The Creation of Higher Vibration Energies for Earth is Essential!

It Really Works. Gaia Heals. Humanity is Being Supported. Bringing in Vibrations of the Higher Octave Frequency does actually transform the planet and human awareness.

Reverends Mahlariessee and Ara have seen it firsthand.

In 2012 when they converted the website Divine Language Network ( into Walking Terra Christa ( it was a tremendous leap forward in faith.

On her own Rev. Meleriessee (now spelled Mahlariessee to reflect the higher vibration pronunciation) had previously been publicly bringing forth the real transmissions of the Frequencies of Light (i.e., the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters and Christed Beings of the higher dimensions and Inner Earth cities in Oneness) since 2003.

But now she was fully leaving the corporate business world that supported her in order to step fully into being the Voice of the New Earth for this crucial and critical time of the 2012 energies. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos of the Inner Earth Agartha Network, personally asked her to do so because he knew it was that important.

The hard truth was that if those energies were not properly grounded upon earth, the window of the New Age for humans and Gaia would have been missed and not reappear for another 5000 years.

It was an event that held in balance the very Soul of Earth, not to mention all Her Kingdoms, including Humanity.

To get it right, to do ALL THAT COULD BE DONE, it meant Reverend Mahlariessee could no longer split her own energies between working during the day and also getting the messages of true and correct higher frequencies out to the world. She could not afford to bring less of who she was, what she had trained so diligently for, to be compromised. It was too great a risk that something of immense value might fall through the cracks.

And yet, living on the upper earth even while doing higher dimensional energies does not also mean you are supported just by the spiritual realm. Not at all. After all, this is earth. There is food, rent, clothing. And if you want to use the internet to disseminate your messages as far and wide as possible, there is a business side to it all as well.

But she no longer had job income and, like many living month to month today upon earth even with employment, she had no savings.

She would need assistance and Lord Adama also knew this. Just 30 days before the preparation doorway of 2012, that of the 11/11 of 2011, he orchestrated a man who hardly knew her to arrive and assist to get her through those intensely important months and days ahead. Neither of them knew the significance to themselves but it was the foundation of the creation of Walking Terra Christa that would happen just a few months later. It was a whirlwind journey supported at the Highest Levels.

Both of them now forged together a pathway of Light for Humanity and Gaia that defied all odds. The were the Torchbearers and they held the vision for the right messages, with the right light frequencies of vibration, to get into human consciousness so that the 2012 event would not be lost.

For the first year or so his savings were used because this was not a money making endeavor, it was a vision of the highest nobility. After that friends and family uncharacteristically stepped into keep things going. In 2015 when they joined together as a sacred couple on the 8/8, supported in ceremony by less than 20 guests, they sacrificed the trappings of the traditional honeymoon due to lack of funds.

Every day and every month they have held the higher frequencies. Anyone who has ever read the Decrees they shared, or attended a teaching or listened to one, knows the power to heal and shift that each transmission brings forth, it is far beyond mere words.

And yet, despite the constant ever present need to get through each day financially, not once have they wavered in holding to the goal.

From the Higher Perspective view of the Spiritual Forces, except for a handful of dedicated students, followers and scattered donations during the year, they are not known nor supported by the public at large, nor do even a minor proportion of lightworkers acknowledge them and the tremendous weight of the contribution they alone are responsible for creating and bringing forth.

It is all about VIBRATION (download and listen to this recent message to find out more) and continuing to Raise Vibration is Essential. As shared in the linked message, Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda want every awakened soul to know they must do all they can to insure it continues to happen. 2019 is another critical year. And the Forces of Light cannot do it for humanity, we must do it together. Higher Vibration Energies must continue to be created.

To feel that Walking Terra Christa is somehow the only one responsible for the energies would be incorrect. It is in agreement that they do bring in frequencies that are unique and cherished, but they do so for each of the awakened souls upon earth. Yes, these Higher Energies do have a great effect, but they in turn  must also connect with human consciousness directly. Yours. After all, if a gift is given, and it is not received, is it a gift? The relationship is more than one side.

Yes these teachings are working. But so much more is needed.

Walking Terra Christa is the Academy of New Earth Mastery but as yet, it does not get enough students who are willing to step into the formal programs being taught. It has only been a mere 5 years and the word is not yet out that such a path to healing earth exists.

They, as a organization of two, require your help so that growth can exist. Last week Rev. Ara ran a fundraiser on Facebook. Only 6 individuals responded. While we realize that Facebook is now limiting who sees posts in their feeds, it did reach over 1300 people who all believe in the teachings and the concepts of a New Earth.

We now reach out to you for your assistance. Please share this post, please get the word out to all your friends and tribe members who really do have an awareness and a discernment towards the Higher Vibration energies, messages and transmissions.

It is now time for the public to support these energies more than ever before. It can’t happen without you. The easiest and simplest form of support is to put forth as little as just $11 every month (using the form below under “recurring”) so that you insure this level of light frequency transmissions do continue into 2019. If you are a person of more abundance, taking on a larger role now is requested.

The Light is winning and the Ascension Columns are working. (See the Ascend Earth Project at http://Ascend.Earth to create your own.) No one desires them to stagnate or become diminished, especially not now. Growth is now our vision.

As with any level of personal giving, you may think it is primarily about why you support who you do from a 3d level, but a New Earth can only be built through holding one goal / one focus that is held by everyone of like mind and heart in purity of consciousness. And to become real, such a noble goal must then be acted upon in physicality.

As a supporter, you are directly connected to that goal using your real world earth energies. That is action. Action that will propel you forward.

It is the goal of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Masters (within the Unified Whole of Oneness, as there really are imposters) that only the best and purest transmissions support you in that goal. If you think of your support here as just giving, it limits the dynamic greatly. It is so much more than that. It makes for a very Fifth Dimensional foundation to come into existence within such a relationship. Your earthly energies of your labor and efforts combine with those of Walking Terra Christa’s labors and efforts to co-create Higher Light on Earth. And that is a Vibration that everyone benefits from.

Walking Terra Christa offers a powerful public gathering this month to ground the Higher Light Energies. The Winter Solstice/Festival of Lights Full Moon Gathering is on Saturday December 22nd at 11AM Pacific time. (2 PM Eastern / 7PM GMT). Please save the date. At the time of the event please visit this link to join the event online or via phone to engage in the active vibrational frequencies.

Sharing our blog articles on Social Media sites is requested as a service to support our work. Please connect with us and repost our content: FACEBOOKTWITTERYOUTUBENEWSLETTER

Just as important to demonstrate your appreciation and support of this high energy work for the Christed Ascension of Earth brought to you by Walking Terra Christa, please consider making or setting up a regular donation today or by using the form below. (The form below is for donating only; not for enrollment). Your support is very much needed!

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