Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as a Divine Being – Part 2 – Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Telosian Way of Being

As we prepare for our journey to go to the Retreat House and receive the energies we want to explain more about the intensity of the session this evening. I think at this middle stage of this process, you’re going to be seeing a little bit less than what you have previously, only because we’re feeling a little bit of an overload for everyone.  We totally want to make sure that everyone is in balance with everything that I spoke about.  This evening the format will change a little bit, so we’re going to bring in some blessings~ please allow yourself to feel the divinity of the Masculine and the Feminine fully within you.  Allow those characteristics that are represented by allowing the aspects to come fully into balance.  We realize that this is an extensive program that we’re bringing forth at a very accelerated rate, so tonight we’re going to slow it down a little bit.

There’s going to be a lot more information so we want you to realize the divinity that is going on within you because now we’re at the middle point of this course.  We need to reflect and understand where you’re coming from and what you’re accepting.  There’s a process that occurs when there is more awareness that you bring into your body, the more confliction that you can feel.  That is because as you accelerate yourself in the higher dimensional levels in your initiations, you’re bringing forth the full body system to be activated; the lower energies that are in the atmosphere continue to bring about your old thoughts.  So if these elements are coming up for you and you’re having periods of emotional imbalance, tears, a little bit of anger, or frustration, it’s necessary for you to put on that trigger and say, “Is this me or is it something outside of me that is trying to trigger something within me.”  I think Meleriessee & Mike are going through this right now due to the acceleration of their energies.  There can be other energies that can tap into those feeling.  I think Meleriessee is feeling this deeply as she’s learning to shift into that higher consciousness.  Even though they are living in a very accelerated space and time, here in Mount Shasta, in their home, it does not mean that they are not being affected physically because their physical bodies are changing through that process, probably even more so than each of you because of the energetic fields that are here in Mount Shasta.  So please know that no one is kept out of this game.  It’s a process that needs to occur.

If you were to come to Telos and be with us for a week, you would see that you would not have any of these elements because of the sacred space that we have, the environment, and the community that we live in.  Each of you does not have that living environment.  You may have a small community group of people that you interact with, but I do believe that many of you, even if you’re connecting with other light workers, there may be a lack of understanding in what you’re experiencing.  This is a very advanced level, and I want you to step into this power because it means that you are readying yourself for more energies, beyond what you ever thought that you could handle.

So it’s very important for you to realize that some of you who are newer on this pathway may have more of a confusing time because your mental attitudes and thoughts will get in the way of the process.  That is something you cannot do.  If they are, I want you to go back to the other classes that we have done on the Masculine and the Feminine Divine to fully activate those parts of yourself to help you with that.  Sometimes we need to go back to the basics just for a short moment to remember, “Yes, exactly, that is what I need to be doing” because there may be something you did not hear at that time because your consciousness was not ready to accept it.  Please know that your consciousness is changing as you bring in your Subconscious and your Super-conscious into the Oneness that you are.  This is a big process that is happening, but it does not happen very easily.

So let us take a deep breath.  I want you to relax and feel the essences of your spinning Merkabah.  I have given you a lot of food for thought and in this moment I just want you to put your mental mind aside.  Don’t try and figure out where you are, what you’re doing.  I want you to feel your Divine Presence, I want you to feel your masculine & feminine intertwining within you as you spin your merkabah, breathing deeply.  If you ever had a session with Meleriessee, with the Diamond Heart Presence, used to be called Diamond Heart Therapy, you can spin that one large diamond that’s around you and that’ll activate your Merkabah and activate all the other diamonds that are within you.  For everyone else, just visualize your chakras spinning within each other.  As that one beam of light becomes your beam of light.  I want you now to feel a flowing energy, a flowing energy of many colors.  We’re going to assist you to become more at other places without having to go through the physical thoughts of getting in a vehicle, traveling through the airways and then arriving in a space.  Feel the spinning of your Merkabah.


Feel the frequencies of light now as you’re just spinning from one space to another.  You may see star systems, you may see stars, you may feel a vibrancy of sparkling lights going through you.  I want you to see yourself now in a forest, the Telosian forest, walking down a pathway towards the Retreat House, just as if you’re in a dream.  This is exactly what happens to you when you intend to come to a certain place, especially if you know that place from your conscious mind.  If you intend to go to the Retreat House in your sleep state, you’ll start seeing the environment.  As you walk down the steps within the Retreat House, see all the colors of light in the spiral staircase as we walk down the spiral staircase.  So why do we walk down the spiral staircase and why don’t we have you arrive into the Living Area.  Well the reason we do that is more of a process of you moving deeper and deeper into your deepest consciousness, into your super consciousness.  As you actually see yourself stepping, you’re moving into a deeper essence of who you are.  Then you arrive at the doorway of the Retreat Room and we walk into the room and the room is lit with frequencies of lights, many frequencies of lights and many mandalas tonight, that represents the spinning wheels of the lights everywhere.

Feel these essences moving within you as you move inside the room.  The mandalas are on the outside wall, they’re just spinning.  Mandalas representing the 22 Rays of God.  Find your special place, maybe the same or may be another space, another couch, another chair, another cushion Find yourself just settling into the warmth of the atmosphere.  In the middle of our presentation area is a flame of light tonight.  This flame of light represents the 22 Rays of God and it is emanating the frequencies of the colors~ Deep Blue, Golden Yellow, Deep Pink, Crystalline Light, White Light then green & Gold, Deep Purple & Violet, Ruby red & Gold, Sea foam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, Pink Orange, Golden, Violet pink, Deep Blue Violet, Light Golden White, Light Violet White, Pink Gold, Multi-White Light, Magenta, Violet Gold, Blue Gold and then the Platinum.  You’re going to see these colors all flaming within each other.  Allow those essences and then you feel the mandalas spinning within the room.  As they are spinning in a clockwise manner, they’re all working within each other and as they’re spinning they’re emanating frequencies of light to the middle of the room also.  So let’s just take a deep breath.  I want everyone to just relax right now, not think about what I have shared, and not think about the process you may be at, not think about anything except your beingness right now in this moment.  It’s very, very important.  So as we feel the spinning of the mandalas and the flame of the light within the room, we fully want everyone just to accept their divinity as it is now because each of you are aspiring into these higher elements.

What this process assists with is understanding what you are going through and putting it into practice in your aware state.  We want each of you to realize that what you are experiencing in your meditative level is coming from your super-consciousness, your Higher Self and then activating the I Am Presence because this is an open doorway to allow these frequencies that you are to fully come into your full existence for you to feel it within your body, to feel it within your heart, to feel it within your mind so everything flows for you.  I want you to remember this later when you’re having a moment when it does not feel very happy, does not feel joyful because that is not the aspect to have.  Once we have joy and we bring those essences of the lovely frequencies, you accept God’s light fully within you.  That is your guide.  When you have that, you can achieve anything.  It’s the other parts of yourself that don’t allow the elements to occur.

So the fluidness is important.  I want you to put it into practice later in a task that you do to fully embrace yourself in these fluid colors, in these energies and then when you sit down to do something that is important for your work or for your pathway or your personal involvement~ it could be an exercise program, or a task to deliver an article, it could be your website, working with someone else, a session, being a coach, cooking, cleaning, anything that you are tasking in because what happens is when we allow ourselves to have our Divine Presence fully within us, those tasks are not mediocre, they flow.  The problems humans on the Upper Earth have is that it becomes task-oriented in “I don’t really want to do this and I’m not really happy doing this”.  So how can you feel like you want to do it and do a good job even though the job may need to be done?  And you may have to wait until you allow these energies to fully be within you.  This is what we mean by taking responsibility fully, of allowing your Divine Presence to be fully within you.  So feel these energies now.  We want you to practice with these frequencies.  If you can attune yourself to see a little bit and to sense, to be sensitive, allow the mandalas of the frequencies and the flame to fully blend within each other.  Allow that blending to occur for you, to be the open doorway of your Divinity to flow in the physical body.  So we’re going to start with this first.

To be continued in Part 3.

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