Entering the Temple of Divinity of Peace ~ Decree

ruby light

In this moment,

I call upon the essence of the Ruby Red/Golden Flame,

Representing Inner Devotion.


I want to go deeper within my issues,

To find the parts of me that have been lost,

So that I can accept the true Divinity that I AM.


I feel the essence of the Elders of this magnificent Ray,

Lord Astia and Lady Fratia,

Are the igniting energies of the Ruby Red/Golden Flame.


Behind them I see Ray Chohan Lady Nada,

Along with the Elohim Peace and Aloha,

With the Archangels Uriel and Arora,


I stop and breathe,

As their energies start to flow within me,

From my Soul Star in through my Solar Plexus,

It then continues down into my Earth Star,

So that I become fully balanced within this Ray of Inner Devotion.


They embrace me with their Light,

I feel the Peace and Serenity within me,

As I embody the essence that they are.


They guide me to a beautiful Golden City of Light,

The City of Shalalancheiee,

Within the 5th Dimensional Etheric Earth,

Over the Area of Montana and Idaho.


I feel the Ruby Red essence intertwined within the Gold,

As we walk together into the Temple of Divinity of Peace Within.


We walk across a bridge in front of the temple,

There are streams of water that surround its structure,

I see the Ruby Red essence,

We then step over that stream,

As there is another stream of Pink-Orange,

I feel the change within me,

As I move from one into the other,

I then walk across and see the last stream of water,

It is the essence of Magenta,

I start to embrace the essence of my Divine Love and Divine Power.


The Elders share with me,

To sit and listen with my Heart open,

I breathe deeply,

As their essence continues a journey into my Solar Plexus;


Be still my child,

Allow your Divinity of your Light,

To be Experienced,

Just by expressing this amazing spectrum of Ruby Red and Gold,

It filters within you,

To relax your body,

Calm your nerves,

And quiet your mind.


I see the beautiful flame,

As these Divine Beings now step within the Flame,

They are the Divine Mother and Father Essence of this Ray,

As I feel both of my Masculine and Feminine,

Receive their essence.


I fully allow their frequency of light,

To guide me in each moment,

As the stillness of Inner Devotion,

Flows into my four-body system.


I AM One with the Divinity of Peace,

It is now fully Within Me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

On Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 Walking Terra Christa hosted their weekly New Earth Consciousness – Circle of Light class in which we traveled to the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee, located over Montana and Idaho.  Lady Nada is the Ray Chohan for the Ray of Inner Devotion.  She was our guide as we visited this city.

If you are interested in being part of these teachings, please see our page, WTC Partnership Members.

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