, Angels, Elohim, et. al.
  Prepared to physically cleanse the body’s field of lower frequencies.
  Ready to work on the inner self to discover and heal the lower ego.

  Able to set aside the “judging self” as it blocks the teaching frequencies.
  Can invest at least 3 hours a week to classes.
  Begin toward attaining meditative time of at least 15 minutes twice a day.
  Agree to use only our teachings while enrolled (no other active programs).
◊  Honored to take the New Earth Pledge as a Student of the Academy.
◊  Sincere commitment to steadily progress through the levels of Initiation.
◊  A Deep Knowing that this is Spiritual Work. The use of the word “work” is and always has been used because it is very accurate. Some call it the Great Work” referring to it being the greatest path one can choose. It has never been termed an “easy” pathway.
◊  Make an honest and complete assessment of one’s own spiritual path on our Student Application.

With Enrollment there is no contract with us, you may withdraw as a student at any time. We (and your Higher Self and the Masters) do not hold you to any set obligation.

Our teachings are available Worldwide as Distance Learning Audio Recordings so everyone can access the power of our work. 

The higher consciousness is no longer limited to your altered states, your dreams or your meditations — you can now begin to access 5D Mastery in your physicality. You will join the Ascended Masters and other Teachers of the Spiritual Hierarchy (on average core teachings 5x each month except between trimesters, journey retreats and holiday periods). To best serve your free will with a minimum of complexity our teaching academy is a 100% voluntary student member subscription program using automatic monthly renewal. All Distance Learning Teachings are made available as MP3 download audio (or in some cases in video format).

Again, while it is tragic for the creation of a New Earth that most individuals are unaware of the many systems and elements upon the earth that will act to prevent or stop them from the Ascension Mastery Path of Soul Enlightenment, the commitment to study Ascension Mastery must be yours and yours alone. This is in keeping with universal law and the criterion of Free Will that exists within Earth.


When the Academy is in session during the semester, each month you receive:

◊  1. Several Teachings from the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS from the Spiritual Hierarchy.
(Audio format MP3, each teaching approx. duration 45 to 60 minutes). 

◊  2. Several Teachings from the NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES with Lord Adama and the Telosian/Agarthian Councils.
(Audio format MP3, each teaching approx. duration 60 to 75 minutes).
◊  3. A Teaching/Gathering of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS for the FULL MOON and/or ECLIPSE/SOLSTICE/EQUINOX with Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders and the Spiritual Hierarchy.
(Audio format MP3, teaching approx. duration 60 to 90 minutes, all are encouraged to attend LIVE).
◊  4. A Teaching/Gathering for LORD ASHTAR and the ASHTAR COMMAND’s EARTH ASSISTANCE with Lord’s Ashtar and Sananda.
(Audio format MP3, teaching approx. duration 45 to 60 minutes, all are encouraged to attend LIVE). 

◊  5. A Student STUDY GUIDE in written format for you to use during the month.
◊  6. Additional communications from the Academy in email and/or article format to assist you with the applying these teachings toward improving how you experience the current earthly and spiritual energies that are present.
◊  7. Enrolled Students RECEIVE special discounts on Divine Light Language Personal Sessions with the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings.
(Discounts of $25 to $50 dollar savings off regularly listed rates.)

◊  8. A
fter progressing in their studies, enrolled Students are ELIGIBLE for an INVITATION to JOIN LIVE in the CLARION and NEW EARTH CITIES teachings mentioned above (and also to join in the WTC ACADEMY PRIVATE STUDENT RETREATS. Invitations are subject to ACADEMY discretion).

After ENROLLMENT*, once your application is approved by Walking Terra Christa you will receive THE ACADEMY OF NEW EARTH MASTERY “Initial Student Courses”. 

The Initial 3 Courses are as follows:

Ascension Protection Protocols
Initial Course #1
: All initiates of the Mastery pathway understand the value of practicing and knowing how to correctly protect their own light. We are offering our Protection Protocols Course to New Academy Students for free. (Read more at the link above – value $38.88)

Take-The-22-Rays-of-God-ChallengeInitial Course #2: As we are specialist in the 22 Rays of God, we know all students greatly benefit from having a deeper understanding and personal connection with each Ray, the Ray Chohan and all Beings of Light representing that Ray. We are offering our 22 Rays Challenge Email Correspondence Course free to New Academy Students. (Read more at the link above – value $90)


Initial Course #3: The Ascension Mastery Pathway is that of the Fifth Dimensional Reality which is what the Telosian Beings experience in each moment within a living physical body. It is a way of life that we as 3rd/4th Dimensional individuals can hardly understand. We are offering our 10 session Telosian Way Series Course free to New Academy Students. (value sliding scale from $122)

  • *Enrollment in our Academy of New Earth teaching program is as an Initiate or a Regular Student to receive all three Initial Courses. (Adjunct Students will receive “Course #1” only).  Our academic year is in two semesters (Spring and Fall) consisting of a financial exchange separated into 12 monthly PayPal subscription installments under automatic renewal until canceled.
  • If one voluntarily withdraws from the Academy Student teaching program, please understand that any remaining balances or partial pro-rated refunds cannot be refunded. You are entitled to the remainder of your subscription balance in terms of continued receipt of the audio teachings for the duration of your payment terms for the month paid.  
  • We do our best to make sure you have access to our programs for the remainder of your balance month or year (if paying annually).
  • Please make a sincere personal commitment to remain active for a year to allow the frequencies we provide sufficient time to work within you. In the rare instance where one cannot remain a student member, we ask you to keep these Initial Student courses as our gift to you. No substitutions can be made on this student offer.


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