Understanding the Dynamics of the Crystalline Flame ~ Lord Adama

roses whiteLord Adama’s lecture on the Crystalline Ray is excerpted from the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light, January 14, 2015.

Greetings once again.

It is wonderful to be with everyone this week. What a pleasure for me. I hope it is a pleasure for each of you. It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.

How are you feeling?

Allow me to intuit from each of you how the energies are assisting you or possibly infringing upon your personal space in these moments.
The Crystalline Flame is probably one of the hardest Rays to incorporate physically. It assists us individually when we are going through times of conflict. To be able to intuit this ray through our Full Body System is truly the opening doorway of the crystalline body. We all know that these elements do not just happen automatically.

Individuals may be feeling it, but if they do not work on these specific issues that arise through the integration of the higher forces of Light coming into the physical body, it can be very tremendous mentally, emotionally, and physically. A lot of worries can result. Many elements can occur that cause disruption in the feelings about yourself like frustration, not understanding and wanting the answers.

Isn’t this not what the Human Conditioning is about?

We always want to understand why we are going through something. It is why this Pathway is so very important. When we truly step into the space of total trust that whatever you are experiencing is for your highest good, even if it is filled with moments of great changes, challenges and getting hit with closed doorways.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to intuit the Blue Flame and say to yourself “It is okay, I understand. I may not understand on a 3rd Dimensional Level, but my Higher Self and my I AM Presence understand. I am going to have trust and faith in that process.

I say this is where each of you are at this time.

It is very exciting when we hear of a new frequency coming into the Planet. Think about how you are excited “Yes, the Crystalline Flame is coming into the planet. We’re all going to be harmonized. We’re all going to feel that balance every day of our lives”.

What has happened to each of you individually through this process?

It is very important for me to know. As I shared the other night, I am here to assist along with all the other magnificent Beings of Light, to walk with you and to help you through this process.

At times we may not be able to give you the answers you need. I hope that just knowing that I am there will be a comfort. It is a comfort to me to have each of you and spend this time together. You may say this is frivolous and think “It is Adama’s Discourse. He is going to give us information and it is all about us receiving”. Yet in truth if you were a Healer, a Counselor, Teacher or working within any of those fields, you would understand that you learn just as much from your clients as they are learning from you. A lot of it may be things you already know, but there may be just a pocket of information that takes you into deeper part of yourself.

This is what this ray does. As we go further within the Crystalline Flame, there are moments of understanding that occur. There will be moments of an issue arising. You then work through that issue.

The more practice you have with these elements, the easier it will become for you. It may not be easy in that moment, as you may not want to look at the issue, but in truth this is what we are trying to help you resolve within yourself.
The Crystalline Ray coming into this Planet is not look like a cure and everybody is going to be just fine.

We know that is not true. You can look at the dysfunction going around in your world to see that it is not true. What it does is to bring up those elements of hatred, anger and frustration, all those lower frequencies that are in the atmosphere. Yet, it is also a twofold experience. It initiates those energies and then activates them within you, which means that you are then able to work with that frequency. By only calling upon the ray, you will not be healed or blessed, but it is a beginning. The rest of it you have to do yourself.

What I feel through everyone is that this is what each of you is experiencing presently. Each of you are going through different changes, different thought processes, different emotions than you have ever felt before. It is what this ray assists with.

Each of us in Telos is experiencing the same.

You may so “Oh, but Telos is a beautiful place, how can you have any disharmony?” Well, each individual has to go through his or her own process also. If they are not happy with what they are doing or providing, it will become apparent. It will become more certain in the environment of Telos than it is on the Upper Earth, because the Upper Earth Energies are used to that. The Telosian energies are not. So then it becomes more concrete and you can see it more fully. For each of you, it is different.

You may think, “I felt that way for a very long time”. Why is it coming up now?

Why are you having issues in your Physical Body?

Why is the pain so great?

The Crystalline Ray is there to assist to make it better. In order for us to truly understand what we are going through, we have to go into a deeper part of ourselves. This is true understanding. That is when you have true acceptance and say “Okay, I don’t like it and it’s not easy for me, but it is what I must do. I know that the doorways are open for me to feel better.”

If you feel like you are struggling against something in this moment, go into it.

What does that pain feel like? Embrace it fully.

The more you push it away, the more it will be there. Utilize what we will be giving you this evening within the Temple of Initiation, to assist you through that process. As we bring in the Elohim Purity and Astrea, they are the Masters of Purification.

When you have a moment of struggle, remember that there is nothing that can stop you from your full potential, from the PURIFICATION you desire. Yes, there may be levels and levels for you to get through, but we are all doing it at the same time. We are assisting each other in that process.

I believe this is being mirrored out in the world today. Changes are happening. If people do not know what to do with those changes, they think they may not because they work the old way. They work into the lower self. Each of you knows better than that. The Beauty of these moments in time is that everything is becoming more concrete. Not so much in the ethers of spirituality. It is becoming more evolving within the Planet, as each of us does the work within ourselves to allow that to happen. That is true Beauty of what is occurring presently.

This year will be magnificent. Yet we all know what happens within the pathway of creating magic and seeing a beautiful end result. There is darkness that can happen and pathways that can take us into other places that do not reflect that magnificence. Do not allow that to happen within you. When it occurs for you and that doorway is in front of you, walk through it. Embrace it. Be it, so you can fully resurrect it. Feel the total Rebirth that your I AM Presence is helping you to be. Remember and reflect upon these things as we go into the next stages.
January represents this kind of month. We all know as we walk through this month it may seem darker than it truly is. Those of you who are in the winter months, it can truly reflect going into the darkness, into the void, just as the Bear is in his cave. Within that are the greatest visions to be created. Go deeper within yourself. Utilize the tools we are providing.

Know that your magnificence is coming. It truly is.

With all my Blessings and Love,

I AM Lord Adama

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

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