Audio Meditations

These Walking Terra Christa  meditations are specifically designed using the Rays of God to bring forth the Highest Frequency of the Spiritual Hierarchy to support your advancement on the Mastership pathway.

Use these Meditations daily or weekly. If you require a firm foundation in any specific Attunement listen twice a day preferably once in the morning and once before sleeping or anytime you feel the need for assistance.


Six (6) Essential Attunements plus a Bonus Track “Cosmic Healing Within” that extends your personal healing out to the entire essence of GAIA. Total playing time approximately 49 minutes.

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Attunement Meditation to fully realize the power and deep knowing of Self Love using the Higher Level Frequencies. As we all know it is easier to love another than fully love our self. The first step into our rebirth as fifth dimensional beings is to reconnect with our own source of love. Duration approximately 5 minutes.





Attunement Mediataion to tap into deep seated fears and angers that may keep resurfacing and require clearing. Use this attunement to also clear unconscious level emotions that you may feel you have already dealt with and resolved. Many times we deal with issues by ignoring them and we think they are cleared when in fact they are just dormant. Duration approximately 9.5 minutes.






Attunement Mediataion to open up and embrace your talents and gifts. As a result of our current conditioning in a third dimensional worldview we are typically harder on ourselves than we are of others. We judge our own perceived faults and failures strongly sometimes. This attunement meditation will assist in raising your ability to walk in non-judgement. Also very helpful in resolving inability to forgive another person. Duration approximately 5 minutes.




Attunement Mediataion for actively removing timelines that no longer serve your pathway. Timelines can refer to an entire past life but more often refer to an experience of conditioning, be it a moment or over some duration within a life time, including this life. If you are blocked by unresolved timelines you will keep facing similar challenges in areas of your life that give you the opportunity to resolve the issue. Using this attunement meditation assists in removing the timeline so that you can meet the challenge and continue on your pathway of Light.  Duration approximately 6.5 minutes.




Attunement Mediation to take the Higher Frequency Vibrations that you are learning to bring within your four body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric and ground them through you into Mother Earth. Many times we have a tendency to desire to keep ourselves within the energies of the upper chakra system and do not ground the light frequencies into the lower. We must to this in order to then ground our unique vibrational essence into Gaia so that she may use what we have incorporated. This brings a more balanced energy to her and ourselves addressing dizzyness, fatigue, weakness or overloads of energy. Duration approximately 6 minutes.



Attunement Meditation to bring in the power of laughter to address any specific issue or just experience the pure joy and essence of your true original nature without the third dimensional patterning.  You are a Divine Being of Light and when you allow that pure essence to flow, everything flows with ease. Duration approximately 4.5 minutes.





CD Cosmic Healing Within

Attunement Meditation by Mother Mary to assist us with bringing in the Blue-Green of the 9th Ray along with Lada Nada. This is the Ray of Attraction to the Body of Light. In this audio she uses it first for our own personal healing before we can extend it out to the planet. Duration approximately 17 minutes.

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