An AMAZING MOMENT is coming soon…

The world will soon be experience the GROUNDING of the PINK FLAME of CREATIVE ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE…

WESAK 2017 will be like no other…

An EVENT that IS changing the WORLD…

Prepare to join us….


Anyone who Registers for the WESAK event will also receive a personal invitation to order our special event attuned Walking Terra Christa Divine Light Language Code charged Rose Quartz Crystals and/or Pink Flame Infusion Sacred Space Spray at a 15% Discount. (If ordering AFTER May 7th items will not be shipped until the week of May 15th).


Humanity is indeed awakening. Individuals are certainly becoming more and more aware of themselves as Spiritual beings having a Physical experience. This awareness changes everything. It is the beginning, an opening of a doorway that enabled the birthing of a New Earth to get underway.


WESAK is a time for all of Humanity to Gain Advancement in their Spiritual Development as a Soul. Officially occurring on the Full Moon of Taurus each year, WESAK (or Vesak) is not limited to being a popular celebrated religious holiday (mostly in Buddhism), but it is actually recognized by the Ascended Masters as the opportunity for all Initiates to take on a significant personal boost in self-enlightenment for themselves.

While it may appear similar, WESAK within the Mastery Teachings Path of the Ascended Masters (with not only a focus on Lord Buddha), holds forth a departure from the buddhist religious holiday as a time to celebrate through remembering and reflecting upon the life of Siddhattha Gotama and his future attainment of enlightenment at age 80 into becoming a Buddha. Instead, the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy of the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Great White Light view this time of year as when all human souls participating in the actions of Ascension Mastery can gain more progress than at any other time of the year, in other words, it is truly more about one’s own pathway toward Enlightenment.

This year is all about taking on that Personal Responsiveness to creating ONENESS in a very real active manner. 

It is no longer okay to watch from the sidelines when it comes to Activating the Spiritual Self. For thousands of years most of humanity has been “sitting in the pews” and passively accepting spirituality. Many others have left those seats to try out a more personalized version of spirituality through meditation, being positive, acting of service, and giving to others. That is exactly what defines the Awakening stage of Spiritual Awareness as it makes the step into a Oneness Consciousness way of being.

The actual creation of a NEW EARTH of ONENESS requires going beyond Awareness into the state of FULL BEINGNESS in ONENESS. This can only be attained by learning how to GROUND the Higher Dimensional Reality of Creative Active Intelligence from the SOURCE OF LIGHT into our Physical Self so that we BECOME that Spiritual Power Within.

Walking Terra Christa will be having a very special Global Conference (via internet, VOIP or phone) WESAK CEREMONY on May 10 at 10 AM PACIFIC time. (Donation Ticket Registration $22 and up).

We will receive the attunements and blessings from the Spiritual Masters and Ascended Light Beings who can assist us in co-creating these new vibrational frequencies within ourselves. WESAK is the time of year when all Spiritual Initiates gain specialize momentum to move through their spiritual training more quickly as a Soul.

This is the most powerful ceremonial gathering we do all year and it is one not to be missed by anyone desiring to create a NEW EARTH of ONENESS within the Spiritual Authority of the CREATIVE SOURCE OF ONENESS.

In a highly charged window of opportunity taking place during the period of the TAURUS FULL MOON to specially receive Divine Light.

Integrative Channeled messages will come from THE COSMIC GREAT CENTRAL SUN, LORD MAITREYA, LORD KUTHUMI, LORD MELCHIZEDEK, LORD SANAT KUMARA, LORD SANANDA, with the energies and blessings of many others including LORD SAINT GERMAIN (Mahachohan of the Seven Flames/Rays) and MASTER PAUL THE VENETIAN who is stepping forward as the mastering guide and RAY CHOHAN of the Third Ray of God of Creative Active Intelligence in the form of the Pink Flame.

On May 11 and 12 we will also be holding a global conference (via internet, VOIP or phone) WORKSHOP SERIES for individuals to get more individual assistance from the Spiritual and Ascended Masters in learning how to benefit from the energies GAIA is accepting, and what it means to bring forth this grounding more personally in our lives. In gaining their guidance, this is where the deeper growth of this Ray/Flame for this WESAK can be used to accelerate development and integration in the real world to walk into the next full moon of the FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY (or WORLD INVOCATION|GOOD WILL) in more Mastery than ever possible.

If you can take time off work and from other regular activities to make this day of the year sacred and available to you for silent time and meditation, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Participating LIVE in the Global Conference helps ground the energies around the world.

All of our EVENTS will be available as DIGITAL AUDIO DOWNLOADS. For BEST energetic participation we suggest creating your own WESAK SACRED CEREMONY at your location using the instructions in our CREATE SACRED SPACE teaching.

For those who desire to be of service we recommend HOSTING* others in such a space so that can participate live along with you.

Up to date details and channeled transmissions about the events and what they hold for us will be emailed to those signed up for our newsletter.

*HOSTING: We are asking individuals from around the globe to step forward and be a host to other individuals to gather together with them in their local area to participate in the live WESAK event.  This will assist in Grounding the Pink Flame. We encourage all those who host to have prepared a Sacred Space from the instructions in the CREATE SACRED SPACE teaching. All participants attending live event locations will need to have purchased a ticket from our website.

Read more about the Pink Flame of Wesak 2017.