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Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together

We know that the power of our spiritual pathway is greater when more than one gathers together. Walking Terra Christa is facilitating a Prosperity Circle so that we can access our ability of manifestation in group consciousness.

“What we do for ourselves, We do for another”

When we learn to work through our Higher Self and I AM Presence, then the power of our ability to create is a magical experience. It is when we are trying to ask for the ability to manifest from our Lower Mind that it becomes confusing within the structure of our four-body system.

Each meeting we will travel to the 144th dimensional reality to the Sacred Heart Temple within the Unified Whole. This where we will connect with our Higher Self, I AM Presence, and guidance that want to assist us be in full creation. Mel and Mike will be the guides, but also the participants in this Circle of Light.

We will state Ascension Prayers, a Huna Prayer for Creating Abundance by Djwhal Khul, a special decree written by Meleriessee, a special affirmation for the week, along with a visualization with an Ascended Being (Master, Angel, Elohim Master, or Intergalactic) who will give us a blessing. We will then de-ascend those frequencies back down into our physical reality of the 5th dimensional body and ground it into GAIA. We will open up the call at the end, stating “OM” three times in unison.

Originally the Team of Light was not going to include an attunement or vibrational elevation to receive a higher light quotient as it would be less work for Meleriessee to keep that energy from the circle. However, that quickly changed and each call now includes this as a bonus. The purpose is to connect with our Higher Essence(s) and bring those energies into our physical reality by accessing the 144th dimension, thereby, creating manifestation of our desires within our physical lives.

This is a service being provided to the Light. A Heart-To-Heart Donation is Appreciated but not Required.


Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM GMT

Duration: Approximately 30 – 40 minutes

To join, simply fill in the information on our form. If you are interested in this group ONLY, please only check off the box: “Abundance of Light Prosperity Circle”.

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