Archangel Michael Seminar


CLASS DIGITAL AUDIO: 2 hour seminar

SEMINAR DETAILS: Archangel Michael: Angelic Transparency ~ The Art of Accessing your Divine Self

Each of us came into form from the essence of the Source of Oneness. It was decided that from the Group Consciousness of the Source that we needed to be in separate forms in order to express our Divinity unto Others. At first in this formlessness, we became elements of inter-planetary energies, star systems, frequencies of the Sun, Moon, and Universes in order to expand ourselves. It was then decided that being in this formlessness was very good but not good enough.

It was at this time that the angelic principalities were created. Many of us have traveled far and wide within these frequencies for eons of time. We were grouped into separate sections within the Angelic community of the Cherubim, Ophanim, Seraphim, and Elohim principalities. The Archangels as our Divine Mothers and Fathers gifted us certain elements in order to achieve the greatest accomplishments in the Heavens. Some individuals are considered more aligned with their angelic presence than planetary existence and vice versa. This is due to their extensive work within these organizations and working with the archangels.

We then were given an opportunity to doing more extensive healing work on an inter-planetary level so were given the choice to come in planetary form either to Earth or other aligning planets in many universes. Thus, at this time the angelic hosts gave their blessing unto each of these souls, that are us.

Divine Mother and Father God were created from this massive outpouring of love from the Creative Source of Oneness. There were groups of souls gathered together known today as our soul family which include 144 soul personalities within our existence. Within this group consciousness 12 smaller groups of 12 were formed due to the amount of knowledge and healing that needed to be imparted which is called our Monad. This group of 144 soul personalities is called our I AM Presence. Thus, we were born into personalities of the Soul’s existence.

The original plan was to fully take our Angelic essence within the Soul personality and merge them together within the physical but that was lost in the process. Thus, we were encased with the veil of forgetfulness, because we truly could not understand the human functions if we fully remembered our angelic self along with the beauty and joy that we fully encased within our essence. We were given certain aspects that would be opened up through our human existence that would awaken unto these higher essences, and thus, start to remember.

Well, many of you know the rest of the story; the light and the dark and experiencing both sides of the fence. We have had to learn lessons in a very challenging manner to come to this moment in time to fully embrace our remembrance of our Light.

Archangel Michael is coming forward at this time to take each us deeper into our full presence of Light. In order to come into Oneness we must understand the process of our divinity and what it means in the total picture. This is one phase that is going to assist us to move further into our Divine Aspect of our True Beingness.

We will work with the essence of GRACE which is a five-step process of Grounding~Releasement~Alignment~Connection~Excitement.

Archangel Michael is guiding us to go deeper than we ever have previously. Many have connected with their angelic self but how many have gone into the depths of their soul’s essence to remember those moments of joy, bliss, and expression of love. These are the parts of ourselves that are missing within our physical essence. Many tap into it from time to time, but very few really understand the whole process.

Angelic Transparency means that all is going to be revealed through this process of mirroring our angelic self within the soul personality incarnated into our present awareness. We will work with the energies of the 144th dimensional frequency to bring into our creation the aspects of our formlessness into the angelic essence and then the embodiment into human form. All will be removed through this process that does not allow us to fully accept our entire Oneness within our Beings.

Join us for an informative and powerful seminar as Archangel Michael will share with us a story of renewal and joy while bring forth a vibrational field that we have not experienced since our true beginnings.


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