Reflection ~ Part 1 ~ Telosian Way of Being with Lord Adama

TWOB ReflectionDearest ones,

This is Lord Adama once again for this amazing series that we’re presenting.  Thank you for being with us and for participating in these frequencies.

Let’s all take a deep breath.  We will refresh the energy Meleriessee had brought forth earlier.  Breathing deeply, feel the frequencies of the Rays of God, the Golden Yellow; the White, Green and the Gold; the Deep Blue; the Deep Pink; the Ruby Red, the Deep Purple, the Crystalline Light and the Sea Foam Green.  Feel the Merkabah vehicle spinning in a clockwise manner.  We’re going to practice intention, instead of making so much of a journey we want your energies just to transfer.  So, let’s feel the spinning of the Merkabah vehicle, it spins in a clockwise manner and we’re going to bring in some frequency that’s going to assist in this process.


Just feel the frequencies of Light, feel the higher levels coming to you in all the essences.  Feel that blending within you as you move higher & higher through all the elements.  Allow yourself to just spin and keep spinning and spinning and spinning, the next thing you know you’re not feeling your body very much.  Allowing yourself to spin higher, higher, higher and higher out of the earth’s atmosphere.  Feel the intention of your frequency, allowing yourself to bring in these essences deeply & more fully.  You see the expansion of your joy as you find yourself right in front of the Telosian garden.   This is a very large garden, just breathe the fresh air, and breathe the air that is here.  So, you’re feeling yourself part of your body but not a part of your body.  This is a frequency, you may feel some vibrations, sometimes you feel it in your joints, allow yourself to just flow with it as we meet many other Telosians.

They have been awaiting our arrival.  We’re going to walk through the forest and let’s just breathe the essence of the forest, the greenery, the elementals and the magic that is here.  As the pathway winds around in many different directions, you may see different animals.  Allow yourself to just imagine deeply, imagine the essences occurring for you and then we’re coming up to the space where the Retreat House is.  We see its light shimmering and many Telosians are awaiting your arrival.  We walk down the stone pathway into the entrance way of the Retreat.  And we’re going to step down the spiral staircase that is a very large wooden staircase.  It is adorned with greenery and flowers.  It’s very exquisite and very magical.

Let’s take a deep breath.  We’re going all the way down to the first floor and there are many doorways and many beings awaiting our arrival.  We walk into the special living area, find your special place, maybe it’s the same place where you sat last week.  Notice what kind of seat you are on, the colors, is it cushioned, are you sitting on pillows.  We have a fire place in the corner, see the fire blazing of all the different sparkles of light and I’m going to go down to the center stage and talk a little bit about what this evening represents.  We’re in a process with the second class of this series.  Within this process we’re now getting deeper into the core of your reflections which truly shows with all your questions this evening, what each of you are experiencing and wanting to go further in questioning yourself.  This questioning process is a major process because it is very much part of a third dimensional reality, the analytical mind wants to question everything that we are doing.  It is not easy to step into a consciousness, as a Telosian it is to just be in each moment and not worry about how much you did not get done or what you still have to do, just allowing yourself to be in that space of Beingness.

We want to talk a little bit about that this evening.  What that truly means for us is we need to fully accept our own reflection because our inner reflection is being projected outwardly into the world, to everyone else.  We truly want that reflection to be of the best quality of what we think the highest purpose is for us or the highest essence of our personality that we as a human species want to please others.  Let’s look at ourselves first; I think this is an important aspect because in pathways of psychology in the past individual human beings were not allowed to be selfish with themselves because this made them more important than anybody else around them.  In truth, there needs to be a balance for that because each of us that walks this pathway needs to find out who we are, we come in this body ~ let us say, I am your neighbor and you look at me being very strange and within this strangeness, I think of you as being very strange at the same time.  We don’t interact with each other because that strangeness keeps us apart from one another.

What we don’t realize is that we as a human species blame others for our problems.  We blame the President of the country, we blame the leaders, we blame the grocery clerk because they didn’t do something when you wanted it to be done or they didn’t read the pricing correctly or they scanned it in the wrong way, or you’re blaming the mother for the child’s screaming when you want silence.  So these are all aspects that assist us to look in our self reflection and what we want to do this evening is to assist you with that self reflection.   I see from your comments of the Question and Answer period that you are seeing changes just by what each of you are speaking about and are truly seeing the difference within yourself.  This is very exciting.  I’m very excited just with the one meeting we had and I know most of you have been working with Mel and Mike for awhile, some of you not as long, and listening to the calls and being part of these elements, also doing your own inner work within this process and this is what it truly is.  We’re going to give you tools.  We’re going to assist you with vibrational changes but you’re the ones that need to make the changes within yourselves.  You may not even realize what these changes can be because the frequency of the light right now is very strong to prepare everyone.  The elements that are happening with the earth changes are assisting the planet as a whole to move into wholeness and there are many who don’t even know what that means.  So as I stand before you this evening, let us just take a moment, and allow your own inner reflection to fully be in the capacity of your acceptance.

As we take this breath, we’re going to allow ourselves to be unmasked.  What happens when the mask comes off of us?  It feels uncomfortable, little bit scary, vulnerable.  What if you kept this mask off all the time and you allowed yourself to be in that vulnerable state?  What would happen to your psyche?  What happens with the way you need to fully accept what is occurring within you?  Well I’ll tell you what will happen, you’ll find yourself.  What occurs in keeping the mask on?  Many of us have many masks, projections with friends, projections with a lover, projections with your co-workers, your boss ~ if you are in your own business, with your clients.  We are allowing that projection to come across, because in the aspects of this frequency in a society of this earth, that is what we have to do to be professional, to be friendly.  That you are not friendly with people you’re professional with is not like us.  We do not do that.  That is not the Telosian Way of Being.  The Telosian Way of Being is that we know everyone deeply; we also have the ability to tap into those energies, because of the frequency that we have and the consciousness that we have embodied.  So this is the ability of fully activating your Higher Heart, your Higher Mind, and having that full capability within yourself to grow from that period.  So let us all just take a moment.  I want you to relax.

We have the Telosians, our helpers here who are the young Telosians and they are serving tea to everybody.  Why are we serving you tea?  No, we’re not drugging you (with a chuckle).  We’re not giving you Kool-Aid.  We’re serving you tea to help you to relax.  This is a special tea for each of you and it may be a different tea for each of you.  I want you to take a sip of the tea.  As you take a sip of the tea, I want you to fully relax.  Allow your essences to completely be embodied in your Higher Sense as this room is now bringing forth the frequencies of the many Lights of God as we shared last week ~ all the Rays Of God, not just the 22 Rays but all the Rays that encompass the Essence of God on many levels and all the many colors on top of colors.  Bringing in that frequency of light, allowing yourself to fully feel the many colors of blues, greens, oranges, reds, browns, grays, white lights and beiges and feeling the frequencies as they go higher and lower and higher, higher, higher.  Allowing yourself now, in this moment, as we have a special gift for you in this moment.

Graphic Art by Marc Eden
Graphic Art by Marc Eden

I hold in my hand, a mandala.  This is a very special mandala.  It has been designed by an artist who lives on the earth plane that Mel & Mike are working with.  This mandala brings forth the frequency to remove your old mask.  This man, Marc Eden, doesn’t know what he has created.  We’ll ask Meleriessee and Mike to look at the mandalas that they have because each of these mandalas represents this program.  In his creation this mandala is going to represent removing the mask of your lower ego and your lower mind.  I hold before me this mandala.  If you can feel the frequency of this mandala, it is many colors, many frequencies of colors, and there may be colors within there that may not feel very comfortable because this mandala is going to assist in removing those aspects that you have been holding onto.  So I have this mandala in front of me on an easel, and it is actually on a wheel and I’m going to spin this mandala and Meleriessee is going to bring forth the vibration.  Each of you shall look at the mandala and see the frequency of light changing within all your aspects.  So let us begin this journey.  You may also feel that you go inside the mandala because that is going to assist you to go deeper and deeper.  What does the mandala represent?  Well, it represents removing of the lower ego, the lower mind, the lower mask you’re holding, and many masks, and allowing that frequency to just change.  As we spin the wheel of the mandala, it is going to spin in a clockwise manner.  Feel the frequency of the light changing within the room, and the colors upon colors.  Allow these essences to come fully within.


Now just breathe deeply.  Feel the outer layer peel away from you.  You may even feel a tingling of your skin.  You’re going to feel the essences of the core of your being in this moment.  Allow the core of your being to be the most essence that you want to share, that you want to bring forth, it is such amazing energy.

Breathe deeply.  Breathe in this essence deeply.  I’m now bringing forth our guest speaker this evening.  Master Babaji is coming forward to talk about the silence because now that you have ripped away the outer core lining, it’s important to fully bring in the essence of silence within your frequency of the light.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar series and is available as an MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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