Gifting a New Earth One Percent Blessing

Donating is an action in the physical world that energetically connect those who donate directly with the causes they desire to grow and establish for Humanity at large.

What is 1% of a months income worth to you?

For an average person it might be spending that 1% on food and wine at a restaurant. If relaxing and having some enjoyment away from the stresses of the month is felt as being well worth 1% of your monthly income, then it certainly follows that investing in the higher frequencies of Light/Love for Humanities Spiritual Growth is even more worth it to help co-create an entire world with less stress.


When a person labors to create something in the physical world and is given money in exchange for that labor, if they are open and reciprocating for the energies of flow and ease, regardless of the actual amounts they receive, then they will often take that money and distribute it to others who create a world that inspires them – be it for charity or for a cause – no matter how what level of abundance they have. These special souls hold the belief that even if they had but a tiny scrap of bread to their name, they would still share it with those around them who were hungry. Actions like that are out of both love and in being of great service to others.

On the other hand, we know all too often upon the earth individuals become lost in the thinking and emotions of lack, feeling they are not able to give to others because they do not have enough themselves. From the perspective of a higher dimensional mindset, such a view is very restrictive and confining that can keep one stuck in the lower frequencies.

That is why in our spiritual service work for Humanity and Mother Earth we gift many Public Events regularly. We gift both our time and income to provide the platform for that giving to take place. For us it is more than just donating to a cause, it is living that cause.

We know of no greater “cause” then that of joining together to live upon a planet that can begin to manifest real frequency vibrations of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth – from the highest source possible: that of the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy teaching the 22 Rays of God within the Unified Whole. We are the ONLY source of instruction bringing forth these sacred energies within these specific Ascension Mastery Teachings. 

Which is why we came up with the idea of gifting just 1% to this most worthy cause. Please consider donating to this grand vision of bringing more New Earth energies into creation as your own personal cause by directly supporting Walking Terra Christa in its mission.

We are asking each person reading this to consider the impact just 1% of their own financial blessings will have to help support our work. Energetically it might seem small, but if everyone who appreciates these unique energies did so, the works we are able to do for everyone would be even greater. This then would mean thousands more people can attune and align themselves to the New Earth as many right now do not even know these pure Ascension energies exist.

is stepping into ongoing support for Walking Terra Christa by giving a recurring monthly gift – or offering one-time gifting – of just a small one percent of your own financial blessings to benefit the pure and accurate spiritual co-creation of the New Earth.  

Examples (in USD, please convert for your currency):

(Weekly income chart and 1% Gift rounded to whole dollars):
Income of 300 per week      =    $13    per month
Income of 350 per week      =    $15    per month
Income of 450 per week      =    $19    per month
Income of 500 per week      =    $22    per month
Income of 550 per week      =    $24    per month
Income of 600 per week      =    $26    per month
Income of 650 per week      =    $28    per month
Income of 700 per week      =    $30    per month
Income of 750 per week      =    $32    per month
Income of 800 per week      =    $34    per month
Income of 900 per week      =    $39    per month
Income of 1,000 per week   =    $43    per month
Income of 1,200 per week   =    $52    per month
Income of 1,500 per week   =    $65    per month
Income of 1,800 per week   =    $77    per month
Income of 2,000 per week   =    $86    per month
Income of 2,500 per week   =    $108  per month
Income of 3,000 per week   =    $129  per month
Income of 4,000 per week   =    $172  per month
Income of 5,000 per week   =    $215  per month

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P.S. We came up with the concept of gifting 1% so that everyone could easily get involved in supporting our work. Throughout history however, many individuals within spiritual organizations felt it was most appropriate to gift the “tithe” which is 10% of their income. If you desire to follow that practice for Walking Terra Christa, it is very welcomed. Please contact us directly and share with us why you desire to do so.

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