Unified Whole Full Body (De)Ascension Meditation

One of our highest recommended meditations.

While it does not take the place of the in depth work done through our MP3 programs and weekly teachings, this meditation is perhaps one of the most essential basic tools for ongoing connection with and actively developing these elements within the energies of the Ascension process using the 22 Rays of God in Oneness:Unified Whole Light Body (De)Ascension Meditation

  • Connection with the Unified Whole Spiritual Hierarchy of all Masters/Lady Masters
  • Integrating the Four-Body System (mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies),
  • Strengthening and widening the Antakarana Bridge,
  •  Becoming the Higher Self
  • Accessing  the I AM Presence

We term it “De-Ascension” because you are actually bringing your “Ascended Self” down into your physical body through the power of this mediation. It is a compilation of Master Joshua’s (Dr. Joshua David Stone) Ascension Treatment with additional incorporation of the 22 Rays of God and the Unified Whole which makes this a very powerful meditation to use.  In doing Ascension Science work in general and with meditations specifically, one must realize that you are raising your conscious awareness and vibration up to the Highest Dimensional frequency with the Unified Whole so that you can begin to access it within your physical body. You must “go there” first to access those high frequencies and bring them down into your physicality. It is no different than doing a physical sport or talent where you are training the mind and body to accelerate your level of performance.

We suggest you utilize it at least weekly if not more often, especially if you are preparing for a retreat or ceremony, or experiencing any lower frequency interferences in your life.  As a point of reference, Rev. Meleriessee used Dr. Stone’s version of this every night for three years in order to assist her initiations. We continue to utilize this meditation.

It is about 54 min long and it is important to utilize it in your Ascension practice. You will see changes result through it.  Being wide awake is important although you can listen to go to sleep.  If you are listening regularly it is advisable to be awake as much as possible.  You may find that you are either aggravated in lower energies or have a high frequency afterwards.  If you have lower frequencies emerging from you,  it is also important to use some of our Protection Protocols for clearing.

Working with this meditation over time will assist to change those negative ones into a positive one as you are changing your Four-Body system so that it acts as one Full Body of Light.  Enjoy.

Note: All of our products and services are for your individual use . We do allow one form of sharing. If you wish to listen to this audio recording with a friend while you are together (not a group), you may do so once or twice to introduce them to the material so that they may then financially support us by ordering the product for themselves if they desire to utilize it. The world is not yet in the Fifth Dimension where basic livelihood and subsistence is not longer required via monetary exchange. We require your ongoing individual support to do our work.

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