Abundance Prayers from Lord Sananda

serenity violets bluesAs we are in the midst of the most powerful energies of the Festival of the Christ, these prayers of abundance from Lord Sananda will assist in keeping our energies at the highest frequency of Light…

I call upon the frequencies of the 22 Rays of God to assist me in my present pathway.

I desire to allow my three minds of the Super-Conscious, the Sub-Conscious and the Consciousness to fully be One within my physical body.

I fully allow my Higher Self to be One within me.

He/She blends within my physical self of (state your physical name).  Then if you have a name for your Higher Self, you call upon Her or Him.  Feel the blending fully occur with you, within your Solar Plexus.

I now feel the integration process of my Higher Consciousness to be fully within my Full-Body system.  It flows within me.  It goes through my Etheric Body, my Mental Body, and my Emotional Body as they become One Pure Essence.  As the Spiritual Body of Light That I AM is now accessed.

My Soul Star and my Earth Star spin simultaneously to allow these frequencies of Light to fully be within me.  I now feel it in my Solar Plexus.

This is my Truth.  This is my Inner Power.

I call upon the Essences of the Ruby Red and the Gold to infiltrate within my Solar Plexus to give me the Peace and Harmony I have been searching for.  I cannot find it on the physical level.  I can only find it from my Higher Essence.

So I call upon the combined energies that I now AM to fully enfold within me.

I feel the Blessing That I Am.

I feel the Grace That I Am.

I feel the Powerful God/Goddess That I Am.  This is all that matters in this moment.

I see before me a beautiful gift.  This gift is to assist me and to continually remember that Peace comes from within through my Higher Essence.

I breathe and I allow myself to let go of all the elements that have not allowed me to feel Tranquil moments.  They are now gone.  They are not part of my Essence in this moment.

This gift is showing me what it is that I need.

You put out your hands and you take this gift from I, Lord Sananda.  I give it to you for you to hold within your Solar Plexus as a reminder.  It is a vibrating Heart.  This vibrating Heart will connect to your physical Heart.  As you start to command within yourself to allow the Solar Plexus to blend within the Heart Essence as we become One of the Divine Love That I Am.  Feel this now as this Heart is expanding through your Solar Plexus and your Heart.  You see your desires of your Heart will combine with the ability of your Inner Power to create them.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM Divine Love and I accept my Divinity in my Physical Essence.

I walk with Strength and Courage.

I have Compassion and Love.

But most of all, I experience the moments of silence that give me Serenity of Whom I AM.

Take a deep breath now and see what it is that you desire for this moment to be created for you through your Higher Essence, through your Physical Self, through all elements That You Are.

See it manifesting within your Mind’s Eye.  See it manifesting within your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  It is the power of your Essence that will make it to appear.  Embrace it with the Magenta of your Divine Love.  Feel it expanding within you because it becomes you.  Allow yourself to know that the manifestation is not outside of yourself, it is truly within as you feel these Essences blending deeply through all parts of your being.  You feel it.  You acknowledge it.  You are the manifestation.

Say these words unto yourself:

I AM now the purest desire that I have ever expressed through my lower mind as it now blends within my Higher Mind.

I AM the Divine Love.

I bring forth the Ray of Magenta from my Solar Plexus and my Heart to be One, because they are not separate.

The Power of my Solar Plexus of my expression will blend with the Essence of my Heart.  As they become One, it expands around me.  As it expands around me, it now grows outside of me and the creative process I have been searching for is now manifested.

I see it.  I see it now.  I am working through it.  I accept it.  I accept my desired Essence to be within me.

Utilizing this expression will assist you in understanding how to bring forth your own desires to become manifest.

You must breathe it.  You must feel it.  You must be it.

In the Light of the Christ That You Are, You Are a Divine Being of Light.  Allow that Divine Divinity to fully flow within you.  From your Soul Star to your Earth Star through all your Bodies of Light you are now the Purest Expression of All That You Are and All That You have ever been.  Allow it to be fully within you.

I AM the Christed Self.

I AM the Divine Being of Manifestation.

I AM the Creation of the Source of all my good.

I AM All of these and so much more.

I AM That I AM That I AM.

Feel your manifestation.  Feel your desires.  Allow it to be fully within you no matter what the process you may need to go through to receive it; do not let your Mental Mind interfere within this process of your ability to be the Alchemist of yourself.

It is my divine pleasure as Lord Sananda to be fully with you.  Blend these Essences within you and allow them to ground fully.  Breathe them in and think about them during your days ahead.

Remember the words:

That you are a Christed Being of Light.

There is nothing else to truly stop you from being the sole creation you desire.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.  Namasté.

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