Meleriessee and Mike Hayden on the 7th Wave network of Friday's at 2PM Pacific

Walking Terra Christa Radio

Download and listen to refreshing and enlightened radio on our Walking Terra Christa Radio Show where We Bring Ascension Down to Earth.  We ran our inaugural broadcast in early 2012 and had a very engaging show with guests both prominent and undiscovered.  Plus, we may be the only radio show ever where Ascended Masters and other teachers from the Spiritual Hierarchy also show up.

Shows available as MP3 downloads – Click Links Below to Listen To The Broadcasts:



Got Ascension Steve and Barbara Rother of

Mel and Mike – The Background Story Part One

Mel and Mike – Part Two of The Background Story

Diary of an Uneducated Man Carl Stedmond of

The Lemurian Essence – Return To Oneness Lord Adama

The Significance of the June 2012 OM Wave

Igniting the One Heart Rashid Lanie of

7th Dimensional Art Marc Eden of 7th Dimension Energy Art

Freedom in the Heart John & Ingerid of Global Peace Web


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