Divine Union of the Soul with Lady Master Mary Magdalene

divine Union of the Soul


WHAT: Five-Part (8 HOUR) Mastery Course on Learning to Create Blessed Divine Soul Unions
CHANNELING: Ascended Teachers Lady Mary Magdalene with Lady Isis (and other Lady Masters)
AVAILABILITY: Worldwide instant access Audio Recording MP3

In Order to Create, Attract and Sustain a Divine Masculine Feminine Union Individuals Require the Deeper Understanding and Vibrational Meaning that Signifies the Ultimate Divine Union: that of the Soul Itself.

Within the energies of the New Earth, each person must intimately realize the Union of their Own Self to be embodied if they are to have a healthy loving sustainable relationship.

In order for each of us to have a loving partner within our life, we need to know who we are first and foremost. Within the dysfunctions of the modern world, what is considered a Twin Soul or Twin Flame relationship is not truly that of a Divine Union Relationship. Many individuals get caught up with the sexual energy that results in meeting a person that they feel magnetized towards on a physical basis.  Mary calls this “Misrepresentation of Divine Love”.

Lady Master Mary Magdalene, along with Lady Isis (and the other Lady Masters), are the transmitted Light Being teachers for this in-depth five (5) part course series consisting of 8 hours of transformational meditative teachings.

These Lady Masters, representing the full embodiment of the Goddess Self, take us on the journey of Self Love, learning to embody our Divine Essence through a process of both teachings and vibrational meditations to access our Soul’s Highest Aspect in order to experience the Love of the Self. They will also teach us how we can change behaviors within ourselves that do not reflect the Divinity of the Soul as this is the mistake most of humanity makes when attracting the right partner for the wrong reasons or the wrong partner for the right reasons.

We gain an overview of all the types of Soul Relationships that each of us encounters. This brings us a deeper understanding of where we are presently and how to change the behavior of our feelings and emotions that we think are commonplace in Divine Unions such as a Twin Flame. These most knowledgeable Divine Union experts explain how we attract these relationships to heal the aspects of our soul but due to the physiological issues involved we tend to only think in terms of sexuality and the struggle for intimacy instead of the Inter-relationship of Divine Love.

This teaching journey is not just for individuals that want to attract a twin flame partner; it is a Journey of the Soul to embody the love that is desired within from the Source of Light, our I AM Presence, and the Light of God to fully be within us. It is about finding the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Divine, understanding where the weaknesses may be while accessing the strengths so that a balance occurs within the Heart Center. Lady Master Magdalene calls this “The Alchemy of the Divine Soul Embodied” within the context of the Divine Soul with the Divine Self coming together as One.

When we embody the essence of our own love, then we can embrace that Love that is mirrored to us from another.

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Please join us for this essential mastery course and step into discovering the true meaning of “Divine Love“.

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One thought on “Divine Union of the Soul with Lady Master Mary Magdalene”

  1. Love the series of the Divine Union of the Soul with Lady Mary and Isis these classes have really helped me to move through my process and accept my feminine divine within me and have an understanding of Divine Complement, Divine Expression, Soul mate in which my understanding were totally off beat, with Lady Mary going in depth and explaining these it has helped me to put thing in perspective to all the relationships in my life and my interaction with them all and to have compassion for myself and them.
    The Ruby Red and Gold flame has helped me to be more compassionate on another level, to have peace on another level and contentment within me. I have found that as I go through my processes, use the teachings of Walking Terra Christa with the attunements and activations I see that there are new levels of understanding of peace, love, compassion, will, strength and so on. The flame has assisted me in surrendering to the feminine divine and allowing her to flow within me using my breath having the peace and clam as i do so. I also see how my interactions with my children, family and associates have changed and how I tend to first check within, find the peace, then respond in a manner that feels good gives me peace and is more loving manner that honors me.
    Also the Ruby Red Gold flame and the teachings of this series has helped me to move through doorways with a since of peace and acceptance when I look back at last year when I walked through doorways that resulted in huge life changes it was painful and took a while to center myself and bring that peace in. This time around when I walked through doorways a while back it flowed easily and the peace was there and I found a contentment within me that was more accepting of my decision.
    So I will re-listen to these classes to continue to dig deeper and ground the energies within me for these was a very powerful and strong series that greatly assisted me. Thank you Mel and Mike, Thank you Lady Mary, Lady Isis.

    P.S- M&M (this will be on my study guide too)….

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