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chakrasClearing Energies within Your Soul Star and Earth Star

Our Soul Star and Earth Star are probably the most important elements for us to consider within our four-body system.  They must be continually clear and activated in order for our chakras which make up our Auric Field to be pure on a continual basis.

Whenever we are going through emotional and mental elements that need to be cleared and put into wholeness we need to make sure the Soul and Earth Stars are reflected in our highest light of our Higher Self and I AM Presence.  This is especially true if you are visiting areas that do not match your vibrational frequency or spending time with individuals that do not exhibit the same quality of light that you are trying to incorporate within our full body system.

Those that have the ability to see through their Third Eye can tap into their Star essence and get a feel if it is filled with many colors of light or as a grey-ishness to it.  This means that lower vibrational energies have interfered within them.  This is how the energies can attach themselves to your emotions or mental thoughts.  Learning to clear them immediately will help prevent the lower frequency from entering your field on a deeper level.  It is important to understand that the longer the energies stay within you the harder it is to remove them from your consciousness.

One very powerful way of changing the composition of your energies is to call upon Archangel Michael.  Many know that his essence of the RING PASS-NOT will emit a blue flame around any energies so that they cannot pass through the circumference on the outside ring.  We now use this for our own auric field in our protection protocol during our calls.  We personally also use this on an individual basis.

So we take this a step further and ask for Archangel Michael to take his sword through both of our Soul and Earth Stars separately.  If needed, you can ask him to enter your chakra system from the Soul Star to the Earth Star and back up again should you feel there is a need within your four-body system.

This works very well when you are out shopping, and in areas where the mixture of people can attack your field.

We also work with the Obsidian Stone to clear energies.  If you have a wand, you can rub it on any part of your body to remove negative debris.  We have also learned that the gemstones emit a quality of frequency within their essence.  By taking the end of the wand to your lips and breathing in the essence into the Soul Star and Earth Star about three times will fully release the negative energies that may be trying to enter your field.  We know it sounds very strange; but this works extremely well.

In any case it is essential to clear your field every time you are out in the public, away from your sacred space, in areas of nature (due to negative elementals hanging out), and with anyone that does not align with their highest essence.  This is especially true with channelers and healers.  When we work with others, we can take on the lower vibrations, so the protection before and after is highly recommended along with utilizing Sage, incense, and healing showers and/or baths.

We are still in a time of great transition and the dark energies are more centered upon Gaia than anywhere else.  We are the Torch Bearers and need to understand that we have to take responsibility for ourselves first and then others.  Doing these type of procedures will essentially help GAIA and all the third dimensional people to receive more light energies.

A quick procedure is:

Call upon the Unified Whole Command by saying:

000-144-000 Unified Whole online

Ask for the 330 Rays of God, 352 Levels of Mahatma and the 144 dimensions of Oneness

Ask for a Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma to be infused with your breath, on the out-breath they will remove the net and all debris in your field.

Ask for the Violet/Purple Flame for Transmutation, then the Pink Flame for Divine Love, then the Golden Flame for the Christ Consciousness with mirrors placed on the outside of your field.

Lastly, ask for Archangel Michael’s Ring Pass-Not to be placed around your auric field.

This process will literally make a big difference in being attacked by lower vibrations through your computer, your phone, and in places that are not within sacredness.

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