Sessions: Divine Light Language Individual Attunement Ascension Mastery Healings

“The development of a “full consciousness” means you own your personal power and self-mastery at all times…to have an efficient perception of reality and not seeing what you want to see or seeing what you have been programmed to see…merging with the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrials and Elohim Masters, so you see every situation from the “full consciousness” perspective they see life from.”
Master Joshua (Dr. Joshua David Stone)

“Just wanted to express a special thank you to both of you Mel and Mike [for the] experiences and energies…and to Lord Adama and the Team of Light, Saint Germain, Melchior and other Masters for the clearings within the Lemurian Retreat House to assist… It was a very good uplifting feeling for me after the releasements.” -I.K., Canada
“My session with Christine Meleriessee was helpful beyond measure. I feel so ‘seen’ by the masters, and so supported on my path towards wholeness. I was assisted in going to the highest levels of light, greeted by fully evolved masters, and given the most powerful advice imaginable for my path forward as a Lightworker and a member of a twin flame couple. Christine’s gifts are extraordinary, and her work is unique and powerful beyond measure. The session was essential to my path forward, and I cannot possibly thank Christine, and those she channeled, enough.” -Kathy H., NJ

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Appointments can be done via telephone or VOIP (like Skype). Each session comes with a free MP3 audio recording. If necessary some sessions can be done absentee. Sessions incorporate the ability to access the four body system (mental, emotional, physical, etheric) through Shamanic Techniques, Medical Intuitiveness, and accessing all levels of awareness to make the necessary changes. If you have any crystals that you would like to use, please have them with you for the session. Our role is to facilitate the energies being transmitted in the highest integrity and purest form. It is up to each person to accept and incorporate the transmissions of light using their own free will.

The energies are facilitated by Reverend Christine Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) Heliohah Hayden and Reverend J. Michael Ara Hayden.

Working with the Ascended Masters and Light Beings is essentially similar to having a special counseling session with them. Please note that these sessions incorporate energies considered as being “higher in the spiritual essence” than you would get from a psychic reading*. 

(*Rev. Meleriessee is a highly advanced spiritual transmitter and trained healer who goes beyond psychic ability, direct experience and channeling, instead using the Ascended Mastery of a Christed Consciousness in full contact with the energy of the Light Beings during the session). Through her training accelerations, she is a Fully Integrated Transmitter(sm) of the God Force with several modalities that utilizes the vibrational healing energies from all levels of creation including the angelic and inter-galactic realms.

This means that you are getting direct access to the Higher Realms. Reverend Meleriessee communicates directly with the purest energies of the Hierarchy Beings assisting you. This is a fully conscious integrated transmission of their consciousness where she is actively using her highly advanced sensory and Light Body energies to scan and interact fully with your full body system so that the Hierarchy Beings can use those energies to better assist you.

There is a common misunderstanding that the Spiritual Realm Beings are magical and they know everything about you. This is, unfortunately, a vast misconception. Many of the sessions are very interactive with the Master and they will ask you questions as they need to know what is occurring for you in your conscious mind to help you acknowledge your higher consciousness. (They may know you in your Spiritual Essence, not your Physical Essence. There are times when they will share some very pertinent information that will assist you in your pathway as they want to work with you to assists. This can be especially true if you have had past lifetimes with them which is usually the case when we are attracted to certain masters/beings. They will help you to work through the changes you are experiencing; it is not A FIX but a solution to reach your highest essence within the physical body.

Reverend J. Michael Ara Hayden is her divine partner in the energies using the grounding magnetism to hold the higher frequencies for the sessions. He also is a spiritual counselor for your deeper understanding of the Mastery pathway.

All sessions are personalized to you directly for your Soul Pathway at your present level of advancement. You may request a session or sessions to address any issues you are experiencing. Session modalities offered may include any of the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels or other Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy depending on your Soul’s Timelines with them and your personal requests to work with them. (When ordering multiple sessions, please contact us via email for discounting).

Each Session includes a personal audio recording MP3. Sessions may consist of any or all of the following:

  • Intuitive Assessment
  • Guidance by the Masters/Beings of Light/Spiritual Hierarchy/Higher Self
  • Guided Journey
  • Energetic Attunements using Direct Experience Divine Language Network Light Encodingsm


Sessions are not immediate but can be expected to occur after a week’s time frame. We require you to make payment prior to our confirmation of your session. After you make payment below we typically reply to your order via email within 36 hours to schedule your session(s). Sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled if we are given a 24 cancelation notice. Overtime is billed in discounted $30 increments for each 1/6-hour portion. By placing an order, you are stating that you accept our terms and conditions. 

Please provide us three times you are available next week in the “notes to seller”. Once you submit your exchange we will narrow down a specific time through email.

1. OUR PREFERENCE is a daytime session (we are on PACIFIC USA time). Many sessions are highly energetic, so if you are able to arrange a day or half-day at home it does assist (instead of going into or returning to a workplace) the day of the session. If you require other arrangements we do have some very limited options for evenings and Saturdays. We do not schedule on Friday and Sunday.
2. PICK YOUR DATES: Please be sure to give us 3 preferred dates in the upcoming weeks (as typically we can not provide sessions within the next 14 days).
3. PICK YOUR TIMES: Please provide 3 times per day for each of the above dates so we know when you may be available.
4. WHEN ORDERING: Please indicate your session dates/times and specific session interests in the “notes to seller” section of your PayPal order.
5. WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO CONFIRM one of those choices.
Note: Our Session Fees are designed for those of a modest or normal income level. If you are “a person of means” and are interested in offering a higher amount, please email us and we can send you an invoice.


To Arrange a Session, please select the appropriate item (Regular, Extended or Double). Per our sliding scale arrangement, individuals of Abundant or High Net Worth are asked to contact us via email rather than use the buttons listed below. 

We do our best to keep the session within the scheduled time limit. Sometimes the session extends beyond the scheduled time. To accommodate this we allow 10 minutes. For example, Regular sessions are 50 minutes. We automatically offer the first 10 minutes of overtime at no additional charge (see below for the 50-60 minute session). Your order is an agreement to the terms that any additional overtime is billed in 10 minute segments at $30 per segment (due upon reciept).

Please see the session descriptions below. (Note: Some sessions listed are at the Double Rate even if they do not take the full 2 hours. This is due to the intensity of the metaphyscial energy work involved. In these cases, the rate is not based on the time of the session but the type of session.)


Please select:


A “Regular” session is a 50 to 60-minute session.


An “Extended” session time is 80 to 90-minutes. A “Double” session is 110-minutes to 2 hours. See each item for specific details.

**Please know that any of the sessions are not a replacement for medical care from your approved medical professional. It is to be used in conjunction with any other healing techniques that you are using. These sessions are not meant to treat or diagnose any illness.



For the best PERSONAL LIGHT BODY experience and outcome, we now ask that any person who schedules a session follow the Auric & Energy Body Cleansing Protocol for a minimum TWO WEEKS prior to your session.

This includes a shower or bath cleanse, and will assist in clearing your aura and body of unwanted debris through the chakras and within your field. It will help both you, as the client, and us, as the facilitators of the energy for a clearer connection to the Divine Energies.

In addition, for those that have time to do so, we highly suggest (though it is also not required) that each person also follow the full preparation instructions to utilize in their entirety prior to the session.

This helps you to take care of your Light Body in understanding and conducting the clearing modalities and meditations prior to having any session.

The above ideas will help you to be much clearer and able to receive higher frequencies.