The Essence of Grace with Archangel Aurora

AA AuroraAbundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together, August 17th, 2013 – we worked with Archangel Aurora who represents Grace in the 6th Ray of  Inner Devotion within the colors of Ruby Red and Gold.

Aurora brings us Grace which is defined as a gift from God when we are enduring challenges that give us strength, resisting temptation from falling backwards.  This is a feeling that helps us within our Feminine Divine as we activate balance within the emotional level.  Archangel Aurora’s essence brings forth these qualities today.  Archangel Aurora brings force Grace from the Angelic Kingdom just as Mother Mary brings Grace for humanity.  So as we work with the 6th ray of the Ruby Golden flame it comes within our Solar Plexus which means it becomes an upper chakra so you can attune it to anywhere you would like bring in the essence of Inner Devotion.

We learned about Peace last week with Archangel Uriel including self devotion, intense sympathy for the self and others.  We learned the power of detachment, great tenderness which helps our intuition to become stronger and a deeper connection to our Divine Source.  The energy today will take us deeper into our inner core which is exactly what we have been experiencing energetically with the planetary changes.



It is my pleasure to be here with you; I am Archangel Aurora.  It is so beautiful to be in this garden with each of you and to experience this moment that I can share with you.

Changes are resulting everywhere in the planet and within each of you.  So I thank you for taking the time and stepping into this space so that we can enjoy each other and I can really expand my essence into you, allowing you to feel the beauty of Grace.  I like to think of Grace as representing a Thank You.  A thank you for what you have endured representing the power of the changes that you are going through.  It is like a settling-down of energy.  Within that I want to assist you to remember the feelings of Peace with Archangel Uriel last week.  As our energies go hand in hand, I could not extend to you the power of Grace without bringing forth his essence first.

As we know, the Masculine Divine is the initiator of the energies and the Feminine Divine it is fully created.  So today we are going to integrate the feeling of Grace.

Let us just sit and reflect on the changes that you have gone through.  Take a moment and release any particles within yourself that do not feel aligned with Peace of Mind.  As Uriel brings forth the Peace of the Mind of the Masculine Divine, I bring forth the Feminine Divine of Acceptance.

So I ask each of to tune into those frequencies within yourself of the Masculine and the Feminine to allow your entire consciousness of your Super-Conscious to blend with your Subconscious and your consciousness to be the One Mind, the One Body.  As we think of the separate parts of the four-body system, that puts us in a place of division.  So in this moment I want to embrace you with the full totality that you are of God’s Light bringing to you all that you desire.  Take a deep breath.

It is important for us to have gratitude for the desires we want to create and then we will be able to manifest them.  It puts us in those future moments but allows us to be in the present moment.  So I ask of you right now to bring forth from your Higher Mind of your Higher Self what is it that you desire in your world presently, for your Highest Good, for the highest potentiality of your life, to bring those essences within you.  Let’s take a moment and feel that energy coming within your consciousness of your desired manifestation of abundance and prosperity, of light and the creation that you are, fully into your entire Beingness.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the power of your Masculine Divine as he brings to the table in this moment the ability to understand what the creation is about.  Feel the essence of Uriel as he extends to you the Peace of this feeling.

I now give you the feeling of Grace from God’s light thanking you for the power you have become and what you are creating, for whom you are as the human being.  All these elements come into play with what your desirous outcome is.

Feel the Ruby Red and Gold flowing in the garden with your breath.  Feel the flowers opening up with this essence of Grace.  What does this do for you?

It brings forth your Inner Devotion.  You are devoted to your own cause, because we must be devoted to the self before we can devote ourselves to others.  Otherwise, we are only giving them a portion of what we are and we may be giving them parts of ourselves that are not fully in alignment with the highest good, of the Higher Self and the I AM presence.  Allow us now to feel this essence as we call upon this frequency of light to be fully within you.

Breathe deeply and allow it to come into your Solar Plexus.  Allow it to expand out of your solar plexus into all the other parts of the body.

I as Archangel Aurora fully embrace within each of you the feeling of GRACE.  It represents the feeling of accepting your Divine Completion of what you have experienced; the world that you have traveled, where you have gone, and what you have done.  I give to you the ability to have gratitude to exhibit Grace within your world from your Divine Essence.  So I ask each of you in this moment to fully accept your Feminine Divine which represents the emotional body, feeling completely balanced as it blends with the Masculine Divine.  Say these words unto yourself:

I, [state your name], am a Divine Being of Light and allow the essence of Grace from Archangel Aurora to blend within my entire consciousness. 

I feel my higher mind and higher heart blending within me as the Grace of God is mine to behold. 

I am a being of Light, I am a human, I am an inter-galactic, I am an angel, I am all of these and I now call upon those Higher Aspects to assist me to receive Grace. 

I have great gratitude for the world I have stepped into. 

I embrace and am thankful for the challenges I have received.

 In this moment, now, I receive the blessing of God’s Light upon me by allowing Grace to enfold in all parts of my consciousness, all parts of my Being, as I become One Body of Light. 

I Am Grace as I now feel Archangel Aurora standing within me in an embrace of light and joy. 

I feel the inner peace and the love that I AM.

Breathe deeply into that essence.


Feel your angelic self.  Allow this essence to be fully embodied within you, because this is going to assist you to fly from mountain-top to mountain-top as you receive more challenges in your pathway.

So I ask of you right now to envision what you desire in this moment and this moment only that comes to you from your Higher Mind.  You may have many elements that you need to create, but in this moment what is it that you are desirous of?  Feel the outcome of it being created.  Feel that essence and now say to yourself:

I thank my Higher Self and my I AM presence for creating my dream, my desire to fully become manifest in my physical world in this moment. 

Embrace that essence onto yourself.

I as Archangel Aurora have deep gratitude for each of you in the pathway you are stepping upon.  As the more Grace you bring into your essence, the more that it will expand out of you into the hemispheres of the land onto others into the thoughts forms to assist this planet as you assist yourself.  This essence will expand.  It is very amazing feeling of Light as there are no thoughts behind it.  It is just accepting the Light of God as Divine Mother and Father God thank us every day for what we are doing, and I as Archangel Aurora would like to remind you of this fact.

Blessings and love to each of you in all my Divine Creation.

I AM Aurora at your service.

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